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Struggling to fall asleep? Racing mind keeping you awake? Welcome to Send Me To Sleep, the World's sleepiest podcast. The sleep podcast designed to help you fall asleep through bedtime sleep stories, sleep meditation and sleep hypnosis. Helping you calm your mind and fall into a peaceful night’s sleep, without even noticing.

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  • Bogangles001
    The BEST
    I’ve subscribed to/tried quite a number of sleep podcasts over the years. I honestly think this is the best ever. Gentle, comforting, pleasing voice. And I find the pace and hypnotic rhythm of the reading to be uniquely effective. Often other podcasts hosts read too quickly or too lively or too monotone to be appropriately sleep-inducing. (And some of them have dreadful voices, let’s be real.) This one is perfect. The soft sleep music in the background is a bonus that enhances the relaxing effect. I never make it to the end of an episode before I’m zzzzzz....
  • Holodeck 3
    So satisfying
    I’ve listened to several story-telling and sleepy podcasts. I’m impressed with yours. Love the ethereal background music as you tell tales in a soothing, slow pace. Some podcasters don’t get it, book-ending well-told stories in their podcasts with loud music, waking me up. Keep it coming. More please, love Sherlock Holmes and Time Machine, all in your soothing, slow rhythm and pace. I think my cat likes your voice tone as well so that deserves six out of five stars.
  • chicago Jax
    Well done 👍
    Love the podcast, the calming voice puts you right to sleep
  • Rebalioness
    Good voice
    Good voice, but the electronic music in the background is very jarring
  • xxBecca88
    Relaxing and soothing voice. I really like listening and helps when going to sleep. Really enjoying The Secret Garden story. Thank you.
  • ZmbyFrmr
    Only podcast that actually puts me to sleep. Can’t find another one comparable
  • Sky from above
    I like listening to when trying to sleep. It's peaceful
  • miss.Lunar
    It’s nice
    I like it a lot
  • dcjfohvirv
    Really good👍🏻
    This is really good 👍🏻👍🏻. And for the people saying he is to fast when you play the pod cast you get a little rectangle showing what your playing right? Well if you do push it and in one of the corner there is a thing that makes the voice go slow and fast I would say push until it says 1x and if that dose not work idk what to do. Again great podcast 😁😁 I will recommend to all my friend 👍🏻👍🏻😁😁❤️❤️😁
  • ZenMol0123
    I’ve listened to every sleep podcast under the sun and this one is the only one I barely make through the first couple of minutes before falling asleep! Love it.
  • brookec1990
    Higher than 4.0 avg rating for sure.
    This sleep podcast is great. Whoever is going out of their way to rate it anything but a 5 is a hater.
  • lsnghj
    C by go my dude
    For a little more dang
  • S Socki
    Less Intro
    I like the content; good variety. Cool, original approach! Please edit the ads and intros; ruins the tone. Consider omitting the music for your ads.
  • OakTreeMoon
    :( it’s fine.......
    It’s cool and I like the stories but the speed is so slow!!! It almost sounds like he has to try really hard to get his words out! I really don’t like the speed. Please change it! Other than that this is a good podcast. :/
  • restful 2
    Love this podcast
    Please continue Alice in wonderland . Thanks !
  • rowan mohamed
    Always makes me sleep
    I started playing this podcast a week ago and i always fall asleep before the episode ends(which is way faster as I usually fall asleep pretty hard)but yea i love it keep it up
  • Gracie and Mabel's Mom
    Slower is better!
    I get the best night’s sleep when I listen to this podcast. Recently, it sounds like Andrew is speaking much faster. I wish he would slow down! Please. Good night.
  • kellysurfs
    Please slow it down
    It’s far more somnolent if you deliberately take your time as you once did. Thank you so very much for doing so, because your voice is a dream.
  • hackers are like: 🧻
    Slow down
    PLZ slow down! I love this podcast but the hate the advertisements at the beginning also I hate the way you quickened your voice I can tell you edited it to make your voice faster I like the podcast but you need to slow down. If you didn’t sorry.🐢
  • quitethefreaktruecrime
    One of the best
    Love the bedtime stories! I could not sleep without this podcast! I’ve struggled with insomnia for years and now have very few issues! Thank you!
  • xxxsisterE
    Don’t make the beginning so long it’s like 3 min long but otherwise it’s a great thing
  • emamammamammamamamama
    You are getting very sleepy
    Such a lovely soothing podcast. I’ve found other sleep podcasts keep me awake because it seems like they try too hard but this one works like a charm.
  • kojack girl
    Love this
    Music is greater than talking 😔👍I always fall asleep before the end thanks
  • Kimmrz
    These stories have really helped me sleep
    I like to try and drift off with the help of podcasts, many I used where helpful. Not all podcast are great because of the way the voices can get high pitched or loud and the more soothing voices would mostly come from murder stories and ....hard to go to sleep with positive thoughts hearing tragedies lol. I never seem to make it far into the story and seems as long as the apps playing I don’t wake as much :) it may not work for everyone but it is worth trying if you need help relaxing
  • htdyehtryrbgtyryydh
    Highly recommend
    Oh my gosh this podcast it’s so good to sleep keep me updated please this is the best podcast in the world his voice is so calm and the stories are so great I tried to find it every podcast to try to get me to sleep and none of them work there was a little kid voice that was like so annoying and a high pitch in your voice and your podcast worked so I’m so grateful your podcast is so great please please please post more of your stories especially the our ones I really like them and also maybe you can think of other people maybe set up a chat other people to ask you for their favorite book maybe you can read it that would be cool huh anyway I love your podcast are so great and your stories are just so calming I like falls sleep instantly you know can’t remember when I used your podcast it’s like instantly falling asleep it’s like the best please post more I want to see more of your stories that’s so great I was to them every night sometimes I even do two of them so thank you for listening to my ideas I hope you pick any of them bye.
  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii34
    I think this podcast is the best sleeping source I have ever heard
    This podcast just lulls me to sleep! His voice is super calming and I don’t even need to listen to the stories. This was the first time I have ever listened to this podcast and it was really successful in making me go to sleep. From now on I will just turn on this podcast and listen to his calming voice. 😍
  • Hoglenfamily
    Works like a charm on me and my kid!
    This is an amazing podcast for sleep. It’s so calm and relaxing - just what I need at the end of the day.
  • LoveA!!!!!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast
    I really love this podcast. Make more episodes please
  • bbenzy22
    Love this
    As an insomniac who has tried everything this podcast is amazing and effective. The stories allow for your mind to have something to concentrate on but the calm voice relaxes you and tricks your mind into falling asleep. Highly recommend.
  • ohlala🤣
    K so,
    I think the old Greek stories chapters 1-2 are kinda scary 🤷‍♀️. But, I will give you 4 stars ⭐️
  • Kenlygames@Roblox
    It rlly does work no kidding!
  • Cjae7
    Send me to sleep is the Greatest!
    I am not the person to write reviews but, I just had to for this particular podcast. Andrew, the host has a very soothing voice. He speaks slow enough to relax me and his tone makes me feel sleepy. This podcast puts me to sleep every time I listen to it. I love Send me to Sleep! I can never make it through a whole episode because I fall asleep before it ends! This is very well produced, so keep the episodes coming! I can’t fall asleep without it!!
  • Acrylic Potato
    I’ve never heard a full episode
    I downloaded Apple podcasts literally just to leave the review that I have never made it through a whole episode. I’ve fallen asleep everytime. The voice is so soothing it’s impossible to stay up while listening to this podcast!
  • I poop me poip
  • Seraphina14
    Super Soothing! Should be on lists of best sleep podcasts.
    Andrew has a calm, soothing voice. The background music adds to the episodes rather than detracting. He also handles the ads as well as possible, maintaining the calm, warm audioscape. I particularly love the Arabian Nights and Greek myth episodes. 🛌🌛💫✨🌟
  • Jln70
    Didn’t think this would work at all. But the last several times I swore I wouldn’t to fall asleep due to stress I put it on and went out in like 15 minutes
  • ffts57
    I listen to this when I can’t sleep
  • After Dinner Conversatoin
    Fell right to sleep
    Thank you!
  • Marg111111111
    Very relaxing sleep stories
    Wonderful host with a very soothing voice. These sleep stories will help you get a great night’s sleep!😴😴😴
  • Burningsean
    Excellent production
    Wonderfully produced and meditative. I like this both for falling asleep or just meditation when I need to quiet my mind. A lot to explore here.
  • Lovin this ap!
    Addicted to this podcast
    I can’t wait to fall asleep at night to this podcast. I feel like a kid hearing a bedtime story. Love this.
  • Old Brooksy
    I love this podcast
    This is one of my favs! Highly recommend!
  • Fbffgjkp
    Very Relaxing!
    Fabulous show to relax and help you sleep!
  • BitmojiBabyJ
    So helpful
    I revelry came across this podcast and it’s been helping me so much. I usually use youtube vids but this has been so great! Thank you !!!
  • Jason Horton
    Perfect zzzzz’s
    Exactly what you need to help you unwind and fall asleep!
  • Hscovington
    It works!
    Don't listen while operating heavy machinery!
  • edinchavez
    Awesome Podcast
    Great podcast, give it a listen you will love it!
  • aponiat
    highly recommend
    i usually fall asleep before i finish one of the podcasts. the soothing and soft tone of the voices works wonders. i would recommend to all my friends.
  • mild mannered calvin
    Works wonders
    T’was da super dope I would recommend this to any of my other peeps
  • Bggeezy
    The best sleep podcast
    Love the soft tones and the vocals. Puts me to sleep and also just overall calming. Great podcast!
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