Don't Ask Tig


Need advice? Comedian Tig Notaro doesn’t have all the answers, but that won't stop her from fielding your questions on life's many challenges. With the help of her friends and the occasional expert, Tig gives her best inexpert guidance on everything from lost love to giving yourself a haircut with toddler scissors. We're warning you now: Don't Ask Tig.

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  • H in MD
    Fun diversion
    Humorous podcast with interesting guests. Great break from the stress of daily life and wish there were more frequent episodes!
  • rooster6987
    Tig, I’ve dug you since your special on…Netflix? Dunno, but the brilliant and dark one. Oh❤️people are Bitchin when they’re RAW!👍✊I’ve noticed a mellowing and zen/ chinless in you recently.yay! You have plenty of personality edge, critical mindset, etc. good for you, you awesome person👍✌️
  • Mowo3382
    Sexist racist garbage
    An epic tragedy that this podcast hasn’t spontaneously combusted
  • Knitting in Florida
    Listen to Don’t Ask
    The title for this podcast “Don’t Ask Tig” is perfect, as I’ve come to appreciate Tig Nitaro, ever since first hearing her LA comedy set on This American Life. You have to listen to her in order to earn the inevitable smiles & chuckles she brings. She continues to delight me by her unpredictably contrary remarks. This podcast is another lovely offering from my favorite comedian. While some of her guests are new to me, I trust her conversations will be charming and make my morning exercise time fly by, imagining I’m there & a part of the fun.
  • whyduhitme
    How did I only now find out about this Pod Cast?
    This will be a go to for my long LA commute, so happy to have found your Pod Cast.
  • Sdpaint
    Thx for keeping me laughing!
    I paint floors (and other stuff) for a living and rely on podcasts to keep me entertained while spending hours planning out designs. Check out my work on Instagram @shellypaint and please know that your podcast has contributed to my success cause if I weren’t laughing, some of these designs would have me crying!
  • PacaLapuerta
    Dr. Penelope Toast
    My two month old beagle mix is named Dr. Penelope Toast. She’s a rescue; so, I’m just assuming she has an MD. She doesn’t strike me as an academic. Besides, I feel tenure at an accredited university is unlikely due to all the biting with her needle teeth.
  • Addaruffa
    Is it over?? Haven’t seen a new podcast drop.
    My favorite show for sure! Hope Tig continues. I haven’t seen a new interview since Cindy Lauper.
  • Rayandee
    I love the risks Tig takes as she hosts and delivers a delightful dish of audible media. See what I did there…this was created while I listened to Sarah’s visit. Make sure you tune in.
  • C. Yodikur
    Thanks Dana!
    Love this podcast! It is so funny! I’ve learned some actual good advice from the show, even though a lot of it is jokey- Tig does have a lot of wisdom to share :) I am almost caught up, only one more episode left. Glad she has another podcast I can listen to in the meantime. I am thinking of getting a dog just so you can name it, jk, cat person.
  • Z Colley
    I am a huge fan. But Jane Velez Mitchell ??????!!???
  • kimroseh
    Listening to Tig’s podcast has added so much joy to my days.
  • (KCW)kcw
    Love Tig, love the show
    I anxiously await a new episode and think Tig is one of the most naturally hilarious people in the world!
  • marywoofbury
    My New Favorite Podcast!
    I love Tig and this podcast just gets better and better. I re-listen to all of the older ones on rotation to fall asleep just because I love the sound of her voice.
  • JacobRodgers42
    I want to be her friend :(
    This show is so entertaining and Notaro seems super down to earth. 10/10 would love to be her friend. Also, she has on pretty interesting guests!! Always looking forward to the next episode.
  • shessodreamy
    Seriously this has been a life-changer
    While 2021 is no where near as horrible as 2016-2020 when things became exponentially worse every moment, there still is a lot of awful in the country. Tig is freakin brilliant and hilarious and her guests are incredible. What a totally bizarre, awesome podcast! Thank you, Tig!
  • copisti
    Great Company
    Tig and her guests make great company: like friends sitting around the kitchen counter. Thanks for the laughs. Now…what questions to submit??
  • Lunadappa
    Fairly new follower 🙃
    Love the show ,the guests and of course you. I don’t typically do zombie movies but had to watch army of the dead. Was pleasantly surprised how good it was and you were fantastic! Now after listening to this week’s episode I guess I’m gonna have to dig in to Star Trek 😁
  • Jenx1981
    Quick new fave
    Love Tig. This podcast is perfect in a lot of ways. I also don’t trust people who don’t find Tig Notaro funny.
  • Jilly Gee
    Love this show
    I’ll pretty much watch or listen to anything that involves Tig—she is so herself. It’s inspiring. I love this podcast, which is saying a lot because interview-format podcasts are not my jam. Keep up the good work, Tis!
  • HhhsjskallPoooiyrdbenemmdk
    The best
    I’m driving my family crazy listening with my headphones. I have been cracking up and cackling all day while binge listening.
  • Dothy666
    Funny and positive
    I love Tig! She is funny but also deeply cares about people, despite begging them not to ask her for advice! On the surface her show is a good way to relax and have a good laugh. But it is also deeper than that - it has very positive values and messages of acceptance, tolerance and equality. I listen with my 11-year old daughter with confidence that it is helping her growing to be an open-minded, tolerant and fun person. Thanks Tig!
  • dePturn
    I’ve listened to a few of episodes more than once. Tig is hysterical and has some entertaining guests. I look forward to the new episodes every week. Thanks to everyone involved, appreciate your hard work!
  • TJ Maxx Candles
    New Favorite Podcast
    I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to review this show, because I talk about it all of the time. Tig is absolutely hilarious and she structures the show so well. I only wish the episodes could be longer! Tig brings in such diverse guests, and even when I don’t know them, the conversations are so interesting. Can’t recommend it enough!
  • <~><~><~>
    My kids say “Don’t ask Tig!”
    My 9 and 11 year olds got into the car and heard that I was listening to the podcast and asked me if I’d ever submitted a question to the show then proceeded to tell me that Tig has advised repeatedly NOT to ask her for advice and that they recommend that I do not as they know how much I love her and wanted me to respect her wishes. 😂
  • Mmiicchhaaeell0036
    Tig is the Best
    I wish I could give this show more than 5 stars. Tig is hilarious and she brings out the best in her guests. I love this podcast.
  • Lala1270
    Such a freakin breath of fresh air. This podcast kept my spirits up while I was away from home working Covid ICU. Imagine what it can do for a person on a regular day. Thank you, Tig!
  • cgdebauchery
    Give the world Matchmade by Tig (alternate title: Game, Set, Match with Tig)
    Dear Tig, For the love of all that is holy, please make a matchmaking podcast. Inspired by episode with Jane.
  • Llb82
    So good!
    Tig Notaro is one of those people I’d love to hang out with except I’d be so awkward so listening to this podcast is probably better. It’s so good!
  • Emilyjane33
    A must listen
    Such a fun show. Tig has a great variety of guests, some popular and some lesser known who are fun to learn about & bring a great energy. This podcast is a great mix of comedy and actual advice! Plus I love the outro song, I look forward to listening it wrap up the show every time, so catchy!
  • CKphoto7
    Love Tig
    I have been a fan of Tig for a long time her comedy is great and is probably the most personable comedian to see live, This podcast let’s you enjoy all of her best While hearing her discuss things with outstanding guest! I LOVE IT
  • meowmixremix
    Sarah Paulson, Glennon Doyle
    Two of the best episodes. Cheryl Hines too!
  • Demi-tasse
    Sarah Paulson’s Gavel Auction
    I laughed until I wheezed like Snidely Whiplash with tears streaming down my cheeks. Thanks for making me look ridiculous while riding a crowded train to work.
  • lovealaska20
    This is the best podcast ever. The Sarah Paulson episode had me in hysterics.
  • Sportynerd
    Great mix of humor and human interest
    Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with your best friends
  • YodaJW
    Have to pay attention
    Her best lines come when you least expect it.
  • Plainmama
    Love Tog and her comedy. This was a totally bingeable podcast. Pick a couple favorite guests and then you’ll find yourself addicted.
  • CarmenF111
    A favorite
    Don’t ask TIG is one of my favorite podcasts. She has interesting and funny conversations with her guests,And they offer sensible and compassionate advice to the people who write in.
  • Chitown Jamie
    Tug is Awesome!
    Tig has some of the best guests and is a great interviewer. She’s so cool and mellow. Kind of want to see a dark side (or maybe not). Jeremy
  • vivaconcordia
    Every episode
    I believe there’s something for everyone in every episode. I get a lot out of the conversations, the topics that are familiar or something that I connect with as well as things that might effect me or my loved ones that I wasn’t quite aware of (those are my favorite). Also, Tig and her guests are hilarious, in every episode. Don’t try to sleep to this podcast, they are far too interesting.
  • CMJ682
    Sarah Paulson
    I took the advice of another reviewer and listened to this episode. It is so funny! I was crying.
  • podsarefun
    Love Tig!!
    Such a fantastic podcast!!!
  • Kelly can't afford a nickname
    Huge Fan
    I need your humor to get me through the day. I have introduced you to so many people. My Mom and Brother thought under a rock was fake, I had to assure them that it was real. I can relate to your love of music, I love every genre of music. I've watched just about everything you've been in, read your book and passed it on to people with wonderful taste. I listen to both your podcasts and want to be friends with you and Cheryl. I love a good documentary and just watched Crip Camp after listening to your review. One that has stuck with me for years and it's not a happy one, but one that was so compelling was Dear Zachary: a letter to his son about his father, you have to watch it. Don't forget to tell Becky.
  • KateChickES
    Just love. That’s all. The advice is great (sorry, Tig ... it is), but the tangents are even better.
  • nick's named
    Too much self promotion
    I enjoy the actual podcast and variety of guests. The constant self promotion gets old very fast.
  • melbgirl123
    Love it
    I just discovered this podcast Tig is vulnerable, warm and funny The perfect combo for a podcast Thanks for being so real Tig BTW Thanks Diane
  • billstaxdebt
    Don’t Ask Tig
    If you’re a fan but don’t happen to be Tig’s BFF, this is the next best thing. It’s like hanging out with her, or maybe like if you rolled down the window of your parked car while she was chatting with a friend on the sidewalk and you got to listen in. Any way you slice it, this is something I could listen to 24/7. Try it! You’ll like it!
  • Nicole_DPT2
    I “went” to E Cornell!
    Tig! I’m a big fan of both the podcasts and I think you mentioned your nutrition certification on a previous episode. I thought, “I wonder if she did the same course that I did?” Then I heard the podcast with Ed Helms and I was compelled to write in and share. I also got my certification in plant based nutrition from e Cornell! I have my little print out certificate as well! So that makes at least 2 of us :) congrats on your self education. Hashtag Plant strong :) Nicole from NJ
  • VGC 123
    Her show with Sarah Paulson was on off the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Guaranteed to make you laugh with hilarity.
  • Kyoostar1
    I LOVE this podcast!
    This will say it all - Tig’s podcast is the ONLY podcast where I actually listen to all the ads rather than fast forward thru them! I love the podcast, laugh hysterically all the way thru, and I love Tig’s voice. I laugh the second I hear it! My husband always knows when I am listening to Tig even if he is in another room just by my laughter. The podcast is stellar and the choice of guests has been awesome. I have heard about so many other podcasts and series by listening to Tig.
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