Three Black Halflings

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Three Black Halflings are a group of nerdy friends with strong opinions and even stronger Charisma scores. Join them in their quest to explore diversity in the incredible worlds of D&D and pop culture while doling out DM tips, thought-provoking conversations, a band of guests, and good times.

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  • Rhyswphillips
    Inspiring inspiration
    Idk I panicked when it ask for a title. I’ve been listening to 3BH almost since inception. They are great personalities and have wonderful insights on difficult topics in life and the table top space. Good listens all around!!! And I’m not just saying that seriously have a listen!!
  • obscurement
    What an AMAZING show!
    This show had been collecting digital dust in my backlog for several months now. I was looking for something to follow up the first NADDPOD campaign. While an absolutely different show than what I was looking for, this show captivated me in five seconds. They are what many great podcasts strive to be. They pull you in and make you feel like you’re sitting at the table with three very good friends. And like all truly valuable friendships they give you an opportunity to laugh and learn. As an older white-passing guy, who places with a LOT of people of every religion, color, creed, gender, and sexuality I find this to be welcome and warming learning experience to the game we all love and the type of people we all should strive to be! And I get all these warm feelings from the show and I’m *ONLY* on episode six! XD
  • Troximox
    Absolutely worth listening to
    Creative, nerdy, and funny while sharing good insights into storytelling and societal problems. I’m so glad I found this podcast!
  • Lonnan M
    Starting with the pilot episode I love how the creators jump into some issues and how to be more inclusive in the D&D community for a lot of people, specifically on the subject of ethnicity and racial traits etc and they truly come from a place of love and I am excited to learn and listen more. Thank you all for creating such a wonderful podcast.
  • SmallTownWizard
    The Best D&D Podcast
    This is the best D&D podcast on the internet. Period. The Halflings give you insightful discussions, comedic relief, and some of the best Actual Play mini series I have ever listened to. You want to follow this show.
  • Travellin2013
    These are the halflings you’re looking for!
    Congratulations! You found them :-) Seriously, the show is amazing, a perfect mix of lighthearted camaraderie, serious shenanigans, great strategy, and interesting stories!
  • YaBoixBanjo
    3BH is great!
    This podcast strikes a perfect balance of shenanigans, creativity, education, DEI, and everything that is to be loved about the TTRPG space. Their Outlaws and Obelisks campaign blends horror, sci fantasy, and westerns beautifully. And the wide variety of guests on their main feed content always keeps you entertained. What are you waiting for? Start listening!
  • Butz McKenzie
    Great dnd podcast
    Really digging this show. Jeremy Cobb is an amazing DM, who will horrify you one minute with a brutal encounter and then make you fall in love with a sentient camel. The show is a great mix of interviews, practical advice and actual play. I’ve learned so much by listening and, if you like dnd, you should do yourself a favor and download this.
  • esmecompost
    Love it
    I love the actual play episodes. You can tell so much work and love goes into them. I’ve started to listen to some of the guides since I’m thinking of trying dnd. Would welcome any more advice episodes for beginners!
  • ChiaraCGP
    Such Theatre Kid Energy
    I’m loving my first listens of The Three Black Halflings
  • aloil64
    Love it
    Entertaining talkshow, beautiful actual-play series, would recommend
  • aephil
    Great mix of gameplay and conversations!
    I absolutely love the mix of talkshow, guest interviews, and actual play episodes. Hilarious and heartfelt role playing, fantastic relevant topics, thoughtful hosts, fabulous guests, honest conversations—a joy to listen to. Still catching up on the backlog of episodes!! Always entertaining while expanding my view of things.
  • c-k-r
    All wonderful!
    Episode 76 best episode! Though, who are we kidding, they’re all good!
  • bnumber2
    Entertaining and Informative
    Being a cisgendered white male, I have had the privilege of being able to ignore the unconscious bias inherent in Dungeons and Dragons. I stumbled on this podcast looking for more Dungeons and Dragons help on improving my DM skills (or lack there of). I was hooked in the first 5 minutes. TBH has shown me the door on working towards a more inclusive game. Now I have to open it.
  • Evan D.K.
    This is a good podcast
  • Bryan22
    Great actual play!
    Found this podcast through NADDPOD, started listening to outlaws and obelisks and have to say that it was an amazing campaign! Jeremy does and amazing job of keeping space time together as well as adapting everyone background stories. Jasper plays Tovo very well, almost too well, there were times that I was like “whyyyyy tovo!!!!” But he won me over being exactly who his character is and for that he has my utmost respect. Budge was played beautifully and I could feel his emotion throughout! I wish Unati* had been around longer but I loved her journey to being happy. Hu sur* was by far my favorite! I loved the flavor of all the spells she used. Emily was radiant as always and was a great addition to the campaign, she is a D&D kweeen! Over all y’all are amazing and keep doing what y’all are doing! Great job halflings!!!!
  • Muteki0320
    Amazing content but too jumbled to follow
    Absolutely love the group and their personalities, but it’s frustrating how the episodes are all over the place. Hopefully it gets fixed so I can follow along. Nothing goes in order. It went from the first few episodes to Paradox Perfect with the NADDPOD crew to episode 88. I hope to see things rearranged so I can get back on track.
  • awheatondude
    Great show
    Love it
  • sludgehead01
    would listen to jeremy explain time travel always
    subscribe already ppl
  • No more missions is bull
    Insightful and fun
    The crew is so charming and do so many fun and interesting things. Absolute must listen for anyone interested in D&D and even more essential for those playing and planning games. Updating my interview now that I’ve listened to more of the actual plays and they are incredible! The interviews really are great and insightful and fun but I’m more of an actual play listener than an actual player so I’m *even more* into those eps. Also, best original music I’ve ever heard on a podcast!
  • goid1313131313141414
    Missing Unati already, but so pleased for them!
    I absolutely love this show!!! The actual play and the talking ones are both so lovely in different ways. I’m so happy for Unati but I am going to miss them so much!!!!! I kind of hope they are too wildly successful to have time but I also really hope we get to hear more from them! Thank you so much for such a fabulous podcast!
  • Kathleen19th
    Outlaws and Obelisks
    This is a stellar actual play podcast—on par with the best in the biz. The world is complex and mysterious, the podcast is full of laugh-out-loud humor, and the music and sound design are impeccable. Strongly recommend!
  • Pandabudd
    Where’s the clickity clack of dem dice rolls dawwwwwwwwwg???
  • rgrgrgrtg
    Love these People
    The variety between campaigns and chats is exactly what I’m looking for in a TTRPG podcast. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something new!
  • Quinn's Human Companion
    The Absolute Best TTRPG and D
    Insightful, entertaining, and fun. I’ve been a DM for 30 years and thought I knew it all. I was wrong. I’m so grateful for Jasper, Unati, Jeremy, and their awesome guests for everything they are doing to bring about a new era of D
  • kcorbz
    6 stars isn’t enough!
    Such a wonderfully balanced podcast! Funny and action packed. Episode length is great new/casual/veteran DND players will enjoy. I found them a little late so I’m glad I have a backlog for the gym!
  • Kate EJ
    I’m a better person (and rogue) because of TBH
    I’ve been listening to this show since it started, and was a patron for a while, and I’ll tell you right now this show is so much fun while also thoughtful and deep. The discussions these hosts have about how to be better players and DMs are so insightful, and they’re all incredibly knowledgeable players on top of that! My PCs for the campaigns I’m currently in are so much more fleshed out, and WAY better in combat after listening to the class breakdown episodes. Although I can’t be a patron anymore, I highly recommend anyone who enjoys D&D to check out this show. It’s caring and chaos all in one!
  • Secret Nerd Podcast
    Amazing show
    Such an incredible addition to the TTRPG space! This show is informative, hilarious, and heartwarming. 10/10 recommended!!
  • elutfall
    Fun and Informative
    Learn how to be a better DM, run a more inclusive table, be more aware of serious issues in the world at large, listen to them play sessions, and laugh a lot. It’s a seriously great show that everyone who plays TTRPGs should be listening to.
  • funny funny me
    Love TBH!
    So entertaining, I love this pod!!
  • TheOtherDM
    Laughter and Insight
    This podcast is awesome! The hosts constantly have me laughing. Beyond the amazing stories, I love to hear their distinct perspectives and experiences and the way that they open my eyes to other types of storytelling leaves my mind running all day coming up with possibilities! Definitely worth listening to!
  • IListens
    Show about fun and inclusivity!
    Just an absolute joy, if you’re not listening what are you doing?
  • LordAkisho
    Wow just wow!
    I don’t typically leave reviews but I just had to let you all know what an amazing job you are doing. I go through all the emotions with you! The amount of times I have burst out laughing make me glad I work from home. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Nyota Uhura 65
    This Is the Best
    I am new to D&D, so finding a podcast that interests me and that I can follow has not been easy for me. I had to stop parts of it just to get my laughter under control. It’s an engaging story that has you crying with laughter and your heart racing with terror the next.
  • John42364901
    Amazing DM Resource
    I’m a professional DM (it pays my rent) who’s been figuring things out on my own since I started playing. TBH constantly inspires me with good ideas, better DM practices, and amazing insights into the game. If I had one GP for every “Oh, duh, THAT’S how I should do that in my sessions!” moment I’ve had while listening, I would be buying a galleon and setting sail to Faerun! I started out listening to Critical Role and the Adventure Zone and have tried a lot of other D&D podcasts that weren’t to my liking. This one however was an instant hit from the first episode! Thank you TBH!
  • ChuckWhitley
    It’s just not that great
    It simply doesn’t compare to similar podcasts.
  • Ninjakeyblader
    Genius, hilarious, and so much more
    Here is a show that does it all! Amazing DnD interviews from such creative minds. Actual play games! Tips and tricks/favorites! I just listens to their one shot with Join the party and could not stop laughing/smiling throughout every second. These are some amazingly talented people who have blessed us with top notch content. Love it. Loved it. will continue to love it for as long as the days go on!
  • Emaistr
    Black Nerd Joy
    I’m a black nerd new to DnD. I love the game but the eurocentricity is so boring. I found this podcast after searching for black dnd podcasts. I’m so glad that I’ve found it. My BLM dice set is in the mail and I’ve been chugging through the Cub and the Caterpillar which is amzing storytelling. I’m having so much.
  • Life-in-a-yurt
    Fun and Deep
    One of the best podcasts out there. Hosts genuinely enjoy each other’s company, play well off of each other, and speak their own truth.
  • jenox23
    New fan here!
    Great new show. Long time NADDPOD episode here, first time Naddling :)
  • toolongerror
    Hello Halflings! Best Podcast in all of Wagadu
    Jeremy, Jasper, and Unati have created a stunning podcast that educates and entertains. I’ve split my gut laughing at their antics. With the halflings, I have learned an incredible amount about diversifying my table and improving my game play. And when these three do actual play episodes, their gameplay is among the best of them. Thank you and so long shirefolk!
  • djawful
    So good!!!
    Introduced through the Lou Wilson ep and I can’t stop listening - this pod is soooo good! I have recommended this to every dnd nerd I know
  • elkaen22
    Thank you
    I love D&D and learning and social justice and humor. You have it all! I dig how you discuss all things (both serious and mundane) unapologetically, with humor and passion. Thank you for the amazing content!! As a brand new DM, I was introduced to you with perfect timing.
  • discopetey
    Started listening after they were featured on Dragon Talk. Smart entertaining and enlightening.
  • Sonofbody
    This show is amazing!!
    I love this show so much. I just got into dnd a year ago and struggled to find any content by POC players discussing the game and highlighting other creators helping to make this hobby more inclusive and welcoming. It makes me so happy that this show exists and I cannot recommend it enough.
  • Euripides Redux
    Really enjoying it!
    Fantastic show- a really wonderful way to step back into D&D for me~
  • The Weasel King
    Inspires me to procrastinate
    A wonderful podcast, made me fall in love with the Wagadu setting. Also if you have trouble telling voices apart on podcasts, TBH is perfect for you because the three main cast members have very distinct voices from each other.
  • Abhorsem2012
    Love this podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast. Jasper, Unati, and Jeremy do such a wonderful job exploring and correcting the issues of race in not just D&D, but in fantasy as a whole. I remember after going through the handbooks for 5e and getting over my initial excitement for creating a world, I started to think about the implications of racial stat bonuses and the idea of plain evil races. The only real idea i came up with on my own was to try and run a campaign which consisted of all orc, goblin, drow, giant, and other villainized race pcs dealing with an invasion of humans, elves, dwarves, and other stereotypical good races. I feel like the three black halflings have provided ample material for complicating stereotypes and avoiding pitfalls of unconscious biases. So whether you’re looking to start your own campaign or just trying to further understand how your actions impact other, or even if you just want a good laugh from some great people. This is a great podcasts to check out. Peace and love
  • The Geek Lyfe
    One of the best podcasts around!
    I absolutely love TBH. They have incredible guests, topics, and always keep things so real. It feels like I’m at the bar with homies as we discuss the different issues facing the TTRPG community. I love it and highly recommend it!
  • Brincyl
    Absolutely the most wonderful engaging podcast about dnd. Discovered today and just binging it at work! Casual genuine conversation, thoughtful and important discussions! Truly made me live the game of dnd even more!
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