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Stand-up comedian, Nate Bargatze, is hosting a new podcast - Nateland. It's going to be real fun and funny...hopefully. 

Come and find out!

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  • Mmoriarty
    Great podcast!
    What a great podcast, super fun to listen to.
  • nhaledr
    Aaron’s intelligence = overrated
    Love the podcast… Nate and Beaux always have a nice back and forth and I enjoy Aaron being there too. But I have to say, Aaron’s Notre Dame education may be a little overrated. HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW CORN WORKED. Come on, I could see Nate or Brexit not getting that, but expected more from a learned scholar. Keep up the great work folks!
  • Papa Chippy
    Best podcast
    This is hands down my favorite podcast and i have had a blast listening to it. Thanks for providing such an enjoyable show and keep up the great work.
  • Mkat27
    Ummmmmmm wha???
    Wha Dey talkin about?????? This is so confusing me and my whole family were so lost. This is a waste of time
  • jwhipple74
    In the Back Row
    Dear Nate, Aaron, and Bran Flakes, I’m listening to episode 80, and Nate is making fun of someone who will be sitting in Row X at an upcoming show. My family is literally in the LAST row at the 7:00pm show in Indianapolis. Makes me wonder if I should bring opera glasses. Love the show. Can’t wait to see Nate live! Hoping Brainbuster, Aaron or Mick are opening.
  • jack jack891073051
    Give it a chance
    Like parks and Rec, at first your confused then your hooked and committed to listing weekly.
  • el primo for life
    Let’s goooooo folks
    Hello folks! A with dumb guy who can’t read and has diabetes named Nate, an old man named breakfast or any other name that starts with b who has had multiple strokes, and a 30 year old loser with gout discus’s topics that mean nothing. Let’s go folks!
  • miastog
    It’s a 10/10 ⭐️
    If you’re looking for a good laugh, look no further than The Nateland Podcast! Nate, Aaron, and Brian have the best interactions and hilarious takes on their topics. My husband & I look forward to every Wednesday to hear what y’all will come up with next!
  • gushegdusis
    Nothing Means Everything!
    Nate, Aaron, and Bran Muffin Who knew a podcast about noting could be everything for me and my son to bond over! Seems like every day we have a new inside joke or favorite moment from the various episodes we listen and re listen to. For Christmas we surprised our boys with tickets to the Raincheck Tour when it comes to Dallas and are so excited to go. Any idea who will be opening for you yet? If you have time for a round of golf I can hook you up at a course about 20 min from the venue, just sayin’. 😊 Keep up the great work!
  • jrobertedwards
    Punniest fodcast ever
    Hello, folks! Nateland is consistently hilarious, as well as unexpectedly uplifting and strangely educational (at least occasionally). I look forward to—and immensely enjoy—each and every episode. I love that my kiddos can listen along with me, but even more so, I love that I can honestly I say I love this podcast without any further qualification. It is quite easily the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to, week in and week out. Let’s go, folks!
  • Ray1981poky
    Not a Folk
    Dear Nate, Aaron and Bikeshorts, I thought this week would be the week I brought my wife into the Hello folks fold. She loves Nate and Leeann Morgan so my hopes were high. Unfortunately I received a text from her a little while ago that said “it’s bad” then another one that said “it’s like being stuck in an elevator with 3 people who know each other”. What can I say. She doesn’t get it. I’ve listened to every episode while I work as a welder and look forward to getting “in the elevator” every Wednesday. Keep up the good work! LETS GOOOO FOLKS!! Ray Blair Chubbuck Idaho
  • JoeyC in Louisiana
    Educational Podcast
    I told my 13 year old son that NASA was launching a telescope that costs 10 billion dollars. He said “Really, where did you hear that?” There was pause. I could tell he was questioning my sources so I said “Well I heard about it on Nateland then I looked it up.” He replied “Oh, now I believe you.”
  • AshTheFox(FOX)
    Most upbeat comedian
    I discovered Nate the beginning of COVID on Netflix. I just recently started listening to his podcast when I travel for work. He is so upbeat and positive. Love Aaron and “Butterfly”. I am 45 so Nate’s stories of growing up are so relatable. Keep up the great work. Lisa Hunt Sherman, IL
  • sturvgurv
    Let’s Go
    If you’re not familiar with Nateland you are missing out. These fellas are flat out funny, and the best part is you can listen with the whole family, super rare these days.
  • elizabethhew8
    Love this podcast!
    Overwhelmingly, my favorite podcast out there. I look forward to it every week. I started following Nate when I heard him on Sirius radio years ago. He is still my favorite comedian. Thanks for a great, fun, and lighthearted show. -HEW
  • LoriHoep
    Folks, It’s Amazing!
    Wanna say I thoroughly enjoy this podcast! I love listening to Nate stumble his way through comments, feeling bad for Brian being called random objects, and the bonus show Aaronland which conveniently airs during Nateland! It’s got The Office references, random rants and the special ability to make a person insecure about saying the word penguin (or pangwin)😅 Keep up the good work!
  • Lane even ninja turtle
    this podcast will ruin your life
    don’t fear, folks - your life’s worth a ruining
  • NBA boy 2912
    Kyle Moss. Nashville
    I’m from Nashville... well the original Nashville in North Carolina. My dad has been recovering from a lung transplant due to covid and I just wanted to say thank you for bringing laughs to our family. In Tennessee Kid when you tell the story of your wife telling you what time she’s leaving for the airport made my dad laugh harder than I’ve ever seen. Thanks again for everything. Let’s go!!
  • Alyrenn
    Where have I been?
    How have I not known about Nate and Nateland?? I stumbled upon his Netflix show by accident a few weeks ago, and now I have an unhealthy obsession with Nate’s shows and podcasts. I’ve introduced him to a friend and to my husband, and both think he’s hilarious as well. I had gotten into the true crime vortex with podcasts, so this is a nice change! Another of my fave podcasts, Ghostrunners, mentioned you right after I started listening which is kinda weird! My worlds are colliding, in a good way! Whether it’s let’s go folks or hello folks, I’m on board!
  • eyesaknewton
    Comedic Podcast—Par Excellence!
    Nate Bargatze is the single greatest comic of his generation. This podcasts portends great things for him in the future!
  • divewheel
    I’ve been going through a break up, this has been making me laugh and taking my mind off of it, thank you guys so much, keep it up!
  • Jmacivqaz
    A great escape
    Hello folks, if you’re looking for a way to take a break and escape from all the foolishness of our news and politics this podcast is for you! Nate, Aaron, and Biscuit bring you the best Wikipedia has to offer as they talk about things like weather, calendars, pro wrestling, and magic. It is all wholesome and hilarious! I truly look forward to this show every week.
  • Baggins 2519
    Bookmark where they actually start the topic
    I want to skip all the preamble - annoying to search for when they actually start talking about the titular subject
  • MamaBear622
    This makes me so happy!!!
    I love this podcast! My whole family listens to it. We need more humor in our lives and this is perfect!!
  • Joe E GT
    Good Fun
    Absolutely can’t wait every week for a new episode. I normally prefer R rated humor but there is something about Nate that just cracks me up.
  • Michael Brofman
    A Podcast About Nothing
    Huge fan of the Nateland Podcast. In summary, it’s three comedians sitting around talking about things they know nothing about and can’t pronounce. Gotta love Nate, Aaron, and Bran Flakes.
  • Brenzini
    Strong to quite strong
  • laffunmomma
    Best Podcast ever!
    I absolutely love you guys! My husband and I went to a movie with only a few other people in the theater, when this guy walked in by himself and came and sat right Next to us!!!!! Who does this??? I thought about Nate in the airport and wondered if I should say anything when my husband stood up and said “REALLY?” We got up and moved 😂 and that guy stayed there, anyway a Huge congrats to Barnaby and his wife!! We’re coming to your show in St. Louis and CANNOT wait!! I hope I’m brave enough to shout Let’s Goooooo in the theater?!
  • Jon Kidwell
    Let’s Go Minivan!
    Dear Nathan, Aaron and Brandon, Aaron has been very open the fact that he drives a minivan. A minivan is a GREAT choice for people with multiple children, people who use it for some sort of business where they have to haul stuff around, etc. As far as we know, Aaron has none of these. So maybe he can explain how he landed on that choice of vehicle. Nothing wrong with it by the way, it’s a very honorable choice of vehicle. Warmest Regards, Jon Kidwell Rio Vista, CA
  • @kf_richards
    I like how Nate spoke about how he stopped himself from saying “uh” while saying “uh” 52 times in the next two minutes. That number may or may not be true. Congratulations to Beefstick and best wishes for your wife and child!
  • dontstealfromauthors
    The best podcast out there!
    My husband and I are huge fans of Nate Bargatze. We’ve watched his Netflix special an embarrassing amount of times. So when we discovered his podcast (suuuuper late to the game) we had to dig in. We’ve listened to three episodes in one day, and we’re finding every opportunity to listen. Goodbye evening TV, this podcast is our new entertainment. We’ve found ourselves laughing until we cry listening to these guys talk about the most random, relatable things. The guys just feed off of each other and keep the conversation going. Never a dull moment and they each hold their own weight! Definitely our new favorite podcast. Keep it up, guys!
  • kyla potloff
    Hi Nate
    Hey I was thinking I. The game show episode the way Brian could of died he ran out of hair and also Nate I can’t wait to see you on March 10 in Eugene Oregon
  • thegodofpurple494
    Good and CUTE
    Gotta love listening to Nate, Bellatrix, and... wait was there another one? Anyhoodles I just wanted to say that since I found out how CUTE Brakard is I have decided to (after much planning research and marketing) start a line of anime Brian pillows, each with a randomized name starting with the letter B, and a function for being the butt of any joke! It’s a great venture and if anyone would like to invest please call me at 0118-999-88-199-9119-725-3
  • Jorgan_Garlath
    These are good folks, with kind hearts, good humor and comfortably southern accents. Like a rocking chair on a sunny porch, or a warm blanket in winter, this is a good place to be.
  • 123GlobeTrotter
    Making Wednesday the best day of the week!
    This podcast came at just the right time when I needed to laugh . . . a lot. Start at the beginning and work your way through and you won’t regret it. The highlight of every Wednesday and such a delight to re-listen to (and also watch on YouTube!! Just as wonderful to watch as to listen to) Nate, Brian and Aaron and their occasional guests are hilarious (and clean!) and seriously, just go listen and join the Nateland folks :)
  • Funkyalidocious
    Quality podcast
    Let’s go folks! Hello, Brandon!
  • Kate4291
    Don’t let the title fool you
    Hello folks! I love Nate and all the things in his land. Even Brian is growing on me, bless his breakfast heart. The trio works well together and I like the variety of guests for new insights and voices. If the particular subject doesn’t appeal to you, know that they will veer in all sorts of directions and may just be in the vicinity of said topic. The best podcast about nothing and anything every time. LGF!
  • CaptAdmiral
    Caught Up!
    Hello Folks! I finally catch up to the most recent episode and Andrew’s dog whistle of a ringtone almost caused me to drive my truck into oncoming traffic. I haven’t heard something that high pitched since last 4th of July’s fireworks display. As a 40 year old guy myself I was on Nate’s side and was surprised when I had to quickly crank down the volume before my ears started to bleed. Props to all you guys, it’s great to listen to such a light hearted podcast, me and my daughter always look forward to new episodes. Keep up the great work! PS - I didn’t know Breakfast moonlighted as a McDonald’s manager but in an recent People Magazine article, and in true Bad News Bates fashion, he dashes everyone’s childhood by telling kids that Grimace is a giant, purple, anthropomorphic taste bud. I can’t make this stuff up! Seriously though, you guys are all awesome! Let’s Goooo Folks!
  • suliejay
    That terrible sound
    I had forgotten all about that terrible ringtone that “grown ups” couldn’t hear until Aaron brought it up this week (thanks a lot). It is the Most repugnant sound ever, and at 35 I can still hear it. Still not sure why he had to play it 3 times to convince you old guys that you couldn’t hear it. Love the podcast! You guys are my favorite!
    Love the podcast, but they have covered every topic from Oklahoma to Grocery Stores, yet I still haven’t seen one titled “Music” yet!? Oh well even if the next one is about teeth I will listen to it.😜
  • BrandiPerry918
    I don’t know if I’m more disappointed that you’d be an Oklahoma State fan or that Justin didn’t mention the Infant Baby Jesus of Prague shrine. You guys are killing it. Thanks for the weekly dose of good in the world. P.S. You killed it in Tulsa Saturday. Such a great show. I hope you got to take Harper to The Gathering Place while you were here. Thanks Folks! Brandi Perry
  • broski 3338614
    Hey Nate, We were riding around in Rosemary Florida and my dad all of the sudden says,Hey! That’s Nate! We all looked and sure enough it was you. You were riding around looking extremely confused and annoyed. My dad said that you looked like your wife had given you directions for a restaurant and you had screwed up on getting there. 😂
  • christopher schluep
    For The Folks Back Home
    Don’t know if this’ll get read, but LET’s GOOO FOLKS! Didn’t wanna leave a comment until I caught up, but I thought this should be said. I listen to the podcast and have never seen Brady Brunch until today when I looked up his DryBar, and was I shocked! I assumed him to be a much shorter, chubby version of who I saw on stage. The flip side, however, he was funnier than I expected. Nate, you have been and will be my all time favorite stand up. Andria Dorian Weber (like the grill) have yet to see your material. This podcast is the best, God bless, and keep up the good work!
  • chrisbaker7787
    Positive energy
    Good wholesome fun. Will always be in a better mood after you listen to each podcast. One of histories perfect trifecta all three playing important parts of keeping the podcast perfect. Let’s Go Folks!
  • Andi Webb
    Such a great podcast!
    What’s up folks?! Loveee this podcast so much! I can listen to it with anyone since it is wholesome and so funny. You all do a great job. Keep them coming!
  • Kennedy Mathis
    Question for the guys
    Love the show. Keeps me laughing in my car nonstop. My question is if you are at a comedy show and someone bombs hard then ask you how they did…how hard would it be to be brutally honest and tell them it was bad? Thanks guys
  • AfnPtothaG
    So’s funny
    …just listen
  • little bird 06
    The pod’n me kid
    Hello folks! I really enjoy the podcast it is one my favorites almost up there with pod’n me! Keep it up !!!!!
  • Julie Hood
    Love the show
    In a recent episode, Nate made a comment that he didn’t know he had so many fans in Hershey, PA because his 3 shows sold out….but let’s be clear, though all 6 people who live in Hershey probably ARE fans, it’s us Philadelphia fans who made the 1.5 hour drive to fill up Hershey Theater for three straight shows. You’re welcome. 😉 But for real, this podcast, like Nate’s standup, is one of my favorite things. Keep up the good work, folks.
  • gburgess102
    Easy conversation
    I love the podcast. I've been a big fan of Nate's comedy for a long time and I'm glad I've gotten introduced to Brian and Aaron. They just pick a subject and talk about it. They're three really funny guys. Their comments at times are hilarious, but it's not non-stop jokes, which makes it even more enjoyable. They seem like really good friends. The podcast is like sitting around with your friends just having a fun conversation. For me, it's positive, easy-going entertainment.
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