Why This Universe?

Science #65Physics #2

The biggest ideas in physics, broken down. Join theoretical physicist Dan Hooper and soon-to-be physicist Shalma Wegsman as they answer your questions about dark matter, black holes, quantum mechanics, and more. Part of The University of Chicago Podcast Network.

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  • EmmeTiErre
    Thanks you (and a comment)
    I love this show and I’m in awe at all the work you put into it! I’m a fan of physics podcasts and this is one of the best. Just one comment: is it possible to turn down the music (or avoid it completely) for long segments when someone’s speaking? The high volume is very distracting and the bass and percussions of the jazzy music make it hard to follow the speech. Thank you again!
  • hkfhkvjf
    Radiation doc here. Find myself really looking forward to your podcasts. Great explanations of topics, I really didn’t fundamentally understand, when I took physics.
  • hozro93
    Great physics podcast
    The hosts discuss cutting-edge topics with well laid out explanations and descriptions.
  • BryanJField
    A great listen!
    This is a wonderful podcast that brings very advanced topics to interested listeners. Dan and Shalma have a fantastic ability to describe complicated topics where you can truly understand why they are important.
  • Brendrach
    New Age PopSci!
    Dan and Shalma provide an astonishing amount of information so concisely! I cannot recommend this show enough!
  • Daniel's #1 fan!
    Fun and educational
    Dan and Shalma are fun and insightful!
  • Socks 404
    A step deeper than other pop sci podcasts
    If you listen to other podcasts on popular science, you find that after a year or two you hear ideas repeated many times, and learning something new becomes less frequent. This podcast probes astronomical concepts at a basic enough level to understand if you’re scientifically literate but deeper than you hear in most popular podcasts. It’s exciting to hear these concepts taken to the next level after skimming the surface so many times.
  • Chaim K.
    5 stars for The 5 W’s of Science...especially Why!
    This podcast is now part of my regular rotation Thanks to the hosts’ incisive commentary and outstanding analysis that is easy to understand but hard to forget. Keep up the great work guys...the Universe is depending on you!
  • jkleinbaum
    Perfect approach!
    Dan and Shalma break down topics in a way that's interesting for all levels of physics enthusiasts!
  • D-Ross57
    Engaging, enjoyable physics
    As a casual fan of physics with no real aptitude for the hardcore science and mathematics I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Dan has a way in his books and now podcast of speaking about very complex topics in an entertaining and engaging way for non-physicists. Highly recommend for anyone that wants a glimpse into the mechanics of our universe.
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