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In the Darin Olien Show, each episode is packed with honest, inspiring and enlightening conversations with extraordinary people from all walks of life. Although our ideas and approaches to life may differ, our ultimate goal is the same - to save the planet one conversation at a time. We’ll talk about how to fuel your body, boost your immune system and even sustain yourself on a plant-based lifestyle. We present tangible tips, tricks and methods to get you feeling your best and living your best life. My mission is to stop you from falling into society’s fatal conveniences- the things we do that we’re indoctrinated into thinking we have to, even though those very things are negatively affecting us, and in some cases, slowly destroying and killing us.

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Recent Reviews
  • europeanqueen
    Inspiring and educational
    So educational and thought provoking
  • JKH_Bucks
    Great guests and approach.
    Would love for you to interview dr Zach Bush on the microbiome. Txs Darin!
  • Timewarptranny
    Love your message and content, but need more representation
    I found this podcast after watching Down to Earth, which I didn’t expect to love to much! I’m already a huge fan of Darin and think his presence and content is incredibly important. To be fair I’ve only listened to the first four podcast episodes and know there’s more to come, but the disproportionate amount of men to women is discouraging. I would appreciate more women, people of color, and members of the queer community being included in these talks, but understand that perhaps Darin’s immediate circle consists of white cisgendered men such as himself. I absolutely love this podcast and plan to continue listening. I’m pleased with the stories told so far, but wish the effort to make it more diverse could be made.
  • hradistan88
    Intriguing and provoking
    On nutrition and superfoods, I’m 100% converted to Darin Olien. Love his segment “Fatal Conveniences” although a few of them are a little out there for me. But Darin’s philosophy of providing information and letting people decide for themself is appreciated. Well worth the subscription.
  • Robin Eileen
    Darin Olien
    Loved the show “Down to Earth”. I will be buying your book. Sorry about your house! You and Zac should do more episodes!
  • Lauren_mgg
    Into too long
    Love the concept of the show and and conversations, but please shorten the intros to be brief, just some feedback :)
  • _AEH
    This inspires change
    I learned about this podcast after watching Down to Earth on Netflix. I never listened to podcasts consistently until I started this podcast. I can’t believe I found both the series on Netflix and this podcast, because I have been searching for this information and connection for a long time. The conversations are real, the people are real, the fatal conveniences are real issues that need as many platforms as we can give them. As a medical provider, I appreciate the time Darin puts in to explain the science and cite the research. Especially in these times, I’m so grateful to feel this connection, to find good information, and to challenge myself to have conscious conversation and connection. I can’t say enough good things about both the series and the podcast! Thank you!
  • Ipodaddict12345
    Sustainable listening!
    Love your message and glad I was show the tv show, amazing work keep up!!
  • MeghanMann
    Important sharings
    In these very interesting times we are living in it’s really good to feel the light and those pushing forward for it. It’s funny how the light workers are always gentle, soft spoken, but carry a big presence. Happy to have discovered Darin, the work he is doing, and his humble authentic approach to his podcast.
  • Wooderson603
    A decent beginning
    I like the podcast and it’s beginning stages and curious as to where it could lead. I believe he’s a truly humble person but using Malibu locals is hard to listen to, most of us listeners can’t relate to extreme wealth and the privilege it brings. I do like the end piece of each podcast on simple ways for changing lifestyle. Would honestly like to know how much he spends on food a week/month.
  • heartrender
    Interesting podcast
    This podcast is really interesting to listen to, but you need more women on this podcast!
  • Tammyclay
    Thank you
    Did not know of you before Down to Earth. Thank for exposing some of US to outside their bubble. Down to Earth was refreshing. So here I am now gonna listen to your podcast!! Thank you.
  • Desarae5
    This podcast is so informative. I am leaning so many things, especially love Fatal Convenience™. Not loving all the F words.
  • ZilevAdri
    Life-Changing Knowledge
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It is becoming more and more apparent how we’ve been set up conveniently with so many distractions around us to keep us from questioning and attaining knowledge that should be common to all of us. Your show on Netflix has not only made me more self-aware of the most basic necessities around me, but also inspired me to think more critically about how my lifestyle and choices in general impact my community and ultimately the Earth. Your message has definitely struck a chord within me and inspired change!
  • leebee48
    Diversify your advertising!!!
    I love your show and I watch Down to Earth with you and Efron.... amazing lessons learned. You are one in a million and thank you for sharing your experiences.. bought the baruka nuts.... can you share more of your superfood finds?
  • scpodcastlvr
    Enough with the Namedropping
    This show has so much potential. I really like Darin and what he’s all about BUT the namedropping is way out of control!!! He seems in awe of famous people and obsessed with being amongst them. I admire his quest for healthy, environmentally friendly living, not all his Hollywood star bro’s. Drop the male chauvinism in the intros already. He’s always “blown away” by the men as strong, manly men and described a women as beautiful “angels on earth”.
  • Suz in SoCal
    Breath of fresh air! Exactly what I need right now
    Real, raw, humane. Thank you for all the work you’re putting out into this crazy world. This podcast, your books, Down To Earth. Many of us are paying attention and making different choices because of you and not only what you are sharing but how you put it out there. Nothing but peace and kindness pours out. I am learning so much it makes me emotional. God bless 🙏🏼
  • JordanP153
    I haven’t listened yet
    But just wanted to say....spoiler alert Bruce!! Is Batman’s real name It’s a good comic book
  • ErisedRotendri
    ADHD and food?
    I love Darin and I’m super stoked about getting into this podcast more. Deciding to use this space to request a topic. I have ADD, was diagnosed back in 2006 (as a sixth grader) and I’ve been really wanting to learn about the best nutrition changes I can make to benefit my ADD brain. Would be awesome to see an episode about food and mental disorders and disabilities!
  • ❤️H❤️
    Helpful and relatable
    As a former drug addict (clean six years), I find this very relatable. I am a single mom of two and six months ago found myself with very little energy to keep up with my toddler so I switched to a vegan life style and haven’t gone back. Iv enjoyed listening to this podcast it has real information from real people.
  • Jarrodwp1
    Love it
    Always interesting and insightful🙏🏼
  • mahya.Rz
  • jnpwebb
    Please don’t deadname
    I wanted to love this podcast and I think there are some great parts to it, but in the first 5 minutes of the first episode, he deadnames Caitlin Jenner like 3-5 times. Would love to see a little more social education on this and either a re-recording if that intro, or a promise to do better in the future.
  • FindYourPurpose-PositiveEnergy
    Spiritual Journey and Growth
    Darin, Lately I have been longing for connection and have been going through a lot of ups and downs. I have been preaching very similar concepts to all the people around me and they think I am crazy. I appreciate your message and I would love to have a conversation with you about life or anything.
  • kseery9613
    Darin is wonderful and has a variety of different insightful advice. Love this podcast 🤗
  • Sunshinehead66
    Love to you Darin and Lauren ❤️
    This is so inspiring and refreshing! Love your song “Big Love” Lauren! Thank you and Big Love to you both! ❤️ Thank you Zac Efron for turning me on to Darin’s podcast! Binge watched Down To Earth 🌏 epic!
  • rachel nickie
    Refreshing to find other people that connect to the earth and understands its power. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in trying to fit in with such a disconnected world.
  • Natybfit
    Loved it! Thank you for validating some of my beliefs! Love the “Down To Earth” on Netflix as well! Sorry about your home!
  • HurricainKristin
    I stumbled upon this show and could not be happier that someone like Darin is out in the world boldly speaking and interviewing on ways to DIG IN and discover our best selves. F*yeah. Listen.
  • vegasshooter
    I’ve been waiting a long time for Darin to finally do a podcast. AWEsome.!!!
  • HH@23
    Darin’s podcast is a home run!
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