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Join us every weekday morning to take a few moments to step out of the internal chatter and external noise. We'll pause and reflect to consider what brings us together in this shared human condition and how we can live a life that best reflects our limitless potential.

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  • Archerpren
    It’s getting too rambly and long.
    This went from being like a one MAYBE two minute show that you could listen to while you brushed your teeth and think about throughout the day when Andy hosted it to being a rambly pointlessly long personal story by eve. The lesson is still there at the end and I still listen because I’m hoping she will start to be more brief. But for 4 out of the 5 minutes I’m just going GET TO THE POINT ALREADY. I might as well just do a full meditation at this point.
  • Maine Lifestyle Broker
    Too much change
    I have loved the podcast as a daily wake up to accompany my Headspace meditation routine. However, I am disappointed that now it is an evening session. What happened to mornings? Also I am baffled that the soothing voice of Andy has been changed to Eve. Is Headspace trying to expand in so many ways that you have lost the true help and healing originally offered? I have been a devoted member from the beginning, but find all these changes disrupting rather than improving. Andy please return or at least give us options so we may choose if we listen to Andy or Eve and if we listen in the morning or evening.
  • BillyScott731😱
    I love this podcast so much. I can always find one that fits perfectly into how I am feeling and what I need to practice to improve my life and, therefore, the people in my life. Thank you Headspace! Nina
  • londonxrose
    My Daily Dose of Calm
    Andy’s voice is so soothing. I like listening to this at work in addition to the headspace app. Very insightful topics in quick bite sized doses.
  • boti316
    Awesome way to start the day!
    Really gets you going
  • MelissaMG
    Great start to each day
    A cup of coffee and headspace start the day off right.
  • Akansha Gopal
    Thank you!
    I really enjoy listening to this upon the start of my day and now at a point where the weekdays seems incomplete without listening to this first! :) Thank you very much for this phenomenal podcast, Headspace app and the Headspace guide to meditation series on Netflix!
  • Jeff Noel
    Homophobic partnerships
    By partnering with homophobic celebrities, Headspace has poisoned their entire brand.
  • Anthony733556(36
    Andy’s voice is anchoring
    I love this so much. We all listen to this podcast as a family. My girls are 11 and 14. My Javan’s loves it too. Thank you did this beautiful family daily ritual ❤️
  • Nursingdrm
    Love it!
    I look forward to the daily message. Wonderful podcast, insightful, and peaceful. Thank you Andy!
  • microxpxd
    Love it
    It is a great podcast I am in love with it
  • okappapeko
    great sound design
    i like that this podcast is short, but comforting and inspiring. Andy says that he generally records it on the fly basically the day before. i am quite amazed that the team is also able to put such nice sound design together in a short period of time too!
  • Dave Alvarado
    Fantastic Podcast for Relaxation
    Love this podcast. It popped up in a Spotify playlist and really enjoyed Andy’s stories and advice. I’m now no longer talking about starting to meditate, I am actually doing it through the headspace app. It’s really helping to keep me balanced and focused.
    Just what I needed
    Great way to start the day! Makes me feel focused and relaxed.
  • Elboris
    Meditation show
    One or the best mindfulness podcast, my only complain is that episodes are too short. Andy always leave us wanting more just listening “Hi it’s Andy here” makes my day.
  • Holling Hoodhood
    I Can’t imagine Starting my Day Without This
    This podcast help me set my mind for the day and keeps me focused,relaxed, and ready to meet whatever comes . I also like listening in the evening.
  • P....doty
    This podcast is worth your time
    I have gotten so much out of this podcast. It’s an amazing offering that everyone should be listening to
  • LeMe333
    Short and sweet
    Such a calming, thoughtful way to start the day. I love getting a little dose of philosophy and contemplation to help my meditation practice.
  • ggreel
    Beautiful way to start the day
    Feeling centered and motivated everyday. Thank you!!!
  • Jesus Lives 🙏
    Thank you! I was going to do a chore while listening to this podcast. Although I couldn’t. I was so fascinated and interested in what was being shared. Thanks for helping me be in the moment throughout the day.
  • Mantrasam
    Thank you Andy!
    Love the Daily insights and very informative
  • strangeencounter
    Thank you from my heart!
    I have had measurable anxiety since college (about 10 years), both the Headspace app and podcast help me tremendously with focusing my attention to reduce my anxiety. It is literally saving my health from the harmful effects of years of stress.
  • Cindy 0123
    Thank you!!
    I am so grateful for your voice and support today (Election Day) Andy!! Thank you for exactly what I needed to hear.
  • Maxximus Decimus Merridious
    Politics Don’t Belong in Meditation
    Please stop pushing one political view in the head space app. I’ve been a grateful paying member for years until recently. You’re alienating individuals who want a break from the rhetoric and/or don’t agree with your political views. Thank you for considering all your customer’s meditation journeys.
  • Ela.rb
    I live in the Middle East, having numerous reasons to be depressed and down these days. These podcasts are daily little reminders for me to appreciate small things, feel much better and survive. Thanks to Andy and his team🙏
  • MrFunnyManIsCool!
    I do headspace, and some times I don’t have time to do a meditation. But with this podcast, I can do it at any time!
  • ldsshark626
    So amazing!
    This is such an amazing podcast! It really helps you to be healthily introspective.
  • matchingtonlover
    Life changing!
    I’m subscribed to the app and absolutely love it. I love the daily snippets of mindfulness wisdom from this podcast because they’re short yet powerful! Headspace has really helped me cope with my personal struggles and for that I am eternally grateful! Definitely recommend Headspace!!
  • Budluck
    Really Like The messages & Daily Boost
    I love it because you can just listen without feeling guilty that we’re not concomitantly having to meditate too. It’s like a wonderful boost each day, free of charge and great hearing Andy’s wisdom, no strings attached.
  • cabandor
    Best “self-improvement” podcast
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the format, Andy’s voice, and everything about it. Really puts you at ease and instead of discussing productivity, we discuss getting away from distractions and finding inner calm. We are reminded to step away and see the big picture, losing our self-importance and in that way making us happy.
  • Drumzopera
    Andy is fantastic!
    I love the Headspace app and I also am enjoying this short podcast - though of course I always wish it was longer! My only quibble is the advertisement at the top with the very high pitched woman’s voice is too jarring. I know you need the sponsor announcement but a lower pitch would be better.
  • Juice McCahren
    Great, but
    Episodes 88 & 89, different titles, same episode. FYI! Love the podcast though.
  • Add Free 2029
    They Brought Back the Ads on 88 that’s so sad Loved when it was pure Andy
    Been waiting for this for so long so nice also the best sound deis go ever who ever does it is beast I would live you to work on my projects
  • Vgemite
    Where did you go?
    Podcasts aren’t loading properly after end of August
  • eightyeighty
    Where did you go?
    I miss my podcast! My last entry is August 24! Anyone else?!? Thank you!
  • ittibittibritti
    I want to hear more from Andy!
    Andy, and The Headspace Team, thank you so much for creating this. I’ve used the meditation app for three years - it’s changed my life- and I’m always left wanting to hear more of Andy’s thoughts. I love these expanded points on living through a meditative lens. In a time of great strife, sometimes it’s the only podcast I can listen to for the day.
  • MizzouFit
    My little dose of daily wisdom
    Andy's daily little lessons on this podcast are awesome! Always simple little stories or examples of how to apply some simple concept of living a better life, seeing the world differently, handling matters more positively, always useable morsels of knowledge and wisdom in just 5-7 minutes every morning to start my day. You will quickly feel like you and Andy are lads who have known one another for years. He talks to you, not at you in these short little podcasts he does. Check these out, you will be hooked quick!
  • nevetsa12
    We are lucky!
    We are lucky to have Andy share his wealth of knowledge with the world in the intimate, focused setting of a podcast. Thanks for doing this!
  • Chie_Dingaan
    Only way to start your day
    I really enjoy starting my day listening to Andy’s stories and insights which are leading me to a bit more mindfulness.
  • seriousWell
    Best way to start the day!
    Andy is the best part of my day. As a physician, taking care of seriously ill patient being in the moment is a great reminder. Thank you ❤️
  • tttreeyyK
    Thank you Andy!
    I’m just grateful to be able to listen your podcast every morning. Keep it up! Love the latest episode 🤍⚡️
  • Nickythenamey
    Look forward to each new episode!
    To the Headspace Team: Thank you for all that you do, my life has become much happier after incorporating a daily mindfulness practice, and this podcast is a daily encouragement. To anyone wondering whether to try this: please do! The episodes are short, usually about 5’, I tend to listen to it while walking from the parking garage into the hospital each morning. It’s Andy offering his insight, whether about general topics in mindfulness or about current events or even just the human experience. I hope you come to look forward to each episode as much as I do.
  • Shantiyogagirl4
    Thank you!
    Hello Andy and team! Thank you so much for this insightful podcast! I listen each morning, and take the wisdom you share into my day. I’m loving it!
  • Iphone + Bberry = whatsapp
    Appreciation and Gratitude
    Hi Andy, I just want to say thank you for creating this podcast. Your daily word of wisdom is slowly becoming apart of my life like a fuel to for the day as I go about my routine and finding my place and purpose in life. P.S. I love the background music in every episodes. Are there any plans you and the team would share it in the headspace app? If it is already available online somewhere, where could I hear it? Would love to have it continue playing pass the episode and turning it into a music of the day..
  • Where's The Beaver
    This is a good podcast😀
    This podcast teaches you how to take all the negative things about your life and change them to positive things. The ads are fine by me because they’re only a minute long. If anyone doesn’t want to listen to the ads they can just skip over them. If you love this podcast I would recommend you installing the app Headspace, because it has a whole bunch of lessons about meditating and relaxing.
  • sizemoresr
    Love this
    I love headspace and this podcast.
  • bbcorner
    Commercials are not that bad
    Pay no mind to the comments about the ads. They’ve changed the order so the ad comes first. No sure what, in this world, you can truly get for free. Andy shares incredible content 5 days a week. I can listen to a 30 sec or 1 min ad in exchange. 👍
  • nbxvii
    Commercials ruined it
    A 4-5 minute long video with 1 minute long, disruptive commercials. No thanks.
  • Bizzibngbizzi
    I agree about the commercials annoying but I forgive
  • abiggs78
    Commercials are jarring :(
    Love this podcast, but the commercials are jarring. Can we have a special link for paid members to remove the commercials or maybe put the commercials at the end?
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