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Hi, my name is Cory Wong. This is my podcast. I'm going to talk to your favorite artists as they discuss their personal tricks of the trade, never-before-heard stories, and the proper response when Sinatra wants to peep your master tapes.

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Recent Reviews
  • Mophonic
    Thoughtfully curated
    Cory asks the questions I would hope to ever get a chance to ask artist that I could only dream of to speak with. He’s a spark of light and you can feel the artists respond and reflect to his energy. Loved the Susan Tedeschi and Madison Cunningham episodes.
  • coupeofjoe
    Best podcast in a WONG time!
    Everything you could ask for and more in a podcast about and for musicians.
  • mtaylorvt
    Pod for musicians
    This is a great podcast and Cory brings a high level of energy and knowledge to his interviews. Great guests and insight into how to be a better musician. Highly highly highly recommended.
  • rebeccaaon
    You can’t go wong with this podcast!!! So wonderful!
  • J9kinds
    Cannot go Wong!
    What?! Seriously cannot get better than this. And you rep the lady players too, yesssss!!! Cory; thank you, man!
  • Micky Miko
    Can’t Go Wong With This Podcast
    You gotta love the Wong. Dude is a straight ledge.
  • Carpe Jill
    Not a guitarist but still my new favorite music podcast
    George Benson?? I mean, c’mon! It is beyond awesome to not only hear from living legends, but Cory Wong’s interview style is so genuine and enthusiasm infectious!
  • Richard Mayhew
    Violently Funky
    I dig this podcast so much - love it!!!!
  • Dollar Derm
    Wong and don’t want to be right
    Such a great podcast. Super inspiring, and the guitarists come off humble and thoughtful, keep it up!
  • ArtNinja2000
    One of the best podcasts out there...period.
    Being an on n off again, intermediate, part-time, amateur music for 40+ years, Wong's podcasts are engaging and entertaining. Plus, the lineup, roster of musicians not too bad. . .
  • Adman87
    This guy is the best. High energy, smart and obviously kind. Dudes dope. DOPE! PS where the Koz interview at?!
  • WaxNeedle1337
    great podcast
    i may be biased. but i really like this podcast
  • Kevin Granger
    Wong rules
    Cory is crushing this podcast. He asks questions musicians want to hear answered, not just the typical questions most interviewers ask. Entertaining and educational. Edutainment at its best!
  • AdamPastor
    So happy this podcast exists
    Super dope podcast, Cory’s conversation with Joe Satriani is so great filled with tons of great advice from both Cory and Joe. Cory brings an insight and wealth of knowledge about the guitar & music industry that sets this pod apart from anything else I’ve heard. I’ve most definitely found my new favorite podcast, can’t wait for future episodes! 🤘
  • TromboneLawyer
    Great talk with Satriani
    Loved the whole discussion. I was really struck by his comments about understanding that different musicians may have different goals, and that you teach to their goals. Great stuff. Really good questions from Cory, too. Just a lot of fun. Can’t wait for next week.
  • LK Snyder
    I am beyond stoked about Wong Notes. Cory Wong is THE guitar hero of our time. Combine that with his hilarious wit and positive vibe...you’ve got yourself the greatest music podcast EVER.
  • DimeDidIt
    Much love to Bizzy and the G2KM podcast. Bizzy’s charisma, character, and wit are captivating. Excited for more upcoming exposures, artists and what’s to come.
  • mooredg
    Most amazing intro to a podcast series evahhhh!
    Siiiiiiiiick intro brahhhhh. Love this - can’t wait to hear it. - so excited for you CW. Go get stoked.
  • thekolabear
    4th Position for the win
    This is the best
  • W. Anderson
    The World Needs This Right Now
    Stoked for this! Go get ‘em Cory!
  • #smiles
    i cory won’t miss out on cory wong
    already captivated by his charisma & character 🤩 so excited for more of Cory, for my world to be rocked by new exposures to artists, & for some bts on my favs!
  • altrokkr6
    LET’S GO
    Haven’t heard more than the intro episode and I already KNOW this is going to be RIDICULOUS. George Benson and Yvette Young?! DREAMS DO COME TRUE 🙏💯🤯
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