Fútbol with Grant Wahl

Soccer #19

Grant Wahl, one of the world’s leading soccer journalists, shares his thoughts on the sport and interviews the biggest names and the most fascinating figures in the game.

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Recent Reviews
  • DMBailey SoccerNut
    Love the variety
    Grants extensive experience in covering soccer for years comes through on the show and the variety of topics and guests is very entertaining.
  • MichaelDM19
    Great show
    Really interesting, thoughtful interviews with people across the soccer world. I really appreciate that the show has a really wide scope covering the men’s and women’s game around the world.
  • Soc Minky
    Grant Wahl rocks!
    Best soccer pod in the known universe.
  • Spencenerd
    Awesome experiences journalist
    Guy has been in the game for a long time, as a lot of connections, gets great interviews
  • Hi! I'm a Pinner!
    Great job, Grant!
    Loving the podcast! Keep them coming.
  • El Gato Greco
    Great Interviews!
    Grant does a great job interviewing some of the most interesting figures in the game. A must listen.
  • Jikhgvhyfdduytfkbiu
    Grant rocks
    Great interviews with soccer figures around the world.
  • Muviboi
    Great Interview with One of the BEST!
    Thanks for the interview with Arlo White. One of my favorite sports commentators and definitely the best in soccer. Great questions. And of course loved the questions about what everyone wants to know — How was his Ted Lasso experience!! Thanks
  • ZRicc
    Grant is an essential voice of US soccer
    Fantastic interviews, great guests, and a man at the helm who has seen and documented it all. Grant Wahl is the national scribe
  • Georgepgl
    Awful soccer pod
    Very bad
  • StHelenaSaint
    Listen and Learn
    Grant Wahl is an excellent soccer journalist. This podcast is better than his last, Planet Futbol. He spends more time on the nuances of the people and businesses that bring our favorite game to life. He is clearly a smart guy because he married Celine Gounder of the Epidemic podcast. Great regular updates with Chris Wittyngham (more of those please).
  • Cooben62222222222
    One of the best
    Love this podcast! Must listen for great Futbol conversations!!!
  • bradinsalem
    Essential listening
    The best conversations, hosted by the best American soccer writer.
  • Maryland parent
    Podcast still great and keeps being more engaging
    Have listened for years and this is a wonderful podcast, obviously if you love soccer but also just a thoughtful look at the world. Keeps getting better. Highly recommended.
  • NYCmom43
    Grant Wahl keeps getting better and better
    I have long been a massive GW fan and have been following him for years. Kudos to him for forging ahead on his own. I love his thoughtful approach to choosing topics and interview guests. He definitely has the connections to land interesting and diverse guests. (As an aside I’m also a huge fan of his wife, expert on all things COVID and Ebola and love her occasional guest appearances). I think it’s only a matter of time before one of the mainstream outlets picks him up. As he continues to expand his empire, I would like to see an evolution in his interview style to be more conversational, more back-and-forth, and less of the predictable pattern of question/answer/question and so on. Maybe consider asking more follow up questions like “how interesting, tell me more” or “what was that like” or “how did that make you feel” when a guest starts down an interesting road but then stops. I think you can do that without being combative or confrontational, which would not be your style. I will keep listening no matter what!
  • blazerless
    Dependably informative and entertaining
    Grant is consistently adept at asking the most relevant questions then sitting back and letting the guests answer and expand, rather than making himself the centerpiece.
  • Hbdrummer
    Grant Wahl is Great!
    Fascinating perspective and great guests!
  • JTReviewer
    The Best Interviews
    Grant does in 30 minutes what most soccer podcasts fail to do in hours: he finds the best guests, asks the most incisive/interesting questions, and covers the entire fútbol planet in the process. Bravo!
  • littlextinaa
    Great well rounded content
    Always look forward to Grant’s work! Grest interviews and insights across mens and womens football!
  • SammyThurst
    The Very Best
    Grant is the very best in soccer, bar none.
  • Colin Reese
    Great New Podcast
    Grant has lots of great, well-known guests. It nice to see Grant with a new venture. Hey Grant, it’s Colin Reese. I haven’t been able to see your tweets for over 5 years now. When Geoff Cameron signed with Stoke City, you tweeted that terms were agree pending a medical, and I responded saying “If you say medical instead of physical, then you might lose your U.S. Citizenship.” It was supposed to be funny because British people often insist that Americans use British vocabulary and terminology. I apologize if my tweetesounded like an insult. It was just supposed to be funny. Nevertheless, I’ve missed all of your soccer takes and opinions on Twitter for over five years. Anyway, nice to see you with a new podcast, and I subscribed as soon as it started.
  • alex_mmg11
    Oakland Roots episode
    This was a great interview! Happy to see my club getting attention! Also thanks Grant, your soccer platform is amazing
  • jstsf
    This Fabrizio interview is clutch!
  • Sloanc148
    Great podcast
    Grant gets some of the most interesting people in the world of soccer on. Always a pleasure to listen. Keep up the good work!
  • Husking402
    Excellent Podcast
    Great information on the beautiful game!
  • Jurgen Mainka
    A gift to all Fútbol listeners!
    Grant’s experience in the world of “Fútbol” comes to life in this podcast. The vast rollerdex of global contacts he has built will be one of the biggest gifts to his listeners. In addition, his appetite to go deep into his reporting will keep me tuning in episode after episode!
  • jlLeo09
  • Called by God
    You Should Pass
    This podcast has very high profile guests, but don’t be fooled. The interviews are bland and stale. The questions are predictable. There are so many good options, don’t waste your podcast time
  • PozzoBKLYN
    Great pod from the leading soccer writer in the US for the past couple decades. Gets good and interesting interviews with some of the best insiders in the game with out of the box perspectives.
  • Nick@avl
    Top Notch
    The atmosphere that Grant creates is top notch and the content is intelligent and cutting. My new go-to when other football podcasts need a diaper change
  • Ya Boy Stats
    Stop being a hypocrite grant
  • carlstrom11
    Had potential
    Grant is obviously well educated but lacks a true futbol/soccer fans perspective. His interviews are boring and never dives into deep questions with his guests. Shocked he got paid so much at misogynistic Sports Illustrated to write about soccer.
  • ms. boyski
    Jordan Angeli!!!!
    Loved this interview. Jordan is amazing. Loved her from her first game as a Boston Breaker and cried when she tore her ACL. I am so impressed at her analysis, poise, and passion. I am so happy that she is sharing her gift with the world of football. We are blessed. I give kudos to Grant for how he conducted this interview. Thank you.
  • Josh from Fl
    Not Great
    The TSS guys being involved gave me high hopes. The content falls flat, it seems to be alot of NWSL and COVID.
  • Axelwakeman
    Best in the Business
    Grant has been doing it longer than most and better than just about anyone. A must listen for anyone who loves the beautiful game.
  • GrantWahlHasNoHair
    This is a political podcast not soccer related...
    Grant Wahl is completely out of touch with reality and the landscape of American soccer fans. He wants to talk about his political views instead of talking about the sport of soccer that’s happening all over the world.
  • Wheatonbrando
    Dull interviews and content
    I had high hopes for this podcast, but so much of the content has been dull to me. Through 20ish episodes, I have just straight deleted at least maybe 3/4 of them. Boring interviews and question style. Keeping it in my feed to see where it goes because I like Grant and he has great soccer connections, but maybe just not for me.
  • apoubre
    Grant’s per
    Fútbol with Grant Wahl gives you insight into one of ( if not the best) soccer’s best journalist in the US. If your goal is to catch up and listen about all things US soccer, European leagues, NWSL, or US players abroad, then the total soccer show might give you that balance you want to look for. As a listener of a majority of his episodes, there are a lot of soccer topics covered and he brings a lot of big name people in the soccer community in, but if you care less about political interjections and opinions from him or his guest, then this might not be for you. Grant and guest bring up important topics that need to be discussed , ( BLM, Woman’s soccer, and covid talk) which are all important and relevant, but this is a show where you do see more of Grant’s views and personality. I came in expecting what the total soccer show offers, but I’m thankful for his partnership with them for introduce me to their podcast. In the end, Grant is Grant, I don’t agree with almost everything he says but his soccer talk is still fun and I enjoy following and listening to him for that reason. Best of luck to Grant!
  • Gray Sports
    The best around
    Grant Wahl covers soccer better than anyone in America and right up there with the best in the world. His interviews are insightful and bring out the best in the subject. Listen. Even if you're just getting into soccer.
  • Thatgooner
    Add this to your podcast rotation
    Grant brings great interviews ranging from players to owners to everything in between and also does it without being biased. I love the mix of American and European news updates at the beginning. There’s a lot of pods out there so I know it’s a time consumption to add another one to your rotation but i don’t think you’ll regret adding this one.
  • Dennis987
    Best Soccer Interviewer Out There
    It doesn’t matter what team he plays for or what jersey he wears, when it comes to interviews Grant Wahl is All-Star material. And he knows everyone in the business. One could argue that in this new show he is better than ever b/c he has the freedom to do what he wants. If I sound like a fan, it’s because over the years I’ve become one. Good luck with the new podcast, Grant!
  • Foxtrot27
    Great podcast
    Grant has great interviews as he holds it down as one of the best soccer journalists out there
  • Nick@Atl Utd
    Grant is the best!
    Have been following him for more tha 15 years and there is no one better at accessing big and small people in football and making amazing interviews and great writing.
  • dabes2
    Best voice on the game in the usa.
    No one else has his access to both domestic and international voices around soccer. Smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, respectful of mls without sugar coating, old enough to have usa soccer perspective, respectful of the woman’s game... gotta listen.
  • RammaJamma
    SI screwed up
    Glad to have grant back
  • nijackson
    “America’s Soccer Journalist”
    Grant is well traveled/educated and has great access to the best talent in the global game. However, his interviews don’t dig deep enough... questions remain on topics any journalist could ask and don’t show any genuine understanding of the sport. If the game is to grow further in the country, we need analysts/journalists that truly understand the game.
  • John H B
    Grant is truly one of our best soccer writers around, and it shows in his new podcast
  • Reggie_3
    Great quality
    I like his interviews as they are great soccer conversations.
  • @gr_atx
    Finest American soccer writer
    I enjoy this pod very much. Thoughtful analysis and excellent guests.
  • KevWins89
    Grant is one of THE voices in American soccer commentary
    When I first discovered that soccer was going to be one of my new favorite sports in 2008, Grant was THE prominent voice that I sought after the most to learn about the game. He’s written a couple of excellent books and had a loooong career at Sports Illustrated. It’s no surprise that his pods are just as good. This is a must subscribe.
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