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The Kristen Boss podcast is for the everyday entrepreneur and business owner. Kristen is a top business coach, best selling author, and specializes in teaching sales, marketing, and mindset. She is the CEO and creator of The Social Selling Academy- the premier live coaching program for today’s social seller. Each week she brings practical tips, strategies, and heart felt truth for what it takes to have success in today’s online space. She brings a fresh and compelling take for the entrepreneur who is looking to serve with purpose, authenticity, and service.

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  • MonicaRLiberatore
    Kristen is different
    One of the things I love about Kristen and the material she puts out, including this podcast, is that she always delivers way more than you expect!! She’s honest and says the hard things that we need to hear. You can tell that she’s truly passionate about helping us be better in our entrepreneurial endeavors, I’m grateful my friend turned me on to her!!!
  • Cream Beauties
    The Best
    I love listening to Kristen Boss she is awesome. If you are running a business or starting one up you need to listen to her and implement what she gives you will definitely work.
  • kerper82475
    The best!
    This podcast is vital to any entrepreneur out there! I swear Kristen is inside our brains! She speaks to what we all have said!
  • themommyherbalist
    Listen to Kristen’s Heart!
    I love this woman! She under-promises but over-delivers EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. What I love most is that unlike most coaches - Kristen is not about the hustle but about the heart. She encourages us to serve from love and compassion, to be consistent and to reach beyond what we think we are capable of within ourselves. Whether you have a business or not, listen to Kristen - it’s like a small dose of therapy for the heart and mind…oh…and your business will SOAR as a side note!
  • jessicabooklady
    Podcast 156
    Love Kristen’s podcasts! Her positive, high energy is both super motivating and contagious!
    Episode 162
    I loved this podcast! It made a lot of sense to me and I really connected with it. Everything talked about are things that we definitely forget about and they are so important!
  • Crissy521
    Encouraging and Honest
    I love listening to Kristen’s podcasts! She is encoring and real, she is very relatable and I like that she doesn’t sugar coat or beat around the bush! Not only is she a great coach she has great family values!
  • Stephanie Ram.
    Relatable, Genuine, Desire for others to succeed!
    Kristen teaches how to grow a sustainable business while enjoying the life you want. Get ready to up level up!
  • Ekids
    Favorite Podcast!!!
    I love how Kristen always gets right to the point and says exactly what I need to hear! This podcast has not only helped me in my business, but also in my personal life! I love sharing her content with my family AND my team!💗💗💗
  • JenyH0717
    Great podcast!
    Love the nuggets of info we get here! Also So uplifting and throughly provoking! Keep up the great work!
  • Akemp23*
    Informative & Truthful
    Love all the truth that Kristen shares as well as all of the great information. So important to have in my life and I have worked to catch up on listening to all the episodes. So good!!
  • HRH B
    I needed this one!
    Just listened to episode #147. Understanding Self Sabotage. This really helped me to understand why I often do what I do. I laughed, reflected, and felt encouraged to stop sabotaging many areas of life. I enjoy Kristen’s insights and encouragement to take action. Ready to show myself more compassion and curiosity.
  • Dysfunctional Chef Bonnie
    It’s like she is talking directly to me.
    Never before have I felt like someone was talking directly to me. Kristen doesn’t sugarcoat anything. But she also understands how we think and what is holding us back. She has empathy, that is so missing in the direct sales world. I am so tired of hearing, you don’t want it bad enough, you have to decide. If that worked, we would all have million dollar teams. Thank you for telling me that it’s how I show up on the days that I don’t want to work my business. Which moves my business forward. Consistency Compounds!
  • SRQ Amy
    Love Kristen Boss. She is so relatable. I’ve grown as a person and in my business.
  • Patricia B Hill
    Relevant, Timely & Applicable
    I found Kristen’s podcast after doing some of her trainings. Her podcasts are valuable in that they are relevant, timely and applicable to several aspects of life - relationships, priorities, work habits, work ethics, mindset! I’m never disappointed! Kristen adds value through her trainings/teachings!
  • TeresaTay
    L❤️VE this SO much!
    This podcast is on repeat for me! Every time I listen pick up something different. And Kristin speaks REAL!!! Even my non-direct sellers friends benefit from some! Love the value in every episode!
  • JRSchnur
    Inspiring, Motivational and Educational!!!!
    Absolutely LOVE KB’s Podcast! I am caught up on ALL of them! I walk Way with something that resonates with me each n every time I listen! She is so captivating when she speaks…. It is like she is talking directly to Me!!!!!!
  • Arnee80
    Best social selling advice out there
    I have been a fan of Kristen Boss’s coaching and podcast for years and she is hands down the best in the industry! I have been in network marketing for 15 years and Kristen has the most successful tips and trainings to grow your business without feeling like a spammer. I highly recommend every social seller listen and learn from the best!
  • Amber10265
    Own your Life
    Just listened to the most recent episode Own Your Life with Justin Roethlingshoefer. Talk about eye opening. As a Nurse, I really enjoyed the scientific aspects of heart rate variability, and as a new business owner, I loved the many points about aligning your goals with your mindset! I’ll be listening to this one again, and making sure my body is tuned up and ready to take on what is next!
  • PackersGirl830
    Bind Blown!
    First time listener, but not a last time listener! I chose a podcast from 3 days ago, Own Your Own Life with Justin Roethlingshoefer. I was hooked from the moment he mentioned what his dad said to him, “talent will get you noticed but consistency will get you paid”. 🤯 I loved your mindset set as well. You had to tell yourself this is working but “if I’m going to play in the Olympics than I need an Olympic mindset!” The whole podcast was full of mind blowing advice and really helps me rethink how I’m doing things or where I want to be at with my business!
  • HayleyC90
    Great podcast
    Kristen’s podcast is the brain food I need when I could use encouragement and tough love with my business. I especially loved the episode with Amy Porterfield since I just finished Amy’s book recently.
  • ann oni mous
    Must listen for any social seller
    This podcast provides high value content for anyone in the social selling industry. Personal development is key and this is on point…. And free. The training offered will help any small business owner but I am So grateful that she has put her heart and soul and lots of time invested into helping the growing social selling industry. This is one podcast you should be in for sure. When one of us gets better, we all get better!
  • Jess0980
    I’m addicted to Kristen boss’s podcast. I listen every week, and try to catch the ones I missed, in between. I’ve learned so much, just from listening to this podcast.
  • Nana_chelleB
    The podcast I didn’t know I needed
    Since I found out about KB I’ve been like a stalker! But in a good way.. don’t worry girl 🤣 She has already taught me so much and with every podcast I learn even more! Thank you for helping ladies be the best we can 👊🏼
  • Pautav
    Literally the only podcast I look forward to every week
    KB’s podcasts are business Gold nuggets. To get so much knowledge given for free is remarkable. I always share them with my team, and it has helped propel my team into beautiful leaders of their own, while teaching me to be one. When it ends I always think wish it were longer!
  • ServinItUpWithSarah
    Love the KB show!
    I always pull little 💡ah-ha moments💡 and nuggets of wisdom from every show. Thanks KB for keepin it real and showing how it’s done!
  • Bev Skiv
    Seriously people
    If you are wanting to grow yourself and your business then this is the podcast for you! ❤️
  • Wwote21
    Holds no punches!
    I love that we are along for the ride right with Kristen on how to do social selling better. She really holds nothing back and some of it hurts but it’s all so so good!
  • Kwally471
    Renews your Goals
    I love Kristen basses podcast because she adds so much value!! she always inspires and re-motivates me to continue to work my business consistently
  • 514tj
    Love Kristen’s podcast! It’s not just about business but life and this one especially our health Well wirth the listen
  • Mmcagks
    Relatable and USEFUL
    I love the KB podcast because it focuses on topics that fit my business needs and she speaks the truth without the fluff- making her coaching a growth tool and not a time waster. 👏🏻💪🏼
  • Bsoppe
    Direct Sellers- You need this podcast!
    If you’re in social selling, this is the podcast for you. Great content on so many aspects of our business. When you implement what Kristen shares, you get results.
  • Dani Lambert
    A must listen!
    I can’t get enough of this podcast! So many helpful tips and not just repeating things I’ve heard before. Super valuable content!
  • Love at First Blend
    Got to have it!
    If your a network marketer, you NEED this in your life!! Kristen is the best!
  • Mariah Robles
    I’ve been following Kristen since 2021 and her podcast is so 🔥🔥🔥. The practical insight she provides for social sellers + entrepreneurs is something you can implement as soon as TODAY! Every Monday, I look forward to see what she will be providing as I seek to grow my own social selling business ethically + compassionately. If you have NOT started listening yet, then you need to start TODAY.
  • MNFLSportsFan12
    Must-Listen Podcast Every Week!
    I've learned a lot about myself (personally and professionally) through Kristen's podcasts! Love the variety of podcasts - from Kristen sharing her own experiences to bringing on guests to the podcast! A podcast full of value - thank you!!
  • Auntie -Jenn
    Guest hosts!
    I don’t know how you keep doing it, but every week the relevance just keeps coming. Guest hosts are fantastic. It’s like you are reading my mind. Mondays have become my favorite day! I can’t wait for me commute each morning so I can listen and re-listen to ever one of KBs pod casts
  • April Card
    Can’t miss - so many nuggets!
    I make time for this podcast over any other - KB offers so many nuggets that help uplevel my business and my life. She does it without the hype or fluff - she just lays it out there authentically. I was sold the minute she told us that you don’t have to be part of the 5am club to succeed. Thank you for helping us authentically build businesses without the guilt.
    How does she know…
    Anytime KB puts out a new podcast and I listen to it- it’s like she’s in my head directing and helping me with what I need to do and where I need to go next. She’s so motivating and helps to shift my mindset, constantly! I absolutely love learning from her and I’m really excited to see what she does and shares next! 😃
  • KatieFang
    I don’t miss a single one! She has changed my business and continues to everyday!
  • 2020arlo
    Podcast # 158
    Love Kristen’s Podcasts! They always give me new ways to grow my self and my business.
  • brooksdada
    Love this podcast!
    I love Kristin’s approach & mindset - I get so many great “nuggets” of information from every episode!
  • @Lex.Ferrante
    This podcast has helped me build a 6-figure biz
    Kristen gives all the tough love you need to hear to kick your booty into gear, but she also teaches systems and strategies to build in a sustainable & ethical way that prevents burnout and protects the reputation of the network marketing industry. I run a pretty large team and her podcasts are instrumental to how I train and mentor. She is my “virtual upline” & I’m so thankful to her.
  • Curly_fry17
    I LOVE the HIIT comparison!
    This was such a good episode! I have been relistening to your first few episodes the last week or so, but this one instantly played today and I’m so glad it did! So MUCH common sense but it needs to be heard! Listening to you is like having a best friend who is also business minded that doesn’t care about the hard truths because they are good for us!!!! You are AMAZING!
  • Latina_Growth
    157: Recruitment Block
    This was not only timely but it was the though love I needed to hear in order to put my “big girl bridges” on…thank you for calling us out and encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone and into action!!
  • Cynthia Hoch
    Exactly what I needed hear
    Kristen nails it in every podcast I’ve listen to but todays episode was just what I needed in so many ways. I especially needed the tough love parts 💖
  • Kandace27
    So real! Always exactly what I need to hear!
    I started listening to and following Kristen Boss in December, after the last 3 months my business has soared. I have already added 35 people to my personal team and my organization is also adding mew team members! We have had multiple promotions! I listen and take action! I love her podcast
  • shazamcam2
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast helps me look forward to Monday mornings! Thank you for your consistency and always excellent content!
  • real-life.rebecca
    156. Mindset of Consistency
    This episode is so timely. Kristen’s way of communicating truth around social selling & entrepreneurship has helped me clear some of the brain fog and see how my mindset impacts my results. Paraphrasing quote “80% of the time you’re not going to feel like doing the work, but it’s what you do in that 80% that determines outcomes” …. So so good! Thank you for continuing to pour yourself into this podcast every week!
  • Careinhi2
    Always what I need to hear
    Since I began listening to Kristen’s podcasts I have repeatedly said “THIS was exactly what I needed to hear”. I feel like every episode is speaking directly to me and it has made a tremendous difference in my business and how I run it. I find myself sometimes wondering how I made it 13 years in Direct Sales without Kristen!!
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