Radiolab is on a curiosity bender. We ask deep questions and use investigative journalism to get the answers. A given episode might whirl you through science, legal history, and into the home of someone halfway across the world. The show is known for innovative sound design, smashing information into music. It is hosted by Lulu Miller and Latif Nasser.

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  • cloudman1
    What a wonderful podcast this was and is. Listening to All of your podcasts is like washing the brain in truths and intelligence So I thank you 🙏
  • Sam4241
    Snowflakes gonna be snowflakes Getting way to far left to listen anymore
  • Juggehybergdcbjkkorwacvnmkigec
    A shadow of its former self
    I hate to write a negative review but I feel like the show is just trying to get taken off the air at this point. Like other reviewers, I too am tired of the constant reruns, or alternatively, lacklustre new material whenever it does come out. I loved Lulu on Invisibilia and felt that show suffered when she left. Here, it feels like she’s coming short. Not sure if the team has other projects they’re busy with, but whatever is going on, Radiolab is seriously suffering. I’ll take more ads over the restrictions on availability of older content.
  • MMarshall20
    It used to be my favorite podcast
    I love radiolab. I used to look forward to every Friday a new podcast coming out and blowing my mind. Now of days, I often run into 25 minute episodes or with even more frequency, reruns. On top of that, I’m unable to listen to older episodes without a subscription. So, instead of listening to older material that perhaps I haven’t gotten to hear before, I’m stuck with whatever choice of replay comes up that week, quite often ones that are not new to me. On top of that, the editing has been sloppy and audio has frequently jumped around; replaying certain sections and cutting out others. I miss the old radiolab. I know they’re doing their best and it must be really hard to produce excellent content with such frequency, but I wish there was a better system. Sadly, I no longer check my podcast app for a weekly radiolab.
  • gabrielkyne
    Seriously can’t believe how bad it is now
    -Lulu constantly speaks without saying anything. She is the worst thing to happen to this show. Latif isn’t great either, but I’ve liked his reporting on previous episodes. -weekly reruns and aggressive asks for donations and Lab membership feels like a money grab. It was a really long fall. I wonder what Jad and Robert think.
  • AuroraTim
    Family People
    The “Family People” episode is perfection from so many different angles: challenges of genealogy in general, meaning/significance of surnames, historical context, local traditions/language (e.g. the episode title), coming to grips emotionally with historical discoveries, psychology of name and place. Your reading of the names of enslaved people included in the slave owner’s estate, and then your reckoning that this was probably the only place many of these people’s names were ever documented—- this really struck me. Radiolab is always excellent, and this is one of the best.
  • skeitzee
    Manufactured Wonder
    Each episode is overly infused with exclamations of “Whoa!” and “No way!” and “What?!!” and “That’s incredible!” Some of that wonder came naturally when the show started; now it feels contrived.
  • 😉💙🙃
    19 May 2023
    You’re British not Danish… A Junior becomes a Senior once the Senior passes, however a Third III and above remains the same.
  • SciencevsfanAP
    I love this podcast so much. I have been listening for a while and I have listened to many other podcasts but this has always been my favorite.
  • AlyssajayJ
    Good but the language
    I’m no fuddy duddy but the curse words being thrown around, more specifically in the recent corpse demon episode, really make the podcast unjoyable. Other than that I enjoy the content, helps my day go by when I home with the kids and gives me something to talk about with my husband and friends!
  • Jampriphi
    Jad from the old days is great - rating based on current hosts
    Back when Jad was hosting the show, I was always intrigued and wanted to listen to the podcast (sometimes twice), now, I just want to pull off on the side of the road so I can find another podcast. Listen to the old ones with Jad and then don’t waste your time.
  • anonymus paimon😒😎
    Would definitely recommend this
    Amazing podcast.10/10
  • motsapropo
    The Hosts
    I love the show but I find the hosts so lighthearted in their presentations like everything is kind of laughable to them.
  • nicklefrogwanderer
    Bad editing?
    The show is good. The only issue I have is that I will come across bad edits in the audio where the conversation jumps around. For example, ‘Crabs All The Way Down’ at 13:30, the audio abruptly cuts off and picks up another part of a conversation. Ive also found huge chunks of episodes that and up looping and the end of the story never arrives.
  • JasonFralin
    The Pinnacle of Podcasting
    Juicervose. Colors. Time. Sleep. So many great podcasts and they are always enthralling. The editing (Soren!) is amazing and they just flow. The voices are fantastic. The content is engaging. No other podcast has it all like Radiolab. I’m a huge fan and just recently became a subscriber. Should have done it years ago. Jad and Krulwich will forever be the cornerstone of podcasting in my opinion, but really looking forward to the future with Lulu and Latif!
  • Gmaxv33
    This podcast got me into podcasts
    Love literally every episode!
  • ArticArtic
    More content, less reactions please
    I’ve been a devoted, riveted listener of Radiolab for years, but disappointed lately by the new hosts and the constant gee-whiz, oh wow, dumb giggly reactions to the ongoing story. Please don’t sacrifice your amazing content for contrived sound effects and forced reactions. Miss Jad and Robert so much!
  • AttilaTheFun
    Cut the reactions
    Great content and stories but the stupid “wowwww!” and “whoaa!!!” reactions add nothing but distraction.
  • Sunshine on my shoulders...
    “Judgement” is misspelled: 4/21/23 episode notes
    Should be “Judgment”
  • 👹🇩🇲
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    ﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵ ﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵ ﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵ ﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵﷽௵
  • Getwreqd
    Lulu is insufferable
    I just can’t with this podcast, and I wish I could because it’s so interesting and informative. The fake banter is too much for my bitter (albeit still humanist and liberal) Gen X ears
  • Latif mansplains
    No longer a quality show
    First of all, the people who downgrade this show because they say it’s too progressive or whatever, they’re just dumb. The problem with this show is, as others have pointed out, the poor storytelling, constant reliance on reruns, and subpar hosts. Latif interrupts Lulu and mansplains every. single. episode. But Lulu doesn’t add much value anyway. It’s almost as if the Radiolab producers don’t care or take pride in their work anymore. Which is sad because this show was great under Jad and Robert. Like others, this was the first podcast I subscribed to and I held out hoping the quality would bounce back, but I could’t stand the lousiness anymore. Time to abandon ship, folks.
  • midwestBlue
    omg i just learned and about this podcast and listened to friday’s show about vultures and more. sooo interesting and entertaining, i lol several times. awesome show, ya gotta listen to it. thank u!
  • Stuwright99
    A long fall.
    This podcast was the reason I started consuming podcasts at all. Back in the days of Jad and Robert, I don’t think there was anything better to listen to. They set a very high standard with their subject matter and thoughtful, mature presentation. Much of what’s on RadioLab today has been so dumbed down to appeal to - I don’t know who; maybe a younger, less patient audience that no longer cares about careful, considered, creative use of the English language. It’s not so much the choice of topics that’s the concern here; they can be really interesting. But listening to Lulu and others too often drag the substance down with such sophomoric comments and responses gets to be a real drag. Being lively and funny is fine, but be a professional for cripes sake. It’s not a series of Taylor Swift album reviews you’re doing. God, I miss the wonderfully entertaining, educational, and incisive combo of Jad and Robert.
  • Vic’s Apple Acct
    Best podcast ever, anywhere
    Okay, that’s a lot to say, but this show takes you on a different ride every time. It’s human, it’s playful, it’s funny, it’s drop your jaw fascinating. You don’t have to be a member of any particular group to get it, because it’s for everybody!
  • jh1610
    Going downhill
    Jad and Robert were amazing. The new hosts just don’t have it and it’s not the same at all. And I am very disappointed that you now have to pay to listen to back episodes. The new ones just aren’t worth it anymore.
  • moving on-missu
    Go back
    Was good. Not now. Need new hosts. Listen to some of your older programs.
  • Woeppel, M
    I miss…
    Jad and Robert. Current hosts are fine, but the previous hosts were fantastic.
  • Davidjkeys
    New hosts… boooooooo
    Latif is super smart. Cannot carry the show. Lulu is terrible altogether. Soren Wheeler guest hosts ONE episode, “The Middle of Everything.” Knocked it out of the park. Gotta change hosts. what happened to Molly Webster? Why doesn’t Soren Wheeler do more shows? This series hasn’t been good in over a year since the new hosts took over. Terrible show now.
  • cloudcatmc
    It WAS good
    But sadly, they have put a lot of re-runs up, and no new episodes. It used to be an amazing podcast! It’s just not as reliable as it used to be when they posted new episodes. Please, for all our sakes, try to post new episodes that are not re-runs. Cloud
  • huufghjsj
    Comb your hair Latif
    Bro sounds like Daffy Duck, can’t even focus on the podcast because Latif has a severe speech impediment Self-centered, plus your hair is thin and unkempt. Sick idea having an unlikeable guy with the biggest mumble mouth ever be the new host. Show’s completely fallen off
  • theFerone
    The best ever podcast
    Its amazing!!!
  • EvaBSmith
    It used to be good…
    Unfortunately it’s really gone down hill in the last few years. They just re-release episodes from their peak with NO updates or current conversation. And the original stuff they put out now is short and boring.
  • KentW44
    Excessive sound design
    The sound design is excessive and overwrought. E.g. episode "Good Samaritan" there is a clip of an ambulance siren that is at best annoying and at worst dangerous, considering how many people listen to podcasts while driving
  • mostlyconstant
    You cannot overdose by helping somebody who has overdosed.
    A favorite podcast for years. Sometimes I wish they were honest about their own biases and sometimes the reporting is detached from reality, but never as much as with the recently re-released episode The Good Samaritan. When it initially dropped years ago, I wasn’t fooled into believing what they were saying, and figured they’d learn the truth and correct themselves. Never happened, and now they’ve re-aired the episode. Reader, you cannot overdose by helping somebody who has overdosed. You cannot! It has never happened. Radiolab is wrong to tell you otherwise. Maybe these producers don’t realize they are spreading misinformation that could result in ACTUAL HUMAN DEATH because bystanders have heard from “reliable sources” that reversing an overdose might risk their own life. Thoroughly disappointed. I know you are smart, Radiolab people. Act like it!!!!!
  • sandiego4286
    Nothing new
    They have been playing reruns for months on end. Used to live this podcast.
  • SDiane123
    Love love love
    This episode lifted me and made me think ! Thank you for everything you do. Awesome
  • himer300
    Just a shell of what was.
    This show has steadily gone down hill over the years and is nothing but a shell of what was. None interesting topics mixed with social and political gibberish. If your going to listen to back to the beginning.
  • nono5000
    Another great empire has fallen
    The original heavy hitters from the old days with Robert and Jad were some of the all time best podcast episodes I’ve ever listened to. Though it’s taken a long time for me to recognize and accept, this show has really fallen off course. Not only has the content gotten worse, I often have a hard time seeing how it at all resembles the original premise of the show. Now just sensationalized sociopolitical commentary packed with adds and reruns. Unfortunately I’m unfollowing
  • Guacamole_Jon
    This show is entertaining
    Latif is my favorite
  • organ lover
    Unsubscribing after almost 15 years
    This show has lost its spark. The conversation about airplane seats was probably the dumbest conversation I’ve ever heard on a podcast. It was worse that those easy listening radio talk shows where the hosts just babel about on about nonsense. Please challenge your listeners intellectually or bring back Jad and Robert so they can do it for you? It’s nice to have a little more host diversity but it’s honestly unlistenable.
  • banana #123
    This is my favorite podcast
  • almennur
    It’s time to close up shop
    New episodes are lackluster especially when compared to all the rewinds they do every second release. It’s time to stop ruining the glorious history of the podcast. Let the team spin out a new one, something that fits their ideas and aspirations better. Radio lab is history. Don’t damage its image further.
  • EV_in413
    Sorry, Radiolab
    I started listening to RL in 2012. For years, this was one of only two podcasts I listened to regularly. I’m saddened by its recent decline. First Robert left, then Jad; and since then, I’ve not found the new episodes fun or compelling. Where is the joy?? Before, this show felt like a journey of beautiful, playful curiosity through the amazing world around us yet at an adult level of intellect, with scientific research backing it all up. Now… both the intellect and the joy have dimmed, but the hype and sensationalism have been turned up. This show is getting… shallow? Is that the word? Goodbye Radiolab. I’m unfollowing.
  • GhouliaJones
    I miss Jad
    This used to be one of the most phenomenal podcasts I had in my library. It was smart, entertaining, riveting. I looked forward to every episode. As reporters, I adored lulu and Latif. I was excited when it was announced that they were taking over as hosts. However, it’s really disappointing to find out that their “hosting” only consists of putting up a paywall and then just reposting old episodes over and over and over again. It almost feels like it would have been better to just cancel the show instead of watching them ignore it and be a shell of what it used to be.
  • desparatetofindanickname
    Radiolab used to be my favorite podcast.
    Did management change about two years ago? Something is different. It’s like I feel an invisible hand from above is ruining the show. It seems to be trying too hard to be entertaining. It features click bait titles and misleading descriptions. There is actually too much production, and not enough substance.
  • Ty Webb1973
    So sad!
    One of the originals in the space. One of the best ever. Since Jan and Robert are gone, it’s either a repeat or something woke.
  • RealDealNiel
    Just not the same
    When you find yourself enjoying the (many) reruns significantly more than all of the new content, it’s a problem. Just no longer get excited when I see a new Radiolab pod in my feed.
  • Juanhooknows
    What’s Going On here?
    Soren, Becca Rachel, Matt, Ariane and many more I’ve failed to mention are all still there. Everyone knows, or should know, it’s the producers that do the heavy lifting on a show. The hosts don’t seem to have much input. A shame because Latif produced some excellent stories. Lulu certainly has cred for her previous stuff, maybe it’s do to with motherhood but it would be nice if she addressed the audience like adults. All the replayed episodes stand in stark contrast to the weak half hour long new stuff. Who needs hosts? Just let Soren take over and I suspect the quality and quantity of new shows would return.
  • User8230
    Too many reruns!
    There are much fewer new episodes as in the Jad & Robert days - pretty disappointing. They have lost the magic of the old days, which makes me wonder how it's still popular. How about putting "rerun" in the episode title to save us the effort of listening to see if it's a rerun?
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