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Brought to you by the music critics at Pitchfork, The Pitchfork Review is a show for music fans and obsessives who can’t wait to talk about the latest releases. Co-hosted by Pitchfork editor-in-chief Puja Patel and Reviews Editor Jeremy D. Larson, this podcast pulls back the curtain on our reviews and scores, dives deep into new music, and gives an expert guide to what’s exciting, what’s great, and what’s just plain terrible.

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  • Kuya Jay
    I miss Puja
    This was a great podcast, wonder how it will proceed now with all the changes at Pitchfork. The following is my old review (If you love the website, you’ll love the podcast. If you don’t like the website, well it’s Pitchfork.)
  • flangeslammer
    the long fall of pitchfork doesn’t stop.
    like their website and more recently their festival, this podcast is absolute garbage in 2023. if you’re not going to research a single thing about the subjects you speak about, well, then don’t speak about it. pitchfork losing their audience in full over a long, consistent curve is as sad as it is predictable when this is what they put out.
  • alanlip123
    2023 review podcast
    I really enjoyed your podcast episodes until now. Puja, why are you bringing up Israel and a ceasefire in a podcast about music trends in 2023? That was completely unnecessary. We don’t read or listen to Pitchfork for political news and if you’re going to express your biases about a topic that has nothing to do with music, maybe do it on your own personal twitters and not on here.
  • Poopooface111
    Just awful
    This pod makes me cringe so much.
  • newsjunqui
    Boygenius interview
    Great interview! These 3 artists - they are so smart!!
  • Bruno Antony
    Solid listen…
    One of the better music podcasts, kind of confused by all the one star reviews. And what’s with all the millennial bashing?? We’re like 40 now…
  • RickHall26
    Please get more interesting!! FOO FIGHTERS! Such a joke!!!!
  • DecemberKid
    Better Than They Say
    There are a lot of bad reviews here but this podcast is much better than those people say. It seems that any sort of discussion about entertainment by people who are knowledgeable and articulate will be deemed “pretentious” by somebody. There’s nothing wrong with an intellectual look at the music that’s coming out today. If you don’t like to hear intelligent people talk about music, go somewhere else.
  • pnw24climber
    Embarrassing for Pitchfork
    What is the point of this podcast? It seems like there’s almost no where to turn for true, critical analysis of music anymore. NPRs All Songs Considered has begun catering to the lowest common denominator and so too now had Pitchfork. I don’t need a deep dive into SZA or Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift isn’t even making interesting music. Popular music, yes, but interesting, merit-worthy? No. And a whole episode on Grammy predictions?! Didn’t we all write off the Grammy’s a couple decades ago? Pitchfork of all publications should know that popularity doesn’t equal quality. Can you all not find some experts in your organization to drum up some more interesting takes on music?
  • johnbernard011
    Homogenized Taste/Insufferable
    There’s something really incestuous about this podcast. It’s a lot of intense explaining at something that is ultimately a matter of taste. Their taste I don’t see as superior just intellectualized which isn’t a meritable quality when discussing the arts. Reminds me a college course where 3 or 4 students keep eagerly throwing up their hands and taking up the oxygen in the room.
  • Tommy_Rowe
    Great New Season, Great New Vibe
    This new season of the Pitchfork Review is much more enjoyable than the first; it’s awesome to hear editors and writers speak in the classic knowledgeable and trusted voice, but having more fun while doing it!
  • jocegu
    A bunch of pretentious and entitled millennials talking about music. Eeek!!
  • jjjaaaammmmeessssss
    Fighting against the swifties
    Nothing more
  • myndgarage
    Really terrible
    Have always loved Pitchfork but this is worse than a waste of time.
  • john154826
    I generally love Pitchfork’s point of view but this podcast is a slog. Is anyone having fun?
  • Disappointed5121227
    Fact errors and bad ads
    I had had high hopes for the relaunch but was sadly disappointed. In the first 5 mins of the Taylor Swift episode, there was a factual error (she hasn’t re-recorded “all” her old music, as not all of it was subject to the Scooter Braun mess) and an ad for virulent anti-LGBTQ politician Greg Abbott. The host is not charismatic and the guests say “like” relentlessly. If you want a good music pod, check out the NYTimes popcast! Good luck to this one, maybe they’ll get a fact checker and a new ad salesperson and improve the show.
  • joe419
    Not very good
    Pitchfork deserves a better podcast than this.
  • Patrick H Brownson
    Listening to their year-end “rock” picks was so embarrassing. I want to hang myself from the secondhand shame.
  • N.r.r.
    Clever and well versed
    great podcast with clever and witty takes on current trends in Indie and other genres. there are looks back at classics and reference music but it’s a sorely missed need in the podcast space
  • SerialPodcastReviewer
    These guys are moooorons. Seriously, they are idiots who think they’re super smart. They have been in the elite, media bubble for way too long, so they have no idea that there are things that are more important in the world than their stupid politics, which they will not shut up about. They also just don’t have anything interesting to talk about. P.S: if they say something is their “fave” again, I’m gonna drop my rating to 1 star. However, how would I know, cuz I’m not listening anymore 🙉.
  • manor house films
    Typical Hilarity
    Leave it to fans of Pitchfork to destroy Pitchfork in the Pitchfork review section.
  • brennan86
    I was surprised at the subpar production quality and lack of interesting conversation on this podcast - pitchfork has set the bar so high from a writing perspective. It sounds less like informed music journalism and social critique, and more like some not-very-hot Twitter takes. All of that being said, the host does a nice job. I’ll certainly give it another shot.
  • deb says
    Very uncomfortable listen
    The host is met with a lot of low key misogyny from her guest “experts” that she doesn’t know how to deal with which results in a lot of uncomfortable laughter and pregnant pauses. Pretty much unbearable to listen to.
  • Emily zzz
    wildly disappointed
    when i saw this podcast recommended to me i was extremely excited! i'm a sucker for in depth music podcasts like nyt popcast, legends only, and switched on pop.. but this podcast is not those podcasts. i had very high expectations solely based on the fact that as a media org pitchfork is a bit high and mighty with VERY hot takes. i was hoping for thought proviking analysis of the current state of music + more in depth coverage of indie/alt acts.. nope. i feel as though my basic, passive music listening friends would have more interesting takes than this. i am unsubing for now because i think the episodes thus far are borderline unlistenable compared to the other pods i love. however, i want to be constructive because the platform and exposure pitchfork has is such a great starting point for success. give us in depth discussion and education on artists like phoebe bridgers and haim!!! we want to know what the media thinks of their work thus far and how they are shaping music to come!!! please challenge the listener, because we are more informed and savvy than ever before. also don't be afraid that people won't agree. that is part of the enjoyment of a good music podcast.
  • Percival Ragland
    Expected more
    Considering the Pitchfork site and the reverence for the Pitchfork review. I was excited about this podcast and downloaded it immediately. My disappointment was almost as immediate. I love Dylan, but the stories told in that episode have been rehashed. I don’t really care about TikToc. I believe it would be a better podcast if it was an aural reflection of their website. Music news. Music reviews. Going to stick with it a few more weeks, but I’m gonna definitely stick with the NPR Music and Sound Opinions podcasts.
  • gimme indie rock
    Rolling Stone for Millenials
    Episodes about Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, TikTok... you’d think with the pitchfork name recognition the show could choose subjects that are even a little less obvious, oversaturated, mainstream. Rolling Stone magazine was prob cutting edge at one time too, this podcast (so far) is helping Pitchfork lean into its downturn into desperation over its own irrelevance.
  • B.L.ob
    Great quality music talk
    Very fun to listen to.
  • magnoliarae
    Taylor Swift episode was what I was hoping for from this podcast. Album reviews, music commentary and critique. Hope to see more like this!
  • Ummu Guled
    Maasha Allah
    Ustaadii waadix waaye ilaahay ha ku barakeeyo .
  • Jessecleveland
    Man this is what I needed rn. Fresh, funny, smart people using whole sentences on the internet! Keep it coming!
  • Brosgolbabe
    This is Pitchfork
    This is a fantastic summation of the Condé Nast Pitchfork. Surface, glib, bloodless, full of superficial insights masquerading as criticism, the podcast seems more interested in smug banter and hipness than actual conversation or critique. The hosts trade anecdotes that smell suspiciously scripted and yet completely unprepared for their topics. More than anything, they sound frighteningly young. The great thing about criticism is that it has the potential to not only expose you to new thoughts, but old ones as well, and make you listen in new ways. This is just soundbites. I’m not convinced any of these people actually understand pop music, let alone listen to any of it. Instead, they repeat tropes. One usually needs to eavesdrop on a bus to get insights like this.
  • Xtoval
    So far so good
    Really enjoyed the Dylan podcast. Over 50 years since John Wesley Harding! Almost 25 since Time Out of Mind. Lots to say about Dylan’s latest work but the Pitchfork commentators were astute and informative.
  • FoodonFranklinFan
    Great music podcast
    Along with the misunderstood Welcome to Chicago, the Review is one of the best music podcasts out there. Excited to hear more!
  • Rose Is Online!
    A bit disappointing compared to expectations. This thing feels simultaneously a little overproduced and underproduced, with the glossy audio transitions contrasting with the microphone quality generally not being what you’d expect for a production backed by Condé. Puja is a fine host, and I’m sure with different guests and topics she’ll adapt fine, but the first episode of this felt very awkward and lacking in personality, especially for a topic so in the moment as TikTok. The short episode length didn’t really help either, with it feeling like the show ended when they ran out of things to cover for discussion rather than just pulling their own conclusion. Overall, it seems like an okay jumping off point, but I do hope they make steps in a looser direction or at least make the show something that feels owned by its hosts.
  • dhdienfjfnrke
    Amazing podcast love the music
  • dexter18472
    Can’t wait
    A midnight launch is epic!
  • _________Tessa__________
    Finally! Been waiting for something like this!
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