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Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role!

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  • WerthyB
    Hard to understand
    Who knows if the story is good, the sound quality is horrible. Can’t hear half of what’s being said due to background noise and PCs talking over one another. Listened for about 2 minutes, never again unless someone says it gets better. Try Reckless Attack, sound is great, story is fun and unpredictable and the dm and PCs are having a lot of fun
  • Weee Boi
    People Are Dumb
    I don’t understand how people really think that this podcast is stolen. Geek and Sundry were the original producers but they switched to producing their own shows. This is an amazing podcast that people here worked hard to help produce. Be nice, and do your research before making a review
  • Prefer not to say nickname.
    Great content, definitely not stolen.
    They have two podcasts, some on one and others on the other. Not that one copied the other. So many false thoughts, when people just don’t know the origin. Either way, first D&D podcast I listened to, and still my favorite.
  • Marcel Marceauceau
    Need to shift over to/search the other Critical Role podcast source. They cut ties with Geek and Sundry after episode 19 if I’m not mistaken
  • pmac11111111
    Where’s the other episodes?
    No more episodes after 19?
  • jdyejsns
    Better to listen to this campaign on Spotify easier to find episodes and they’re all in order
  • Kitty Janet Junior
    Super stupid, and they copied someone else’s podcast. Literally, don’t listen to it.👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽. Plus, it’s not clean
  • josher the great
    Pretty good
    Pretty good kind of hard to focus on what character is talking or doing with so many of them
  • BMurph25
    Note to new listeners:
    Episodes 1-9 can be found at the very bottom of season 1. Unless you want to skip content, don’t start with “K’Varn Revealed”
  • adventure zone fannnn!!!!!!
    Not for me but maybe for you
    I didn’t enjoy the first few episodes because it kind of started in the the middle of the quest-ish and the audio wasn’t great. But, it had good characters and I good story. Give it a try
  • Delorian Time Machine
    Great for filling time…also it’s not stolen.
    These folks tell a fun story, and are engaging to listen to. If you like or love D&D, if you enjoy a well-produced story, or if you just have long travel stretches that you want to fill with more than talk-radio/music - here’s a fun alternative. Also, for all the commenters saying this is stolen audio, it’s really not. When CR started, they were a group playing a different TTRPG privately and were approached by Geek&Sundry to produce a D&D twitch stream. So this crew changed from the Pathfinder system to 5e and this channel was started to give an audio format to the Twitch streams. Part way into C2, they moved it to a different channel because they officially split from Geek&Sundry and became their own entity. That’s it, that is why there are two channels and why some live here and some there. G&S retains the rights to these episodes.
  • Thaton3guy19
    I’m sorry but I have to
    I know this is stolen from them but on their actual podcast I can’t find anything past Season 2 Episode 20. I might just not be looking far enough but that’s where I can’t scroll any further down so I gotta use this. Plus this is organized much nicer, I’m sorry but it is lol
  • Sw33pz
    Stolen audio. Grats.
  • wolfdagfa
    Look on youtube this is the channel they upload the d&d sessions to
    Yall think someone just reuploded it but if you were smart enough to look on youtube you would see that this is the same channel on youtube idiots
  • paladinartea
    Late to the party but loving this!
    I don’t have the time to play a D&D game much anymore, but listening to this podcast while working helps a lot :)
  • JC that's me
    Why someone would poorly steal from the actual CR podcast, then re-upload their stolen audio is BEYOND me!
  • Lily Wiley
    This is not the actual critical role podcast, this is someone who has taken the episodes and reuploaded them as their own. Please go listen to the actual podcast if you want to listen to this. To the person who is making this please take this down.
  • heylookitstatum
    Great show~
    - scratches my dnd itch - no idea what politics the other reviewers have mentioned - no problem accessing every episode here This show is a gift, and we’re lucky to have it. It’s so much work! Out for free! That’s amazing!
  • Crayon Shinchan
    Thought it’d be lame and too nerdy.
    Always fascinated with D & D. Love the weaving of storytelling I never played cuz I grew up in a Christian home and wasn’t allowed. I’m so angry about what I missed yet this allows me to escape and bring me back to my school days!!!
  • Volyann
    Love it
    I loveee your show! Gotta say I’d love to see a mighty nein animated bit.
  • arcade glass
    Removed Season 1?
    Season 1 pst episode 49 has been removed??? Bummer. I’m only at episode 74 and don’t wanna pay YouTube so I can listen with the screen dimmed. This is such a middle finger to fans. :/
  • BrogueTheRogue
    Episodes missing
    I want to listen, but episodes 1-9 of season one and episodes 1-20 of season 2 are missing. So I guess not.
  • brendan_1004
    No Sound
    I absolutely love the show but there’s been no sound i’m in episode 94 and want to listen while i drive but i can’t do that anymore :(
  • Margfghjiut
    Audio won’t play
    I’ve heard great things about critical role but no matter what I try I can’t listen to the audio for season 1
  • The spleen weasel
    Great show : horrible politics .
    Long story short: I’ve loved this program and the influence it has had on our hobby . However , even on some of the blatantly political ideas I agreed with, I don’t want it from my entertainment. Otherwise , fantastic program that I would recommend to most .
  • turbinesmind
    Poor execution of podcast
    This is a great show but now I can’t access any of the episodes so I can’t continue listening to it. Trying to listen to the episodes through critical roles website also doesn’t work as the episodes wont even play when you click on them. The show itself is five stars but it’s execution through apple podcasts and other auditory only mediums is abysmal. Watch the show through YouTube and don’t give podcasts your time or energy.
  • jfidnsbcurldn
    No Sound
    I got through campaign 1 episode 93 and now suddenly there’s no sound. I looked through the reviews and I’m not the only one. Fix please?
  • Katie.BOC1
    Love it
    Great show!
  • Stevieboi28
    NO SOUND!?!
    SOUND IS NOT WORKING!? um all of the sudden the sound doesn’t work I just got to the 100th episode for season 1 someone fix it please!
  • alex e 111222333
    Good podcast
    I like this podcast
  • mcewan3
    Absolutely love it!!!
    The actors do such a great job that, I feel like I know the characters. I am a newbie to DnD and now I am hooked.
  • thePostman55
    Love this podcast!
    I would give this 5stars but for some reason it getting deleted off my phone.
  • covtfofidkhfkhf
    Love it
    Love it
  • Kybear113
    The very best D&D podcast. Gripping Storytelling!
    This podcast has become my favorite, not only has it ignited a love for D&D but a love for the characters and storytelling. Push passed the first few episodes (audio quality is a bit rough) I promise you it’s worth it! This podcast is good enough to stand alone just for the D&D game play or as an audio experience for those in it just for the story. I’ve now completed all of campaign 1 and 2 in just a few short months. Give it a go, you’ll be hooked like me. Cannot recommend Critical Role enough, this podcast sets the bar for all other D&D podcasts out there! Thank you for the hundreds of hours of phenomenal content!
  • Rughster44
    Talented but somewhat annoying players
    Not horrible, but many of the characters became increasingly grating as the episode drew on. Couldn’t finish episode one
  • Haraket
    Really really rough audio quality at the entry point.
  • US Soldier.
    I listened to campaign 2 and between Thursday’s I’m listening to Vox for the first time. Audio quality was bad at first but fight through it because if you miss a thing you’ll be sorry. The best fantasy show I have ever watched or listened to. Well done
  • Beanstalk67
  • FearRection
    Beep beep
  • JWC2210
    How do you want to do this?
    Great story and amazing characters.
  • re: popcorn sales
    Truly Amazing
    I first came here looking for an amazingly reviewed live-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. But it became so much more. I recommend this podcast to the point where I BEG everyone to listen to it. This show has made me the Dungeon Master I am today, and I thank Critical Role for that.
  • <<-Dom->>
    A perfect show
    This show is so amazing. It has changed my life, and made me rethink how and Why I play DnD. Warning: some of the early talks machina episodes for campaign 2 are a bit rough on the edits, and have bursts of static that can hurt your ears.
  • definitelynotmattmercer963
    Best podcast
    As a new player who's dmed 2 games and played one game this is the best podcast of any.
  • lolpey
    Only heard two
    I’ve only heard two episodes and it’s allready my fav podcast!
  • hellofromDC
    So good!
    Love this show!
  • AsteroidKK
    OMG best thing ever
    So good I love it so much I’m always laughing
  • calefootball56
    Tried to get into Critical Role a while back, but could only find Campaign 2. More recently, I began to binge Campaign 1 this summer, but was stuck listening at 1.0x speed because I was listening/watching on YouTube. Got 9 or 10 eps in before falling off and never picking it back up. The mere convenience of being able to listen to this at 1.5x speed means this is now WAY more manageable. This is now a realistic undertaking. Already loved what I had heard so far, but now I’m ready to really get hooked.
  • Roxy55551
    Life savers
    I started listening to this podcast during a really depressing period of my life and fell in love almost immediately. I listened to it during work, on the car ride home, while doing chores, almost constantly! It made my days go by easier, gave me something to look forward to and even now that Im in a better place still brings a little bit of joy into my day. Thank you to the cast and crew who make this show possible you are all wonderful. The fact they also make a point to do charity work is also really amazing and i love that they try to contribute to the DnD and art communities as much as possible. Truly wonderful people <3
  • Ross4096
    Insurmountable joy
    At this point it would be criminal of me not to leave an interview. They’re absolutely phenomenal. I’ve made it halfway through their second campaign and I’m beyond excited to listen to Vox Machina and discover them as well because I’ve never been so captivated as I am now. These characters, the emotions, the acting, the voices oh my god the voices, and the incredible world that Matt Mercer has crafted for them. It’s all beyond incredible. My only regret is not getting into it years ago. Thank you so much to the cast for just the immense amounts of joy and love and comfort.
  • Dnstin
    Please stop eating.
    I just started listening to season one and I like the story/gameplay, but the sounds of chomping on ice and eating popcorn is sooooooooo distracting and obnoxious. I almost stopped listening. I really hope that goes away over time.
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