The Piketon Massacre


The most notorious mass murder in Ohio’s history happened on the night of April 21, 2016 in rural Pike County. Four crime scenes, thirty-two gunshot wounds, eight members of the Rhoden family left dead in their homes. Two years later a local family of four, the Wagners, are arrested and charged with the crimes. As the Wagners await four back-to-back capitol murder trials, the KT Studios team revisits Pike County to examine: crime-scene forensics, upcoming legal proceedings, and the ties that bind the victims and the accused. As events unfold and new crimes are uncovered, what will it mean for all involved? What will it mean for Pike County? 

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  • Mrs Tuttle
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast! Hope it continues until the case is completely finished!! I wish there was a way to watch the documentary they talked about making but I cannot find it anywhere!!!
  • Dar Dar
    2nd season?
    First season was great. What's with the eerie background music? Focus on reporters "shock?" Who cares! The story isn't about them... Cheap sensationalism ruined it for me.
  • sdc70
    Please speak like an adult. It's cringe worthy. Like, like, like. Your voice and affectation is painful to listen to.
  • JaquelineWhite
    I wanted this to be so much better
    The story line is really interesting but the podcast doesn’t tell it linearly which makes it difficult to follow. They use so many clips of journalists providing opinion or guests who don’t seem very relevant to the story. It’s also incredibly repetitive but season 2 is an improvement.
    Way too many ads
    I stopped listening because half of the episode is advertisements
  • UnderwearWolf
    Podcast is good but the ads with questlove begging for people to get vaccinated 🤮
    Podcast is very good, I find myself stacking other podcasts to some of my long time favorites and most don’t stack up for my own reasons, but this one is good. I can’t stomach the ads with QuestLove of all people literally begging for people to get vaccinated. I know it’s not related to the content of the podcast but it’s gross to me.
  • Scooter Jenrette
    Good story
    I’m enjoying the podcast overall. Wish the narration wasn’t so monotone. How many commercials do you really need in a 30 min podcast🙄
  • imhzk
    Lost its purpose
    This podcast started out ok, but eventually devolves into a circle jerk of journalists breathlessly describing how amazing and empathetic they are. Too much humblebragging to be considered true journalism. Nobody cares how personally connected to the case you’ve become. That’s journaling, not news.
  • hazelbnr
    The voice of the narrator, the writing, media clips, and interviews all come together to tell the events. The music & pacing👍 Tribal behavior, politicized religion, drugs are a dangerous combination that seem to be at the root of some crimes today.
  • Cauvin
    One of my favorite podcasts
    This is a very clear and compelling podcast. I really love. Great job keeping up to date and interesting.
  • Fbintx
    Intriguing case!
    Well done podcast, I like the lengths of the episodes. Enjoy the perspectives from both families. One issue. While two of the hosts are very professional, the other one Jeff Shane speaks like a 12 year old girl. Peppers in “like” and “literally”ad nauseam and has so much vocal fry that I want to shove an ice pick in my ears every time he speaks.
  • blonghauser921
    Interesting Story But Exhaustingly Boring Reporting
    A story worth a podcast but should have been 3 episodes shorter. Difficult to follow at times, redundant storytelling and did not do a good job stringing you a long.
  • ErnieJones
    Repetitive, Repetitive, Repetitive
    An interesting story, but investigate rather than repeat the same tired rumors and innuendo.
  • Emily Ann Pro
    Could have been put together a lot better
    They do their research on this one but it is so drawn out. I’m not sure if they are trying to make it so repetitive so we remember what happened the episode before but it’s not necessary. Also the one Wagner relative is so blindly loyal to her family it’s cringeworthy. Then they would ask her about all this stuff that the Wagners allegedly did and all she would pretty much say is “I have no idea”. She never had anything useful to say. Why would you interview someone like that?
  • Divame
    I have found this quite intriguing. I am sure I heard about the murders when it happened but now I find myself engrossed with this series. I travel occasionally I find myself wondering what secrets each little town holds.
  • bumblewatch
    I remember
    I remember when this happened. I felt each episode was well done. This is worth the time to listen.
  • TrudyDeeDee
    Great podcast!
    If you like True Crime podcasts you will love this one! One of the best I’ve listened to.
  • mrsknicely
    So fascinating
    This is a wild story and this podcast tells it so well. Definitely worth a listen!
  • imeatinggrapes12
    Interesting case, mediocre reporting.
    How many different ways can you say the same thing? Each episode is basically a recap of everything we know plus a few minutes of new information. Interesting case for sure, not the best podcast.
  • cdc4281976
    Not the worst I’ve heard...
    It’s a good story but dragged out to the point that it’s just the same things repeated over and over. Also some of the people they interview just sound really unintelligent. I am not trying to be mean or judge anyone. They could of done a better job editing it and made the people sound less dumb. Or the interviewer could’ve asked better questions.
  • TayTayClaire
    JUST WOW!!! Those poor children!!! It’s crazy how unintelligent not only the killer’s family sound during the interviews “they ain’t had no neighbors.” Lord! I forget those type exist! What’s worse, the hosts also can’t seem to land the correct grammar and English. It’s ‘empathic,’ not empathetic. This is the worst gossip podcast and so much false information. So sad that people make up information just for listens.
  • Mike Jones413
    Drawn out
    Incredible story but this podcast could have been told over an hour YouTube special. It felt like a giant waste of time, as I haven’t learned anything new since episode 2 or 3.
  • Blueswsky
    Boring, adding nothing to the facts already known
    Could only get through 2 episodes. A lot of us are already familiar with this case. The host is utterly monotone, passionless and dry in her interviews and narration. There is no intellectual curiosity or even inquisitiveness in her reporting. Talk about dialing it in. This whole production leaves so much to be desired. It certainly doesn’t do justice to this community, the case and the listeners wanting to understand. I can’t speak to the episodes no. 3 and beyond.
  • MICHE Queen
    Ohio Tragedy
    As an Ohio resident I remember the news alerts when this happened. Crazy awful & senseless! So sad.
  • JessieD4023
    New episodes not showing up
    They newest episode is not showing?
  • Specky4610
    Stop the music
    Good show but the dramatic music and cheesey b movie dun dun sound makes it less genuine.
  • StellaStarr25
    Details & Description Ad Nausem
    The first few episodes were interesting. But midway through first season interviews and details were repeated. I got lost on which episode I was on because they didn't change & no new info or players were brought in. And how many times can the host point out that this was a gruesome crime?? I'll follow this story on the news, thanks.
  • magmonkey34
    The delivery is just not plotted out well. And the one chick with the vocal fry?? Ugh, painful
  • Paulryan534
    Money grab
    This is a crazy story but it’s cringely obvious that the podcast is a poorly executed money grab with ads every couple of minutes and the entire thing stretched out way too far. Super repetitive and at the end, they don’t wrap it. Instead they launch into content that’s not even relevant to the story like pill mills in the late 90’s. Like what? Okay...clearly they’re just trying to create ad space at this point and have no respect for their listeners.
  • LinseyDrew
    Not a fan.
  • Ktbug022611
    Great podcast
    Great podcast, but wish I could get rid of the ads, although this is true for all iheartradio podcasts. The ads are so intrusive. Also, a couple episodes from Season 2 are listed as Season 1 and it’s throwing the episode order off a bit.
  • BLDT
    Engrossing storyline
    Great presentation of an evolving real-life crime. Well done and presented.
  • robbiez28
    Great story
    But….I’ve listened to more podcasts than I can count and this is the most inconsistent I have ever experienced with upload dates of new episodes.
  • minivan momma3
    Waaaay toooo looong
    Super interesting story. But takes way to long to get anywhere. After each episode, I found myself not knowing any more than I did from previous episodes.
  • b_blanks
    Extremely repetitive! I’m on episode 8 and really feel like I haven’t learned anything since episode 3. The episodes just keep dragging on it just really seems like it wasn’t put together very well. I just finished the last season on counterclock and they really have a great podcast format going on, lots of facts the timeline is very easy to follow. Sadly this is the complete opposite.
  • Dudemeister130
    Good Story, But you hear the whole thing 3 times
    This was a good story that was stretched out into way too many episodes. They repeat the same content multiple times. Soooooo annoying. Season 1 and season 2 could have been combined in a total of 4 episodes and it would have been great
  • Slg410
    Drawn out way too long without enough new info in each episode. The investigators’ voices were boring and annoying and sometimes made it hard to listen.
  • M&FsMom
    Wild Story, Well Researched and Told
    I can’t believe how crazy this story is, anyone who watches Ozark, Angie gives me heavy Darlene Snell vibes. The podcast itself moves quickly, easy to follow, lots of detail. No more ads than any other podcast I listen to! So worth a listen.
  • FerozafromNC
    Too many ads and stretched out for no reason
    This is such a horrific crime and could’ve been a great podcast but the hosts seem like they are reading from a piece of paper without any emotions. They repeat the same things over and over again and don’t get to the point. I was so interested in listening to this story and how it unfolds but this podcast does not do it any justice.
  • J$nndnd
    Could have been great. Reporting was mediocre at best and interviews with people close to the families were lengthy, somewhat repetitive and largely annoying. What a waste or energy.
  • J-niffer
    Repetitive beyond belief
    I was really interested to hear about this case so I downloaded all of the episodes for a road trip. I was disappointed with all of the repetition in the first one but stupidly thought the rest of it can’t be like that. I found myself skipping large chunks of the next episode. Because in addition to repeating the same facts over and over, they interviewed people about how they felt hearing what had happened. People who had no relationship with the deceased! I finally gave up and deleted the remaining episodes.
  • thatoneplace
    There’s far more commercials than substance.
  • alrink
    Lots of speculation, few facts
    This podcast relies on biased opinions of family members and lots of speculation. Six episodes in, and I learned virtually nothing about the case.
  • markbakerprague
    Very interesting story but too many ads
    Please cut the number of ads (they destroy the flow) and cut down on the repetition. Otherwise, this is a fascinating story and well told.
  • kohavicrimelover
    I love how Courtney Armstrong does this podcast. In love with it. So happy there is a second season. I love how it flows. I love how the second season is real time, and I love Courtney’s voice. It’s quick moving, very informative, organized with how many ppl are actually involved! Thank you! Can’t wait to keep following this case. 🌸
  • wunderpants
    Great podcast, don’t buy V-Shred.
    Great podcast, don’t buy V-Shred.
  • Alishine
    The subject matter is riveting, but the way it was presented was a bit rambling and repetitive. I think this could have been much better.
  • Tatiananicola
    Eh, alright
    Great content but it takes wayyyy too long to get to the point and Season 2 is just all about their conspiracies and opinions - I signed up for it hoping for the actual truth of what is going on.
  • alaskancritter
    total white trash drama
    all these idiots would have voted for trump
  • yogiemoji
    It’s interesting
    It’s interesting. I liked it, but it could do with 50% less Christina Howard. I’m sure she’s a great & lovely person, but they seem to rely on her A LOT.
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