Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco


Johnny Depp might have played Donnie Brasco in the Academy Award-nominated film, but the real-life hero is Joe Pistone. Pistone came up on the mean streets of Patterson, New Jersey before going deep undercover and spending six years inside the Bonanno and Columbo crime families. In the new podcast “Deep Cover-The Real Donnie Brasco,” Joe Pistone shares the true stories of his time with The Mob to his friend, and our host, actor Leo Rossi. If you loved the Sopranos--“Fuhggedaboutit”--this is The Real Donnie Brasco. Learn more at 

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  • ShayQuez
    You gentlemen are intoxicating.
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much. First I’d like to tell joe that you’re life has been so interesting. I appreciate how hard you’ve worked threw your careers, I do have many questions for you: 1st: while being Donny was there anytime during that time that you felt sympathetic for the mob wife’s or children knowing that at the end of the bosses life that they would be left without their father’s? 2nd : in all your fbi career did you ever work with a female undercover agent? 3rd: what was the hardest undercover job you did? I wanted to say that I’m very impressed by your life. Mr Rossi, I believe that your directing style is amazing. You crack me up. And you have an amazing personality. I want to thank you you putting this podcast together. I’m a female veteran, and 40th old and still welding as a career, I’ve always been intrigued by both sides of the spectrum law and mafia lives. Thank you again. Shay
  • Isiahrocks21
    I love this podcast!
    After I heard Joe being interview on the Pretend podcast, I’ve been binging on this podcast for the last two days. I love the friendship between you two. You guys are great. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • TDKastnerBrewCity
    Hate to burst your bubble but you were made pretty quickly after your meeting in Milwaukee… there was no leak.
  • Scuda11
    Joe is awesome
    If I had a dollar for every time i yelled “Leo, shut UP!”, I would be sitting on a beach in the Caribbean and my 28 year old girlfriend would be getting me drinks.
  • Ed Standish
    Get a new host
    Leo steps all over Joe’s stories. Step back a little. Let the man talk.
  • betty wine bar
    Just wanted to say hi to Joe !! This is Betty from Az at the wine bar I met you !!
  • trauma23
    Listening to joe
    Listening to joe puts you in the moment without having to be in harms way. He is so good at telling the stories of what happened and the stories are riveting. He tells the stories with such detail, that you can see the scene. Great podcast, so glad I found it.
  • David K64
    Commercials is the only negative
    Love the conversations. I get commercials are a part of the financial model, and am certainly supporting having commercials included. It seems that this series has too many of them.
  • John-jon Mcgoo
    Great storytelling
    5star. Great stuff. Joe telling detailed stories on specific scams and happenings is worth starting another podcast Thanks for a great product
  • BRC in Baltimore
    Unique insights
    Listen to a number of mob-related podcasts. This one is unique and fascinating — includes a perspective not available elsewhere. Thanks!
  • Mikmurphy282618
    American hero. Awesome stories!!!!
  • jeremydanielpell
    Love it
    Great podcast! I love this story
  • captkrusher
    Love the show. A great compliment to Michael Franzese’s show
  • bizzlebutt
    Love Leo and Joe. These are some of the best stories ever. Thanks for the treasure trove of info!
  • Kdjlkcl
    Fascinating and Informative
    An excellent program with interesting guest, fascinating conversations, and unbelievable stories.
  • LizaS1995
    Great show
    Great show, Joe is a fascinating guy and they bring really interesting guests on pretty regularly. I could do with fewer Leo stories - he works in the fact that he wrote the first script for Gotti and that he goes to mass every day at least once an episode. Other than that, these guys really do a great job.
  • Missfrog25
    I love this podcast!! So interesting to get into the inside of the mob and FBI!
  • viginator 516
    Great listen !!
    you loved the movie then this is a great deep dive into the real story by the guy who risked everything to get these killers joe pistone was a tougher guy than anyone he had to deal with in the mob
  • L4990
    Great listen!
    The rapport between Leo and Joe really makes this a great podcast - very interesting to listen to and very entertaining.
  • papashine
    Had to strain to hear Joe while Leo is screaming in my ear. Difficult to listen to.
  • J.H.E.85
    Highly recommend
    Love this podcast
  • stg923
    Who was the Consigliere in Chicago they spoke to? Joey the Clown?
  • Jill0625
    Joe and Leo are fantastic!
    This podcast is so interesting and the friendship dynamic between Leo and Joe makes it even better. Joe is an absolute legend and the way he recounts his memories with such detail is incredibly impressive. Listen if you want insight into how the old school mob operated and lived.
  • cowboy511
    Awesome work Joe! Hope all’s going well for you and your family
  • chrismcmk
    Witness protection
    Did Leo ,and ,Joe just disappear ?? Been months with no new episodes...
  • Big Skeets
    Great job Joe!
    I just found this podcast and listened to all available episodes in two afternoons! It brought back a ton of great memories from stories I’ve heard you tell over the years. Joe, you’ve always been a good friend and my mentor in this undercover thing we love so much. Take care and keep telling the stories from your rich and unique history! Steve D.
  • insleesucks
    Love, love, love this podcast!!! When can we expect another season?
  • Nick Zuk
    Great podcast
    Joe is not only an amazing story teller but he’s hilarious and has some knowledge no one else in the world has. Amazing listen and very interesting, great podcast.
  • bizbas
    Love it!
    Great podcast with insight into such a fascinating situation.
  • zrrttttw
    Best podcast
    Great podcast. Joe is a really good story teller. This guy is a saint for what he did.
  • don peringon
    Awesome Listen
    I finished all the episodes in 2 days. Only criticism is I wish they numbered each podcast to make it easier to find which episode I need to listen to next.
  • Cbettura
    Hands down 1st round KO to all contenders.
    Let me first say (and you might call me a nut) but I have seen Donnie Brasco no lies over 600 times. I sleep with the TV on and go to sleep with my favorite movies playing. I drift off and if I wake I might start another movie from my list (list in my head). Sometimes I will watch the same movie for 2 or 3 weeks and no other in the rotation. Of late Donnie Brasco has been going for over 2 weeks. There are nights where I might watch the whole movie and crash on the 2nd (Goodfellas, All 3 GF’s, Bronx Tale, yada yada) movie. Due to Covid I have been work from home since March 2020 but even at work I always have one beats pro or Klipsch in and I’m listening to podcasts while I work (during football season it’s strictly football pods, Sirius XM fantasy, etc.) but about a week ago I heard a commercial for this Pod and it’s on me, but ran through the whole Pod in 2 days. It takes a strong Podcast to get a week out of me because I switch around but I took to this pod like a fiend. No other type of media have I ever felt like I was just sitting there watching Joe & Leo reminisce. The entire show from the front of the house to the back, working in unison and providing the audience with perfection.
  • ndnsjenxks
    Loved this podcast soooo good and great humor!!
  • my windy city
    Great great show! Can’t wait for 2021
    Can’t wait for the next set of episodes!! Here’s a thought, now that The Bulls out and has his podcast, wouldn’t it be an unbelievable conversation between Mr. Pistone with Leo facilitating the conversation? Especially the Castellano hit. You’d have both sides. A top top dog in the Outfit/mob and the top top undercover, that would be indescribable. God bless you both!!!
  • John Mazzeo
    I can visualize what Mr Pistone and his family went through . I spent 25 years as a 2,grade NYPD detective. After listening to the podcast and watching the movie, it all comes to fruition. Excellent job by Mr Leo Rossi Spelling out all the details. Bravo
  • EmilyPia
    Deep cover
    Absolutely the best podcast I have ever listened to. Joe Pistone is truly a hero with huge balls. What a job he did. Bravo!
  • funkster419
    On the fence
    I like the show , but I’m still on the fence if pistons is a good guy or not . On one hand he put lots of bad guys in jail and on the other , he betrayed a group of guys that trusted him . I love mob stories and pistons don’t give a sit west I think lol so I’ll listen any way .. thanks for the show guys
  • Frankie feetloaf
    Leo Donnie and Joe the warden
    Totally totally fascinating interview between three guys that really know what’s in the soup. Again I just have to say Joe Pistone is one of the great American heroes in law-enforcement. Thank you Joe, and thanks Leo! You guys always bring the goods.
  • 702play
    Anthony in Vegas
    Great podcast Gentleman I really enjoy the stories can’t wait to hear more when you guys get back happy holidays
  • Christ+7
    Really Captivating
    Excellent job on this show!
  • alive and making
    You probably know what to expect but,
    It’s still gripping. Interesting, entertaining men chatting about an incredibly thrilling adventure in an FBI agents career. It’s like being invited to lunch in little Italy w/ some well seasoned locals telling you secret stories.
  • Gino Casa
    Deep Cover
    This is a must if you see or have seen the movie Donnie Brasco. Enthralling. This is a true inside look on how the New York mob worked. Not a Hollywood made up story.
  • onefoejoe
    Love the story. So intriguing. Can’t imagine living that life. Really have to be one or two steps ahead at all times or it could cost you your life. Wow!!
  • Valinor7
    A friend suggested this podcast and after I started, I couldn’t stop listening. After I got all caught up I found myself anxiously waiting for the next episode. Life is truly stranger than fiction and Joe and Leo’s banter make this a wonderful podcast.
  • jbbolton23
    🖕the police
    Fascinating stories. That said, Joe Pistone deserves to get clipped.
  • Gene The Holster
    Donnie Brasco
    Besides knowing Joe personally, I thought the podcast was down to earth, all real and very informative Great podcast, being a close friend of Joe makes it 100x better. A true Hall of Famer in the Law Enforcement world. Joe is the GOAT. Keep the series continuing! The shows keep getting better and better. Its an eye opener and you cant beat first hand info
  • New York Kinda Guy
    The real Donnie Brasco
    This is better than the movie! Listening to Joe Pistone tell the story of his undercover escapades is more suspenseful; and TRUE! This guy grew up in Paterson (as did I) and was in-training for this role his whole life. Thus was the ‘real’ guy that chose the right path when he could just as easily taken the wrong fork in the road. Great listening!!!
  • Jurupa Valley, CA
    This podcast is better than the movie
    I like the way Joe and Leo deliver this podcast. It is an interview style podcast but they make it sound unscripted and easy to follow along. They are so raw and it seems like Joe is one tough guy!!
  • tlrg62
    Love, Love, Love
    I absolutely am enthralled with this stuff. It’s great to hear it first hand.❤️❤️❤️
  • Joe_Pistone
    Great Podcast
    Great story that’s even better with the personal telling by the man who lived it. If you loved the film you’ll find some fun stories they left out in these interviews.
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