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Aviation #52

Jennifer reveals how to become a corporate flight attendant. Is it jet-setting with the rich and famous, or is there MUCH more to this job? Before dropping thousands on training, listen to this podcast to decide if this is your dream corporate flight attendant job. Also, listen to discover truths about training, jobs, salary, uniforms, resume and cover letter, requirements and much more!

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  • Bright33Eyes
    Glad I listened.
    I first heard of this podcast on YouTube talking with Hollywood Raw and I am glad I searched for it to listen to. Jennifer’s voice is very soothing and her experiences very informative. I am not interested in becoming a flight attendant and it’s still entertaining. I hope she’s flown on an ACJ 319 or ACJ 320 neo! I have to keep listening to the archives to find out!
  • machunlimited
    Great Podcast!
    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for giving us the opportunity to listen to your podcast! I’m a seasoned f/a of 27 years and I love hearing different perspectives, experiences, tips, etc. It’s also nice that you have a sense of humor and you cuss a little, love it! Keep this going and I’ll stay tuned for sure! Respectfully, MM🛩🌎💙
  • Suz757575
    So informative!
    I’m not sure how many people are coming to this podcast for entertainment vs. career guidance… I’m in the former group, not the latter. There’s just something about deep diving into the world of aviation with Jennifer as your guide that is transcendental. She breaks things down so clearly and I can’t get enough. I bought her book too because I’ve become such a fan. Definitely give this a listen if you have any interest in this topic - you don’t have to be an aspiring CFA to get something out it. -Susan
  • Boxercentral
    Kardashian plane
    So glad you talked about Kim’s plane. When I saw the episode I wondered what you thought. Love this podcast every time!!!
  • AJ_brb_DW
    Positive and Informational
    As a 17 year regional commercial flight attendant I’m still gleaning some tips and tricks from this podcast. I’m ten episodes in and looking forward to the rest. I say give this podcast a listen.
  • April PJ
    Love it!
    I always look forward to these podcasts! So informative and I appreciate Jennifer’s no-nonsense approach.
  • Joemos33
    Good, worthy information
    The podcast has a feel of your experienced friend giving you the valuable “low down” on exactly what they might be leaving out of flight attendant school. Real talk. I appreciate the prospective.
  • CraigFitzsimmons79
    Flight Attendant
    Excellent explanation of what a corporate flight attendant does on the job. Well done. cf
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