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Lewis Black is providing you the opportunity to get whatever the hell is bothering you off your chest! Night after night on the road, Black delivers his wildly popular The Rant Is Due livestream where citizens of the world write in to tell him whatever is pissing them off. Lewis Black's Rantcast channels that anger in ways only a man whose devoted his entire life to ranting can do. The tirades are sometimes big. They are sometimes small. But when filtered through the comedic mind of Black in a live environment, they are always hilarious.We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4 For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com   Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy

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  • LexxZuse
    Let the venting commence!
    Love it, thank you for the release valve.
  • LeelaSavage
    Talk about redacted, try being Assange.
    I’ve always loved you, Lewis. You went after everyone and everything. Now you’re so politically biased you could be Pelosi’s ice cream refrigerator salesman. My heart is broken. Pull your head out of Schumer’s loose buttocks, Lewis. Park your funny self back in neutral. Ask the Swiss. Non biased is so extra.
  • GeneralPeatry
    Lewis is the hero we need and deserve
    We need 1000% more Lewis, and -9000% of the people he rants about 😡 Lewis for president 2024!
  • vicki'sInAwe
    Lewis, I love your Rantcast. I live in Jamestown, have always lived here, and it always brings tears to my eyes to hear you plug the NCC. I love it and I love how much YOU love it. Thank you
  • poplopez
    Incredible show
    Incredible show with amazing observations and excellent commentary on current headlines and politics.
  • Viking1961!
    Lewis is the King!!
  • mgd1961
    Fun show
    We need more of Lewis’ approach to life in America today. Totally entertaining and thought provoking. I love it!
  • Flybynight84
    I love how Mr. Black plays with the English language and explains to Congress people how they should behave if they are going to get elected to Congress, and the reason we have sports is so we have an acceptable avenue for venting. Thank you for all your rantcasts!
  • Jackfortunati
    Lewis Black in podcast form! May the incels dump Rogan and come here for a reality check!
  • Anjison
    Way too many ads
    30min episode has 10 ads. It really detracts from the enjoyment of the episode. It is otherwise a very enjoyable podcast. The first part of the episode usually has a theme and a clear direction, but not always. The second half is usually random audience “rants”.
  • Vt404
    Love the show Lewis. Thanks for giving us a voice.
  • Sue cag
    Very good Lou. Nice format, very entertaining.
  • Pzlgk
    Glad to hear a Rant Cast play
    have been going to YouTube since this cutting out since july. Glad to hear it again
  • Peter Inyerhol
    Is this a thing anymore?
  • penguin 51
    Cannot play
    Why don,t episodes play.
  • Saxon in Cal
    Love the show once it actually plays
    It’s a real bummer that for at least the last 3 episodes it won’t play after the initial 20-30s ad. It gets fixed usually before the next episode comes out. Please fix the problem! I love to hear Lewis to read rants about is one show.
  • lindeeq
    Love but episodes won’t play
    Last three episodes go 20 sec to a minutes then will not continue. Wish you could fix. Missing my Lewis fix!!!
  • avgdave$420
    Love this podcast!
  • stalerodney66
    Last couple episodes won’t play.
    Can you please fix the last 3-4 episodes so we can hear them? They won’t play past 5 seconds and the audio is so quiet I have turn my car stereo all the way up to hear them and it’s still hard to hear.
  • pantomime21
    Finally working but last 2
    were never altered or fixed?! Bummer.
  • Beans524
    Two episodes in a row I can’t listen to
    I get three seconds of the podcast - a commercial- and then it switches to one of my other podcasts! Is this because Lewis is now doing video casts? I want to be able to listen in the car the same old way. Aaaaargh!
  • 2MoonAlice
    Episode 50
    Episode won’t go past 2 seconds. Just stops. Can it be fixed. I need my dose of rant. Thanks
  • AKaitlinReviews
    Perhaps I’m just not the targeted audience
    Rambling rants without a clear point. Perhaps that is the point, but I didn’t find this enjoyable. Showed up as recommended for me but I can’t imagine why.
  • Mel 0709
    Love Lewis
    Rantcast is the perfect title for this! I’m so glad Lewis Black is regularly putting out his sarcasm-laced straight talk. It’s just the balm I need in these times.
  • Lycanthrope51
    Hey Fox is the only news 2/10/21:
    Thanks for sharing your ignorance. Don’t listen. By the way, GFY. Do it today. Lewis, keep up the great work. Little by little programs like yours will chip away at the ignorance of the lemmings who worship ex-President Punk. For those who follow a twice-impeached bigot, racist and moron, every little bit may help.
  • smallfavor
    Is this the funny?
    This blathering about the election is sadly disappointing. He comes off every bit as small-minded and conceited as those he’s condemning.
  • alien_poet
    An Amazing Mix of Vitriol and Empathy
    I enjoy Lewis’s work in general, so this podcast is a kind of natural fit with me. What I didn’t really expect was how our host empathizes and affirms the ranters as he reads his rants. Others have pointed out that actually calm down while listening. I find I do to, particularly as Lewis Black kindly affirms the rage and frustration behind the rants he reads. It is a thoroughly delightful and unexpected experience. I don’t know another performer who could pull this off.
  • 1GrumpyGal
  • Azero1e
    Classic Lewis
    so great to be able to hear him on a regular basis. I love his talks before the rants, would love tro hear more
  • Garyjohnjames
    Lewis does this podcast just right! Gets to the jokes, sarcasm and weird stuff without beating around the bush like a lot of others do. Hey Lewis my wife wants to know-“there are about 60,000,000 unmarried women over 18 and you are unmarried—Is it them or you?”
  • Chiggenbu
    Thank you Lewis!!!!
    I am always game to support my favorite comedian. These Rant Casts make my whole week!!!
  • Fox Is the only news
    Not so funny
    His political views are so backwards that it’s impossible to find humor. Your screwed in the head
  • fannynoise
    Another good reason for living
    I’ve enjoyed Louis Black’s unique brand of humor for many years now. His take on life is awesome, as he takes no guff from stinkers, pricks or a-holes, while appealing to our better angels to be kind and generous. This podcast is another reason for living and laughing at it all.
  • Laxmom22
    Sooo happy
    This is a bright spot in my week!
  • Heismau5
    Seen him twice live.
    Lewis Black is Hilarious, he speaks the truth and him yelling just makes it funnier.
  • tiffylynn2
    twitter: tiffy_twisted (Tiffy from small town almost exactly in between of Baton Rouge and NOLA!
    Just learned who Lewis Black is, I’m 47 yr old mother of 2 & I love his view on everything! Just found his Rant and ❤️it too! Keep being you & I know you will! Surrounded by a bunch of people on the Trump Train & the divide is very real and frightening!!!!! Well guess small town has a different feel because everybody knows your name. I mentioned wanting to jump off a local bridge and people I’ve known since grade school were kind enough to offer me a ride — jj but it’s kinda of feeling like that !!!!
  • s_perk
    Just the best
    When I think I might stumble under the weight of the current failed administration, the pandemic, or the fact that 70 million morons voted for Trump, I turn to Lewis Black for sanity, comfort, and righteous indignation. His intro tonight 11/18/20 said it all. I love his humor and observations, love the rants, love this podcast. Thanks Lewis!
  • ChiefTheTool
    Love it!
    Love Lewis Black!
  • dreuuuus
    Love the show
    Hilarious! I also love the length of the episodes!
  • EK Hines
    What a treasure.
  • Ober Dober
    Never stop laughing!
    L.B. funny as ever. My constant laughing out loud is beginning to worry my wife. Great break from all the stressful horses£!t going on these days. And the people writing the rants he reads are hilarious. Thanks Lewis for sharing these portions of your live routines.
  • JohnnyLew2
    Funny as ****, but
    too long. At some point I need respite from the hammering.
  • Ash8787421780
    My god this is funny.
  • Eric the Bold
    Utterly Fantastically Funny
    I always knew loving Lewis Black put me squarely in a group of highly sophisticated and witty fans. In this podcas, Lewis proves how great his audience is. He reads their written rants, and they are AMAZING! I treasure every moment. Best comedy podcast ever!
  • ThejerkSW
    We love Lewis!
    Never stop, Lewis. We need you.
  • Gal from Nebraska
    Great therapy!
    Thank you Lewis for making me laugh out loud. Please, please keep doing podcasts so I can continue to laugh. You are so quick-witted and intelligent. I wish you had your own T.V. show.
  • LKBflo
    Thank you so much Lewis
    You are such a pleasure to listen to in the midst of all the doom & gloom over the last 6 months! Best laughs in a long while. Thank you! Proficient !
  • renowels
    Episode #8 tried to kill me
    I have not laughed this hard in a while. The reading of the Amazon review is one of the best ever. I laughed until my sides hurt. Coughing and hacking laughs so energetic and continuous I had trouble breathing. So, I suppose that is how you die laughing. Worth it.
  • Tkd_Gal
    Lewis for President 2020
    I could listen to this all day, every day. I have binged every episode and laugh out loud. So good!
  • higuif
    A Godsend
    I loved Lewis Black’s stand up when I was a teenager. Unfortunately I didn’t fully understand most of the political issues he was ranting on. Now as an adult (living through the apocalypse) I’m thrilled to see that he’s back in the saddle and giving America a horse’s kick to the face, in heavy doses, like we’ve been missing all these years.
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