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Think Like an Economist and you’ll see the world more clearly, empowering you to make better decisions at work, at home, and in your community. Leading economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers will take you on a joyous romp through their field as they introduce you to the big ideas in economics, and show how you can apply them to live in your own life. Their signature approach reveals that every decision is an economic decision and this podcast uncovers the economic forces that shape the world around you. Betsey and Justin believe that economics is a superpower, and they want to teach you to fly.

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  • Divebree
    I beg to differ
    I love your show but aggregate supply and aggregate demand show you said that College will show to employers that they can stick with something and will be more productive. I disagree, I am a Service Coordinator for people with Developmental Disabilities and the employees coming out of College are a mix bag, some are great but many are lazy and have no organizational skills and the people without a College degree are dedicated and organized and do a better job. I think that we should stop encouraging all people to go to College and make it sound like you are less for not going when maybe you could work your way up ( Trader Joe’s, Costco) or train to be a construction worker, plumber or electrician or go in the tech field, who make a good salary. There are a lot of people that have College debt but end up in a job that doesn’t require a College degree. I think that by requiring a College degree you are limiting a lot of good people who could do the job even better.
  • Taci
    Great but also ads are loud and often
    I am an economist, this is an awesome podcast, it’s a great content, and a great reminder for what I learned at school and helpful tool while planning my biz. But the ads are annoying. They first one is 3 times louder then the rest of podcast so it startles me every time. Then the hosts add even more ads in a show that’s less than 20 minutes long. Would have rated it higher but the ads make it borderline unlistenable.
  • {~shadow~}76
    Should be called ‘Think like a Capitalist’
  • Buntu
    Too many ads
    Very informative, but way too many advertisements.
  • Brad008
    Cardboard script
    The info is good, but you can tell everything is scripted and the hosts are dramatically reading their lines like a children’s book. These guys are smart, so I’m sure it would be more interesting if they described the concepts in their own words.
  • fishyrainn
    Love it!
    The perfect podcast for new learners in the sector as well as more experienced people as well in order to grasp the current conversations in the industry!
  • LarissaR
    Volume issues, but love the content
    I think the content and presentation are amazing for this show. I love the length of the episodes and how much thought went into their flow. Everything is explained well and with easy-to-understand examples. I just wish that Betsey Stevenson wouldn’t get louder as she’s making a point. I’m already sensitive to noise in general, and noise variation in a podcast is actually a big consideration for me when I decide whether or not to listen. If there’s a little more modulation in future shows, I’ll definitely keep listening.
  • Trego76
    Review of basic principles
    I like Betsy and Justin and this high level review of economic concepts. I would rather not have the third voice echoing everything, seems redundant.
  • Grandpa Door
    The Only Thing Good About 2020
    This show was the one thing that kept me from watching Netflix all day. It’s awesome that I get to learn something while I can ALSO sit on the couch in my sweatpants. You should TOTALLY listen to this podcast.
  • Zarbod
    Ironic Fun
    Interesting topic. Hosts push their political views for some reason. They don’t like Capitalism or the United States. Many of the concepts they share are correct. Like 9th grade economics for liberals.
  • turndownforwhat?
    The volume of this podcast is all over the place. In order to hear the words the chill man is saying, I have to turn up the volume SO high the woman’s voice is extremely piercing. I really enjoy the content, I’m not interested in changing the volume levels between speakers.
  • taliflowerrrrr
    So good for my economics class!
  • APhysicist
    These are 2 very highly regarded economists but this podcast is just a flop. Dull and basic, it’s almost as if they are reciting an old econ textbook for children. The moderator Nes doesn’t add much value to the conversation. If you want engaged, insightful, nuanced dialogue on econ and society, listen to the Freakononics podcast.
  • Joseph Primrose
    Wanted To Like The Show
    Sadly, the lack of enthusiasm and robotic nature of the discussions have turned me away from what probably is great information as well as educational. Feels like those old cassette tapes you listened to as a kid..... very bland.
  • TedTalkLover347
    Educational AND Fun
    This is an amazing and educational podcast that taught me a lot during quarantine. The acting wasn’t the best, but keep in mind they are economist not actors. The Script was VERY well written, and the episodes have been consistent. If you are looking for something to do I would recommend this podcast.
  • browngangbc
    Democrat Playbook on Economics
    I had high hopes for this podcast. But it so basic, and the hosts are so robotic as they read the script, that I can’t rate it highly. Also, the hosts are very obviously spouting Democratic Party dogma. The episode on international trade mentioned nothing about unfair trade tactics by China and how that should play into US trade policy. The episode about climate change mentioned nothing about the huge strides the US has made, particularly regarding expansion of natural gas use, and nothing about how India and China are expanding use of coal. Hide the facts and tow the Dem party line.
  • SaraTyer2956
    If you love Planet Money/Freakonomics
    This show is as if the team behind Planet Money took over my college economics textbook. The hosts literally take you through a structured introduction to economics course but it feels fun the whole way. Look forward to this show every week.
  • Sbcalimay
    Excellent Fundamental Economic Principles Podcast
    This is a good podcast if you are just taking economics for the first time or would like a review of the fundamentals in quick relateable episodes. (However, I think I would practically pay to have the little jaunty music bits removed. I feel like I am stuck in an overly pollyanna corporate training video. Please get rid of those.)
  • sweetoeyes
    Making poor countries rich
    The problem is buying cheap make the poor country rich over a over again they will own the earth
  • Women are Waking Up
    Intellectually Alive
    I am so loving how much I am learning and using these newly learned principles in my life. Especially during this pandemic, thinking through and NOT feeling guilty with some of my choices because I thought through the costs and benefits, looked at the opportunity costs, etc. truly is enriching my life!! Woohoo i have to say, I am loving thinking like an economist!!
  • Donald Sigwalt
    No follow through in the example.
    The example about the car in episode one did not take in account all the benefits so the conclusion is suspect.
  • Jules Mark
    Great Econ Review - Very Engaging
    It’s been many years since I had Econ 101 and this podcast helps to bring back those basic principles in a fun and engaging way. I love the voice of the host and she does a great job asking questions to the economists.
  • AHerdon
    Interesting but...
    Interesting but kinda hard to listen to since it sounds robotic and therefore not super engaging.
  • MB Bianco
    Fun & Factual
    Applying economics principles to everyday life, Betsey Stevenson & Justin Wolfers dazzle. They impart Econ lessons in an entertaining and informative fashion, and in digestible tidbits that are comprehensible but do not overwhelm the listener. Can’t wait to hear more!
  • wingsstarschica
    Easily accessible economics!
    I really enjoy how Justin and Betsey try to make key economic concepts accessible for everyone. So much of the field struggles with this, so it’s refreshing to hear these foundational concepts explained with real world examples of how we interact with them everyday. I recommended them to my “non-econ student” friend and family, and I’m looking forward to more of these!
  • Lucfmnt
    Finding a balance
    Sometimes useful information, but please break yourselves of the habit of saying “look” at the beginning of every other sentence. It’s a distraction.
  • Micro Chasm
    Not bad. Was looking forward to a cogent answer to whether one should buy another cup of coffee beyond the abstract principles of marginal cost and marginal benefit.
  • Doctor Halex
    I don’t know why I’m so obsessed but this podcast is informational and well made. I love how clearly the information is presented. There are simply not enough economics podcasts!! This and planet money are my daily staple.
  • Xmaspoop
    Quick and engaging!
    These episodes are short and easy to listen to, perfect for my walks! Great chemistry between the hosts as well. Can’t wait for more!
  • AZLawNerd
    Highly recommend
    Two of the leading economists in the world help break down micro and macro economics for those of us that didn’t quite get it in school. Very interested to see where it goes. Simple. Straight forward. And non-pretentious approach to complex subject matter.
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