Taskmaster Talks with Kevin Sullivan

Wrestling #41

Kevin Sullivan, The Taskmaster, The Gamesmaster, The Devil Himself, was a WCW & ECW Tag Team Champion, NWA US Tag team champion and a NWA Florida World Champion. Besides being a Professional wrestler, he is one of the greatest minds in the history of the business and the infamous booker behind WCW's success with the nWo. Perhaps best known for his feuds with Dusty Rhodes and Mike Graham in the CWF, Hulk Hogan and the Four Horsemen, specifically vs Chris Benoit in WCW. Along with co-host John Poz from the Two Man Power Trip, we will explore the history of Kevin Sullivan in the wrestling business and get the REAL TRUTH of what happened behind the scenes.

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  • jake the ripper
    Going downhill
    Great to hear Kevin tell stories and give insight. But the Cohost is brutal. Hogan/punk/wwe fanboy, constantly gets facts wrong, never follows what Kevin is getting at. It’s like pulling teeth for Kevin to get this guy to follow an analogy. And the first 60% of every episode now is the cohost forcing discussions about how great WWE is currently. “Man did you see punk last night? Wasn’t he great? Even though he’s injured (AGAIN) and does nothing but run his mouth. It’s just so great!” If I want to listen to constant praise of a boring children’s product I can listen to Bruce Prichard.
  • Satin loves you
    Crap shoot
    That’s what this show should be called. Lots of noise in the background. If it’s not a dog barking or the wife yelling or the doorbell ringing or the midget taking a leak it’s a mish mash of technical problems. Please do a podcast about your time in Florida and more about your ex wife
  • Tomm G
    Where’s the dialogue??
    Someone should tell Kevin that he should be talking more than the host. He comes across as uninterested and unprepared. Considering his experience in the business, this could have been so rich. What a wasted opportunity.
  • lucy😎💕😍🤣
    Could be 5 Star, Needs New Host & Audio
    This could be so good! Kevin is articulate and a very good storyteller. However, the host lacks charisma and energy, and the audio is amateur-level. Sign with Conrad . . . problem solved. But, at this point, it’s barely tolerable given the aforementioned deficiencies.
  • DarkEagle1918
    Amazing Insight
    There's not very many people from the pro wrestling business who have more knowledge and insight than the Kevin Sullivan. I really enjoy the fact that the listener gets a first hand account of historic moments coupled with an expert opinion on the current product. Do yourself a favor and eat the cosmic cookie with Abudadein and listen the Taskmaster.
  • RedsoxmaniacNH
    Great podcast
    Love the podcast but the silence between questions is annoying and the host needs to go
  • Dannyboi316 @ ig
    Please please please get some audio equipment that works I’m begging you!
  • Prince Pet
    Great show!
    Great show fellas, ignore the “jelly” haters. Love the Taskmaster
  • nixfinity
    A Slow Adult Interviews Kevin
    Despite his ridiculous Boston accent, KS is a smart worldly guy, but why is he interviewed by this slow adult. KS is a great guest on other shows with plenty of stories, but this show is ridiculously horrible
  • foureswo
    This could be a interesting show. The biggest problem is the host has all the charisma and personality of burnt toast. His full monotone drains whatever life Sullivan has out of his stories. And for the love of god either get Sullivan some actual audio equipment or do these on Zoom. Doing it on his phone, the audio is so bad you can’t hear what he’s talking about.
  • Egotist vaper
    Start over.
    I’m writing this in the hope that a negative review still elicits some attention. Let me start by saying that unlike some of the reviewers here, I’ve listened to enough Kevin shoot interviews to not consider him “out of it.” I understand that he’s thoughtful and sporadic. Frankly, even the stories that never conclude are more entertaining than 90% of other wrestling podcasts. You two are missing an easy slam dunk and leaving TONS of money off the table. Kevin’s stories are worth incredible amounts - shirts, slogans, soundbites, live shows. But you’ve got to admit that these shows haven’t lived up and get him to do it right. Advice: The show needs to be completely redone. Not just from a quality perspective - but from the topics and content. Each show is worthy of “another try.” I want to hear these topics. But I can’t. Currently you’re using the Conrad model. It’s great. As a host, you could be more direct in steering the topic back to your question- but the chosen content isn’t the issue. The issue is that your listeners are begging for audio that’s listenable. Fine. Buy the man a quality mic and if he’s not willing to learn to do this over zoom, have someone download reaper (a free audio software program) and simply have him hit record. There’s no lack of fans to help him with this. The biggest thing is; regardless of whether you’ve covered the topics in the past - it’s got to be redone. The amount of money to be made with better audio and swifter interjection when stories sway too far out, cannot be underestimated. I want to hear every one of these topics. Make them two parts and let him talk forever. Engage and challenge his ideas. Disagree and poke around. Find out why he’s wired differently by challenging those ideas. Get into the personal scenarios of the subjects and let Kevin really place us in the position of having to pitch ideas and balance those politics. Fix this. Don’t over look these episodes. Start over. Pull the catalogue, redo the pod image, get some original music (which I can do for you - it’s what I do for a living) and start over. I realize you’re probably fighting an uphill battle. If you weren’t, the pod wouldn’t be in this unpredictable audio condition. But you can fix it.
  • Shamanon
    You all lost me
    You know, the pissing during the show was something that I could have lived without. Yet, you don’t hear that on podcasts or real interviews. So, I overlooked it. But, to hear a guy like Kevin Sullivan trash the First Amendment is a deal breaker for me. I heard him jump on the kid from AEW for pushing the envelope?! And, he defended the grand stander at the Olympics and made a statement that people need to keep their opinions to themselves. What a hypocrite! Kevin Sullivan built his career on risqué gimmicks. I can put up with being disrespected by a guy pissing during his podcast. But, I don’t respect hypocrites. Shame on Kevin Sullivan for selling out the First Amendment to the woke mobs. I won’t listen to his second-rate podcast anymore of financially support a guy capable of such hypocrisy. Kevin Sullivan, you can piss in the wind for all I care!
  • Nick.white11
    Come on guys, this is just sad. Kevin seems to be out of it half the time, almost like he’s on some meds. He can’t stay on topic, and is constantly using the bathroom, which apparently you guys can’t be bothered to edit out. I love Kevin’s perspective when he’s lucid, but please let him relax and enjoy retirement, this is just embarrassing.
    Great Potential Need some fine tuning
    KEVIN Is one of the BEST Minds in Wrestling today. But the Audio Is horrible & HOST you know you can’t have ALL that b*llsyt going on in the background. PPL won’t stick around. Keep working hard and how ABOUT an Episode where KEVIN Explains how to Book a Territory?
  • Sean Heck
    Taskmaster Rules
    Great show fellas! Loved WCW
  • ahalanicha
    Sullivan pissing twice during show 37 and getting picked up by the microphone is hideous.
  • djk-214
    Great Podcast. However, I have a question 😂...
    I LOVE the show and the perspective Kevin brings to the subjects they cover. I look forward to listening each week. But for the past few shows I have heard a water trickling sound almost as if he is taking a leak while recording? Just curious what that is about? If he *is* taking a bathroom break mid recording, it is picking up on the mic lol
  • scottparker702
    Great stories are hard to hear with horrible audio
    Kevin had great stories. He is a treasure, but holy cow get the audio together. If you cannot have a dedicated podcast studio, then at least cut out the background noise. There are kids that have better quality sounding Tik Tok videos.
  • Deo316
    You have to get taskmaster better audio could barley make out what he is saying
  • Large Larry
    Terrific Show!
    I’ve been a fan of Kevin Sullivan for decades! He was a great performer and I’m a fan of his stories! The supporting cast does a tremendous job and everything Joe puts out is high quality! Thank you for such a great podcast!
  • Nicola Backash
    Love Taskmaster Talks
    This is a Great show with Great content. Thanks to John for preserving history with Kevin Sullivan. He’s got some tremendous stories to tell
  • Marky Jay
    Let that dog out
    Totally interested in what Kevin has to say, but holy crap, you’ve got doorbells ringing and a dog barking through the first half of the Fall Brawl 96 episode. Clean audio is everything in podcasting, fellas. If the dog is barking, press pause - get it settled, then proceed. I beg of you. Aside from the audio issues, really like hearing the Taskmaster Talk.
  • GarglingBulldog
    Kevin is truly interesting...the host on the other hand
    Audio is not good on Sullivan’s part. Sullivan has great stories, insight and opinions on the business. The host...a previous review mentioned hes a vacuum of charisma...couldn’t agree more. I don’t know the guy’s name but he puts me to sleep.
  • yannerd
    The recording is terrible. Makes the show unlistenable. Kevin’s feed cracks and breaks up every other word. I give it 2 stars because I want to like it. 1 star for the quality.
  • soonerbriscoe
    Great sho but needs better audio.
    I like Sullivan but the audio is awful. Is there anyway to up grade his internet? Or get a signal booster?
  • interestingsidenote
    Almost great
    Thank goodness Mr. Sullivan is such a good storyteller because the host is just a vacuum of charisma.
  • GStone71
    Gave the show a shot today, I ended up listening to all 3. Loved it!!!!!
  • The unmoved app buyer guy
    Sit at the learning tree of the Taskmaster
    Kevin Sullivan is the rambling uncle of wrestling podcasters. Don’t misunderstand me. I mean that I’m the most loving way. He Strays off topic but I don’t care. He is so full knowledge that I just want to hear more and soak it in. Listen learn love
  • Jeff The Left
    Kevin Sullivan is back baby!
    Love to see that the Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan is back in the podcast game! The devil himself is one of the greatest minds in the history of the business. Great show!
  • Tomxbo
    Kevin Sullivan is back!
    Happy to hear Kevin Sullivan is back in the podcast world. Truly one of the best wrestling minds of all time in this great sport. I really enjoy the amazing stories Kevin shares and his incredible knowledge that he let the fans in on. If you enjoyed past Podcast with is old cohost MSL on the MLW network. You will love his new home on the Creative Control Network. Watch out for the golden spike! The Taskmaster, The Gamesmaster, and The Devil Himself will keep you entertained for the whole time. Put your trust in the Bookerman!
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