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Nani no Anime?! is a weekly Anime podcast where RuffSenpai and SeeOhKnee get together to talk about various Anime they've been watching, weekly anime news and much much more! Support this podcast:

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Recent Reviews
  • Lulaleil
    10/10 podcast
    I blame you guys for making me want to rewatch One Piece from the beginning.
  • Santiago ram
    Sponge bob anime
    If you have not can you watch the first episode of the sponge bob fan made anime it is really good
  • wyguy049
    I don’t know what to write here
    Anime suggestion because why not Charlotte , plastic memory’s, a certain magical index/scientific railgun, also a porn like anime suggestion because I was told that you asked for it monster Musume, a testament of a sister new devil.
  • 10blank
    The only podcast I listen too I started listening on Spotify but came to leave a review also you should check out shaman king it was my first anime and I even bought the manga and you should try naruto shippuden it gets really good o and also Tokyo revengers
  • Mike Gavio
    Watch Shippuden
    Ruff watch naruto shippuden so you can talk about it on the podcast. It is 100% way better then the original naruto. You will definitely love it!
  • eyy its yaboy
    Best anime podcast
    I got bored from watching anime uproar podcasts because they had no more new episodes so i tried to find a new podcast to listen too but all of them sounded pretty bad and i just could not watch it so i saw this and decided to give it a try and its so good I'm so glad i decided to listen too. Also i saw that you took anime suggestions i would recommend Anohana i don't think you made any episodes on it so i don’t know if you watched but its pretty sad but its still so good
  • Despaity
    I love it
    First podcast I ever listened to and I love it.
  • PandaWhovian
    Love this podcast & the both host!
    Discovered you guys on TikTok, and I was in search for a new podcast to listen to on my commute to work or during my breaks — little did I know that I was gonna binge this podcast in less a couple of weeks! I love the discussion and how much you guys sound to enjoy anime & all the good stuff the community brings! Love to hear Ruff & SeeOhKnee’s banter this is just a great podcast for any anime lover! 5 star review from Puerto Rico, get excited Ruff I think I this is the first one from the Caribbean !
  • GingerNinja94
    New & Love it!
    Just started listing/watching your videos and podcasts this week. Absolutely love it, it’s really enjoyable hearing ones talk about anime in general. And honestly the One Piece sections Hooked me. Being caught up in the manga and anime, it’s really enjoyable seeing someone watching it and generally enjoying it too. Over all this is gonna become new routine as I listen to you guys while at work. Keep up the great work.
  • lVl1k3
    Best Podcast Around!
    I love this podcast you guys are hilarious! I crack up multiple times during each episode. I always look forward to anime’s you suggest and talk about on the show. You make my commutes fly by. Keep up the great work!!
  • Crunch_man
    The Greatest Anime Podcast in HISTORY!!!
    This is the best podcast to listen to during the gremlin hours of the night when I’m working I’ve binged every episode in like a month. Also I’ve been wanting to visit Japan for a while but I’ve been told not to because of how many tattoos I have and that I could get mistaken for a yakuza and get arrested
  • dyl9107
    Keeping me informed
    Love the podcast. Definitely appreciate you guys keeping me informed with a lot of the anime news coming out. Keep it up
  • klo.bear
    I listen to this podcast mostly for the AOT reveiws but I love the other episodes keep up the great work!!!❤️
  • bigdilf420
    Dope podcast
    usually listen on Spotify but I Had to re-download apple podcast to give this 5 stars. Keep up the great work
  • Jasonc11211101
    This podcast is AWESOME.
    I love listening to your podcast while I’m at school for Autobody. Its awesome to know that we have similar taste. It’s too bad that The author of Berserk (Kentaro Miura) past away in May one of my favorites also one of the best art in manga to date
  • GoBulls 88
    This is my favorite anime podcast great job and keep up the great work
  • AjCat2
    Awesome Podcast!
    Found you on tictok and now I’m a huge fan. Love the podcast and keep up the good work. Can’t wait to hear more about one piece!
  • The True anime god
    Ruff ruff ruff
    I binge this whole podcast in about 4 days. Perks of working 12hr shifts. You guys inspired me to start my own podcast and I got my first episode up last week!! Keep up the good work. Hope one day if my podcast blows up I can be a guest on yours. Also Ruff!!! Get of Jujutsu Kaisen already!!! Making me mad by not starting it!! Jkjk all love.
  • J-man 3096
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast! Found you guys on TikTok, now I listen to you guys every week while I’m working. Looking forward to the upcoming One Piece discussions
  • Nemsisnekosnruxkx
    This is amazing!!!!!
    I started listening like a week ago and this weekend I have 15 hours worth of driving to do and I am listening to it the whole way! This is by far my favorite podcast and even though I told myself I would never watch one piece because of how long it is, I started yesterday and have watched like 30 episodes because I heard y’all talking about it and it inspired me! Also I love this podcast because I don’t have to be worried about spoilers! You guys are so good at not spoiling shows! I feel safe listening even if you’re talking about an anime I haven’t seen! This podcast is amazing and everyone should be listening to it! It brings a smile to my face! One final question where should I listen to it that benefits you the most?!? Spotify, apple podcasts? I really love this podcast and want to give it support that will help you guys out the most! Thanks!
  • my first name is jonathan
    Best anime podcast
    Awesome podcast, I’ve been listening for a while now and love every episode. The only thing that would make it better is if seeohknee would finally watch jojo, so you guys can have a jojo episode.
  • zackbot101
    Split custody
    Split custody
  • HG1_1
    S tier podcast
    This is The only podcast that I wait for new episodes and like to hear y’all’s conversation keep it up 🐐( some new gen anime recommendation - fire force , jujutsu Kaisen )
  • honset Abe
    The best anime podcast
    I listen to you guys at work and I have to keep myself from laughing and replying to what you guys said. Sometimes it slips out and everyone looks at me, thank you guys for making work 20 times better keep up the amazing work.
  • hisoka SUS
    Love the podcast found you guys on TikTok gotta show some love to us JoJo fans. Also what are your favorite straw hat ad why?
  • issues&
    Love it!
    Love the podcast. I found it from Tik Tok, and listen to every episode now! Because of this, I’m about to start my One Piece journey.
  • JoshS316
    Awesome podcast!
    Hey guys, I found you guys on TikTok a while back and I have been listening to the podcast at work for the last couple months. I listen to it on Spotify but I came here to give it 5 stars and to write this review. Question: have you guys checked out Tokyo Revengers? I have really liked it so far and wanted to know if you guys are watching it. Keep up the great work!
  • Beachboy83
    This show is so amazing!!
    I just started listening to this podcast after following ruff on tik tok and now it’s the main podcast I listen too. Between the constant hentai talk and just their overall reaction has me laughing at work all day long. I highly recommend this show and can’t wait for the next episode to come out. Keep up the amazing work!!
  • foot sniffer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Just good fun
    This podcast is just great. There aren't too many anime podcasts let alone any as good as this one. I always find myself smiling when listening to this. This podcast also reminds me that not all of the anime fandom is toxic. P.S. Have you heard of the Monogatari Series or FLCL? If you haven’t seen them they are great shows if you want to implode your brain.
  • -Landon-
    Weeb nation
    Absolutely love the podcast! I found you because of tik tok and I now I follow you guys and listen to the casts on Spotify. I decided to come over here and leave you guys a 5 star review because you are that great. You got me into the bleach anime which I love so far and now I really want to start reading the bleach manga.
  • ellison_kirk
    Saw youngish on TikTok and I’ve been looking for an anime podcast, and I can’t get enough of it. I’m such a weeb that whenever I’m listening to you guys I talk back to you guys like I’m with you all ha! Great stuff keep it up👍🏼
  • Rob-V...
    Just started watching and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Bootiedankk
    Really enjoy the podcast, the only anime podcast I actually enjoy. I look forward to the new episodes keep up the good work!
  • Lioriptor
    Amazing podcast
    I love listening to your podcast. Since listening to you guys I want to get back into watching Attack on Titan.
    Saw you guys an tiktok and came over immediately. I have been listening to all of them since you guys are great! I was wondering what your thoughts are on Tokyo ghoul re manga and if I should read it I just finished the manga for Tokyo ghoul
  • Jmillz1999
    Love the podcast!
    I’ve been subbed to your YT channel for a decent while and never checked out the podcast, but now since I have a new job where I’m by myself for at least 6 hours I’ve been putting the podcast on and enjoying it more than I could’ve thought
  • CubanManiacJess
    Thank you
    Man I love listening to you guys. Finally some one to give me the news that I’m looking for. Found you guys on tik tok as most are now. I have already listened to half of the podcast. I listen on my hour and a half drive to work, and while I’m working (I’m a mechanic). Makes my drive so much better and day at work fly much faster. Thanks for what y’all do!! Good luck and to many more!! P.s. get on haiku already and try Arifureta on Hulu!
  • alymartin2462
    Best Anime Podcast
    I never write reviews but had to for you guys. Found you from TikTok and never knew an anime podcast existed! Love your thoughts and takes on anime and always looks forward to your podcast and TikToks! Can’t wait to hear more!!
  • Colleen_bee
    So good!
    Super fun podcast! Started listening for the AoT coverage and stuck around for the great conversations, you guys won me over can’t wait to keep listening!
  • Probro955
    Nani no anime
    You guys are my favorite podcast to listen to and you guys bring up points i never thought about before and you guys are the ones to get me into podcasts
  • JTieder
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    I love this podcast! I’ve listened to podcasts for years and this was the first anime podcast I came across. Y’all actually inspired me to start my own anime podcast! Keep up the good work y’all
  • Joy A lobo T
    This is such a good and informative podcast about all my favorite anime’s it’s so entertaining to listen too!
  • SPENCER T 252525
    exquisite podcast
    love this podcast!! i was wondering if i could get y’all’s top 3 anime and manga thanks so much!!
  • DatNemo4437
    Loving the podcasts!
    I haven’t been listening for very long, but I will definitely be listening a lot more! I love hearing the latest anime news from you guys. Another thing, what are some anime recommendations you guys have? For reference I love one piece, jojos, and aot.
  • poggersman42069
    dope podcast!
    Saw you guys on tiktok decided to check out full episodes and i was right to do so! super cool podcast keep it up!
  • Cammoree
    Love the podcast!!
    Been a listen since roughly around December and this is easily my favorite anime podcast. Keep up the great show
  • Rias Gremory tiddy lover
    Love the podcast
    The past few days I’ve caught myself checking the podcast app over and over again, just hoping you guys released a new episode! It just goes to show how enjoyable your podcast is, as well as the time you put into it. Also, what are your thoughts on my favorite anime of all time, Trigun??? Ps. SeeOhKnee... watch high school DXD
  • ShadowDragon21
    Great Podcast
    Really enjoy listening to the podcast at work. Love the re:zero talk. Highly recommend watching the cut content videos for season 2 by AniNews. It really help clear up the confusion I had without spoiling. Keep up the great work.
  • Its_Incursio
    Highest Podcast Recommendation
    I am not much of a Podcast type of guy, found these guys scrolling through TikTok!I eagerly await their take on animes, from Attack on Titan, One Piece, Re: Zero, and so many more! This Podcast is amazing from start to finish, the humor, the contrast in opinions, the content are just top tier and most importantly they listen to their audience! If you are an avid anime watcher this is the Podcast for you! Much love from Houston. PS: Ruff how are the mind boners treating you?!
  • malcolmcmore
    U guys are hella funny and I come back every week to listen this is my favorite podcast but quick question what are ur thoughts on sao ?
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