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The Volleyball By Design podcast gives coaches simple, actionable, step by step strategies so you can get clarity in your coaching and apply what you learn right away.

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  • omarmunoz
    Thank you for ALL you do
    Have you ask yourself “is it me”? This episode really resonated with me. Over the past 2 years, I felt that I was the reason why my teams weren’t growing or maximizing their full potential. It all started with a few kids quitting, kids that were my ride and die. That left a huge burden, feeling of “what could I have done better”. I am a big culture coach and value it before winning. Culture meaning displaying good sportsmanship, being a good teammate, & championship effort in practice. Coach B, I am a big fan of you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  • J.D.2420
    Don’t PASS this up;)
    This pod improved my coaching, without question. Great topics, ideas, and explanations, and Coach’s voice and speaking style are super engaging.
  • MadMobaPlayer
    The only reason I know what I’m doing
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for about a year now off and on and I have just about listened to every episode now, (not exactly in order) but I have been able to take a ton of value away from these episodes. I didn’t play volleyball in Highschool but after taking a huge interest in the sport in college, I started the club team at our college because I felt like there needed to be a place for guys to play competitively. The problem was that I didn’t really know what I was doing because I was never formally taught how to play. This podcast has given me the ability to learn the game at a high level and actually teach my players and coach them well. Often times I end up teaching things that I don’t even fully understand but because I have listened to this podcast and have learned the concepts, it works for my players even if I’m not sure why something works. I’m super grateful for this resource and I plan to keep listening for a long time!
  • awesomegreatnesscuteamazing
    This is so great!
    This podcast is AMAZING AND SO HELPFUL!!! Thanks agin for sharing all of your helpful tips and hints for great coaching and strategy’s for players! 🤩🥳❤️
  • Rach bien
    Wow 🤩🤩🤩
    Hey Coach B- Happy 100th episode. It’s crazy because prior to getting married, I was also Coach B when I started coaching volleyball 5 years ago. You have no idea how blessed I am for finding your podcast. You are so passionate and it is evident through the audio. I love your vision and mission and my teams will be better because of you!!! God bless you 🥰🎉❤️
  • JoshGriffith
    When you need a mentor, this Pod is for you!
    This being my 7th season as a Head Coach for a high school boys program in Massachusetts, I was looking for some fresh insight and perspective beyond the trainings and seminars offered in the New England area. I found this podcast and it has allowed me to reflect, tweak and alter my approach to the program and the start of the season. Thank you for all your knowledge and insight! It’s like attending a coaches clinic without having to leave my house. I find myself listening twice to the same podcasts to soak up as much content as I can!
  • JaronB08
    Great Quality Content!
    I found this podcast a few months ago because I have been preparing for my first season as an assistant coach for high school and first season as a head coach for middle school. Thanks for providing so much content, it’s been so helpful and huge for me gaining confidence as a coach going into the season!
  • Paige Tonz
    Valuable and Usable Information!
    I had the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast and Brian was an amazing host! I love how his podcast episodes are straight to the point giving so much valuable and usable information. If you’re a volleyball coach, parent, or athlete, this is a great listen! 👍
  • Tandm502
    super awesome
    this podcast is so helpful! really engaging and definitely worth my time!!! solid 5 stars
  • Ktmjones7
    Great content and easy to implement into my program
    I found this podcast about a month ago from viewing your Instagram page (which rocks also). My volleyball season was already in full swing and I was looking for something to help me as I was thrown into head coaching down from being the JV coach. I’ve been listening to each of the podcast as I run early in the mornings, and they are just the right length that I can listen to multiple episodes while I’m running. Coach B, your podcasts pushes me to be a better coach, they help me encourage my girls to be a championship team, as well as to always be competing as if every point is the last point. Keep the episodes coming. I look forward to it every Monday morning when I run.
  • Laveroni9
    Fantastic Content and Amazing Guests
    Coach B has great insight and the right mindset that you need as a successful coach. I consider myself to be pretty advanced as a player but there are so many other things on the coaching side that I’m new to, and this podcast does an excellent job of breaking those down and giving me things to focus on. My biggest takeaway has honestly not been strategy so far but the episode around sports psychology and how to put myself in the mindset of my players, especially those who struggle with self confidence. Looking forward to more episodes and great tips/interviews as we go on the coaching journey together with Coach B.
  • njmonroe10
    Binge Worthy
    I’m late to the game so I’m starting from the very beginning and I’m 12 episodes in and I can’t stop listening. Keep it up Coach B
  • Jason1Ball
    Learning Styles?
    When an expert starts describing best practices in learning styles, it’s an instant giveaway that they haven’t kept up with research on learning. Plenty of fine strategies, but the reasons/evidence behind them are often either nonexistent or heavily flawed.
  • Ladycomets2021
    Good advice
    I love this podcast because it goes over what the coaches might be looking for during tryouts. Knowing how the fundamentals are very important to the player and the game. I would love to learn more about the different types of serves.
  • Nathan Michaelis
    Fantastic, quality information
    This podcast has helped me level up both my technique and game understanding as a high school player seeking college. Thanks Coach B for the consistent, inspiring knowledge! I would love an episode dedicated to blocking: positioning, timing, funneling for the defenders, and reading the set, especially when opponents run a variety of attacks. Thanks!
  • Coach Trisha
    Best volleyball insight around
    Invaluable information!!
  • Disneyworld7
    Favorite coaching podcast!
    Very informative and every topic is relative to all levels of volleyball! Each episode is about actual situations/questions coaches and players may face and it is all explained and broken down very well!
  • cubswoo21508
    Awesome podcast
    Love this podcast. More on fundamentals please. Lots of good stuff here. Love the interviews of pro players and coaches, especially when they talk technique that translates to the high school level.
  • Crosleycrazies
    Great info for the referee too!
    Referees are always better when they understand how coaches coach. I’m now a subscriber!
  • LoriZaye
    Great Volleyball info
    Coach B is easy to listen to as he speaks in a way that is relatable to every age level. Great tips and tricks and motivating insights!
  • VBKev_15
    Detailed podcast for the technical aspects of volleyball
    This podcast analyzes the basic fundamentals of volleyball in a technical matter and helps you understand the game in its separate components. Loved listening and understanding how Coach B breaks down the skills and complicated aspects of volleyball. Each podcast not only helps players improve in there skills, but coaches in how they teach and train the players as athletes.
  • bishez
    Great Ideas
    My wife introduced me to the podcast this morning. I’ve always loved the game, but until this past year, when my step daughter started playing in Middle School and on a club team (that I assisted with coaching), I didn’t know much about the actual inner workings of the game. The program about serving in practice vs real games, really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Also, hearing him use the analogy of a baseball pitcher’s motion and serving, gave me a bit of a boost of confidence, as this is something I’ve always used when helping new players. I really look forward to going through all the previous episodes, and can’t wait for the new ones! I feel I’m about to learn a lot about this great game!
  • HolmesVBall
    Never ending learning about the game of volleyball...
    by far the best coach I follow on Instagram....
    So Helpful!
    I’ve watched a ton of his videos on YouTube and they’ve really helped me focus on the fundamentals. Now his podcasts have really helped me too. I especially found the first episode with his passing tips interesting because I’m mainly defense, and I totally recommend this podcast for any level player from first time club to collegiate!
  • volleyball.lucy
    Best podcast ever
    This is the only guy that dosent bore me which is hard to do he is so relatable and helpful wish I could actually play for his team.😂💖
  • imalwaysright14
    So helpful
    Have barely listened to any of he’s episodes lol but he’s so helpful and relatable!!!!
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