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Grant Wahl, one of the world’s leading soccer journalists, shares his thoughts on the sport and interviews the biggest names and the most fascinating figures in the game.


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Recent Reviews
  • GringoSeguidorDeCristo
    Keep LD!
    Great WCQ reviews, get Landon Donovan every time! Fantastic stuff
  • thatguy1798
    Grant wahl blocked me
    Like most of the USMNT fan base… Bold move cotton
  • patrat90
    Welcome aboard
  • reyvalentin
    Best futbol Pod!
    Welcome aboard!!!!!?
  • alex_mmg11
    Becky episode boom
    Amazing interview with the doctors Grant! Really enjoyed listening to knowledge people talk about the impact of Covid in sports and what is coming
  • Leigh-C
    Danny Hogginbotham
    Very enjoyable interview with Danny. I am lucky to listen to his outstanding commentary with Philadelphia Union as well as his studio work with NBC.
  • R David 107
    Outstanding interview with Hope
    Thank you so much for the length and depth of this interview. I am a new listener and will be a consistent listener from now on. Congratulations!!
  • civil tongue
    Appreciate New Quick Review
    Thank you for new feature. Will be a regular listener
  • Tim Queeney
    Intelligent discussion
    Unlike so many sports shows that are all yelling and hot takes, Grant’s show is an intelligent discussion of soccer. Good stuff
  • jvgreenblatt
    Consistently fascinating and informative.
    The interview style is excellent such that the guest provides a lot of information and the interviewer does not waste a lot of time. The content is consistently interesting and informative.
  • salvybaldino
    Top Soccer podcast
    Grant has lived this sport in some of most amazing soccer communities in the world. His guests are A+ and insight is excellent.
  • Stimpy66
    Great Guests, Even Greater Interviewer
    Grant has decades of experience covering the beautiful game, and the contacts he’s made in the sport show with some of the guests he gets on the show — especially with two shows a week. Not only are the guests fascinating, but Grant is a wonderful interviewer. He is prepared and listens to his guests to ask the follow up questions when needed. Even when the guests do not interest me, the questions are asked about what made them fascinating to Grant and makes the listener understand when they should pay attention. As a burgeoning podcaster myself, I could no better in studying his interviewing process and technique. This podcast is canonical to me.
  • Kentner12
    Great Content!
    Listen, I didn’t want to give Grant Wahl a chance, he wasn’t an ex USMNT player, not from Europe, not even an ex professional player. But after listening to American Prodigy: Freddie Adu, I really enjoyed it and was looking for more which turned me on to this podcast. You know what I realize? Growing up in the neighboring state from him in Oklahoma, Grant is me! He’s us! He’s the voice of the American soccer fan! We as a fan base are discounted by soccer nations all the time but the interest and passion is there regardless! I apologize for doing the same to Grant for over 20 years. Love the different aspects of the game he brings with the variety of guests!
  • JasonTM27
    Thank you
    Thank you to Grant for always bringing us provocative and insightful discussions around this beautiful game.
  • Arminia34
    Great Guests
    I may not agree with Grant on everything, but you can’t deny he has great guests and it is always an entertaining interview.
  • Called by God
    Still bad. Don’t know why I even bothered.
    This podcast has very high profile guests, but don’t be fooled. The interviews are bland and stale. The questions are predictable. There are so many good options, don’t waste your podcast time. Just bad.
  • Gary Mauk
    High Quality Interviews
    Great guests and and intriguing questions. Grant brings his years of experience to a make a high quality product. Love hearing the “soccer news” talk segments as well.
  • DanChelsae1010
    Great informative Pod with a gracious host
    Have been listening this podcast since the Freddy Adu edition. BTW, a brilliant edition every football lover should definitely listen to. I have found every time I hear the conversation with different guests that come on this podcast, there is a sense of free spirited dialog and I am certain the way the host interacts with these people has everything to do with it. The gracious tone and kindness/respect displayed by the host to his guest is written all over the engagements making it a fun pod to listen to where I get a wealth of information about football, players experience and opinions from other journalists. Keep it up and always looking for the next pod.
  • nickyb5
    Great podcast
    Always interesting guests and grant always asks interesting questions. Big fan of Chris wittingham also, has a lot of great knowledge on the game
  • jbrod020
    Good interviewer
    Grant asks great questions in a very straightforward way. Great job Grant!
  • Agriff37
    Refreshing pod
    Found Grant’s pod through a friend and really like his interview style. He gets great guests too. Will continue to listen weekly.
  • Robinson Florida TOPSoccer
    SME (soccer matters expert)
    If there is a story or personality in soccer, chances are Grant knows all about it/them. Great mix of time-sensitive stories and broader soccer-interest interviews.
  • Pdx1981
    Great Interviews
    Good to hear different voices throughout the soccer world. Grant brings them in for interesting conversations. Keep it up!
  • SparkySparksRatajczak
    Don’t Need No Stinkin’ SI
    SI made a poor decision! Grant Wahl and his podcasts are regular listens for me. Good interview skills, great contacts, and intriguing perspectives. Keep up the good work.
  • Jetiek
    Superb Host and Fantastic Guests
    Grant Wahl, as always, does fantastic work. This podcast is no different. His insight and journalism are amongst the best in the soccer world. The variety of guests make this pod a must listen.
  • robsqujr
    Always a fan...
    Be it US Soccer, Maradona accolades and recent Jason & Brendan of Ted Lasso, a true insightful listen! Have convinced my son -a Gen Z soccer know-it-all and my wife to listen as well. With the latter, your bride Celine helped with that:).
  • Serg Trist10
    Grant is a story teller!
    Love Grant since he was at SI. He just has a way to tell a story. He brings that to this podcast! Simple great!
  • US Soccer Pod Fan
    Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Amazing Journalist having amazing conversations with amazing people. Hard to beat the honest takes of morality Grant consistently brings to the table!
  • Swampthaang
    Super podcast
    Grant gets the interviews that inform the biggest stories our game - thanks so much for the focus on American soccer!
  • dhj us xjj
    Gets A-list guests
  • RAK813*
    Smart funny and as a big heart
    I just listened to the episode with Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt about Ted Lasso. One of the best conversations on any topic you can hear. I plan to talk about it and maybe play some of it (along with the original Ted Lasso commercials) for a college-level Sociology of Sports class I teach. So much to learn from these folks about sports and life.
  • ukdude
    Great soccer coverage!
    Grant is top rate. Thanks for always making the distinction on whether it’s women’s or men’s accolades. Your mom would be so proud!
  • DMBailey SoccerNut
    Love the variety
    Grants extensive experience in covering soccer for years comes through on the show and the variety of topics and guests is very entertaining.
  • MichaelDM19
    Great show
    Really interesting, thoughtful interviews with people across the soccer world. I really appreciate that the show has a really wide scope covering the men’s and women’s game around the world.
  • Soc Minky
    Grant Wahl rocks!
    Best soccer pod in the known universe.
  • Spencenerd
    Awesome experiences journalist
    Guy has been in the game for a long time, as a lot of connections, gets great interviews
  • Hi! I'm a Pinner!
    Great job, Grant!
    Loving the podcast! Keep them coming.
  • El Gato Greco
    Great Interviews!
    Grant does a great job interviewing some of the most interesting figures in the game. A must listen.
  • Jikhgvhyfdduytfkbiu
    Grant rocks
    Great interviews with soccer figures around the world.
  • Muviboi
    Great Interview with One of the BEST!
    Thanks for the interview with Arlo White. One of my favorite sports commentators and definitely the best in soccer. Great questions. And of course loved the questions about what everyone wants to know — How was his Ted Lasso experience!! Thanks
  • ZRicc
    Grant is an essential voice of US soccer
    Fantastic interviews, great guests, and a man at the helm who has seen and documented it all. Grant Wahl is the national scribe
  • Georgepgl
    Awful soccer pod
    Very bad
  • StHelenaSaint
    Listen and Learn
    Grant Wahl is an excellent soccer journalist. This podcast is better than his last, Planet Futbol. He spends more time on the nuances of the people and businesses that bring our favorite game to life. He is clearly a smart guy because he married Celine Gounder of the Epidemic podcast. Great regular updates with Chris Wittyngham (more of those please).
  • Cooben62222222222
    One of the best
    Love this podcast! Must listen for great Futbol conversations!!!
  • bradinsalem
    Essential listening
    The best conversations, hosted by the best American soccer writer.
  • Maryland parent
    Podcast still great and keeps being more engaging
    Have listened for years and this is a wonderful podcast, obviously if you love soccer but also just a thoughtful look at the world. Keeps getting better. Highly recommended.
  • NYCmom43
    Grant Wahl keeps getting better and better
    I have long been a massive GW fan and have been following him for years. Kudos to him for forging ahead on his own. I love his thoughtful approach to choosing topics and interview guests. He definitely has the connections to land interesting and diverse guests. (As an aside I’m also a huge fan of his wife, expert on all things COVID and Ebola and love her occasional guest appearances). I think it’s only a matter of time before one of the mainstream outlets picks him up. As he continues to expand his empire, I would like to see an evolution in his interview style to be more conversational, more back-and-forth, and less of the predictable pattern of question/answer/question and so on. Maybe consider asking more follow up questions like “how interesting, tell me more” or “what was that like” or “how did that make you feel” when a guest starts down an interesting road but then stops. I think you can do that without being combative or confrontational, which would not be your style. I will keep listening no matter what!
  • blazerless
    Dependably informative and entertaining
    Grant is consistently adept at asking the most relevant questions then sitting back and letting the guests answer and expand, rather than making himself the centerpiece.
  • Hbdrummer
    Grant Wahl is Great!
    Fascinating perspective and great guests!
  • JTReviewer
    The Best Interviews
    Grant does in 30 minutes what most soccer podcasts fail to do in hours: he finds the best guests, asks the most incisive/interesting questions, and covers the entire fútbol planet in the process. Bravo!
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