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The official HBO podcast hosted by Nancy Miller. In 2013, author Michelle McNamara published her groundbreaking article about The Golden State Killer in LA Magazine with the help of her editor, Nancy Miller. McNamara died in 2016, and her book on the subject, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, was released two years later.Now, I'll Be Gone in the Dark is an HBO documentary series, exploring the case and McNamara's devotion to it. In this official companion podcast, Miller checks in every week with series directors Academy Award-nominee and Emmy Award-winner Liz Garbus and Elizabeth Wolff. Miller also speaks with the people closest to McNamara and the investigation -- including McNamara's husband, comedian Patton Oswalt; Carol Daly, one of the original detectives on the case; and more.Stream new episodes of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, starting June 28th, Sundays at 10 PM on HBO and HBO Max. For more information and resources, go to

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  • COWBOY68
    If you want to go around the room and give yourself a Pat on the back ( when you really didn’t contribute to solving the crime) this is an inner circle of tertiary players at best .
  • klindsayhatch
    Killer’s History
    I really enjoyed the episodes on HBO and then listening to the podcast. (The book kept me up at night.) One thing I think the podcast could have done more with is the psychology of a killer being made and not necessarily born. To hear his nephew’s account of what D’Angelo saw as a young man is compelling. HBO currently has a documentary about Dissociative Identity Disorder (Crazy, Not Insane) that has created a more complete picture about killers’ childhoods and the ways abuse can manifest. The podcast Man in the Window by Wondery really gets into it and almost answers “Why?” Keep going I’ll be Gone in the Dark! There’s more there!!
  • RoPie1979
    Update: all episodes were dry. And I get the impression that all the glowing reviews are posted by friends of people involved with the show and podcast because it is not that good. Truly. Episode one has been very dry and cerebral. Revision pending future episodes.
  • duda_jo
    So proud of Michelle!
    Thank you for you dedication to catch this guy. He actually apologized which I think it was least he could do. Thank you for your legacy RIP 🙏🏻
  • CubeRobsSoul
    Good Companion to the HBO Series
    Enjoyed this m podcast each week after watching the episodes on HBO. However, I thought it would have been interesting to hear the background on how “Bonnie” was found or if she came forward. Seemed like that should have been covered on the podcast.
  • the og viking hen
    I hate to see this spectacular podcast come to an end. So thoughtfully done. Thank you.
  • bob safggfot
    Love this story!
    I listed to The Man In the Window podcast last year about the GSK. I was staying in Santa Barbara at the time VERY close to Goleta. I’ve lived in Davis and now live in Danville...all places the GSK committed crimes. So I was just riveted by this story which took place in areas I am intimately familiar with. When IBGITD came out on HBO my only complaint was I had to wait a week for each episode. The layers of stories in this series takes my interest to a whole new level and I am sooo happy for this companion podcast. I didn’t realize the directorial connection to Lost Girls which I saw a couple months ago and also loved. I don’t think I’m a fan of “true crime” as much as I’m a fan of truth, period. This show and podcast is 100% authentic and in my opinion the best thing I’ve watched all year...and I’ll tell you. I’ve watched a LOT of things this year! ☺️
  • michelle's momma
    Well done!
    The series is excellent, though it’s tough to live up to Michelle McNamara’s book! The pod cast is also very well done, and provides interesting background information about every aspect of the case. This Sacramento native cheers every aspect of what it took to figure this case out, and apprehend this pariah. I was a student who lived alone while he terrorized our town, and surrounding area. If only he were caught sooner. He didn’t deserve all of his years of freedom! Thank you dear Michelle!❤️
  • Lucylndc
    You guys...
    You had me crying. Pat my condolences. Beautiful woman beautiful work Thank You!!!
  • roonslaughter
    Patton Oswalt is a slimy little snake
    I’d love to hear what his late wife thinks about him. Sad they use his status for clout on any show, especially this one.
  • MistaBex
    Beautifly produced
    Man, I’d love to be a fly on the wall for Kim and Carols meet up.
  • Insane Unlike Anything
    Cant stop watching
    Great show gave me nightmares I yelled in my sleep the 1st night I watched it I feel for Patton and the family she was very special such a unique show a must watch
  • LeeLeeMcCarthy
    Well done!
    This is a fantastic companion podcast!
  • CA grl reader
    Sucked in
    Just watched the third episode on HBO and now have to listen to the podcast. Don’t listen at night! So disturbing but addictive. Michelle was brilliant.
  • Jae C999
    So disappointing
    I expected so much more from this podcast all they do is ramble on and on ugh 😫
  • jacqueline5826
    I don’t know what to thinker feel. But I dovish you all the love luck and health in the world 1!!!
  • msdabs19
    This is so well done. Thank you for honoring Michelle McNamara’s memory by continuing on. I was very surprised by the opening in episode two !!!glad to hear it !Have marked my calendar for August 17 and will continue to watch each episode and listen to each podcast. Brilliant.
  • shar thoughts
    Something about Aunt Diane
    There was something about the way you told this story that has really stuck with me. I really enjoyed listening to you in this particular episode and look forward to another journey with you.
  • hollywoodjamster
    This podcast gives you a deeper and broader picture of Michelle McNamara and her indefatigable journey into the belly of the beast. Nancy Miller has the inside track due to her long relationship and collaboration with Michelle (as her editor at Los Angeles Magazine) so she is the perfect choice to illuminate and expand upon what is featured in the HBO series. I can’t wait to hear more.
  • mistyblu22
    Compelling and visceral storytelling in every way
    Michelle McNamara is a phenomenally talented writer, and it’s so rare to come across someone who can spin a story like she did........ her drive and passion to find the monster behind the mask is unmatched by even the most seasoned and dedicated criminal investigator........ if not for her hard work, and tenacity, the victims may not have ever gotten justice........ I cannot say enough good things about this story, Michelle, Patton, and each one of the people who loved her and made sure that her voice was heard even after she passed......
  • mohawk street
    A wonderful addition to the HBO documentary
    I loved hearing how you are respectfully presenting Michelle McNamara as a person and a writer. Having grown up in an Irish-Catholic family in a Chicago suburb close to Michelle’s hometown of Oak Park, I feel a connection with her and an understanding of the childhood influences that shaped her. An amazing woman.
  • Likes a deal
    I’m hooked!
    Love listening in conjunction with the show
  • ditom221
    Diane T
    Well that was a wonderful, thoughtful insight into this documentary. Really moved by your work
  • inkedbluebird
    I live in Sacramento’s East Area
    I was shocked because I’d only heard of the Original Night Stalker and I live within minutes of most of these rapes. What a hero that he’s being brought to justice. Thank you for this incredible documentary.
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