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Tennis #48

The world's No.1 Tennis Podcast! JG & Ben discuss past, present & future topics from the tennis world!

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  • Val from Philly
    Lovely accents, silly questions
    Nice work- This pod is short, frequent, and has good sound- your accents are silky smooth and with music in the background, I can keep listening, even if I don’t agree. who’s gonna have more slams in 10 years? I don’t know - neither do you. Nobody knows. It can’t be known :)
  • Phil Ramone
    A very good pod
    This is really a splendid podcast. I’m listening to the pod after Novak won the US Open, and it’s refreshing to hear this side of the Novak tennis discussion — which is often squarely anti or somewhat biased against Djokovic. A very illuminating and sincere discussion, this pod highlights a kind of tennis realism in analyzing just how great Novak is in the sport and gives him his just due.
  • smurphie924
    Luv 🎾 It!!
    I never miss a podcast. Fun way to keep up w/tennis news, scores, stories w/Ben & JG. I usually listen in my car & they make sitting in traffic totally bearable. I highly recommend if you are even slightly interested in professional tennis! 👍😊 The watch-alongs on their YouTube channel are the best if you can possibly subscribe. You watch the match however you can, & Ben & JG do live play-by-play along w/a lot of fun banter. There is live chat & if you are like me w/o any friends/family who are also tennis geeks, a great way to meet ppl worldwide who share my passion for the sport. All in all Ben & JG are knowledgeable, fun, funny & most importantly, tennis geeks like me!! Join us for fun, laughs & amazing tennis!! 🎾🎾
  • 80'sVillager
    Blokes Beat Worms!
    When you get tired of all the young worms on the rival tennis podcasts tune in to these blokes. Top lads.
  • Honestly Ya'll
    Love this podcast!
    Super entertaining! Both guys very likeable and very open about knowing what they don’t know. (“I’m not an expert but…”). Haha! Really appreciate that they post frequently and keep current. Thank goodness I found them through TNNS app, guys you need to do more PR!! Love this podcast.
  • ayodes31
    Very insightful
    A touch unprofessional but I’ve learned so much about different players and the sport. The bracket league is a lot of fun. Overall great listen.
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