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Stand-up comedian, Nate Bargatze, is hosting a new podcast - Nateland. It's going to be real fun and funny...hopefully. 

Come and find out!

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  • LRM79
    Best podcast!
    Love these guys and the addition of Dusty has made it even better than ever!! These guys are hilarious, look forward to Wednesday every week!
  • KariD61414
    Just say NO to Haribo
    Nate, really? Haribo gummy bears? I thought I really loved this podcast until you guys said you actually enjoy Haribo. Maybe if you enjoy your jaw aching for an entire day.. you literally cannot chew them! Please, for the love of all that is good, buy a package of Albanese gummy bears and let me know what you think. Albanese > Haribo BY FAR. …Thanks for the laughs, guys. I grew up at Tulip Grove and have a lot of great memories of your dad’s magic shows at church, and have seen you perform live a few times over the years. My dad is Mark (the bug man) and big brothers Andy and Josh. We are all big fans!
  • DJ Why B
    12 down, 93 to go!
    Found the podcast a couple weeks ago and I’m trying to listen to 1 a day until I’m caught up. As a 45 year old who also loves sour candy I’m tempted to skip to Episode #105 but I am going to stay the course. Hopefully I make it that far before I die of diabetes. Still can’t believe Nate and Aaron got Brent W. Crystals to co-host. Cheers!
  • moss_like88
    Went to my first show!
    Saw my first show in Reno with my wife as a Father’s Day gift and loved it. Standup is now my favorite entertainment to go out too. Witnessed the whole crew when I got off my elevator and was star struck and couldn’t get out my “Hello Folks”! Dusty is right and Butterfinger is the best. My wife would be on Nate’s side with the Sour Patch Kids. Thank you guys for all the laughs.
  • twim8
    I started listening to the pod around episode 75. I’m an avid listener, and I don’t miss any new episodes. I’m slowly trying to listen to old episodes and I listen to them backwards (74, 73, 72 and so on) instead of starting from the beginning. There are questions I gotta have answered and I think other mid-show/newbies need answers too: 1. I believe A-Web has gout? What’s the backstory, very worried about him. 2. Was the intro phrase “hello folks” a debate? Couldn’t imagine it any other way. 3. Do we just refer to baby baboon bates as any “B” word? Love you guys, love the addition of Dusty (Hymans is great, lived in charleston 6 years). I’ll see Nate in my hometown of Wilmington, NC in August. I’ll even take you out on the boat if you want, and yes, Beef Bates can come too
  • Bferg227
    Dusty really earning his keep.
    In the alien part two, turned candy bar episode, dusty is pushing hard for butterfinger. And if they aren’t already hard enough to eat, he adds that he likes them FROZEN?! “I have an idea. Let’s freeze the hardest candy bar in the world!” How does he have teeth ?
  • jordan23hooper
    Moves furniture a lot
    I don’t know how many times in the last 100 episodes Nate has mentioned how much he enjoys changing his furniture layout but it feels like a lot. So much so that I listened to an episode one night and had a dream Nate moved into the neighborhood and I went to visit him and he was just moving his couch around for like an hour. My subconscious believes that Nate is either on the road doing comedy or moving his furniture around. Keep up the good work Nate, Aaron, Dusty and Brad. - Brandon Adams from Utah
  • Gko fierce
    I LOVE this podcast!! Nate, Brian, Aaron, Dusty thank you for the laughs!!! Nate I relate to you on so many levels! Discussing your possible dyslexia/ADD, the way you don’t grasp what you read, the struggles you have with reading OMG!!! It is helping me (and probably many others) A LOT!! I always thought it was just me!! I’ve had that same issue for years!! I am really attempting to read regularly now and oy! So not enjoying it, but pushing thru. I hope one day to actually enjoy reading, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  • 5Jake5
    Dusty isn’t funny
    He makes the show un-listenable, go back to the original crew
  • 19mjs79
    5 stars
    pretty good
  • TimKarl
    Love the show!
    But any chance we can get a Bonfire/Nateland episode, with everybody wearing some Big Jay fingerless gloves?
  • Rich homie b
    Broden from nodak
    This show made me buy tickets for Fargo on October something. Probably the best comedian I’ve ever heard. Plus a great supporting cast
  • Frankieroger
    I’m a new listener/new big fan! So I’m going back thru all of them in order…just listened to episode 4 “sports” and the end of the episode when Brian is telling his story about stealing 1st base back is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard…literally crying! And I have now annoyed everyone I know by playing it for them too…but hey you probably got a few more listeners that way!! Thank you for this hilarious podcast!!
  • hornbeck
    Love this
    Love to have a clean and hilarious comedy podcast. So glad I found Nate on Netflix, and now this! My kids can watch and laugh along with us. You guys are the best!
  • Thea beck
    Donating at restaurants
    I just wanted to say that I found out when they say they are donating to a certain charity would you like to donate? Did you know “they are NOT the ones donating. The customers are the ones donating but the establishment claims the tax benefit as though they donated out of their own money. It’s a scam! I would rather just donate on my own.
  • Crowmouth Hogleg
    Post Episode 100 Review
    I’m afraid adding a fourth non-expert to the show is detrimental to discourse. Dusty literally insulted a treatment for dyslexia that was working in the moment. I don’t want to hear this become a celebration and justification for ignorance and stagnation. There are plenty of academics that can play a straight man in a comedy show. Myself included.
  • Landon LAN-DAWG
    Landon Eischen (eye shin )
    I can’t believe you guys talked about secret agents and never brought up the secret service! And I also think that Aaron and breakfast have no voice in this podcast, keep it going! P.S you should do an episode on the NBA
  • Luvthefarm
    BEST podcast and even better now w/Dusty
    So excited that my two favorite comics are in one place!! Ready to see what the next 100 episodes bring.
  • RealMattBrooks
    Hands down the BEST podcast
    Featuring Nate Bargatze, Aaron Weber (Like the grill) and Barthomew Bates often called by his nicknames, Breakfast Bates, Biscuit Bates, Bratwurst Bates, Perpetually Worried Bates among others. This podcast tackles the important topics of the day that no one asked for. Thank you Nate, Laura, Aaron, Brian and occasionally Holly and the entire production staff. You truly are doing Gods work. Bless you all for this family friendly podcast. This all ages rated podcast opens with listener feedback like this and eventually gets to the topic. Many guest appearances from other comic personalities keep this format evolving into one of the best podcasts on the internet.
  • Ka102415
    New host
    Hello folks! I finally caught up on all the episodes in time for the 100th! I was really hoping you were going to say Greg, since he was on the last two and killed it, but Dusty will be alright I guess. I’ve bought a lot more peanut butter and chips than pesticides though, just saying… Keep up the great work and welcome to the show Dusty!
  • Br8dfordAimee
    Butter Bell Bates
    Love this show! Episode 99 is in the top 10. For storing items outside the fridge, you need a Butter Bell. And it also works as a nickname for Brian :) Thank you for the weekly laughs!
  • Towboater 1911
    Greatest Average folks
    Nate Aaron and Blondie work great together. Listening to Nate read the comments is what I imagine how I sound to others when I read. The last episode he was trying to say hook line and sinker but it came out sink linke and hooker. The Norte Dame grad should’ve caught it. Boot Scootin should’ve caught it as well being he’s as old as the saying. Love the show guys P.S. Nate did great when he was on KSR. BBN likes him even though he’s a vandy guy.
  • aaron01edwards
    Aaron’s website
    I was listening to one of the most recent episodes when Aaron described his website. As a soon to be 40 year old, I had Tom as one of my top 8 friends and wanted to check out his website. So I immediately start to type in the address and it took me to a Go Daddy website saying Aaron’s website domain had expired!! I certainly hope he was able to get it back faster than his baseball glove. If he needs me to, I can pick it up for him and cut him a good deal. Just let me know! 😉 Keep up the great work guys!!
  • p let John
    Just a fan
    Nate just wanted to let you know I am fifteen and am hooked on your show ever since I searched up clean comedy podcast and yours showed up first. Keep up the good work and bring Mic back Malachi McNabb
  • Theweirdguyreviewing
    A solid podcast worth a listen for good laughs
    A funny, clean, friendly and stupid (in a good way) podcast that will get a lot of laughs out of you. The only reason I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars is stand up comedians on so many different podcasts can’t help themselves but spend too much time talking about the nuts and bolts of their job as stand up comedians and stray away from the format and this podcast is no exception. If they kept to the silliness full time it would be 5 stars every day of the week. Altogether worth a listen and subscription.
  • LC_Wilson
    Dumb comedy?
    I work at Chick-fil-A and heard two of our guests taking about Nate. One guy said “if you like comedy you should check out this guy Nate Bargatze…he’s just so dumb, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just dumb, you’ll like it.” Not sure if Nate or this guys friend should be more offended. I almost intervened to defend Nate but decided to let it play out. He then told the iced coffee joke and the guy was sold and said he was going to check it out. Keep up the dumb comedy, I guess, Nate. Love the show - Lee
  • joel sippy
    I’m back!
    Well I was a folk until my schools finals. Now I’m on summer brake and have to catch up. Keep up the good work
  • @sacredhomesongs
    Favorite Podcast EVER
    My husband and I listen to this podcast weekly! It’s the highlight of our whole week… we’ve laughed so much together because of you guys. Thank you for making us laugh through the highs and lows of life.
  • mndbendr
    Notre Dame is in indiana
    you are dumb
  • Alec Marro
    AI episode
    It was 6am at work spinning bunkers when Stuart from mad tv made the claim that “flying cars are about to be a thing” In my best Nate voice I yelled out “is it?!” At the same time. My co worker who doesn’t speak English gave me a very confused look P.s it took me about 12 episodes to figure out what the hello/ let’s go folks debate was even about
  • Nameless3
    Love the podcast starting at episode one was the right idea! Tried to watch it on YouTube saw Nate wearing a helmet in a clip. Decided to go back to listening only. Y’all should be nicer to Brian. Great job you all can’t wait to listen to the 2022 episodes in 2024!
  • Travis Risher- NKY
    Aaronland All Day
    I had to come to Aaron’s defense. The man has the best Ad reads on the pod. To the lady who put him on blast recently, I hope you catch all red lights on your way home. Seriously could NOT love this podcast more. Bates, you are unbelievable. Keep up the mediocre work Nate. Travis Risher (just like Fisher with an R)
  • Amlambert
    The Easter episode
    Huge fan of you guys! I drive a lot for work and listening to you guys really make an ok day turn to an awesome day. But to answer Aaron’s question about the Easter Reese’s tasting better. I would say it’s because they make them fresh for the holidays. The other ones you never know how long they have been on the shelves. I don’t have a source just one guy’s opinion. I love the podcasts, can’t wait for the next episode. Andres lambert
  • Chance Collins
    Hilarious missed jokes!
    Nate and breakfast missed one of Aaron’s jokes during the Easter episode. Breakfast mentioned that Easter is labeled as a “movable feast” and Aaron quickly said “I’m listening”. Nate had just made fun of Aaron for being happy he didn’t have to give a weight for the paid advertisement he was reading but when he sets one up on a tee, he gets ignored. I love this podcast more and more each week. Keep up the good work!
  • Steven Barger D.C.
    Great show and funny Ash Wednesday Story
    Love the podcast guys! Always a great listen to in the car! When I was a kid my brother put a suction cup on my forehead and it got stuck! He popped it off and it left a bruise in the middle of my forehead. It was right around Ash Wednesday when this happened and my teacher saw me and said “ooo did your ashes for Ash Wednesday” and I had tell her no it was from a suction cup on my forehead 😂😂 Keep hitting them straight on the course Nate! Steven B.
  • mrushing02
    Just so much fun
    So funny and enjoyable to listen to.
  • liltrucker123
    Concerning the “Nothing” Episode
    Will Rucker from Memphis, TN: Hello Folks! Found out about this podcast about a month ago and am bulldozing my way through. I am addicted. Just listened to the “Nothing” episode and thought this could be on the topic of nothingness or just them not talking about anything. Even though it was great hearing them jibber jabber about Aaron’s wedding and squirrels destroying Bamboozle’s car, I was really hoping this episode would be about the idea of nothingness: when the earth was formless and empty, and possibly get in to more philosophical conundrums that Aaron pitches and Nate shoots down.
  • breakfastwithasideofbacon
    Simply the best!
    After finding this podcast halfway through 2021, I went back and caught up on all the episodes. It feels like sitting around with a bunch of friends, chatting about things we know nothing, yet everything about. I love that I can listen around my kids without worrying they might hear something inappropriate but also giving them some fun facts to laugh about. I think Nate and the boys should do a hot ones episode… Like Krispy Kreme with a kick. Let’s go folks!
  • Calypso M
    Slapping might be disrespectful but so is making fun of a disability, I expected more from you guys honestly.
  • Nandi S
    Catching up on old episodes, and simultaneously crying and choking on a cookie with laughter. Seriously wondered what I’d do if the choke went south, no one around to do the Heimlich. Note to self: no more snacking alone while listening to Nateland. Too dangerous.
  • usernamesaretheworstpart
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Only on episode #30 but I just have to say I’m so thankful to have Bathtub on here to tell Nate when something has already been discussed on a previous episode. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people repeat stories they’ve already told. Not all hero’s wear capes. Some just wear a worried face.
  • eshoe95
    Love this podcast and ! It has been keeping me sane through the last few years of graduate school. I don’t know much about dinosaurs but as a planetary scientist, I have to correct one thing. The Moon does rotate on its axis (it’s very slow taking 27 days)! This is a common misconception. The Moon rotates once for every time it goes around the Earth. This is called synchronous rotation and why we only see one side as it goes through its phases.
  • A, Derek
    In for a good one
    You know your in for a great time when the title of the episode is Conspiracy Theories. You guys do a good job and it really is great to get into listening. If I were to describe it I would say that it is a forty year old that acts about 15 insult an old man while the youngest is yelled at for going to college. Keep doing what you’re doing, and Basalt, thanks for reading all of these.
  • reuben_z
    It still labels Aaron and Breakfast as guests…good luck you two. You’ll make it eventually.
  • Laxmom22
    Hello Folks
    Wait is this not Aaron Land?
  • T.Hop
    Love the Dino episode
    Great episode guys!! My wife is also a HUGE Jurassic park fan (she’s not huge but I am describing her huge level of love for the franchise). We were recently watching the original movie and when I told her that velociraptor’s were actually closer looking to Turkey’s she refused to believe me. I reiterated that this is why they had the annoying kid in the beginning of the movie that says “that doesn’t look scary, looks more like a giant Turkey” when referring to the raptor they just discovered. The more you know :) Keep up the great work everyone. your podcast is the soundtrack of life. Just hit play and enjoy. thats how i got my friend Akila into listening to your podcast at work. it just produces joy.
  • SailorofSeas
    So happy I found! Always looking for Nate’s stand up so this is great to have. Looking forward to catching up on all episodes.
  • Merejohn
    Truly educational
    My husband makes fun of me because most of my sentences start with, "so I was listening to Nateland and..." It came in handy the other day when we played a trivia game and the question was "What was the highest grossing film?" From listening to Nateland I knew the answer was Avatar. Everyone was blown away that I got it when they were thinking Titanic. Thanks for helping me dominate. Love the show!
  • TylerSEOMpls
    Sad about the pope thing
    Hello folks! As a fellow Weber (like the grill),I’m discouraged by Nate’s desire to block my aspiration to become pope. My dream has been crushed. Aaron, my mom’s name is Brita, and she has always introduced herself, “Brita like the water filter, Weber like the grill.” Big fan of the show! Nate, come back to Minneapolis, and I hope Aaron and Bathtub hope y’all come on through.
  • Crazygates
    Clean Is The New Cool
    My wife and I met Nate in SLC after his last show. He is extremely genuine. It was our first comedy show and it was awesome. I believe Nate is leading a movement of clean comedy that the world needs, especially today. He doesn’t need gimmicks or foul language to tell a joke. It’s great that I can listen to Nate’s comedy shows or the podcast with any of my kids and not have to worry. Great job on the podcast folks, keep it up.
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