The Idaho Massacre


On November 13, 2022, four students from the University of Idaho are brutally stabbed to death in an off-campus house. After a lengthy investigation and cross-country manhunt, a Ph.D. student from a neighboring university is charged with the crimes. As it turns out, the 28-year-old was majoring in criminology, studying the behavior of killers like the ones he would later be accused of becoming. Did he use his skills to become a real-life Dexter? Were the Idaho victims his first, or was a serial killer hiding in the midst? The producers of The Piketon Massacre explore all sides of the shocking crime in pursuit of the truth.

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  • Bright1983
    Good Podcast
    As I’m listening to “In the Dark” episode and your mentioning of Dennis Rader and the similarities of their studies. Rader attended Wichita State University which goes by WSU and Kohlbeger attended Washington State University, which also goes by WSU. A weird coincidence.
  • TPCansu
    Interesting saga
    I chose to listen to this podcast because it says IDAHO Massacre, however it is about a small town OHIO, yes there is a difference. Also. 30-45 minute segments with 15 minutes of commercials. Good story lined out for better understanding.
  • Katiec2300
    Mispronunciations derail whole podcast
    Someone please, I beg of you, teach this woman how to pronounce 1. Elantra and 2. Dennis Rader’s last name. The constant mispronunciations are extraordinarily distracting.
  • TBR1117
    Was hooked at first. But then I think the episodes became extremely repetitive and it felt like podcast was being dragged out
  • KatieW123911
    episode 4 is still subscription only
    episode 4 is still subscription only
  • Jill Zie
    Voice issue
    I live in Idaho and I’m very interested in this case. The problem for me is the male? podcasters voice. It’s off putting to me and takes away from the content. I don’t think he? should do voice narration.
  • K.L.W.
    This is a stretch
    I appreciate the podcaster’s attempts to provide new information on the Idaho case. But I know we’re not grasping so much as to say “visual snow” (seeing flashes of light at times) caused this lunatic to brutally murder 4 innocent people with his own two hands.
  • klsprout
    Rhoden murder coverage was okay…
    …but the college murder coverage this season is just awful. Faaaaaar too little information stretched between waaaaay too many episodes and a ton of commercials. Lost interest. Won’t listen to anymore of it. And affidaviD??? What? No.
  • RL7Five
    Well-Produced Pod w/ a Few Annoyances
    I’ve enjoyed both the Piketon and Idaho seasons, but the number of ads and the host mispronouncing Mitsubishi Elantra 500x is so annoying it’s almost comical. How is this not caught before publishing? E-lawn-truh
  • LibbyLoveGreen
    RADER not RADAR. Elantra NOT ElAAAAAntra…
    I really like this podcast but the main narrator needs to work on pronunciation. I’m not sure how these things keep getting missed but it’s like nails on a chalk board every time she pronounces common words so so incorrectly- then it seems like she says them sooooo many times. Every time I’m like ughhh no no! Can’t any of the other narrators edit her work and see if there is stuff like that before it’s posted? Not everyone on the show makes these errors. But other than that the podcast is great.
  • Not Caroline
    Four stars for content but -2 for annoyances
    This podcast provides a decent recap of events so far, but the annoyances abound: horrible and manipulative background music, vocal fry, and some unnecessary pop psychology.
  • viewer/listener
    Pronunciation of words = Totally incorrect
    El-AN-tra when it’s El-ON-tra Ra-DAR when it’s Ra-DER I cannot stand listening to this show anymore.
  • BigMommaJ5
    Focus on not there
    Lots of buzz words being used in this podcast. It drags and doesn’t offer much else than calling the killer “toxic masculine ” and being offensive towards women. I thought it would focus more on the crime and offer insight on the victims.
  • c.carr77
    Great podcast, but...
    I love the storytelling. It's put together really well. It's professional and captivating. BUT THE ADS. There are SO many ads for episodes that are less than 30 minutes. It's worse than commercials on regular tv. 25 minute episode has 5+ minutes of ads? So inconvenient. I listen to lots of podcasts with ads. I listen to long podcasts with ads. The ratio of listen time to ads on this one seems to be way off.
  • MFTeresa
    Too much fluff not enough facts
    Authors drag out story with useless interviews that provide zero insight or relevant facts (old high school teacher interview). And many of their interviews repeats concepts already discussed in previous episodes (they really like taking about the neighborhood, house, and its layout over and over again). Got so bored and frustrated I just quit halfway into episode four and decided to read a few news articles instead. I suggest you skip straight to the news articles.
  • FartsNboobs
    Starts Decent but rambles on
    It’s a decent podcast to start but some of the segments drudge on and don’t add anything to the overall plot. I had to skip over the “guidance/school administration” part in episode 2. Besides being incredibly repetitive, the audio was terrible there. Other episodes tend to follow suit. They keep the interviews going for much longer than needed The podcast also continually uses the word incel… as in the hosts and journalists use it. I found that so odd 😂. Just say “creepy” stop trying to be edgy Each episode gets worse. It’s all opinion based of random persons not involved in the case. It’s like 14 year old tik tokens put this together 😅😅😅
    Hosts add nothing
    The crime itself is interesting but the hosts really add nothing to this story or the podcast itself. I am also struggling with the narrative they are trying to push. One minute they try to sell us on the suspect being completely normal, low key, everyday guy. Then shortly after he is being described as being kicked out of programs and an aggressive, creepy drug addict who is disliked by most.
  • el22369
    If you’re going to do a true crime podcast then pronounce the legal words correctly. Seriously.
  • Katnip17
    Very sensationalist and speculative.
    When they referred to the DNA on the knife sheath found at the crime as circumstantial that was the last straw for me. They’re stretching beyond belief to make it sound like the perpetrator isn’t the perpetrator. Why?
  • swiftkick30549
    Let’s not victim blame plz
    During one of the episodes, the host wonders aloud if the women could have avoided being murdered if they had just not posted on social media. Nothing the women did or didn’t do could have prevented this, the responsibility belongs to the predator.
  • Elvis112020
    Very informative
    Really liked this podcast. They told the story very clearly. The guy speaks so fast though. I kept thinking i had the speed up when he would speak!
  • CBoyle91
    They get you hooked and then you need another subscription. Crooks. Booo!!! Shame!!! Boo!!! Booo!
  • MTMa1980
    Opening of season 5 is factually inaccurate
    Walls were not bleeding. This was confirmed to be STAIN. Terrible to sensationalize this case in this way. Gross!
  • Meg Foxx
    They lost me
    This podcast did a great job reporting on the Piketon massacre, but this season they’ve lost the plot. It’s so sensationalist, and speculation about someone who hasn’t even been convicted yet.
  • Murphs_Law
    Pronunciation cringe 😐
    2 Stars for the host’s pronunciation of white Elantra 😐
  • Pwade223
    Is the host voice actually ai?
    Season five episode 4 it really sounds like the female voice is ai generated in parts. Or production is really bad at editing the voice and are manipulating the speed too much. Sounds so slow and zero inflection. Or she has a robot voice. I turn the speed up every time the host comes on
  • Fredonia93
    Sensationalistic While Claiming Not To Be
    I made it three episodes in because there is a lot this podcast does right. However, the wrongs just kept building up. It’s not investigative - there are no primary sources - but instead it was described as being a repository of sorts so all info is in one place. They also make it a point to say they would only report facts, not unproven rumor- and then proceeds to do exactly that- in the most graphic ways- saying blood seeped through the walls and was visible outside. In a later episode, they condemn sensational reporting by repeating that exact disgusting reporting about one of the victims at least twice. This podcast is not a reporting of facts, as it claims, but an interpretation of them from podcasters and Redditors. It has little to no respect for the victims and the hypocrisy is maddening to the point of being distracting.
  • Nikky Kelley
    A bit too Repetitive
    This would be so much better if you didn’t repeat the same quotes in every episode. I have to check to see if I am listening to the previous episode. As well as if you were to add some music and if the narrator didn’t try so hard to sound like other narrators. Talk in your normal voice with some emotion. You’re telling an emotional story. Plus the commercials are every 10 minutes and are 2 minutes long. The story is worth telling it could be told better. Thank you for telling it.
  • Boomaggie
    I listened until the middle of the third episode when the “journalists” began using this devastating and horrendous crime to push their political agenda. Gone are the days of reporting the facts.
  • stinkydogbreath
    Could and should have been better
    Both The Piketon Massacre and The Idaho Massacre are fascinating stories,so how can one podcast ruin both??? Good heavens, so slow, so much repetition, so much unnecessary information about “leads that turn out to be untrue or irrelevant.” It’s too bad because both of these stories deserved better. PS. I skipped from season one of Piketon to the last season where the main players take the stand and verdicts are handed out, saved myself about 26 hours.
  • Fenway’s Mom
    Season 5 Ep 5 doesn’t play
    Love the pod and would love to hear the latest ep
  • Sweeteaaa
    Poor reporting
    Was hoping this podcast was going to be informative but the reporting is amateur and sounds like a high school project. Mediocre at best.
  • EPBQ
    If they’re so disgusted by people spreading rumors that Ethan was “sliced from ankle to groin” and feel so bad for Ethan’s family members who have to read it, aren’t they just perpetuating the rumor by repeating it twice? The best way to stop a rumor is to not say anything at all, and they know that. It doesn’t help to say that it’s “just a rumor” or even to say it is completely untrue. People don’t care if it’s true or not, it’s the horror effect that makes them spread rumors. The podcast host just said it to up the horror factor for audiences. I listen because I’m interested in criminal psychology. We don’t all want to harp on the gruesome details, fake or not, of the murder of someone’s child.
  • lalafromalabamaandnyc
    whoa… trigger warning needed for eps 5
    obvs this is a gruesome case, but a trigger warning is needed prior to discussing animal cruelty and then leading into a detailed description of ethan’s murder. please advise.
  • HowWillItEnd
    Mixed feelings
    I’ve debated whether to continue listening. There’s a lot of sensationalism here.
  • Lahmonj
    Good content, lots of annoying ads
    They provide what appears to be solid reporting. It’s somewhat repetitive, and often delivered in a fragmented fashion to accommodate their many ads. Not bad, but not my favorite.
  • meghie77
    Retitle this: Fast foward. Fast foward. Rewind.
    The story sounds so good in Pike country but I can’t tell bc of the constant breaks. Sliving is breaking me down. Make. It. Stop
  • Dave n Debi
    Great podcast very detailed
    This story so heartbreaking ☹️ The podcast good…. But the adds and liberals views are terrible to listen to constantly!
  • Mary Lynn Ritch
    Bryan Kohberger
    He obviously is a narcissist sociopathic killer who wanted to implant himself in a community permanently who rejected him. He obviously was rejected for being a freak. But he craved fame too. What a way to get it. These podcasts make it desirable for these subhumans to kill in a way I think
  • lboncek
    Why is it so hard to get a good podcast on this story?
    I don’t get it. I tried listening to another podcast about this tragedy and it was so awful I couldn’t make it past the second episode. I had higher hopes for this one, but I was wrong. How many times can you repeat the same point in slightly different ways? We get it - the house is hard to get to. We get it - the murders were horrific. We get it. The purpose of a podcast is, in my mind, to provide a closer dive into a story, and ideally to shed some light on new information. Anything short of that is just sensationalist journalism, and reporters who like to hear themselves talk.
  • Lspin617
    These ads are unbearable
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, some with subscriptions but not all, and plenty of true crime shows. Normally I can tolerate the ads. This show is decent but its ruined by the frequency and repetition of the same AWFUL ads. It’s torture since I listen while I work and can’t fast forward. Cat food ads every 5 minutes for 4 seasons ?!?! A gambling site with the worst jingle, and now Paris Hilton asking me if I “slay”?!! That did it. I just abandoned the show and am writing my very first podcast review. I’ll google the trial to see what happened. Sorry.
  • duolingo in spanish
    Mixed feelings
    I’d like to go 3 1/2 ⭐️based primarily on the Piketon massacre. I felt like it was thoughtfully covered as the case unfolded in real time. I appreciated that even while speculating, the podcast team was focused, professional, and respectful. I’m not getting the same from the latest Idaho series, unfortunately. This feels like a rush to be the first to get the podcast out as opposed to being right with verifiable content. A lot of what I’m hearing is the victimization and vilification of people based on sex and race with no statistical analysis provided to support. It’s a disappointment.
  • etann2013
    I just need less drama. The Ohio seasons drug in far longer than necessary, especially during the trial and it’s because they want to talk to too many people. We don’t need this many journalists commenting on these cases. If you want to bring in experts, that’s cool, but do we really need 3 journalists giving opinions over dramatic music and 4-5 commercial breaks?
  • Dear Greer
    very boring… nothing to add. just talking about graphic rumors then saying “but these are horrible rumors and it’s awful to do that to the families….”.
  • AbbyZ123456789
    Way too many iHeart podcast ads
    It’s insane how many ads. I get you can fast forward, but such a waste of time. All of their podcasts are like this. Their advertisers should be upset everyone fast forwards and doesn’t even hear their ads because the amount is ridiculous. You’d think they’d want to stop getting such terrible reviews for this!
  • enjieponjie
    Too many ads
    Feels like 1/2 the episode is commercials.
  • BIGO joy
    Check your account back in a bit to get back to the gym
    I’m going back in a few weeks to see what I have on the calendar and I’ll send it back in the morning if I need
  • kitten*girl
    Fact check?
    In episode 2 the man states that Bryan Kohberger attended the University of Washington. This is untrue. He attended Washington State University.
  • MelsMood
    Way too many ads for such short eps
    Love the thoroughness of each case but these 30 minute episodes are about 1/3 ads. Definitely could make these eps longer.
  • horseygirl2222
    A number of factual mistakes
    I wish young journalists would take the time today to make sure they are using the correct terms for items in a story. I heard the car referred to as an Electra instead of an ELANTRA and also Washington State University being referred to as the university of Washington. Those are two very distinct and different institutions. Please please please have your producers reread things and fact check. There is no reason for these simple mistakes. It seriously undermines credibility.
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