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Hot, Healthy, Never Hungry is dedicated to changing how women eat to lose weight so they can feel their hottest.Host Lauren Hubert MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian and sought-after weight loss expert who will help you make losing weight easy and even enjoyable. The goal of this show is to make eating healthy for weight loss simple, fun and easy to stick to for life. This show is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, but do it in a way that actually makes you feel good and not deprived. You can expect simple tips to help you transform your diet, myth-busting that exposes the real truth behind new fads you see on social media, alongside relatable weight loss stories from women who have implemented Lauren’s Hot, Healthy, Never Hungry Method® inside her private practice known as The Sorority Nutritionist®.Don't forget to follow Lauren on Instagram at @sorority.nutritionist! You can also head to to start your journey.

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  • Macie N
    Why always hating on orange theory?
    I love this podcast but I need to ask why are you always hating on orange theory? In the episode with Camielle, it wasn’t the Orangetheory workout she was doing she said she wasn’t getting enough protein in and restricting which lead her to make bad food choices. You turned it around and said it was because she was going to orange theory everyday.
  • Srue
    Good but…
    I grad tidbits of information and it’s helpful sometimes. The delivery though is just not my style. The words ‘literally’ and ‘like’ are used excessively in the conversation and talking is way too fast.
  • kxodjenaoxhud
    Very informative on nutrition! I’ve lost 75 lbs in a calorie deficit, now learning how to fuel my body!
  • OH Mama2
    Thanks from a mid-sized momma
    Hi Lauren! I found your podcast after a friend of mine sent me a reel from IG with a Starbucks hack after I was complaining about how terrible it was. I literally can’t stop listening to your episodes. First of, they are hilarious and have a fun spirit about them. There’s no shaming or making you feel bad for wanting to lose body fat. In fact, you make it very clear about the science behind fat loss and how to do it. I feel like I’m the IG, YouTube, Podcast space, there’s this negativity around women who want to lose weight and that we should all eat intuitively and love our bodies the way they are. But the reality is that our bodies go through so many changes in our lifetime (hello two babies in two years :)) and there may be periods where we want or need to lose some weight so we can achieve whatever goals in life we may have. Thank you for actually providing real, actionable steps for this and making it fun in the process.
  • AlliRoberts1
    Solid, actionable nutrition advice
    I’ve been listening to Lauren’s podcast for years! I appreciate her actionable tips for weight loss and how to make smarter choices to help me get to my goals. I love to listen to the pod during my Hot Girl Walks, and I hope to be joining the 10lbs Down Club very soon!
  • phoenixvoyager8
    Super helpful
    Lauren presents information on health in an understandable and easy to digest way. I appreciate how her approach to weight loss is so balanced and she uses real science to explain. I am so glad I came across this podcast. Thank you!
  • abaker02
    I lost my first 10 with Lauren!
    I started my fat loss journey at the end of August and shortly into it I discovered Lauren’s podcast. I was immediately hooked! Her no nonsense tips and advice have helped me lose my first ten pounds! It feels like listening to one of my girlfriends and that’s why I’ll keep listening as I lose my next ten!
  • holn13
    Great foundation
    Such good tips for starting a balanced foundation for a healthy lifestyle! 100% my favorite wellness podcast thus far.
  • carolineebeach
    Love the fit girl fall!!
    Love listing to these on the drive into work. Helps motivate my day!! Please do a holiday one ;)
  • Girlsjustwannahavefun828
    So Incredibly Helpful
    Lauren discusses weight loss in such a practical, healthful, and manageable way. I have tried to lose weight many times using different methods and thanks to Lauren I have stayed on track and actually lost weight without feeling deprived or like it is unsustainable… and that’s just from her free content she makes available. Thank you Lauren for helping me get back to a weight I haven’t seen in over 5 years!! (And still losing!!)
  • MichelleStahl
    Relatable and fitting for all
    Lauren has found a way to relate her view of weight loss and healthfulness with being your hottest self. The approach is fun and nails the personality types. I love how the quiz identifies you into 4 types and the resonated with me. Love love love her energy!!
  • nutritionnerd333
    Digestible information from the bestie you didn’t know you needed!!
    I listen to this podcast every week! Lauren keeps things simple, straightforward and motivating. I love the way she helps women find that sweet spot of becoming our most confident, hottest selves whilst fitting in FUN and accommodating for real life scenarios. It doesn’t feel like a lecture, it feels like a personal best friend giving you the 101.
  • mamao'd
    Motivation on my walks
    I’ve been listening to Lauren on my walks and am learning how to fine tune my food intake to actually lose weight.
  • Sanrio girly
    Team Lauren!
    So thankful I found this podcast years ago! It has helped me learn how good is not the enemy. It’s all about healthy sustainable changes. Thank you Lauren!
  • Ms.Lolo2
    Lauren makes it so easy and i use this podcast as motivation to stay on track!
  • Molly Fontaine
    So real and makes it attainable!
    This is a podcast that keeps it real, keeps it simple, and makes it all attainable, especially for a super busy working mom! Listening to her on my ride to work helps me start my day really motivated. Thank you!
  • JessNNP
    Helps my commute
    I have a long commute to work and enjoy listening to Lauren’s podcast. I think she provides simple every day solutions for living well and losing weight
  • Samanthakarout
    Thank you!!!
    Ever since finding Lauren’s podcast a few months ago, I can’t even begin to describe how much of a difference she has made in my life. I have finally lost the baby weight I have been trying to lose for 2 years now and I truly feel hot, healthy and never hungry! lol Her approach to nutrition is so amazing and love the Starbucks swaps and full day of eating examples that she provides so that no day of eating is ever boring! I just love everything about this podcast!
  • bfree918
    So simple and motivating
    So much great information here!
  • MeghanMaine
    Hot Moms Fall
    My favorite podcast to listen to on my hot girl walks! I get good on-site in every episode!
  • BSN37
    Super helpful for real life
    I just signed up for TSN membership after listening to this podcast! I love all of the ways Lauren helps fit eating healthy into our real, busy lives!
  • Tara13OSU
    This podcast is a must!
    Thank you for your transparency! Love love this show
  • Dianaaa89
    Quick, simple, and to the point
    Love listening to this podcast. She is always quick, simple and to the point and gives you quick and easy points to achieve your goals. Love listening to your podcast ! Keep up the amazing work
  • nyvonne722daisy
    So motivating!
    Lauren’s podcast is so positive that it makes healthy living easier and fun!
  • strawberries45678999
    I love Lauren’s podcast. I use it as motivation to continue to eat healthy and take care of my self.
  • kate.gutierrez
    Finally, it just makes sense
    After trying, literally, every diet out there to lose weight, only to gain it all back (plus some) I reached a point where I just didn’t want to return to those restrictive methods anymore. With 60ish pounds to lose, I didn’t know what to do. I mean, I knew the basics, but lacked the motivation since my goal seemed so far away. I’m so glad that Lauren entered my world. I’m down 7 pounds so far, I don’t feel deprived, and I’m actually looking forward to the holidays and seeing loved ones. Seriously, before this, I was contemplating skipping Christmas 😭😂. Thank you for making living healthy easy to follow!
  • Misserika._
    Lauren’s podcast is perfect for so many reasons. Easy to digest and relate. I love when she brings others who have actually gone through any of her programs. All the information she gives out is perfect and so helpful for someone, like me, who can’t afford to pay for a membership. I look forward to the day I can join! 💗
  • Naz0320
    Finally something realistic!
    Lauren’s episodes are so helpful!! They give great tips and tricks to staying healthy! Also she’s super fun to listen to!
  • kellybelly1992
    I love the podcast
    I’ve been overwhelmed lately, and needed some motivation to start taking care of myself. I love how Lauren makes fitness and fat loss sound fun! It’s been great into have her navigate all the confusing information we hear about health and wellness with me!
  • tmillyrock
    Dietitian listening to a Dietitian
    I started listening to Lauren about a month ago simply by searching “dietitian podcasts” in the podcast app to listen to at work. I am also a dietitian for perspective and I am currently in my own weight loss journey. Despite being a RD myself, I have my own struggles and Laurens entire framework and what she preaches is SO refreshing especially with the diet industry and difficulty navigating weight loss with constant misinformation being thrown at you. I have learned so much in the past month and already am at my lowest weight since June 2023. She makes it so easy, I cannot recommend enough. She is the dietitian I strive to be and I hope to change as many women’s lives and she has throughout her career. 🤍
  • JenniferMichelleMurphy
    Lauren talks to us like we're besties, she breaks things down to be easily understood, gives us easy to follow advice and allows us to give ourselves grace while being set up for success! She is so easy to listen to! Love, love, love!
  • lbm419
    So helpful! Love Lauren
    I’m a 38 yr old mama of 2 and I work full time. Every thing she shares is so helpful and easy to understand. I love that breaks it all down and makes it realistic! Her Instagram posts are awesome also to get info in shorter bits!
  • ZMWheel
    Hot girl weight loss advice we all need!
    Lauren delivers fun and true weight loss advice that we all need. She keeps the conversation light, but practical and gives you advice you can use TODAY! This podcast has been a huge part of improving my weight loss mindset and is a point I go to if I am ever struggling with my journey!
  • pink_cupcake86
    Best nutrition podcast out there!
    I love all the great tips Lauren shares with us on her podcast! Her tips are easy to follow and I don’t feel deprived while following her advice. My favorite podcast by far!
  • ElleJayMorf
    Your Dietician Bestie
    This podcast is a game changer. It’s like if your best friend was a registered dietician. It’s a fun, easy & highly valuable listen. Such clear and tangible tips for health and weightloss. I’m already down 3lb with the Fit Girl Fall tips!
  • Skelly214
    Gives great advice for BUSY moms!
    Working full time and having a different sport to go to every night it can be so hard to stay on track. Lauren gives great advice on how to get your meals set up so you are not stopping at a drive thru every night. Her content is so helpful and relatable to all women!
  • mtulloa
    Bite size, big impact
    The practical tips and tools have helped me begin to develop a healthy relationship with food. I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned from each show and apply it to my own life. Slowly, but surely, I’ve lost over 25lbs this year through the small changes Lauren shared each week.
  • MissME5678
    This podcast has been just what I needed to get my diet/health back on track and keep me on track! Thankful I stumbled upon Lauren on IG.
  • Ashleysen123
    Daily Staple
    Listen on my walks almost daily. Love the content Lauren shares and her tips/tricks help me on my own weight loss journey. Theresa advice for everyone :)
  • amandamay83
    Practical, actionable advice
    I’m loving the practical, actionable advice I get in this podcast. It’s not just “eat less, move more,” she tells you exactly how to do it, and the solutions are simple and doable.
  • HollyM2023
    Interesting and helpful!
    Hot, Healthy, and Never Hungry is one of my favorite podcasts! Lauren is passionate about health and you can tell she truly wants people to feel their best. With practical tips for losing and/or maintaining weight and Lauren’s ability to break down the science behind food and weight loss, this is such a helpful podcast to listen to.
  • ohkaykaykay467
    Helpful and motivating!
    These episodes are always so helpful and entertaining. I love her positive, non-judgmental approach and how she focuses on eating well in a flexible way that fits all the circumstances and events you run into. Who knew nutrition advice could be so much fun?!
  • Shawna!06
    5 Star
    This is a real podcast that gives reachable suggestions for a ladies busy life!
  • lsmit139
    I love this show! Gives realistic goals and tips during weight loss journey
  • Kptaylor2022
    So relatable!
    Absolutely love this podcast! It keeps me motivated to be my best hot healthy self while balancing REAL life. Lauren is very knowledgeable, funny & keeps it real!
  • tweety_hawk
    Relatable and Easy to Listen to
    I found Lauren and her podcast on a whim but I am so glad I did! You can tell that she is super passionate about helping people learn to lose weight and have a good healthy relationship with food. She is not only knowledgeable about food and nutrition, she’s super relatable and easy to listen to!
  • cavisze
    Helpful direction to incorporate and follow
    Lauren breaks down a healthy food lifestyle that keeps health at the forefront. She really plays down the options for her audience and is transparent in her information and advice. Her viewpoint is realistic, because she understands that food is fun and a source of both enjoyment and nourishment. So she really strives to level set so that her audience is aware that there are food choices and decisions that are more or less nourishing, thus leading to a healthier or less healthier eating style and agenda.
  • Bebu0611
    Great Content
    Stumbled on this podcast recently and so far love all the content and information.
  • AmyNicole626
    Just love Lauren!
    Love listening to every episode! Lauren makes it’s so fun to learn about eating and getting healthy! Never anything judgemental in anything she says…very relatable and it just feels like a friend chatting with you!
  • Er77811
    Quality Info
    Relatable and usable information. An easy listen and inspirational!
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