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Embracing the old adage of ‘The Journey is the Destination’ world-renowned horseman Warwick Schiller invites guests to share their stories of personal development and growth both inside and out of the horse world. Powerful conversations and mindful nuggets of wisdom define The Journey On Podcast. ~~~~~ Warwick moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the U.S. so he could pursue his dream of training horses. Warwick's accomplishments in the show arena include representing Australia at the 2010 & 2018 World Equestrian Games. The ability to show at the highest level coupled with his ability to develop a strong connection with his horses and ability to break down training information into a relatable, easy to follow process led to the development of his Online Video Library in an effort to help individuals form a better relationship with their horses and a cultivate a deeper understanding of the foundation on which all successful horse training is built.

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  • Shingrin
    One of the Best Podcasts.
    “Touchy-feely yoga chit.” Priceless! I get the “you need to teach that horse who’s boss” all the time. Feels wrong and I won’t do it. I know nothing about horse training but I know animals. Patience and kindness bring trust and then they’ll follow you off a cliff. Cheers!
  • wisdomridge
    Had to stop listening because…
    I love Warwick’s work and I subscribe to his library. I also deeply appreciate his authenticity around his mental health journey and how he’s connected that personal work to horse training. However, I stopped listening to his podcasts because it felt like it became a “what book have you read?” discussion instead of a deep dive into the guest. After a break from the podcast, I came back because I was really interested in the guest, an animal behaviorist who’s written books, and the first 15 minutes was Warwick’s “have you read?” to the point where the guest literally said “is this an interview about what books I’ve read?” and, “wow Warwick, you are much more well read than I am” - which just felt insulting to the guest. Maybe he should have a separate podcast where he only discusses books with people.
  • dhevzuc
    The Indiana Jones of horsemanship! Warwick’s Podcast is the holy grail
    The Indiana Jones of horsemanship! Warwick is not afraid to share his adventures, and stories of his life through the highs, and lows. He brings people and horses together through connection, and respect. The way you see your horse, and other people might never be the same! Beyond grateful for Warwick putting together a amazing Podcast. His guest have blown my mind and changed my path. I learned more about my own journey, and how it relates to the horse, and world humanity. I can’t find a favorite episode, but the Ty Murry, and Emelie Cajsdotter had me sit down and rewind a bunch! I have have been moved, inspired, and in tears listening to this man. Glad I didn’t need to burn my cowboy hat and western saddle to jump on this crazy train. Love you Warwick!
  • SCluff
    Think About It
    The podcast always leaves me thinking about my journey, just as the title implies. Warwick has great guests and deep discussions.
  • Ola F D
    Changed my life.
    I live in PA, originally from Ukraine. Always knew there is more but needed guidance. Started listening to you last year and from there went “down rabbit hole” like you say. Since then found so many spiritual podcasts/books and am so excited for what else universe has to offer. Love this journey! I would love to meet one day:) dream is for you to meet my horse and get some insights ❤️ Thank you!!
  • Benny da golfer
    The real deal!
    Authentic, insightful, compassionate, thoughtful, forward thinking, balanced, healthy, risky, digestible, mature, breathtaking, humble, encompassing and delightful. The scope of this podcast is out of this world!!!
  • Boneylegs. 😂
    Wonderful and interesting communication abilities. Thank you so very much for sharing. May you always be happy. 😂👍😂
  • OKKimH
    Outstanding podcast
    I’m relatively new to horses late in life (59 years old) and was looking for guidance outside of the “dominance” ideas because that’s just not me. I saw and liked Warwick Schiller’s videos on YouTube, bought the WS subscription service (which is excellent) and then started listening to the podcasts. I didn’t think I’d get much from them since I’m not an experienced horse person. I was wrong. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of them, and I think I get something out of each of them, but I really liked the one with Brendan O’Reilly and love, love, loved the Q&A episodes. (I JUST found those and was so excited and they’re great. I’m going to listen to them all again). Thank you to Warwick and Robyn Schiller for sharing your knowledge!
  • Racer14255290
    Loving all of this!
    I started listening mainly because I had some issues with one of our horses. I initially didn’t recognize any of his guests so I stopped listening. Well I had an accident on my horse and have had a lot of time while recovering. I knew there had to be a better way to safely enjoy my horses and so I started listening again. While I’ve learned some new things and am fascinated by this whole new way to have a better relationship with my horses, it’s also affected so many avenues of my life. I think I’m a better mom, better wife, better horseman and a better human being. The guests have been amazing and several podcasts I’ve listened to twice and still hear something I missed the first time I listened. Now that I’m learning about this connection I can have with my horses, I can’t go back to the old ways of pressure and release and so on. Some parts have been hard to grasp and often the answers are opposite of what I’ve always done but each day that I interact with my horses and interact with people, I am trying to do better. Thank you for sharing this journey and making the world a better place.
  • 5765Andi
    Love this podcast
    I really love and learn so much from this podcast. Warwick and Robyn share so much information. Their explanations are wonderful. Love the variety of guests.
  • PaddockWood
    Our Journey w Warwick
    Peeling away the layers of what matters on the path of attunement and a spiritual connection. I’m a proud member of the Super Woo Club.
  • cutrful
    Amber Marshall
    Amber marshal interview was delightful!
  • Atadia11
    I think this was so valuable. It would be great to have more like this. Amber Marshall podcast, seems to represent how to do shadow work and remain positive in the public eye. Very insightful.
  • Matton Morgans
    Thank you Team Schiller! Love these amazing Podcasts!
    They beautifully complement your Subscription Service. I have listened to them all multiple times!
  • Friend of the Horse
    Take time to listen to these
    Caught my first listen to these podcasts with the Tic Maynard interview. As others have already noted, Warwick’s willingness to speak candidly about his own journey (successful and not-so-successful moments) have meant a great deal to me. Others too, I’ll bet. Sometimes we only hear about the things that work and not about the experiences that need to happen along the way that ultimately contribute to successful moments. We still need to have our own experiences (successful and not-so-successful) but Warwick makes a great guide on this journey to better horsemanship. Thanks Warwick. Journey On!
  • buypears
    I love your podcast. Your guests are so interesting and knowledgeable.
  • Chili Girly
    Absolutely absorbing!
    Each and every of these podcasts are a treasure. I really look forward to the next one, as they are all so wonderful. Authentic horsemen and women, sharing stories, getting into some nitty gritty and exploring their journeys in the world and especially in the world with horses. Each of the else episodes will take you on a ride, and leave you wanting more.
  • workin'4spirit
    Has broadened my world. The Podcasts precipitate to greater learning through book recommendations and diverse perspectives. Thank you for bringing on such great guests and delving into the deeper facets of their journeys. It is what makes this podcast unique. Thank you all.
  • Qwasie
    Disabled horsemen and women please!
    Hi Warwick and Robyn! I love your podcast, it’s so rich and really giving me a lot of comfort in a difficult time in my horsey life - I’m recently disabled due to a neurological condition that leaves me unsure if I’ll be able to ride again or even be able to do liberty work. I would really be inspired and interested to hear about the journeys of disabled or differently abled equestrians on your podcast. I recently read a horse and hound article about a blind rider competing over jumps! Talk about a strong relationship and trust! Plus unique insights on the physical and energetic components of horse to human relationships that abled riders might miss. Keep up the good work, you’ve changed my life, my horse’s life and given me tools to cope through this massive life adjustment. My next big journey feels like it was just laid at my feet and is drawing me into the wilderness. I’m glad you’re here with me.
  • SusieSpencer75
    Much more than horses
    This podcast has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing the world, myself and all my relationships. It’s so much more than a horse related podcast. Journey on and thank you!
  • annenorton
    Blah blah blah these podcasts as much about people as it is horses
    I listen to Warwick Schiller on my way down to see my horse an hour away and it’s just made my drive so wonderful. There’s so many things I love about these podcasts but I guess it’s a primarily the authenticity of Warwick and all of his guests. It’s rewarding refreshing to hear the words of an awoke meal and of his guests bill and female. I learned so much and it gives me hope
  • Crickett's momma
    Such a great podcast!
    I’ve been a horse person for forever, but Warwick has definitely opened my eyes to another level of being with horses… a way that’s always been under the service and in my heart yet pushed back for the sake of competition. Thank you!
  • Lacymouse
    Really good! Episode 56
    I enjoyed this episode. A Reminder to get back to the basics when experiencing an issue. I liked the letter reading format and having Robyn on was a treat.
  • Mick MP
    Just WOW
    I’ve listened to almost all the podcasts loves them all but the interview with Jessica White Plume was transformational! I cannot say enough good things, this is by far my favorite podcast !
  • Loribrass
    Wonderful content
    I have followed Warwick for several years and was not disappointed when I saw him in person at Equine Affaire in Ohio. (I dragged my sisters to his presentation 😉) I have listened to every podcast so far and have enjoyed them all! And now Robyn is jumping in and adding her ideas, icing on the cake for me!! Thank you to the whole Schiller family for letting us all listen in.❤️
  • It doughnuts
    Genuine and Thoughtful
    I found Warwick on YouTube years ago and was excited to add his podcast to my growing list of equine resources. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Warwick is great at providing thought provoking content and his guests are as diverse as the horse world. Not only is this a great way to gain perspective from different people, but every episode leaves you with a growing sense of direction/purpose.
  • Falcon View Farm
    Excellent podcasts. Life changing for both me and my horses. Thank you!
  • Sharchen Norbu
    Terrific, One Request
    I’m a horse person and a Warwick follower. The combination of internal, human shifts that he shares and explores, and how those shifts are impacting horses, is incredible. I’ve been riding for 50 years, have been on a spiritual journey, and am a professional coach, so every episode hits the sweet spot for me. There’s just one improvement I’d like to see: sound quality. It’s not good. I have to turn the volume all the way up in my truck to hear each episode, and then when the GPS or any other component comes on, it’s blaring because the volume is turned up so high. This is the only podcast I listen to with this issue. Warwick offers this incredible content free. I’m certain it’s a huge investment in time and other resources for him and I’m grateful! I just wish he’d also invest in good audio equipment. Even if he took on advertisers or charged a subscription fee, the improvement for the listener would be profound.
  • Leahanne33
    life improving content!!
    thank you so much warwick and robyn for this gift. i’ve learned and healed so much from your recent episodes. my horses thank you as well!! xoxo
  • Karen in Calif
    Looking for answers?
    ... about you and your horse? This guy brings everything to the arena. You won’t be disappointed with your subscription.
  • smarmoset
    Different Modes of Animal Communication
    Thank you for interviewing Dr. Susan Fay! I have ordered her book. In fact, I was going to tell a friend about her book this morning. Before I texted her, she sent me a text with a link to the book! Dr. Fay has connected a couple of ideas that recently perplexed me. I can receive messages from animals when I set an intention and ask questions. I know they are not constantly chattering like us humans, yet when I am around them I feel a form of communication that I have not fully understood. When in the presence of our animals (horses, goat, sheep, chickens, ducks, cats, dog) I am connected to them energetically. This is a sense I feel physically. My understanding now has shifted since listening to the podcast. When I feel this physical sense, I am in communication with them. It is just receiving it in a different mode than I receive messages, but equally communicative. This has opened my awareness to a different mode and the possibility of other modes of communicating. (Whew! It is hard to figure out the words for these type of experiences!) Thank you again!
  • Horseluver0444444
    Warwick definitely has a gift for gab and that’s meant in the most complimentary way. Just as he has the ability to make himself understood in his videos with explanations that are not only informative, enlightening and entertaining he is able to get the most from his guests in his podcasts. I love that is podcasts are longer than the norm and quite frankly usually don’t want them to end. Carry on.........
  • GrumpMare
    I wanted to love this
    I am a huge fan of Warwick Schiller’s videos. I really love hearing him talk about horses. But hearing him talk to other privileged people about enlightenment is getting dull. I would much rather hear them talk about the horses that changed them the most and why (like the episode he did on Sherlock). That being said, the Nashon Cook episode was just about the best two hour podcast I have ever heard.
  • dres2ride
    Every horse person should hear this podcast!
    It combines good training advice from every corner of the horse kingdom with good story telling and great resources. Love the caliber of guest, the breadth of experience and all the helpful tips and resources Warwick is bringing each week. I’ve gotten books to read, health tips to try, new educational resources! Awesome job. Love this podcast!!!💕
  • Nighthawk Ranch
    Be prepared to really re-examine your interaction with your horse
    Found this podcast at just the right time. I’m working with a horse that is very sensitive, insecure, and freezes up quite easily. He’s really good at explaining what that horse is going through and how I can be more responsive to its needs. I can also see how this is going to help me be a better friend, coworker, and leader.
  • tiffanysonny
    You know he’s a good horseman when…
    He shares his challenges as well as his successes.
  • cspotrun413
    Soul food!
    I can’t get enough! He’s such an inspiration to me. Not only because of his horse training, but because of the enlightened journey he’s on and how gracious he is to share it. His guest interviews are intriguing. I stay captivated through the whole episode.
  • TanithAeyrs
    Inspiration for horsemanship and life
    Really enjoy this podcast and the challenge Warwick has given to look at things differently. The podcast talks a lot about his own journey as a horseman and a human and the interrelationship between finding yourself as a human and finding a better way to relate to horses. He has condensed and clarified many of the thoughts and ideas I’ve been edging into sideways for many years and his insights have enriched and improved my relationships with both animals (not just horses) and humans. I look forward to continuing the journey.
  • Brey Harris
    Warwick is an inspiration. He explains things in an easy to understand way and isn’t afraid to be open and vulnerable about his life and his way with horses. Journey On is an awesome listen!
  • Lily12335
    Warwick has a great way with words and knows how to talk to people so that they understand fully. He uses many different ways to help each person. I love experiencing his growth with every time he talks, explains behaviors, books he has read and how he uses metaphors to help people understand. He truly goes deeper than many other trainers. I look forward to him going deeper and deeper into the mind of the horse and people, creating a connection that nothing can compare to. My favorite books he has mentioned that i have read so long ago and so many more times since then. Malcom Gladwell and Michael Singer have always been my favorite and its great to know i am on the right track as he is on:) Bravo Warwick!
  • Cowgirlrunner
    Love !
    Love listening to Warwick! The podcast is excellent!
  • SirHenryRoachsMOM
    Best Possible connection with your horse and yourself !
    Warwick discusses growth , daily learning and uses real examples that are easily applied with you and your horse. Entertaining and enlightening and always worth the listen .
  • Poniekisses
    Well worth the listen
    Warwick brings the full spectrum of horsemanship to the conversation. You can learn skills to add to your tool box, behavioral science to help you apply those skills appropriately and effectively, and insights into the personal journey toward becoming the person your horse needs you to be. Though not the first to walk this path, he’s one of the first I’ve heard articulate the whole package in a way that is accessible and beneficial whether you are just starting out or have been around horses for decades. Many thanks to the Schillers for sharing their journey with us.
  • ionapaint
    Connection of the mind and body across species
    Warwick’s journey from traditional horse trainer to wanting a better connection with horses is fascinating. Following his path down the “rabbit hole” he’s traversing will change how you look at your horses, your own training and your life! When he interviews, his questions are very thought provoking, going into a deep dive into another horseman’s journey. Each new podcast is like opening a much anticipated gift, you can’t wait to “see” what’s reveled!!
  • Victoria Conklin
    Hands down the best podcast
    If you are looking for a positive outlook on both life and horse training Warwick Schiller’s podcast is a great treasure. Listening is time well spent!
  • elise.pdx
    Great podcast!
    Love listening to these podcasts while I do Saturday barn chores or if I have a long drive. Keep up the good work, Warwick!
  • pony tail girl
    Feel the feelings
    I love listening to Warwick’s podcast and training videos! Being a woman’s RTT Therapist and coach I love Warwicks examples of the similarity between our relationship to our emotions and how we often project those on to our horse without knowing. Importance of healing trauma. Feel the feelings till those filling no longer require attention.
  • DeplorableMe
    Horsemanship and beyond!
    Really enjoy listening to Warwick’s thoughts and philosophies. He has transcended “horse trainer” to horse guru!
  • Great podcast on horses!
    Being and not just doing
    Love the insight that Warwick shares. Not just more training techniques but so much more.
  • Cas::
    Great mindfulness horsemanship
    I love the content! Thank you so much!!!
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