The Ringer Fantasy Football Show


The Ringer Fantasy Football Show features a group of fantasy football experts, Danny Heifetz, Danny Kelly, and Craig Horlbeck. The show guides you through each fantasy football season, providing analysis on big-picture conversations like weekly matchups, trades, and daily fantasy, as well as the subtleties that will make the difference in your league.

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Recent Reviews
  • Eee Em Bee
    A Very Entertaining Podcast
    Chill out Danny H
  • bleebill
    5 stars but…
    Is there any possible way to get Heifetz to stop with the Craig jokes? Honestly, it was funny at first but now it’s this self-deprecating bit that he does whenever Craig does his job well! Yes, Craig was right about Mike Williams, so stop hating. DK, keep doing what’re your doing!!!
  • bgq69
    Heifetz is Getting More Annoying Every Episode
    Subscribed cause of Danny Kelly…. stayed cause of Craig…. Unsubscribed cause of Heifetz
  • Justin (stupid nickname)
    Fantastic Podcast
    Beyond being great fantasy content, this is a very entertaining podcast to listen to. Always looking forwards to a new episode.
  • danocmu
    The best
    Knowledgeable and entertaining. Best fantasy pod there is. 🤙
  • EvilDave11
    Get Some
    These three guys have sick flow.
  • RTS TsiM
    Combined kills for Jason, Michael Myers, and Freddy Kruger.
  • Keen From PA
    Great Pod
    5 stars in honor of Sweet Baby Jesus!
  • Ryan Olsavsky
    My favorite fantasy football content!!!
    Have been a listener for multiple seasons now and have always loved the show! So glad to see the show get its own feed because the content is great and I can’t get enough! Great hosts who do fun and funny bits to deliver their analysis and the chemistry the 3 have makes the podcast a great listen! Really great show all around!
  • ColinMaher24
    Funk Davis
    Gotta love those stars
  • AnthonyNV
    My favorite Football podcast
    This is my favorite football podcast and not just fantasy but all football podcasts. When other football podcasts spend half their episode trying to be psychologists and complain about a players body language The Ringer Fantasy Football Podcast actually talks about football, players, stats, and games and they do it in a fun and informative way. Plus the three hosts have great report with each other. So you can either listen to other football podcasts complain about players not being team players or you can listen to this podcast and have fun while learning about different things that are going on in football.
  • Mollie_Preis
    Unprompted Review
    I’ve been listening to the Dannys and Craig for a few years and they have a very content-rich podcast sprinkled with humor and fun facts. While they almost always tie fantasy football conditions into their segments, the podcast also covers prop bets and high-level team / player news. Like any show, it might take a couple episodes to get to know the hosts, but I’d say that these guys are true pros and make the listener feel like part of the conversation. Highly recommend!
  • JustinFieldsTruther
    My Favorite Pod In Rotation
    Started listening in week 2 and absolutely love the pod. I’m mad I didn’t try this pod earlier, maybe my team would’ve been better (although I have Mike Davis regardless so who knows). Great banter, great insight that makes the analytics accessible for people who just want to enjoy football their fantasy season. Don’t understand the negative reviews at all, keep up the great work!
  • Fry hdhdh
    Fun show
    I enjoy the time I get to hangout with these guys! Their fantasy football show is top notch.
  • Scott Pilcher
    Great pod!
    I drafted Mike Davis in all my leagues.
  • Josean_34PR
    Has surpassed all fantasy football pods for me
    I try to listen to ‘en all to get an advantage… but if I’m going to listen to just one, it’s this one. Great job guy… Thank you Lorne!
  • adjrbsjsofnrsbskek
    I love you guys. My team makes me want to cry, but it’s not your fault
  • isentBillyGillN64games
    This show …
    Ridiculous niche banter that is almost always laugh out loud funny.
  • rather average nate
    Best All Around
    Just started listening this year, and it has quickly become my favorite FFB podcast. These guys discuss fantasy like I do with my friends. Love everything about it.
  • Rogeoa8
    Please Stop Laughing
    Please stop laughing
  • BTBAMrules310
    At least it's not called the Dantasy pod anymore
    Danny Kelly is the laughing girl on Ridiculousness of this podcast. Haven't been available to take his analysis seriously since a few years ago when his QB to bench for the week was Alex Smith, and that week Smith threw for 300 yards and 4 TDs. I'm not a fantasy guy at all, but this pod isn't bad. Heifetz makes it listenable.
  • ditka1
    Uneducated analysis
    I’m actually a big Ringer and Bill Simmons fan, but this podcast is… not good. There is no real analysis, it’s just a group of guys trying to do their best Bill Simmons impersonation. Totally unoriginal. They did a sleeper episode where everyone had the same sleepers! That means they’re not sleepers… Find your voice guys.
  • Joe_BoydUM
    Props & Question
    Best & most entertaining fantasy pod in the business. Keep,up,the great work! Question, what should the philosophy be for resetting auction values in a keeper league? If the top players at each position have already been kept, should the remaining players inherit the value at the top of the position i.e McCaffrey’s auction value assigned to the top remaining RB?
  • cforty40
    Please stop
    Stop with the movie references. It’s annoying
  • Star City Arrow
    Winning team!
    Won my league last year thanks to these guys. Well they helped.
  • Atlanta Raj.
    Too much Happy Gilmore
    Need more info about FF. Happy comedy out dated. Maybe I’m too old, I saw the movie back in the 90’s. Tired of things I said 20+ years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love Happy Gilmore back when it was current. 30 min of very little info and I had to stop. Hate to have to go back to espn FF. Was trying something new and didn’t realize how bad it could b. Maybe it’s not for me. I’m looking for the facts - like Law and Order - another old reference they they might get. May try this again next year.
  • meh soso
    We need more chanting
    That’s all. Best FF podcast out there
  • TarrinFink
    Threesome or Trio?
    This show gives great fantasy advice and makes me laugh more than any other fantasy podcast. Keep up the good work.
  • Blkcld31
    Great banter!!
    Love the show, tons of great insights however… I’d love it if you added some AUCTION prices along with the snake draft projections.
  • JimmyInReview
    Danny Kelly
    Danny Kelly should be called the White Wolf like Bucky after his Winter Soldier days, dude got respect in Wakanda
  • Robert Knightly
    DK's fault
    This would have been 5 stars, but DK noted that someone was born the same day that Columbus set sail in 1492... but then didn't mention that Hunter Henry was born on the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. I hope he can sleep at night.
  • Ben999f
    Excellent mix
    Often time sorts podcasts are either too goofy or too dry these 3 do an excellent job about making excellent football points while having fun and making me laugh
  • mikekennyb
    Fun and informative
    Great podcast. Hosts have solid chemistry, lots of laughs and helpful fantasy analysis.
  • Joey LP
    The Dantasy Pod
    Fun Fact: this is the most entertaining fantasy podcast available. I love listening while driving around in Craig’s Tacoma. It would be the perfect drink-while-listening pod if not for the jokes that would make you spit out your beer. This should be atop of everyone’s playlist. Listen to Craig and his brother Danny and his other brother Danny. You may or may not win your league. But you’ll laugh regardless.
  • Robs ruin
    This is the (intentionally) funniest fantasy football podcast there is. 4/5 in terms of straight quality/depth of advice but entertainment is 6/5
  • c m tiz
    Very Good
    See for yourself. I don’t even like fantasy football and this is my favorite football show. No regrets.
  • Apert
    Sweet pod
    Love the pod and appreciate the help. You guys helped me get into the fantasy championship this year after two years in a row of finishing last. In my league that means you get shot with paintballs like those ducks in the carnival game. I don’t do social media so I hope the 5 ⭐️s get your attention. I’m in a 2qb league and I have Kyler, Herbert and Hurts. Which two do I start? Same goes for my flex with Pollard, Hundt, and McKissic. Thanks boys, especially Craig. Go Steelers.
  • Anand P.
    Who is Lorne
    Great podcast though! Fantasy court is the best
  • Casham
    Great show!
    The Dannies and Craig have great rapport, the random segments me laugh, and the takes are truly helpful.
  • natjsmit
    Craig is awesome!
    I just want to say I love this pod, and both Dannys, but Craig is the man too. I used to always love when he contributed before he was an official third member. I see some negative comments about him and just want say don’t pay attention to those people. You the man Craig!
  • DylanKThompson
    Great Dynamic and Great Banter!
    Don’t listen to The Podfather (I mean, as much as you can), the early show banter is fantastic! It gives insight into your personalities, and provides context to your takes.
  • nik373919
    Has some entertainment value but sub par fantasy analysis
    With the exception the DK, there just isn’t really much meaningful fantasy advice being offered. It also seems like with how episodes are recorded, a new episode could already be outdated with old info.
  • $traight Cash Homid
    Not dorky enough
    Like much of America today, the opinions expressed on this podcast aren’t based on empirical evidence, data or facts, so much as how the hosts “feel.” In most episodes, they seem surprised by the basic premise that it’s a fantasy football podcast. The banter is solidly playful. However the advice is about as valuable as what you’re getting from anyone who spends half their day watching Red Zone.
  • jwilhelm21
    A Great Ensemble
    I listen/subscribe to a lot of Ringer content but this is a podcast that I always listen to the day it drops. DK is an unabashed football nerd and is in a rare group of analysts I actually learn from. Heifetz is irreverent, hilarious and consistently makes me laugh out loud. Craig is the glue that holds it together and keeps the pod moving forward. Seriously, everyone hating on Craig needs to lighten up! I would guess the haters are mostly a vocal minority. The fun facts are awesome but I do miss the over-the-top intro. I recommended bringing it back for the Friday pod at least. You wouldn’t believe what a little shot of energy can do for your listeners. Keep up the great work fellas!
  • ggreninger
    Danny Kelly is the only reason I listen.
    Craig is a joke and should stick to Producing and heifeitz is more worried about making Danny laugh about with some pop culture analogy. Giving this a 5 star cause DK is actually good at his job of a fantasy analyst and he deserves it solely.
  • TonyT615
    Good but I miss the old pod
    As much as the intro was annoying it was also a gimmick that over time you came to love. I haven’t listened to the main pod in a few months.
  • JJ 4 amazing
    Love it
    I love the pod
    Best NFL Show On the Ringer
    Even if you don’t care about fantasy, these guys seem to cover more actual football and have more interesting conversations than the entire NFL Show feed.
  • Latin Duck
    the guys aren’t that funny and after they put disrespect on jordan mailatas name i immediatley unsuscribed
    DK Rises!!!
    This is the absolute best fantasy football podcast out there. I even have stopped listening to a certain four letter podcast because I don’t need it anymore. It’s a great mix of fun and knowledge. The fellas have amazing personalities and I can’t wait to listen every week. Another great hire Bill!
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