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Trash Taste is a highly anticipated anime podcast exploring anime, manga, and otaku culture with top anime YouTubers Joey from The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from Cdawgva and occasionally special guests.

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  • NinetendoGeek247
    どもありがとうございます❕ ☻
    Well, I love this podcast. Original found snippets of this masterpiece on YouTube shorts and I decided to check the actual podcast out, which I am glad I did. Everyone here on this podcast has interesting personalities and the humor is personally to my taste.
  • hjfjjdhdhhhfhdhhfh
    Internet people good
    These people make good podcast lol
  • PassionIsOnAHill
    Timeline #563
    Grant, Josh the Manga Lad, and Monke seem like good people, hopefully they talk about anime and not poop in this timeline. Edit: They didn’t…
  • Drewskiw
    Monkes discover PODCAST?!?!?
    Monke 1, 2, and 3 are some of the smartest monkes in the world. They are our closest evolutionary partners of all mammals. These three monkes discovered the idea of podcast that says that it talks about anime even though it doesn’t! They need to be protected!
  • illxsion
    Good (Except the Guests)
    Guest episodes are the worst thing about this podcast and that’s about it. Chris is the only guest that actually feel “natural’ When any other guest is present, it just feels like a clumsy interview where the boys ask questions while also wanting to go on their usual tangents. It also doesn’t help that I just DONT CARE about any guests that come on. It just doesn’t mix well for me and usually leads to me skipping any guest that isn’t Chris
  • meshuggah840
    internet guy make good show
  • imsorryrumham94
    The Boys
    Joey: Josh Garnt: Grant Connor: MONKE
  • CynicalTwoDD
    Not only is everyone on here a complete jackass, it's also the most worthless podcast next to those super mega twits. Find something better to do with your time.
  • iEdgarPalacios
    Based Podcast
    One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Absolutely hilarious
  • Shiny bobblehead
    Supposedly an anime podcast
    First time listener first time writer, I just went down the CDawg/IronMouse rabbit hole and now that I’ve found Trash Taste I’m binging it and Joey/Garnt’s content. Also I’ll say what Joey is too afraid to: The JJK anime is mid
  • Mr. Frumsworth
    An escape
    You guys are like friends i wish i had, thank you for being huge dorks!!! Much love and hope you guys are around for a while, i just started watching/ listening and i can’t tell how close i am to running out of new content already jaja
  • Zoey928277502
    10/10… such a beautiful & amazing podcast😮‍💨
  • gen.rosas
    I love this
    My brother got me into trash taste and I love it so much I usually listen to it during my health class and I randomly start cracking up and people in my class I’m weird but it worth 100% recomend
  • a person who likes podcasts:3
    Trash taste but not trash podcast
  • 28633727
    Favorite Podcast Ever
    The amount of times I’ve replayed episodes because I’m all caught up is crazy. These boys are truly the best boys in the whole world of boys. 💅🏻
  • XxPhoenix248xX
    First episode they mention how they’d be surprised if anyone watching didn’t know the three of them, i just found this on my Apple Podcasts recommended, never even heard of these guys. XD
  • A C C E S S
    Best podcast by far
    I have listened to many podcasts, from the BCC’s educational ones to Joe Rogan, but nothing can top trash taste. Its like hanging out with friends. Joey, Garnt and Conner constitute one of the most entertaining and dynamic bonds i have ever seen and i love it!
  • Vicporeon
    Best podcast
    I started from episode 2 and has really enjoyed the series this far I love that it doesn’t always talk about anime because I have also fallen out of it and the show is more relatable to me
  • SatiIsKool
    Fun and Insane
    Hopped on the podcast late and I’m currently binging through a lot of it. Joey, Garnt, and Connor are hilarious and make a quite entertaining listen and or watch. Highly recommend.
  • superlopez456
    It’s the best that all I have to say
  • Tempest2311
    Amazing to god
    Them separate is amazing they together is god!! Who cares if they don’t talk about anime god is good no matter what.
  • henteaman3210
    Good podcast
    As a fan of all there channels this is what I love a lot
  • lmao76
    Da bois
    Angry British man , non bidet user, the anime man
  • ididnkdos
  • noooooower
    One of the best podcasts
    I really like the guys channels but when they come together 10 out of 10
  • Cooliyo (Scott)
    Good podcast 9/10
  • Awesomeness atman
    By far my favorite podcast!!
    This is the only podcast I keep up with every week, and I look forward to their episodes every friday. Their chemistry is fantastic and makes me feel as a listener that I’m there with them as a friend. Would 100% recommend checking out at least one of their episodes if you have time.
  • JortsLover
    Bery good
    Love the boys
  • KylePowellBTD
    Only podcast I can listen to nonstop
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the release of episode 4 when I was finished watchin Joey’s “Lets Fight” and “Answer Me Senpai” series, then I watched what Joey got for episode 4 of trash taste and that’s how I found out about Monkey and Monk. Who knew Monkey, Monk, and Man would come together so nicely in a podcast. Now I’ve listened to every single episode of Trash Taste multiple times and enjoy each of the boys’ content on their own channels too. I still re-listen to episodes even though I’ve heard them more than 2 or 3 times, it’s so easy to get into.
  • MeditationNoob
    Lame move guys!
    I usually love this podcast but I’m disappointed you’re having the person who documents Chris Chan on.
  • Night Owl legends
    Good takes
    The boys have good taste. However, take back what you said Connor about Love Live. It’s a good franchise. The songs are good. I think you would enjoy it, even as a british man. My favorite character from Trash Taste is Meilyne. I’ve enjoyed her episodes. Rewatched them even. Chris is a neat character too, but 3 brit’s in one podcast is like watching the audio only to The Crown. I hope they bring back some guests.
  • Crust_Eater
    Joey Garnt and Conner bounce of of each other extremely well and it makes for a wonderful podcast
  • jon256
    Fridays are the best day of week because of the new episodes
  • Cold Iron
    I’m going to keep bugging Conner
    Conner needs to go to a owl cafe.
  • EdgeStarWalker
    I like your podcast! Anyway, are you guys gonna talk about furries and yiff soon? I like to hear about furries and yiff! 😻
  • EllinQuestIsTrash
    Them boys are good
  • anthonydo3000
    its good (its good)
  • Anime-lord
  • Cecilcaliant
    This hits different…
    Cool podcast even though they rant on the U.S.
  • uusighd
  • Nova172
    Can’t wait for my trash mug ❤️
    Favorite podcast.
  • noobmaster6669
  • Tanvir Taj
    Best podcasters
    A godly podcast
  • i loved it very much
    Addicted in One Episode
    Now I'm typically not to fond of Youtuber podcasts, and most of them fail to keep me interested. I listened to one episode, then another, and another... I'm honestly shocked how much I love this podcast. I'm not even an anime fan, yet I kept finding myself captivated by this podcast. The hosts are all funny and I enjoy listening to all of them. Even in my favorite podcasts, I can always find something annoying or something that I don't like in it, but I'm struggling finding something for this one. Anime fan or not, I can't help but recommend this podcast.
  • Ankakashi
    This show is built different.
    You understand the boys.
  • Clouded__
    Dis kinda ebic tho
  • person16488avsneloww
    Superior Content
    This podcast is what sold me on podcasts. You don’t have to be into anime to enjoy this podcast as they talk about a variety of topics. I love how the three of them mesh so well, it really makes Trash Taste what it is. The tangents, arguments, and sometimes trash opinions is amazing.
  • 2high4this
    Season 2???
    When are the Season 2 episodes gonna be uploaded 51 and 52 are already up on Youtube.
  • goatbest
    Best podcast
    The boys make me feel like the boys
  • Harolder
    Tt boys
    No no no it just hits different like the time i works at the bbc
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