Chris DeMakes A Podcast

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Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake discusses the ins and outs of songwriting with a variety of guests from the world of music.

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  • fun-lovin34
    It’s 100% doctor not dentist!
    It did go fast though, so you are forgiven.
  • Kendog90210
    Black Eyed Susan Kenny!
    Hey Chris it’s Kenny! Daytona Beach black eyed Susan Kenny I’ve been seeing y’all play since the early early days and I’ve seen y’all all over the country hope you remember me man! Anyway excellent podcast I love all of them- keep em coming!
  • Isaac Maki
    Quite possibly the best music podcast out there!
    Thanks for all you do Chris and Chris! The format is incredible and each episode is better than the one before!
  • ScottyT615
    Punk Rock Nerd's Paradise
    I always love hearing the process behind how my favorite songs/movies/TV shows come to fruition and to have it orchestrated by one of my favorite musicians is such an added bonus. Chris has such a knowledge of punk roots and rock music where he knows how to explain the song without being overly technical. Also gives me a new appreciation for the songs featured. Keep up the great work.
  • Mick Munday
    Songwriters candy
    This podcast rules. So many great guests. Anyone with interest in song writing and studio/producer magic will love this.
  • Footnote Creative
    Stellar songs, stellar podcast
    I just started listening maybe a week ago and I absolutely LOVE this pod. Chris
  • Dan Yell Sun
    This podcast is top-notch! Chris does his homework when preparing for a guest. You can tell that he knows the song inside and out. Most of the time he knows the interviewee from back in the day so the conversations seem natural which makes it all the better. I like that they do the wrap section with Chris Fafalios. Chris F sounds like the character Andrew Glouberman from the show Bigmouth so that’s entertaining in itself. Keep up the good work Chris and Chris!!!!
  • Rahdiggy
    Love Everything About This Podcast
    I’ve been a huge fan of Less Than Jake since their early years, but this podcast has given me a whole new appreciation for Chris Demakes. The premise of the show is so interesting, and hearing the story behind each song brings new life to the song. Chris does an amazing job at being host, doing a deep dive into each song, and having great dialogue with each artist. At times, I even forget that he’s the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. I keep coming back to this one. I enjoyed so much that I started backtracking to the ones I’ve missed! Thanks for putting together such a great podcast!
  • next gear
    The Best Song Writers Podcast
    This podcast is the best all around Song Writers Podcast. It has single handedly changed the way I listen, thought of and write music. It also helped me understand that a lot of the hurdles I experience when writing songs are the exact same as some of the greatest bands of all time. Ontop of all that, I get to listen to conversations between rock n roll hero’s of mine every week. And if that’s not enough, Chris is a stand up guy that also gives unknown bands a shot to be heard with their Bands You Might Not Know Section + monthly charities that they promote. There’s a lot of podcasts out there but this is one you should definitely subscribe too and check out
  • OtherMikeP
    Fantastic listen
    A lot of musicians love this podcast because it breaks down the song writing and production process. I am not a musician in any shape or form. I don’t know how to play any instruments and the podcast is still accessible to me, so whether your a professional musician or just a listener you will enjoy this podcast and learn a lot.
  • OG'ma
    Hey hey have you heard
    This podcast is the go to music podcast! It’s a great topic. I love hearing everyone’s stories about the song they pick and all the other fun stuff thrown in. This has been on my top 3 things I look forward to every week since covid! Chris and chris you are rad!!! Thanks!!! I’m so glad I found you!!!
  • punktim
    What an Awesome Podcast!
    As a songwriter who is into punk rock and rock in general, this podcast is awesome! I’m super psyched to hear episodes with some of my favorite songwriters (Matt Skiba, Mike Herrera, Rick Neilson), but I’m equally excited about hearing from ones I don’t know much about (Bill Stevenson, Laura Jane Grace). Chris DeMakes goes deep with every guest. Check this podcast out. You won’t be disappointed!
  • DaveDLD
    Best music podcast
    This is my favorite music podcast. I love how Chris breaks down every song and gets such a good dynamic with each guest.
  • idreamofskiba
    The best
    I love this podcast so much. Even if it’s a song or artist I’m not really all that into or familiar with, I end up with a great appreciation for the song. It’s such a pleasant podcast to listen to and every moment of it is enjoyable.
  • xxclandestinexx
    My new favorite podcast
    I didnt know Chris had a podcast until listening to Mike from MxPx’s Podcast which I listen to here and there. I decided to check it out and ive never made a better decision. This is now not only by far my favorite podcast but its become one of my favorite entertainment sources period. As a music nerd and huge fan of the genre this is everything I love rolled into one awesome package. All the info about the song writing process, behind the scenes stories, and pulling back the curtain are amazing. I love seeing the process different bands use to write and it dispels the myth that songs are written in one smooth process and that stuff can be patched together in pieces over sometimes years etc. Its something ive always wondered when trying to write songs myself and thinking I was doing it weird. Ive had a ton of organizing and paperwork to do at my job and killed half the episodes while doing it all. Im dreading catching up and running out of new ones to listen too. Keep up the great work this is 10/10
  • Buddyc13
    Mark McGrath podcast was surprisingly awesome
    Great podcast and this was one of my favorite episodes. Got a lot of newfound respect for Mark McGrath. Nice to see the self-awareness, and respect. Also, a rock n roll jeopardy episode w Matt Pinfield really would be great!
  • Animalsrule123
    Great podcast
    I really enjoy listening to how the discussion goes into the history of the song and breaking the song down verse by verse.
  • Chet27
    Listen NOW!
    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for a long time and when I heard he was going to do a podcast, I immediately though it was a brilliant idea and wondered what took so long! The conversations he has with his guests are engaging and the episodes seem to just fly by. Even if you aren’t familiar with the artist or the song, you will still enjoy the episode! This podcast deserves more than 5 stars!!
  • Mr. Beeswax, Mindyourown
    I am so grateful to have found this podcast. Engaging interviews and great song breakdowns. As a long time fan of many who are interviewed here and also a songwriter myself, this is a gold mine. Thanks much, Chris + Chris! Keep it rolling.
  • Shark Manaway
    Check it ahhht.
    Yinz are cool.
  • mil12
    Great interviews
    Great find, I like the interview style and the research that goes into each episode.
  • John the listener
    It’s a great podcast
    This is a great podcast. Tons of great interviews of people in various parts of the music business, mainly musicians. You hear a lot about the change in business modes over the past 40 years. The interviews are a great road map to help you discover a music making process that works for you. They also do a “band you might not know” segment of the show to help broaden horizons, and expose new current bands. That being said you also discover a lot of new to you bands when each artist talks about there influences.
  • thisxisxderek
    Dentist Vs. Doctor
    It sounds like doctor to me on both tracks, but my very attractive, younger, hot, girlfriend with better hearing agrees with “dentist” in the video.
  • Fledad
    Most insightful podcast
    This podcast will help you learn things about music that you’ve always wanted to. It will also correct you on all the words you’ve been mispronouncing all these years. Chris is an amazing host and does a great job with the guests. Can’t wait for more!
  • Atom138
    Demakes a good podcast
    Chris is a great host. This podcast is well edited, and the guest selection is pretty diverse. I really dig the focus on songwriting and attention to the craft.
  • Frank Tsoukalas
    I love Mondays
    Mondays are great for me. I’m usually off work, and I also get a new episode of Chris DeMakes A Podcast. Learned so many cool tidbits about songs I love. Walking Wounded’s key change is inspired by R.E.M’s Stand? Crazy and really neat to learn stuff like that. Highly recommend.
  • PatBoBomb
    Episode after Episode is fantastic
    Absolutely loving listening to the songwriters I’ve loved my entire life tell the stories of their craft. Personal favorites are Matt Skiba, Bill Stevenson, and the Johnny Quest special episode. So many of us know the story of the bands but not the backdrop for individual songs and how they help elucidate the overall story. Chris Demakes is pretty darn good interviewer as well! Ask a question and let em talk! Now get Fat Mike and talk The Decline!
  • DEJagsFan
    Excellent podcast
    This podcast has helped me find new music and inspired me to start writing songs again!
    Incredibly Interesting
    It’s awesome to hear insight into how bands wrote their biggest songs. Chris does a great job of asking questions that get the artists rolling on stories from that time period that lend true authenticity to who they were as people when they wrote “My Own Worst Enemy” or “Hands Down” and so on.
  • Derkin2005
    These reviews help me relive my teenage years through a different lens. I love it . 3/5 stars don’t change a thing.
  • Jobus Friedman
    Awesome Podcast!
    Really great Podcast with great guests. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • NuckinFutz
    Chris DeMakes this podcast amazing!
    Chris and Chris make an amazing team that puts out amazing episodes week after week. I have learned so much about song writing as well as some bands and songs I was not familiar with too. A must subscribe!
  • andynsuch
    Best podcast!!
    This is the best podcast. Please do one with Joey cape
  • Mr_Brian_J
    Dope, man.
    This is an entertaining and insightful, weekly podcast! Even the episodes featuring a song you may not be familiar with or even enjoy are entertaining thanks to the host and his engagement with the artists. Well worth a subscription!
  • UR31337
    This podcast has revolutionized how I listen to music
    I have been a fan of Chris DeMakes and company in the band Less Than Jake since the late 90s. Literally the soundtrack of my life. As much as I love music, understanding the songwriting process has always been foreign to me. Chris Faflios runs the show with him and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. The choice of guests has shed light into a music scene that I've been in and around for 20+ years in ways that I did not think were possible. THANK YOU FOR THIS PODCAST!
  • Swissdogg
    Love this pod!
    Chris Demakes is awesome! I love hearing the stories behind my favorite songs. Being a songwriter myself, it helps to know what other musicians process is. Would recommend! Also Chris came on my show That One Time On Tour and we had a blast!
  • Guacamole_Jon
    My favorite music podcast
    I really enjoy the way Chris interviews, even when he has on members from bands I don’t listen to I always find the interview to be really interesting
  • Conatonc
    Deep Dives into Great Songs
    Chris DeMakes interviews a different songwriter each week, taking a close look at the writing of one particular song with the songwriter. The conversations are fun and insightful and if you’ve followed the world of punk rock for the past 25 years there are going to be plenty of songs you’ll already know here. Plus some great ones you’ll get to hear for the first time.
  • bradleygt0226
    Great podcast, especially for songwriters!
    This is not a run of the mill interview question and answer style podcast. This gets into the nitty gritty of songwriting and sheds light on how a ton of huge songs were conceived, written and recorded. Chris does a great job keeping things from getting stale. I always am bummed every time an episode is ending because I just want he and the guest to keep on going.
  • Jake Hursh
    Awesome content!
    I love listening to this podcast! As a songwriter myself I’ve found it very interesting and informative. I’m not quite caught up yet but I hope to get up to the current episodes in the coming weeks. For now I’m just enjoying the ride that is Chris and Chris delving into how these great songs are written and arranged! Also very cool that they have given local bands a chance to be included with the ‘Band you might not know’ segment! Keep up the brilliant work guys!
  • sjsamps
    Best pod for music fans
    Love every one of these
  • Symbiote99
    Learning, laughing, loving!
    I absolutely love this podcast! I look forward to it every Monday to get my week going. It’s so interesting to hear the many different approaches that artists use to write their songs, to learn about what parts their producers played, and to hear them reminisce on what times were like when the song came out. Great job by Chris and Chris on guest selection, questions asked and a great dynamic on the post wrap up section of the show. Thanks for doing this guys!!
  • DaJake
    I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It’s simply a joy to listen to!!!
  • Krazyashli
    Awesome podcast
    I don’t like podcasts, I would rather listen to music, however this one is amazing! Great interviews with great people. Overall an awesome podcasts!
  • Tags22!!
    Great Podcast
    Awesome podcast with great guests. Highly recommended.
  • Sincerelyty
    The Best!
    This podcast is amazing. It has helped me get through the stress of the pandemic! I’d give 100 stars if I could.
  • Jenlikespunk
    Great podcast!
    I can’t express how much I love this podcast! I found myself listening to the episodes of the artists and songs I knew, and once I was done, went back and listened to every one! Chris does a great job getting the story and background and setting the scene of when and how these songs were made. I’m a 36 year old mom who can escape by popping in my headphones and listening to artists/songs I grew up listening to. Oh the sweet nostalgia 😍.
  • Thickandy
    An excellent podcast with excellent guests
    This podcast dives into song writing and breakdown why a song was composed a certain way. The host Chris Demakes from the band Less Than Jake invites the artists or producers on to discuss the songs and goes into great detail not only discussing the song but seems to always get stellar stories from the artists as well. Highly recommend this podcast.
  • RobertPMadden
    Wonderful insight
    Hello. I’m writing this review from what used to be the NRM in what used to be Century III Mall. This podcast is my only contact with the outside world, as I can’t figure a way out of here. This show is truly wonderful insight into the creative process of songwriting and a great launching point for great stories from amazing musicians. I like the parts at the end when the guy with the slightly yinzer accent chimes in and mentions things like club laga. 412 for life. Love the show Chris!
  • Chris DeMakes
    Your humbled host!
    Hey gang, this is Chris DeMakes. Thanks to everybody for the kind words and for tuning in. This experience has exceeded my wildest dreams. I’m stoked that you are enjoying the episodes as much as I am enjoying talking to all the guests. Keep tuning in and I’ll continue to do my best to deliver. Cheers!
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