Is We Dumb?

Comedy #118Improv #7

Is We Dumb? is a weekly, comedic podcast where Dan Cummins and Joe Paisley explore some of the worst/best/dumbest content the internet has to offer, and laugh at the possible collapse of society.

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  • Larconsier
    The podcast we all need right now!
    To anyone who needs a good laugh or a show that will help you feel better about yourself, look no further! I came over here from STD and glad I did. This show has been a major uplift during these crazy times we live in. Thank Joe, Dan, Zack and the rest of the Bad Magic crew.
  • Aly Jay
    Another Bad Magic hit
    I love this podcast. Dan and Joe make a great team. Seriously, I laugh the entire time. It’s one of those podcasts where you feel like you’re in the conversation too, which are the best ones to me! 3/5 stars, wouldn’t change a thing.
  • ChrissiP_08
    3 out of 5 🤣 love these guys
    Jerry five bucks
    But did you check for shoes?
  • leggacyyy
    Why listen to anything else
    The only reason why I hate this podcast is because I didn’t think of it first. I sit at a desk for 9 hours a day and have been through quite a bit of podcasts. This is the best one I heard. Thanks for the laughs.
  • Stevie Fo'Sheazie
    I like turtles
    As the title says…
  • Icanrunupwalls
    Hotdogs Buns Water Coke Beer Paper towels Plastic cups Plastic straws (for the turtles) Dog food Redbull Alternator
  • SpaceLizardB
    Check for shoes
    3/5 stars. Wouldn’t change a thing. Hilarious & sometimes raunchy.
  • HappiestDevil
    No, Just No.
    I don’t care avidly your political beliefs, leave them at the door.
  • Lyfe hacks
    Entertainment galore as long as you’re not an illogical pansy, Nuff said. 3/5 stars. (THIS IS NOT A HISTORICAL PODCAST)
  • Peter Michael Smith
    Love this show!!! Dan, Joe, Fred, & Barney crack me up every show!!! Looking forward to checking out the other Bad Magic shows.
  • OilfieldWilly
    This Podcast is the best!
    From a fellow space lizard to now a dummy, I love this podcast. From the most important question of the day to the 1-star hero, this podcast will have you laughing so hard you will hurt. I love Dan and Joe’s dynamic in the podcast. If your looking for a good laugh and a good stress reliever, this podcast is your calling! Praise Triple M and Bo Jangles!
  • Wishingstr56
    Best 3/5* Pod!
    I love this show, makes me laugh especially when the rants show off the host’s goofy confusion about certain topics. One of the funniest show segments features dumb reviews… While I was reading reviews of the Cecil Hotel in DTLA today, I discovered a banger in the wild: 2/5* 8 months ago The whole place was fine, except for the water, tasted funny. I think it was the flavor additive I put. It was a cherry flavor, however the color was black. do not recommended the flavor additive and the hotel.”
  • ilanalogan
    Wouldn’t change a thing
    3/5 stars
  • Laurnsnskx
    I only wrote this review because I love Dan, Joe and The queen
  • JackTheJester615
    Always room to grow
    Is We Dumb? Is almost on the level of Timesuck. The chemistry between Dan and Joe is definitely close to the best of the comedy game. My only gripes are, some tales are them just being ignorant (didgeridoo) or when they come up with a character in an episode you will hear about the lay character in almost every segment for the rest of the episode (Great example was Brad). Other than that I truly do love this podcast and couldn’t recommend it more. Praise Jerry god of greed and somewhat shady business deals
  • DakodaVT
    3 outta 5 Stars, Wouldn’t Change a Thing
    That’ll be 5 bucks
  • Glamisbro2
    3 out of 5 starts
    I know I spelled starts instead of stars but who has the time to fix spelling errors? Definitely not a single 1 star hero. You get it. Love the podcast wouldn’t change a thing
  • theLAguy
    Worst show ever
    5/5 would not listen again
  • middle age white woman
    Don’t mind me…
    … I’m just checking for shoes. Best podcast ever!
  • JoyMcMuffin
    Real dumb.
    You gentlemen are real dumb and I’m here for it. Five bucks.
  • Shxivviksjerj
    3/5 stars
    Made me blow butt bubbles for three consecutive weeks after using this product. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT FOR INTERNAL USE THE LABEL IS A LIE I’m suing you’re morally questionable company for personal damage after this. Don’t claim it’s a douche if it’s not really a douche!!!! JUST DON’T!!!
  • whothewhatfuck
    3/5 Stars
    Wouldn’t change a thing
  • Emilymer
    This is not the Beatles! 0 stars!
    Hate it, too many elk
  • fart1234657890
    Is we dumb.
    A sucky podcast. One of the worst podcasts I have ever listened too. It really sucked. I loved every word!
  • SpearOfNimrod
    Absolutely fantastic!
    Not only the funniest podcast ever but The Bad Magic Crew goes above and beyond in their execution of everything they do. Amazing laughs, even better merch, and great sound quality. The energy is contagious and you can’t help but laugh. The segments are original and well put together. Hail Nimrod!
  • Xenagabby99
    Five Star Heroes!!!
    Well, if it’s hilariously, entertaining podcasts you’re looking for, then this is great, but if you’re looking for books or water parks then 3 out 5 stars at best. LOL J/K. I love the chemistry between Dan & Joe & this podcast has brought so much laughter and smiles into my life, I’m very grateful. I haven’t belly laughed this much in a very, long time. Great job!
  • rs7424
    Very Funny
    3/5 Stars wouldn’t change thing! Awesome
  • Not Taken Mickname
    I mean, I love the show.
  • Tortuga 22
    By far the funniest podcast I have ever listened to. I listened comedy podcasts for years before this, but Dan and Joe take it to a whole new level. 3 out of 5 stars
  • Awesone2492
    3/5 ⭐️
    Wouldn’t change a thing
  • Raider 4 life
    Absolute hilarity! Laugh my b#lls off every episode
    Dan Cummins is great as a stand-up comedian, but he is phenomenal in this podcast with his quick wit, character voices and mini-explosions. I listen at 1.5x speed which seems to make it that much more hilarious when Dan has an outburst. Joe is also great and the two compliment each other very well. Great content and it’s really amazing how stupid some people can be. Thanks guys and please keep the hilarity coming! Definitely 2 out of 5 stars.
  • OG_Deathstar
    Had a group of friends come over to watch the live show. Hands down the hardest I’ve laughed in the last couple years. Keep doing what you’re doing Dan and Joe! Hail Nimrod, 3 outta 5 stars.
  • Cheez-It This!
    Three out of Five stars
    This show is an absolute blast. I can no longer listen at work because I giggle then chortle then belly laugh at every episode.
  • MacMan513
    1/5 Stars.
    Is I dumb? Listening to this podcast gives me a glimmer of hope that I might not be as dumb as I think I are. Thanks Dan, Joe, and the Bad Magic team for always putting out the highest quality podcasts on the face of the planet. It’s been verified with science, and if you argue with me I’ll fight you.
  • Debandclyde
    Best show out there
    Love Dan and Joe! They make my week with their jokes and dumb stories!! Love you guys!! 3 out of 5 stars!!!
  • mad-dog98
    1/5 stars
    Is it bad that I live for how mean/hilarious Dan and Joe are? No it’s not, because I work in healthcare and I am constantly asking myself how stupid people are. Never change guys! Love your fellow DumbCreepSack
  • Rosaphilimine
    Utter Non Sense
    This is as much ridiculous childish fun you can have as an adult! LISTEN NOW
  • Sidney25124
    This show makes me literally laugh out loud obnoxiously in my dead silent workplace 😂 thanks for the laughs you guys!
  • ADOB@#@
    Thanks for keeping my marriage strong💕
    Our new morning coffee ritual together is watching Is We Dumb on YouTube before work. Love everything about it and wouldn't change a thing.
  • Reed Folwell
    3/5 stars wouldn’t change a thing
    This show has me consistently belly laughing on my commute. It’s amazing.
  • middleofyourmomshousesucks
    What is big deal?
    The peanut butt butter is 5/5 Podcast is perfect 3/5 stars
  • loddyb
    Just Don’t
    Five bucks.
  • Justin Saar
    Came across this podcast when I was googling “dumb” things.... It’s different.... That Joe guy seems to be the real talent/brains on this.... That Dan guy though?? He looks like the love child of Ned Flanders and Charles Manson, and all he got from good old Charlie was his eyes (crazy eyes!) and his odd laugh!! Also read somewhere that he constantly smells like bananas, like he’s sleeping with them or something! #whatisbigdeal 3/5 stars.
  • dummytimesucky
    Humanity will grow from this show
    Learning from our dumb moments make us grow and not be such a conservative buncha dumb butts.
  • Lvanek1030
    Love it!!
    I love this show!!!! So Funny!!!
  • subsabd
    Great job
    I listen mostly on pandora and sometimes I just can’t stop laughing! I started listening a couple weeks ago and this is the BEST podcast I’ve ever listened to.
  • chay13chay13
    Super funny
    Love the show wouldn’t change a thing 3 out of 5 stars
  • Kuntzie13
    Forced? Maybe?
    The non stop forced laughter while Dan is taking is just too much. If it was funnier, it wouldn’t be different. There is just constant, forced laughter. It doesn’t have to be funny the whole time and every time Dan talks. Maybe I’m not being fair being that I’ve only listened to a couple, but it’s the recent ones. Any imagine that being any better toward the beginning. If it is, new review will be in store!
  • jinshari
    Great podcast
    Just started listening to this, super funny 3 out of 5 stars
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