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Susan Garrett, world-renowned dog trainer, multi-time champion of dog agility, and leading educator on all things canine shares everything related to dogs! Susan understands dog behaviour and wants you and your dog to have the best life together possible.

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  • Madisonanbell
    Amazing podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast. I have listened to episodes several times to help grasp the concept better and learn while on the go. I also love the visuals on the YouTube videos, they are very helpful to see the whole picture.
  • J4zzyGrl
    This podcast has the interesting conundrum of being fantastic for new dog owners because of the good information Susan has to offer but also being bad because of the condescension she gives for any mistakes or misunderstandings a new dog owner would make, along with heavy criticism of any training technique that doesn’t match with her own.
  • Hana Brunner
    Game changer!
    I started listening to Shaped by Dog and it quickly became my favorite podcast! The education Susan provides is fantastic! With the information I learned from Susan I was able to help my previously shy and low drive Miniature American Shepherd gain valuable skills that have opened up her world. She is now confident in new environments with unfamiliar people and dogs. We have even started training agility and she is picking up skills and behaviors quickly and enthusiastically! Sending thanks to Susan and her team for putting out such great educational content that helps so many dogs and the people who love them!
  • hehebdndjjsnsk
    Good Overall!
    Hello! This isn’t saying anything bad about the podcast itself, but in a few episodes Susan Garret has said that “dogs don’t understand the past tense.” Okay, but one of the instances in which she backed it up is in an episode where she explained the situation of pooping on the floor, and how the dog “wouldn’t know” that it was theirs. They know what they smell like, and with that sniffer they’d recognize their scent. Furthermore, she explained how she doesn’t use “good sit” or “good down.” To my understanding, pairing it with the noun “good” gives it a rewarding value, and therefore would make sense. This is also what the AKC states to use. And with her explanation, wouldn’t praise with only the use of words like “yes” and/or “good dog” be the same mistake? Other than that, I really enjoy the podcast and hope to see more people question’s answered, maybe including mine!
  • downeastfoodie
    As someone with a six-month-old GSD pup, this podcast has been a lifesaver for me. I absolutely love it. Thank you Susan., for sharing your expertise, enthusiasm and insights.
  • SheilaAstro
    My dogs have all trained me
    And as I’ve been watching Susan’s videos, I realized they were using her techniques! Training me with positive reinforcement, inviting me to “play” with enthusiasm/ and it worked! Now, on the verge of adopting a new dog from a rescue org, i am going to use these techniques!! #nevertooOldtolearn (and I’m 70!)
  • Rosefool
    I can’t say enough good things about this podcast series. Susan’s instructions are excellent, clear, and. detailed. I have previously found positive reinforcement training confusing—it requires a whole new mindset from traditional “obedience” training. This series has entirely changed my outlook and approach, and both my dog and I are loving it. I also appreciate Susan’s incredible generosity in what she’s shares, as well as the love and enthusiasm she has for dogs and for helping others learn a better way of doing things.
  • Wellduh325
    Excellent. Just excellent.
    I am devouring every podcast and YouTube video I can get. Next week we get our puppy. These podcasts have made me so confident to bring in another dog into the family. I play the YouTube videos for my kids and they are showing great improvements with the dog we already have because of the things we’re learning from Susan. Thank you for making your show family friendly and an enjoyable learning experience. Pam Smith
  • Anothr Weasley
    I just found this podcast and I love it. The teachings are thoughtful and rich in the “why” you would work with your dog this way. She helps you understand the way the dog thinks, which helps you think through every interaction you would have with your dog. I love the way she teaches respect.
  • Denise and Basil
    How to stop counter surfing?
    Counter surfing was an escalating behavior for 3 months for my 8 month old Labrador retriever. Despite several different approaches to the behavior continued with lots of frustration. THIS podcast (#33) totally changed how we approached it. And within 2 days of treat diving and IYC the behavior has greatly diminished. My family is amazed! My connection with my dog is better too. Thank you Susan. I wish I had seen this podcast months ago. I will definitely be sharing with all the dog people I know! Each episode is loaded with practical detailed science based training methods that anyone can implement. I’m excited to learn more! Knowing better and doing better!
  • spiderkelleyev
    Love Susan!
    Susan will hold your attention through the entire information packed podcast and isn’t shy about calling you out on your negative habits. At the very least, you will likely be forced to evaluate yourself and your knowledge of training. I have turned my mindset around since finding Shaped by Dog and I am thoroughly committed to stopping the stern voice and the palm to the snout as a “stay” command, among other things! I have yet to find another trainer who explains the ‘how’ AND the ‘why’ behind their methods or gives this much *truly good* information anywhere else. I love that her training is all science based and she goes farther than following the latest trends, she is setting them. Very appreciative of all the advice I have definitely put to use.
  • Gina 321
    For sure 5 stars
    Just finished binging all the podcasts episodes. It did take a few weeks of every time I got in the car. My puppy is 5 months old and I am 100% committed to doing better this time then I did with my past dogs. Thank you Susan for showing me a better kinder way to train my dog.
  • Jen Lebo
    Thankful for Susan!!!
    We’ve had our puppy for less than a week and I’ve been binging your episodes and already seeing great results!!! After listening to the episode on sleeping through the night and making the changes you taught, our pup slept all night with not a whimper! After nights of 4-5 wake ups!!! I can’t wait to learn more from you Susan, so I can give my dog and our family the best quality of life together!!! You’re amazing!
  • Texaschickie
    Best thing you do with your headphones!
    Regardless if you want to learn the science behind the training or just want a better relationship with your furry best friend, this is the best way to spend your commute. Every bit of advice Susan gives is spot on. Try it and see for yourself. She understands your dog better than you, and probably better than the ‘trainer’ you are paying weekly to help you and your dog. Can’t say enough good things about Susan, the podcast and the other trainings she offers!! Check those out too!
  • deaddandelions1
    Goid info. Hard to listen to.
    I love the information presented but she sounds like she's screaming it the whole time and is constantly referencing other episodes simply by the episode number as though I should have her entire catalog of episodes memorized and categorized by number. She doesn't really explain why she's rattling off an episode number so it's difficult to follow and really understand.
  • IncendioShelties
    Mandatory for all dog owners!
    This is the best podcast out there for dog owners and dog lovers. I’m a professional dog trainer and I recommend it to my clients all the time. Susan Garrett is a fantastic trainer and so good at explaining concepts in a way that is concise, fun, and easy to understand.
  • Michee57
    New Pup
    I just found Susan’s podcast. We have a new puppy. We have 2 older rescue dogs in our home. We have had several dogs over the last 30 years. We have only had 2 true puppies. The last was 30 yrs ago. Susan’s podcasts are fabulous and so helpful. They are not too long and are chocked full of information. I have enjoyed her delivery of her tips. Thanks Susan for this podcast. Love it and highly recommend.
  • ptrn1966
    Love this
    Just found this podcast so helpful with our new puppy and our rescue boy!!!
  • Fraudd
    Insightful perspective on dog behavior
    Helpful in truly understanding dog training beyond the basics of food luring from an accomplished competitive dog trainer.
  • skiadogs
    Awesome podcast by an awesome trainer!
    I had been a Recallers member for a few years but only recently found Susan’s podcast! Some of these subjects were discussed but somehow when I am driving or cooking I am absorbing the info in such a different depth. I am enjoying being able to rewind statements and concepts and listen to them over and over. And be able to write them down and also pull up the session notes — so much value and I realize how much I have been missing being a part of the Recallers community! Thank you Susan for giving us all so very much value in such a easily consumable fashion.
  • Mes1220
    Masterclass in dog psychology
    I absolutely love this podcast! I was looking for a trainer who uses science and psychology to train my pup, and Susan fits that bill perfectly. She is funny and entertaining to listen to, but also life changing, your dog will thank you for taking the time to understand how they learn and think. The information in these podcasts/ YouTube channel will transform your relationships with your dog if you apply it.
  • RandomizedToki
    Best educational podcast out there
    The short but sweet dog training educational tidbits!
  • The Quirky Dog
    Susan is the best!
    Not only does she offer some of the best dog training programs in the world, she is a person who inspires others by showing up as her best self. She has been an invaluable resource to me the past 15 years. <3
  • Doggo Lover For Life
    Shaped By Dog
    Shaped By Dog is amazing!! Susan is not just a dog trainer but a life trainer for your dog. She helped so many dog become the best dog they can be. I recommend this podcast for anyone who has a dog and a intention to make your dog happy. Thank you Susan. 🐶🐕🐩
  • Redheadwithheart
    No thank you
    Not impressed. For a positive only trainer she sure sounds like she has anger issues. Every dog is different and every training has its place. Good luck!
  • Kykerdoobie
    Great podcast!
    I love Shaped By Dog! Susan really knows what she’s talking about and I love her focus on reinforcement based training.
  • hanna3991
    Title not accurate
    The title discribed something totally different than the episode did. I was waiting and waiting for the toy discriptions and they never came then she trailed off into a few too many stories.
  • H Trullaz
    So helpful!
    I just found this podcast recently and it’s already been so helpful for me and my border collie/aussie rescue who’s working through some anxiety challenges. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, the science behind everything, and especially how much it’s already impacting my attitude and approach to training. I love Susan’s little tidbits of “woo” sprinkled in and I can’t say enough how helpful and meaningful it is to be pointing out the positive things instead of the negatives (for both me and my dog). I think we both look forward to playing games throughout the day! Excited to keep learning and building a stronger, more trusting relationship with my pup!
  • Callie & Savannah
    Fantastic, Insightful, Humorous
    I’m a small animal veterinarian and just recently stumbled across this podcast through YouTube. Hands down my favorite podcast now! Susan has a gift for teaching and explaining the science of positive reinforcement in ways I have never heard before. I signed up for her Home School the Dog program as we have a new puppy. Her program is blending beautifully with our local training and is giving me such a deeper understanding of my relationship goals with my pup. I feel inspired & energized after each podcast. Thank you, Susan! I will be recommending your podcast to my new puppy clients and my vet students.
  • Squirrelrabbits
    Susan Garrett is both a great dog trainer and a great teacher. Also, she’s kinda hilarious. I have listened to every episode several times. Highly recommended.
  • pjs and 3 dogs
    This! Every episode is jam packed with quality information on teaching you to be the person your dog thinks you are. Episode 122 is a personal favorite. Thank you, Susan for sharing your wealth of experience for the humans that love their dogs.
  • mollysdkate
    Listen, then listen again!
    So helpful!! I listen, then watch on YouTube. I revisit episodes and keep gaining and learning!
    Essential info
    I have a new rescue who is 5-6 months. Her foster mom recommended this podcast as my puppy got on the transport van. She clearly has been using Susan's techniques and my only issue...I can't listen fast enough!! Thank you!
  • leroylanscape
    Crate Games, created by Susan Garrett, was recommended to me when a "herding" or "working" dog showed up at my door as a young stray. I had been told that this dog would be a "handful, maybe a nightmare" if it wasn't on a farm- and I was eager for some training tips when i decided to add Sterling, the miniature australian shepherd to the family. Crate Games, It's yer choice & the recallers program isnt "training tips." Susan's shaped by dog approach is a way of life! And for me, a brilliant & pivotal shift in both learning with Sterling & in my personal life. As someone who learned punishment based training first, the episode about transitioning from punishment based to reinforcement based training was a quintessential map to help me better understand my commitment to reinforcement training. I can proudly say that i am learning to be a better person, companion to my dog, friend & partner through what i've gained here. And as for sterling?! She's an absolute joyful addition to the family! & who just last week, at a full sprint; turned on a dime when recalled! Keep it coming, Susan!
  • pbjb10
    Thanks for letting me have grace
    Susan episode 102 was so timely for me. I’m in Recallers and have been so proud of my dogs and myself with what we’ve learned and our improvement. Yesterday I took them to therapy dog visit with my sisters dog and two teenager 17 and. 20 years. My nephew had handled one of my dogs. But ge is also not very directive even with their own dog. Both dogs and myself reverted. They were not acting like “ they were supposed to”. Pulling , no focus.It was hot until we got in facility. Found myself being frustrated,disappointed in them, and gritting my teeth. The good thing is they were awesome with all the residents who were so appreciative. Later I was so upset with myself for expressing my frustrations and disappointment with them. They are like sponges and taking to Recallers that has become a joy for me This podcast made me see things different. It was a new facility. They hadn’t seen my sister , kids and dog in ages. It was higher distraction area and I was handling both. They did the best they could. And of course they did what they were supposed to do- bring happiness to the residents of the home. Next time I’ll bring only one so I can focus better and be the only one handling or coaching my nephew one on one. Forgiveness to one self is a step towards grace
  • PearlIzumy
    5 Star
    Love your life and dog training philosophy. I listen to your podcasts and I am also in Home School the Dog and Recallers. Both AMAZING programs. My dog and I benefited so much. Thank you for all you do to help dogs and their owners have better lives.
  • Ninjama25
    Omgosh I’m addicted!
    Love this podcast! Brilliant. I am learning tips and philosophies that are changing how I coach clients and how I work with my foster dog. Thank you Susan!
  • JennaOgriz
    Susan is super informative and super entertaining and you will want to binge on this podcast.Her book was referred to me by a dog breeder and Im so glad I found her podcast to help preparations for welcoming our new puppy next month. 🤗
  • Docssb
    So helpful!
    So glad I found this podcast. I love that it presents an evidence-based approach to working with your dog.
  • DKHickman
    Super impressed!
    I’m a dog nerd! My service dog (owner trained) prospect is coming in just a few days. I’m an experienced dog handler, but really want to be sure I’m doing this thing right with my new standard poodle pup! I’ve been listening to dozens of podcasts, but when I stumbled upon this one I was THE MOST impressed. It beats out MANY other podcasts in terms of ACTUAL helpful tips, training advice, methods I can get down with, and genuine thoughtful advice based on dog behavior. No aversive methods and solid skill building. Love this cast! I’ve totally subscribed and gone off to find the Facebook page!
  • Peaches1313
    BEST dog training app
    I first heard about Susan on a Tim Ferriss podcast and was intrigued by what she said. I absolutely LOVE the Shaped by Dog podcast. Susan’s training methods make so much sense. She truly cares about dogs and it really shows. I’ve listened to nearly episode and watched several on YouTube. Susan is funny, kind, and very knowledgeable. If you have a dog, even if you aren’t sure about training it, the things Susan says, make sense. She gives great analogies that really help put things in perspective. Thank you, Susan, for making me look at dogs and dog training through a new lens. You ROCK! 🙂
  • DLFRR777
    BEST podcast out there!
    without a doubt, if you own a dog.. please listen to Susan, honestly. I think it should be required to listen to this podcast if you have a dog. your dog deserve this
  • PitBull Womyn
    Episode #69 clicker training will it work on every dog?
    Yes tou trained with a clicker.
  • 061MNM
    Every dog owner should listen
    Every single dog owner should listen to this podcast. So much to learn, and the way you think of dogs is how every person should. I have a 2 year old Australian shepherd who I’ve been training for the 2 years now. He is incredibly well behaved and I feel Like I’m at least moderately dog savvy, but my goodness your podcast has given so much information I never would have thought of or applied in my training! It’s been wonderful to listen.
  • Rosemary34
    Love you Podcast!
    Hi Susan, I look forward to listening to your podcast as they come out. I just got a new puppy myself he is five months old like your puppy. I’m very thankful for all of the information you put out there for dog training. What does your puppies physical exercise routine look like. My puppy has a lot of energy and I want to exercise him more but I know I have to wait for his growth plates to close. Also I was wondering what your view is on spay and neuter in your dog. What age do you do it at if you do? Thanks, Rosemary
  • ninbean3000
    Dog anxiety
    Hi Susan! I love your podcast, I’m a first time dog owner and I am learning so much from you! Can you talk about dog anxiety with strangers in an upcoming episode?? I would so appreciate it. My 1 year old border collie is amazing but he really struggles to leave the house at all due to fear of strangers. He is even too scared to go on a walk around the block unless my fiancé’s older dog is walking with him.
  • Harley Earl
    Really Enjoy listening and Learning!
    Susan, I would like to know more about raw food, dog vitamins. I am very much enjoying your show. I thank you SO much for taking time from your busy schedule to enlighten us to learn and be shaped by our dogs. Also known as earth Angels. 😊
  • Finnsmydog
    Thanks, Susan!
    I met Susan Garrett 14 years ago when I was lucky enough to attend one of her dog seminars with my girl, Lucy. She is now gone but I was reminded how motivating and insightful Susan is when I recently binge listened to this entire library....I recently welcomed a puppy, now 14 weeks, and am reminding myself of the games to play Witt him and my resident older dog. Little training sessions make a huge difference - this I know - but to I am looking forward to having a regular reminder from Susan via the podcast! Highly recommend!!!!!!
  • Maddie777777777
    I love this podcast + a question
    Hello! I love this podcast so much! I love listening to it in the car and it’s been so helpful for me because I’m getting ready for a new puppy soon. I do have one question: how to you train behaviors such as sit, down, weave, ect. without using a lure? With ItsYerChoice, I think a lure would confuse a dog. Thanks so much for your help!
  • MountsamariA
    Wealth of Knowledge
    Love listening to Susan talk about her kind, relationship-based approach to dog training. It has really helped me adjust my own reactions to my teenage puppy—a lot of "Don't Wanna Don't Hafta" moments around here these days. The most recent episode was about potty training, and I realized I'd like to learn about how to handle my pup's marking behavior—mostly what to do about it indoors (usually in public, not much at home.) He's a 10-month-old unaltered male, and we plan to keep him intact. But oh, the marking! He has a slight "tell" but he's lightning fast so it's impossible to shop with him because we have to watch him like a hawk. This feels like it might call for a different approach from typical potty training. Thanks, Susan, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world!
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