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Trash Taste is a highly anticipated anime podcast exploring anime, manga, and otaku culture with top anime YouTubers Joey from the The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from Cdawgva and occasionally special guests.

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  • person16488avsneloww
    Superior Content
    This podcast is what sold me on podcasts. You don’t have to be into anime to enjoy this podcast as they talk about a variety of topics. I love how the three of them mesh so well, it really makes Trash Taste what it is. The tangents, arguments, and sometimes trash opinions is amazing.
  • 2high4this
    Season 2???
    When are the Season 2 episodes gonna be uploaded 51 and 52 are already up on Youtube.
  • goatbest
    Best podcast
    The boys make me feel like the boys
  • Harolder
    Tt boys
    No no no it just hits different like the time i works at the bbc
  • xoxzero
    Came for the laughs
    I got the laughs
  • C.OdeR.Ed123
    Vaccine propaganda
    Preaching political topics now, which is disappointing because I liked Trash Taste
  • spookypotato
    Hits different
    This podcast do be hitting different
  • Hank Sinatra Jr
    You wouldn’t know it but...
    ... we’ve been off for three weeks. [continues to talk about it for 10 minutes] GET ON WITH THE CONTENT! 🥱 yawn
  • anime girl13
    I love listening to this podcast.
  • Nt2333
    I came to this podcast for the anime
    But now I’m here for garnt, Joey, and Conner. Their random and honestly strange tangents are the highlight of my week and I could not imagine hearing a better trio than them to make my week better!
  • Nova172
    Connor has great tastes
    Way to hit me with all that nostalgia
  • sparrowfries
    The boys
    Just the boys as always
  • kaneki simp 🤤🤤
    can’t go wrong with the Boys™️
    the Boys™️ are great
  • Ninjachu247
    Good Podcast
    The boys, some guests, and just a great time
  • anabanana0101010101
    Good time
    Having a good time with the boys!! Loads of laughs
  • nickname with atitude
    The only podcast
    There are no others, there is only The Boys
  • el waupo
    Entertaining cast and highly recommended
  • Kyoko Miya
    Just a Podcast with Attitude that Hits Different
    Title says it all.
  • Retrovolts
    Very Pog
    Really Cool podcast only problem is that they constantly cut each other off and garnet laughs to loud lol.
  • dsdhitch
    These guys are AMAZING!!
    Just amazing
  • WDF0
    Connor’s right.
    Banger episode. Great in many ways. Absolutely on Connor’s side on gatcha being more heavily regulated.
  • ItsJoannieb
    I love them honestly
    I just love all of them.
  • emrldtime
    Enjoy but has flaws
    I do enjoy the podcast but there are some problems like how it feels the only right way to watch it is the YT version
  • Daxsn
    I love listening to this podcast
    Connor and Joey are wrong about bacon.
  • penpujenbis
    Garnt saying pussyhole is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever heard.
  • Sammael20
    I Came here from the Lewdcast series and good lord it’s amazing!
  • Brain dead nerd
    I just wanted to say you guys make my day every Friday and when you post video on YouTube
  • WooLooMagiCarp
    Funny number/funny number
    This is the only podcast i have ever listened to. Heck i barely knew what a podcast was before this was announced. The main reason i started listening to this is because i thought “oh they are gonna talk about the funny anime things” and then like twenty episodes in joey says how they barely talk about anime on the podcast and then i realized that “oh shoot wait i started listening for this reason and then forgot about said reason and just started listening to these monkey brains talk about their WaCkY experiences” and that was pretty cool. If you can make me forget about my main reason to do something and I'm not just doing it to pass time or because i have nothing else to do that means ( at least in my eyes ) that you have succeeded in making a good podcast where I'm happy to listen to any if the episodes regardless of the content of said episode. Overall i give this podcast a 10/10. Its fun to listen to some of the weird experiences you guys have had that you guys can’t cram into videos. Wow i just wrote an entire essay. Why did i do that? Why am i still going? Ok I'm gonna stop now bye bye
  • meaganl124
    Fav podcast
    I look forward to this weekly among my various subscribed podcasts! I usually watch it on YouTube, but for when travel resumes I’d love to be able to listen to them from #1! Looks like the ones on Apple Podcasts start around #6/7
  • phamhbhuy
    Tasty trash
    Came here for the unorganized and unorthodox views on an increasingly mainstream medium of entertainment.
  • chris is simping
    It’s great
    Let’s see it has the three biggest anime YouTubers in it 🙂
  • I Definately Exist
    This podcast is just other podcasts with attitude. It hits different. Listening to this podcast is like downing a pint of cocaine
  • Gordon from Shenzhen
    Five Stars
    Two British guys and an Australian talk about how much they miss American food in Japan
  • nilesthiselton
    Connor talks about poop
    Epic funny time
  • mdmalikowski
    What do I write here?
  • axolbun
    It’s the booooooys It’s literally one of my favorite podcasts and I think everyone should listen to it
  • Riley Jarosy
    Indeed a podcast for da Bois
    Honestly really enjoy to listen to y’all! Truly a podcast that makes you laugh and smile, especially if you follow up on any of them on their main channels. Will be nominated for the oscars
  • a12ms
    Iam a fan •_•
    I prefer the YouTube version
  • tigolbids
    So epic
    tfw no meilyne gf
  • mangrumknives
    My favorite podcast
    It’s a great podcast but it does indeed hit different
  • Angemon44
    This is a cultured podcast
    It’s the boyyyys
  • Matty_916
    It’s great and all, but...
    Beach episode when?
  • turutudhf
    Oscar worthy.
    Oscar worthy.
  • TKD Kim
    Not just mid
    It’s a podcast with attitude.
  • Jctheevilreviewer
    It cured my depression
    this podcast saved my life
  • Summer 125
    Hit different
    Just too good
  • David Venneberg
    Hits Different
    This podcast just hits different
    Great podcast to listen too, and it is very funny! If your looking for a podcast that not just talks about anime but also talk about the host’s lives while being hilarious, this is the one for you.
  • Sarifust1234
  • Ihateyourmusic999
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