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Need advice? Comedian Tig Notaro doesn’t have all the answers, but that won't stop her from fielding your questions on life's many challenges. With the help of her friends and the occasional expert, Tig gives her best inexpert guidance on everything from lost love to giving yourself a haircut with toddler scissors. We're warning you now: Don't Ask Tig.

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  • tori_was_here2
    So funny and relaxed. Love to listen.
  • skeitzee
    Here’s why you should subscribe to Don’t Ask Tig:
    Don’t Ask Tig has upped my entertainment. Up yours.
  • Danib810
    Love the show
    This show is wonderful. Each guest brings something different and Tig does so great with every one of them
  • Alisha M 18
    I love all things Tig
    I love this podcast. That’s it.
  • Nimashan
    Thank you for making me laugh on days I’ve needed it the most. Love the banter with your guest and the trying to one up them on advice. You’re awesome don’t ever stop being Tig, Tig!
  • Janice on Guitar
    Best Theme Song Ever
    You win at theme songs. Your open and closing number is the best song on my radio... I also enjoy your deadpan voice giving advice. It's like podcast version of Dr. Katz Professional Therapist. I'm so glad I have a friend in Tig.
  • Sassysusan58
    I absolutely love this podcast. Tig & her guests make me laugh nonstop. I just listened to the episode with Sarah Paulson & I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
  • Knott.Melanie
    In love with Tig all over again
    I just recently watched Tig’s documentary on Netflix and appreciated her story and how she moves through the world. I am so glad I found her podcast. Funny and relatable, no surprise. Thanks, Tig!
  • iKat-lyn
    Here me out.
    You and Sarah Paulson have the best chemistry to enlighten peoples days! I’ve never laughed so much. Please. Get her to do a podcast with you. I’ll pay you in reviews.
  • AlisoninLA
    Admit it
    Tig is the best. So funny. Love love.
  • ClaireBear Olivas
    Sarah Paulson is the best auctioneer ever
    Start the year off right. Laughing with Tig.
  • Casey R!
    The gavel auction
    I’ve listened to the Sarah Paulson episode 3 or 4x over the years and still I have tears streaming down my face 😭 by the end of the “auction”. Truly one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard and thank you for bringing it back.
  • Farphalotus
    Love these two together. Very different personalities, but quite similar senses of humor. “The whole is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.”
  • jbird16
    excellent and funny
    this podcast is not only funny it really gives good advice! going back to listen to all
  • Cdotson34
    Such a refreshingly, Absolutely FUN, and super entertaining podcast!
    Tig Notaro is such a fantastic host for this type of show. Super fun, always makes me laugh (OUT LOUD) while I listen doing my landscaping work. My only wish is that it could be a longer show, because it is so enjoyable, uplifting and a true gem of a show. Maybe consider trying to extend into maybe an hour show? Do a ‘Hooouu Boy’, ‘Advice from Yesteryear’, and ‘Best advice/Worst advice’ segment with each guest? I’d listen even if it was a two hour show! Love it so much! Tig and team, you guys make my day every time a new show drops! Keep it up!
  • disabled sk8er
    What a gem you are, Tig
    Tig, not only do I find your comedy enjoyable and relatable, I appreciate your candour when it comes to life lessons. Your perspective is valuable, keep it up! I love this podcast, and as a fellow human being sharing this Earth, I am glad to be sharing it with you.
  • jess7schreck
    Crying armcherry
    I started listening because i am am armcherry, and by proxy i listen to most kristen bell content shared by other armcherries. I started with that episode and i was crying laughing so hard. I figured i would listen to a few more and see if they were all equally as funny and indeed they are. I have been binging ever since. I am an avid podcast listener and rarely do i find a binge worthy gem like this, i dont want to listen to almost anything else, except armchair expert of course. I am going to be sad when i get all caught up. My only complaint is i wish the episodes were longer! My very favorite segment is advice from yesteryear and i get SO EXCITED every time its featured. Thanks for the brilliant content. Love you tig & becky.
  • Ms. Bookfan
    What a find!
    Loving this podcast! The delivery of advice by someone insisting to not ask is surprisingly straightforward and thoughtful! The humor, like the host, is understated, dry and delivered with just the slightest hint (and right amount) of sarcasm! Love it so much and recommend it highly!
  • Stacie0412
    My fav
    Love Tig. Love this podcast! Always makes me laugh. The world needs more Tig.
  • Scram Clown to Puss Town
    Thanks, Tig!!!
    Smiling the whole time I am listening!
  • Skwyatt0530
    Tig is the best!
    I enjoy this podcast, and I look forward to listening the advice of her guests! Keep it up Tig!
    Love tig
    Love it!!
  • JessJennK
    Love this podcast!
    Tig is hilarious and I love her guests and their advice!! 10/10 always recommend!
  • JessNycRoma
    Love this!
    Despite its name, there is some really good advice in this podcast. The format is great, as a combination of interviews and advice , and the guests are great. Listen!!
  • caseycorbin
    Yes I Laugh Am Not Robot
    After this episode, I now know I have a reason to buy a treadmill. I am looking forward to laughing and falling off of it listening to you!
  • jenny jen jen jen!
    So soothing
    There is something so soothing about Tig's humor and presence. The podcast feels like hanging out with a dear friend. She doesn't know we are dear friends- but we are. Thanks Tig!
  • Ebberr
    What a great podcast!
    I just found out about this podcast the other day. I don’t know how I have been able to get through with out it! Tig you are so funny and I love how you and your guests answer the questions! And I love the therapy etiquette questions at the end.
  • podmamma
    Future show!
    I just watched One Mississippi after hearing Tig talk about it so much on her pod. Please please please do a follow up show on Tig & Stephanie’s lives now with kids and the whole family! You guys are amazing and your chemistry on the screen is beautiful!
  • hayley-bee_nyc
    Tig and Mae!!
    I have been a fan of tig’s since her iconic set at largo. I literally restarted feel good last night and love it so much. Two people with incredible talent, humor, and warmth.
  • Cindy949
    Funny, funny!!
    Great questions and really great we’ll thought out advice!
  • cherylanneo
    Very fun podcast!
    Tig is so smart & funny!
  • Okay dorky
    So Dang FUNNY
    I rarely laugh out loud at things- I just laugh inside my head. But This podcast breaks through and actually gets me giggling.
  • RetiredTeacher22
    Humor and Heart
    From your stand ups, to One Mississippi, to Don’t Ask Tig, I am a super fan. While many podcasts are informative, they also can get me down, considering the state of our country. But listening to you is a huge uplift in my day. Thank you for being a role model to my two queer daughters. I can’t wait for a new season. (And I’ll still devastated that One Mississippi only had 2 seasons.)
  • Karen(anything but)
    Please come back!
    Breathlessly awaiting the return of your fabulous podcast!
  • shuafly
    Waiting for your return;)
    I love and miss this pod and hope you are able to have Emmy winner Sheryl Lee Ralph (who was so great on “One Mississippi” … which I loved 🥰) on this podcast and congrats to Tig on her success and Sheryl on hers…what great work you both do…💚
  • Callie O'Malley
    Yawning from 5/25
    First of all, I love your podcast. Thank you for the gift of it, as I find it funny and relaxing. In your episode with Michael McKean, were correct about yawning helping to relax. When we yawn, it activates the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic response which helps us to relax. you and Stephanie are both awesome! Katie Lyons, Chicago
  • SKOboogaloo
    Absolutely delightful
    I love this podcast so much. It’s so funny, sweet, and just really good company in the car or doing whatever. Tig is wonderful. Thanks for doing this!
  • Momjeans123
    This podcast makes me smile. Keep doing what you’re doing. :)
  • Crazyxchick90210
    Miss you
    Hope this podcast comes back. It’s fun and light and I enjoy it very much!
  • RSkarpholB
    Like having a best friend in the seat beside me
    I spend a fair amount of time in my car, driving my kids to meet their dad for exchanges since dad lives halfway across the state. Listening to Tig keeps me calm, amused, and grounded. I feel like I have a friend sitting next to me, which is very helpful when things are tense between me and the ex. And bonus, Tig doesn’t ever steal my snacks. Thank you for your warmth, humor, genuineness, and kindness. Your best friend you’ve never met, Ronica
  • Dinosour23
    Love the show, but I have two observations..
    Love your PCast Tig as well as your other Pod with Cheryl Hines😄 So, my first observation is about your podcast title, “Don’t ask Tig”. When I first saw the title I immediately heard “Don’t ask, don’t Tig” in my head. Missed opportunity or bad PC due to its political ties. Second observation is all the “bleeping”of swear words. Is this because your boys are listening? Keep up the great interviews, ScottyM
  • FemSpartan
    We need the laughs!
    You are a renaissance woman. Thanks for bring the world more funnies, more things for my busy brain to work on. Yes. Love the show. Thanks bro.
  • CarrieofFL
    Love your podcast and your spirit!
    I am much older than you Tig and did my job so well my sons have successfully moved to all parts of the country! Because I am high risk, I spent the entire Pandemic absolutely alone every evening after work and on weekends and even holidays. The way you engage with your listeners and guests draws me into the conversation as if I am there! This podcast helped me wait the loneliness out and now helps me to sleep most nights. I put on my timer, and listen to now-familiar conversations from intelligent people. Keep up the good work!
  • GD 100594
    Please come to Baltimore
    I don’t know how I came upon this podcast, but I can listen to nothing else until I’ve listened to all of the episodes. I’ve also rewatched all of Tig’s specials. Please add a stop in Baltimore (or within a 30 mile radius) to your Hello Again tour!!
  • Kelseyh22
    DO Ask Tig!
    I fell in like with Tig Notaro after hearing her on Conan O’Brien’s podcast & liked her so much I had to tune in for her very own podcast. I’ve now fallen in love with Tig & her dry sense of humor, hearing about her health struggles, her marriage & her cubs. Keep up the GREAT work! Love the interviews.
  • Lagamerrd
    Always a fan
    Tig’s style of dry delivery & sweet silliness is a bright spot in my day. I laugh out loud every episode.
  • caryballard
    Not funny
  • rjrigby
    This podcast makes me happy. Some days are hard, anxiety is high. One of my self care strategies is Tig. I love this podcast, her humor has me laughing out loud, often waking up my newborn, but it’s worth it.
  • thait88
    Tig Gives the Best Advice!
    Started listening to this podcast not too long ago, in addition to Tig’s other podcast with Cheryl Hines. Tig and her guests really does give thoughtful and funny advices to her listeners. Glad I found this podcast.
  • OldKidvsGlobalWarming
    Best blog ever!
    If there were awards for dry humor, Tig would win, hands down. I love her and her sense of humor. Her guests are not all people I would otherwise know, so it’s great to hear her banter with them. Some of the advice is absurd, but some of it is actually quite deeply insightful and thought provoking. So keep remembering to push “record” and I’ll keep listening! Thanks.
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