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Welcome to PlanBriUncut where Barstool Sports’ Brianna Chickenfry- who is known as the Dr. Phil of college advice - gives the rundown of what it’s actually like navigating your life in your early 20’s. She’s not here to sugarcoat anything, sharing her insane drunken memories all while giving tips on relationships, friendships, partying & much more. Joined each week by a guest (mostly from TikTok, where Brianna herself rose to fame), this podcast is here to get us through these years of our lives together. Unfiltered & authentic, cheers to us trainwrecks

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  • Hailey1111111
    Love this pod but pls stop talking over Gia it’s hard to listen to
  • LynB03
    I love grace & bri
    I live alone and put on this podcast everyday on my tv so I don’t feel alone and quiet. I just love to hear them talk and laugh and they are the best. Big love
  • yaegermister12
    I love these girls sooo much. You wanna laugh and feel like “one of the girls” this is your podcast. I get so excited when they post a new podcast and I love watching them on YouTube too. Keep up the great work girls
  • Shayla Dub
    See the potential
    I love Bri and Grace and I’m excited to see how far they go! My only thing is I want them to have a more structured run of show bc they end up rambling on ab random insignificant things sometimes rather than having conversations ab interesting topics. I think they really shine in interviews though!
  • cate313
    Love this show
    Heyyyy babies. Love this show sm you guys kill it every week and I love listening sm 😍 But had to come on here to say that the taylor swift take is so bad lol. I’m not even that big of a fan of hers but her lyrics are so genius it’s insane. Saying that you hang out with all these “cool New Yorkers who have their own identity” is hilarious to me. No offense at all but my family is from New York City and I know for a fact that the majority of the people there are just trying as hard as they can to be different. So god forbid they like taylor swift even though she objectively has the most impressive discography of any other artist of our time. Again I’m not even a huge fan of Taylor’s music. But not understanding her impact and her talent if beyond me. Don’t fall for the “cool New Yorker” thing. Bc that’s wayyyyy more basic than being a taylor swift fan is
  • Lily M. (2022 Florida Bride)
    Need more Grace
    I won’t listen to an episode unless Grace is on it! We NEED MORE GRACE OMALLEY! She makes the show!
  • Kaitlin Offerman
    Love the Poddy
    Love the podcast, love Brianna, but I LOVE GRACE!! I need more Grace representation. I hope she gets a raise and some name placement soon.
  • grace omalleys #1 fan
    give my girl grace credit 🥺
    love brianna so this is no shade to her…. but grace is one of my favorite content creators ever. she is so relatable and funny and deserves credit!! not only is she not included in the description, but she’s not listed as a cohost ??? if that’s the case why is she in the artwork??? i just feel like grace deserves better
  • osiuyz
    Cynthia Parker a NO
    LOVE YOU GUYS… I had to turn off the interview with Cynthia is was so boring, felt you had to speak, answer, think for her.. big fail.
  • ckfisher72392
    Technical difficulty
    Love the girls, listening in my car though is hard to hear especially with the guests
  • laiiidey
    Cool to listen to sometimes
    most of their podcasts arnt pc and i lose brain cells when they say something that doesn’t make sense and they don’t fact check which they should… interesting topics tho…
  • Breenicolle6
    bro 😎 pease fix the sound
  • The A Meister
    LA Interviews - big NO
    Love you guys so much and will always leave 5 stars, but the LA interviews were so tragically bad (besides Erin and Carly). Tara??? Cynthia?? I couldn’t even listen, had to turn them off. They were so so bad, why give Tara a platform? You shouldn’t feel like you guys need to interview all the D-listers of LA, you guys are much better on your own!!
  • kaseyo94
    Both beasts
    Love to listen to you guys look forward to tuesdays and Thursday’s because of you ❤️
  • Meg archer
    Love you both 💕
  • chickenfry4ever
  • aallllicccciiiaaa
    Bills mafia
    Grace next year please come to Buffalo and I’ll take ya to a real bills mafia tailgate!
  • lindsiferr
    Chickenfry for president
    🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡 🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡
  • Anna Boisclair
    Bri, O Malley, Gia, and Hannah are my favorite people and absolutely love the pod! I only have one friend and because we live miles apart we don’t get to spend a lot of time with each other, listening to the pod makes me feel like I have a friend to hangout with. The pod never fails to make me feel surrounded, heard, loved, and dead from laughter. The crew always puts a smile on my face and is THE highlight of my day. Everyone is so genuine, sweet, and hilarious! Even when it’s isn’t Tuesday or Thursday I still find myself going to play an older episode. The pod is a literal lifesaver and keeps me in a good headspace. Whether its Bri and Grace catching us up on their lives, or sharing crazy stories, they never disappoint!! Even when the pod isn’t playing, I’m always thinking about my beast girls. Everything is so relatable and real, I’m so happy to have PlanBri in my life!!
  • taytaybarns
    Love these girls
  • crimeap
    Hope Grace is Ok!!!!!
    Missed you guys but totally understand !!! Life is hard🫠 you guys are amazing 🕺
  • tuclalol11
    Go besties
    I listen and feel like I’m hanging out with my besties!! Please never stop
  • everynicknameitrygetsdenied
    Just discovered this pod and have been binging all the episodes. Love love love. I’m a new mom and their chaotic stories make me feel human again
  • kAttd0g
    Sleep when you’re dead XD
    I don’t agree with their view points on everything but hey that’s okay! I LOVE these two. Grace is such a gem and an adding her to PlanBri was the best decision ever. The girls have a great dynamic and always make me laugh. Love that there are two episodes a week now. Love you guys. Sending 5 stars your way 😘💖
  • Lija akksaka
    Best podcast ever
    Seriously this podcast cracks me up and they have some hilarious takes on things. I dont get the hate coming their way at all.
  • giggubh
    I find this the most relatable and funny podcast out there! So happy there will now be 2 EPS a week because I simply can’t get enough of the Bri and Grace dynamic. NAME A MORE ICONIC DUO 🔥👯‍♀️
  • hadderdadder
    Long episodes are amazing
    Love ‘em long u get me
  • jchap318
    Not great …
    As someone who’s going through a very painful infertility journey right now your latest podcast was incredibly insensitive and disheartening. I love you guys but it’s time to grow up and be aware of your audience and the impact of your word.
  • julezzz4564
    Love this show!
    This show is the best! Grace, never change!
  • CountNikki
    Love it!
    Feels like I’m chilling with some friends. Thanks for staying true to you no matter what the haters say.
  • Fyyerfly
    You don’t wash your hands
    Please don’t give advice on anything when you don’t even wash your hands. That’s disgusting and we know you’re not joking. Gross. If your to ashamed to be seen having NOT washed, then maybe you should wash them.
  • Chestnutlolhgn
    Really terrible takes and honestly nothing of substance comes from listening. Used to be a fan now I can’t stand it
  • Cheer bay
    “Be a decent human”
    It’s really disheartening to see the path Bri is going down… Seems like she’s completely losing herself. Bri contradicts herself a lot between the two podcasts she’s on/her tiktok to the point where she’s just blatantly lying. The feather boa debacle was obvs petty and she clearly lied about the entire story (confirmed by her story time that she posted and took down shortly thereafter) but regardless, she acted disgusting and just seems like an unwell, toxic person :( Bri — take care of yourself and go back to being “a decent human”
  • lydiamcc
    grace stan
    You guys tells stories on this podcast that I would take to my grave. Obsessed.
  • Dohe1kay
    One blow your noses
  • marrrrelizzzzz
    Too many QuICk CoMmErCiAl BrEaKs
  • adorbeelyab
    Love you guys
    Best podcast you make me laugh so much! I love how you just say whatever makes it feel like Im just hanging out with you. Also, everyone hates on Grace but she is the reason I listen she makes the pod so awesome!
  • dorthythelion
    Love so much
    Fav pod. Og CHD vibes. Love the accents
  • aribult
    the best podcast known to man
  • Alicia Gates
    Fav Duo
    My absolute favorite duo adding Grace was 🤌🏼🤌🏼 very good, very good
  • DezzDezz5
    this podcast is full of judgmental women
    I don’t understand how women, especially women who are older, are comfortable bringing down girls who are younger than them. I listen to this disgusting podcast, where these judgmental and disgusting women degraded Millie Bobby Brown.
  • DDDDD11111ZS
    Get rid of that side chick
    That Grace girl is awful.
  • ecmecm123
    Stop the accents and grace
    The accents are sooo painful to listen too please just do normal content it was so good at one point. And love grace but we don’t need her on every episode it’s just nonsense and unenjoyable :(
  • Ecrab365
    Love you both
    Enjoy the pod every week.
  • kamurph12
    I do miss solo bri episodes! I like grace coming on every so often but there was something special with the solo shows
  • my names haley too 😂💖
    Keep spiraling
    I love to spiral w yaw
  • wewantben
    Love this pod
    I LOVE THE ACCENTS LET THE HATERS HATE. I’m a not very kewl not very chill girl. And I love grace!!!!
  • Angry tweeter
    Please stop
    Lacking substance lately. Hard to listen to.
  • deboonk
    Recycled garbage
    Same thing as another other girl pod. Both girls say crazy stuff while teatering on the edge of being cancelled. Been done a thousand times. Don’t waste your time.
  • sarah albertt
    Love the pod
    Love the new era and the addition of Gia make the show 1000 better
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