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“The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast,” the official Grateful Dead podcast, is a series devoted to exploring the music and mythology behind one of the most enduring, progressive, and influential bands in the history of recorded music. The podcast’s tagline is “For The Committed And The Curious,” as episodes will invite new fans to explore the band’s enormous mythology in digestible chunks and enlighten life-long Dead Heads about corners of the band’s history they never knew existed. No topic will be off limits on “The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast” as hosts Rich Mahan and Jesse Jarnow explore the band’s outrageous history, innovations, and impact from 1965 to today.

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  • CCEF75
    Amazing shows
    Tremendous research! Thank you so much. Really enjoyed the Podcast on Watkins Glen.
  • radballen
    Deserved deep dives into music history and culture
    Masterful podcast. Jesse Jarnow is an expert assembler of research and interviews. These meditations on the Dead are a national treasure.
  • gatorknit
    Excellent stories music and history
    I have enjoyed nearly every episode and congrats to the team for lots of history and music interpretation and interviews. Makes me smile to hear it. Good job podcasters. The season with Europe 72 tour packed with tales.
  • beach
    Good Grateful Dead Podcast
    They do a really fine job with discussions on the Grateful Dead. Always looking forward to another episode. Chris- Orange Beach, Al.
  • Brosens
    If you love music—
    All music, check out the “Stella Blue” episode.
  • bigsloth
    Excellent mix of Dead nerd-ness, and ethnomusicology.
    I have recently returned to regular listening of the Dead after having been off them for a while. Between the ReListen app or, the the hundreds of “official (though in some cases expensive) live releases, and now this podcast, it’s a great time to be a Deadhead because you can get your fill and then some.
  • Ty Webb1973
    Just wow!
    Endless gratitude to these fellows and all Heads! Being a Head is one of the greatest things in my life. Love to all!!!
  • rffp fan
    Snl tease
    You guys should totally do an episode on g.e. Smith and the Saturday Night Live sax sound.
  • TheRockBobster
    Just Eminently Listenable
    Great presentation, great information. Please just keep the episodes coming. //SOME TIME LATER// Still hitting all the right chords. Keep it up.
  • R2Dtowa
    Perfect Audio Comfort Blanket.
    This podcast is a warm comfort blanket of American music knowledge on The Grateful Dead and everything that spiderwebs out from them. The production is wonderful and they really do a brilliant job on fact and lore surrounding this band. A rabbit hole of information that isn’t overwhelming nor boring. This podcast is everything. Listen to it. Absorb it. Let it take you where you you want. The bonus tracks are not to be skipped. Super cool info on music history I didn’t know existed. Much love y’all! ❤️✌️
  • zakyfarms
    The deepest of dives, told with love and integrity.
    Kudos to the team behind this podcast! Engrossing being the scenes stories told with journalistic integrity, and yet with clear love of the music, musicians, and the scene as well.
  • That Guy in Tulsa.
    What a story
    I have been waiting all my adult life for this podcast. A thoughtful and deep dive into the world of the grateful dead. Not just how many times a song was played or the deification of Jerry but the back story to everything . Wow I am so impressed. Every episode is better than the last. Thank you for your hard work. It is definitely appreciated by this fan.
  • Yoach
    History Alive and Dead
    Great job weaving the Dead and pop culture through this amazing and insightful podcast!! Truely enlightening! It’s Cryptical!! The historical notes and integration across so many threads is simply amazing. I wish you would do this for each and every album in the Dead’s extended discography. I never want these to end!! So many roads!! Well Jesse and Rich, it is clear that, for the time being, you are going to be doing this for every album and more!! The ability to find first person narratives to enhance the stories and tell their versions are amazing. Continued success and longevity as you continue down the road!!
  • Wideopenwally
    50 years and getting clear
    My first Dead show Wake of the flood 1973 Philadelphia 50 years and it’s all clear how prophetic Relative and poignant the DEAD were then and just as much Now! A merging of sociology spirituality and Americana ideals with the sound track to the Dream! From Doby Gillis to Blue Grass and Vangelis thanks so much to the team for Compilin and archiving the voices the memories the inside backstories!! Glorious Angels dancing on a shelf of Light via Digital Pod
  • mnewstein
    Fascinating podcast about the dead in their times
    90 to 95% of the podcasts are 5+ with fascinating details about the dead and their history and culture. However, there are some podcasts which seem fairly focused on just promoting an album release, and these episodes are challenging to listen to even as someone who is fascinated with this group. Both in the case of the St. Louis release last year and now, with a current Iowa episode, they devote way too much time to promoters droning on about minutia and arcana that I would be surprised more than 1% of the audience have any interest in.
  • Maddog Indiana
    Fantastic information
    This has been a revelation. Direct, concise, informative, and a pleasure. Thank you for bringing this information to light!
  • Musicrmez
    I can’t believe this is free
    Absolutely fantastic
  • MacShifty
    Great Episode
    Of course the G.O.G.D. is the best podcast out there. This season has been awesome with the Pigpen shows and I loved the T.C. show as well. Hearing all the inside about ‘Live Dead’, the album I’ve listened to the most in my life, was incredible. Keep it up Rich and Jesse.
  • Vanilla Grits
    Not simply entertaining or informative (which it is!!) this podcast frequently moves me emotionally and makes me swell with pride to be a part of this community. It’s a rare and different tune in the podcast world. I’m Grateful.
  • Ned Snark
    Long Strange & Overdue
    A great 2 episode recap of Pigpen!
  • jenacatprr
    Truly a work of love and genius. So many details branching off from the main theme going deep into Dead History. I am so thankful for this long, strange trip.
  • Dc piano student
    Excellent podcast
    This such an informative, interesting, well presented podcast. I really enjoy it and often learn a lot.
  • franti fan
    the bomb diggity
    the interviews and storytelling are fire, i just never wanted an episode to end. in sweet anticipation por la segunda 2.
  • edmoiii
    Keeps the love alive
    Such a great way to remain engaged with the music of the Grateful Dead. Provides insights, great stories, music and interviews that remind us how great the music is. Started with the Europe 72 season because that’s the album that got me hooked and now I’m sure I’ll listen to every episode.
  • maysunset
    Incredible explorations of the Grateful Dead's history - for the committed and the curious
    As a journalist AND a Deadhead, I've never experienced anything that stimulates both hemispheres of my brain quite like the Good Ol' Grateful Deadcast.
    Grateful Deadcast
    Best podcast ever!!! Very informative and fun to listen to. Highly recommend!!!
  • Yolo175649
    Thankful for This
    This Podcast is excellent. For someone who got into the Dead later in life it has provided me with insight and first hand knowledge of what it was like during the hay-day of the band. Having never been to one of their concerts I feel like I was there at one. I am binge listening to catch up to the current season which I’ve already listened to. I can’t get enough of it. Excellent job on the podcast.
  • DG Detroit
    So Good
    This podcast is so good. Interviews with people involved. Song snippets & examples. If you are a Grateful Dead freak, you will love it. If you're not, it might turn you into one.
  • CmdrDarklighter
    Deep Dive!
    I really like all the different takes on the material, that range from factual to remembrances to analytical, all contributing to my appreciation for GD Music continuing to grow. Looking forward to the late 80's up to summer 1990, my generation's Peak Dead. As a former professional live sound engineer, I especially enjoy hearing about the genesis of Alembic, the Wall of Sound, and I suppose we will get to Meyer Sound Labs and Ultra Sound soon enough. Thanks for the hard work guys!
  • majestic_vistas
    A wonderful examination and reminder that the sound waves the band created for 3 decades are still rippling through our collective consciousness.
  • OEH77
    A Podcast Beyond Description!!
    As a long time (1st show 1973) Head, this podcast is one beyond description! An ESSENTIAL 'must listen to' podcast for all fans of this music...young & old!! Check it out...start at the beginning and let the good times (and takes!) roll!! OEH77
  • jjseapro
    Thanks for this!
    One of the greatest joys I’ve ever had with the Dead. So informative and interesting,
  • keithharrington
    Pure joy!
    I love listening to this podcast. Everything is so great! The sound quality, the excerpts, the stories, the mythology, etc. etc. It feels like a reunion and a party, and a celebration. Keep up the great work, y’all.
  • gundogmutt
    Definitive Work
    It’s hard to overstate the quality of this work. Whether you are a musician who loves the Grateful Dead’s music, or a fan, or someone who is interested in the cultural history of that time, there is nothing else out there I’ve found that presents this information in such an entertaining, relevant and authoritative way. From the interviews to the stripped tracks, there is something for everyone. It’s truly delightful. Thank you so much for putting this work out there.
  • RevTed
    Incredible To Have This Show
    What can I say? I got on the bus when I was 13 from my bro’s records and saw my fist show in Binghamton in ‘77. Cried hard the day Jerry died, and really appreciate being back in the unique vibe that is the Grateful Dead. Thanks, guys.
  • Times Herald Rag
    So much information
    A lot of recollections from the guests of the Europe ‘72 season meld fact with fantasy, but that is part of the whole Dead experience. You could never be quite sure what actually happened at a Dead show, or what you imagined. Like a good work of literary fiction there was more truth in them than than what happens in non fiction or real life. I love that they saved Ramble On Rose for one of the last deep song dives of the season. This song, which I was originally indifferent to after hearing it for the first time in 1980, has become a perfect representation of what their sound was all about. That shuffling beat, those disparate lyrics, and the deep groove- it all became so apparent about one year ago when I was hiking listening to a fall 71 version. Flash! I thought it is truly the “Deadiest” song.
  • _brightspring_
    Europe’72: Lille, Luxembourg, Munich
    This #8 of your Europe ’72 season is my favorite of the whole Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast so far - such a rich variety of commentators, witness, cultures, occurences, human experience and heart - Good job! (and thanks to all contributors)
  • kdecody
    Grateful Dead are personal to many people
    Having this Graham dude dissecting songs is a major turn off.
  • NurseBecque
    Excellent Grateful Dead podcast
    This is the perfect podcast for the dedicated Grateful Dead fan. Interviews and stories from people who lived in the Grateful Dead world all those years ago.
  • smilksmoothie
    i love it , I feel like I’m talkin to my dad bout the good ol days . Thank you for the hard work and wonderful production 🤘🏽🌈
  • kaebosher
    This is a must hear pod for any fan. The care and research put in to this project is unmatched. Cheers to Jesse and the team for this amazing documentation of this amazing American institution. There is nothing like this Grateful Dead podcast!
  • ReMatte
    Grate😉 Pod
    Love the deep dives into the greatest band!
  • Fliphandywork
    Awesome history in the good old Grateful Dead.
    It’s fantastic to hear all these stories about how the Grateful Dead became the Grateful Dead. Love listening. 🙏⚡️🦉
    Peace-ing it together
    Basically you all are putting the perforated sheets back together square by square, completing the picture, the GD movie in my mind…super-8 timeline, rewind…fantastic fun microscopic music archaeologists you are.
  • bigfootpdx
    Amazing every week
    I hope every Deadhead listens with the same passion they listen to a 5/8/77 or a 3/29/90 or a 4/8/72 or whatever floats their fancy. Rich and Jesse and everyone else involved do an excellent job of bringing the Grateful Dead’s history alive. The interviews, the music theory, the trivia is all so rich and exciting. I look forward to every episode. Great job!
  • Josh the Carpenter
    More Pransters, Fewer Scholars
    I love this podcast for the great I-was-there-when-it-all-went-down story telling, and also the great historical and geographical contexts! But, please no more Grateful Dead “scholarship!” God bless the scholars being who they are, but it sure does take the fun out of an otherwise good time!
  • PowDad
    Thank you!!!
    I love this show more than words can tell. Despite having a four-plus decade relationship w the music, l learn so much and, at times, I laugh out loud! The stories told by guys like Parish and Cutler, and the sweet memories from Donna Jean and some of the lesser known characters…it is simply wonderful in every way. Jesse—you da man!
  • Paul of Portland
    Thank you!
    Always happy when a new Deadcast come on. Very entertaining. I listened to the Dead since around 1970, but didn’t see them live until 1973, so I missed seeing Oigpen. Always loved his contributions, though.
  • streetkats
    Makes me so happy
    This is my favorite podcast!! Such amazing content, brings so much joy to my days. Thank you!
  • JasonMineer
    Absolutely great but missing actual members
    Everything about this is great, from research and writing, the host Jesse Jarnow voice is amazing. Only thing missing is actual interviews and stories from members Bob, Phil, Billy & Mickey. Would be nice to get them seeing as their financially benefiting from the sales on releases of music these shows are promoting
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