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What if you could have a healthier, more secure lifestyle with greater sustainability and self-sufficiency for you, your family and your community? That’s what Homesteading Family is all about. Carolyn and Josh have taken their popular YouTube series, “Pantry Chat” and turned it into a podcast so you can discover how to take the leap from a “normal” life to a homestead life, filled with meaning, beauty and freedom. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or the country, if you’ve ever wanted to explore the homesteading life, this is your chance to learn how to do it in less time with fewer bumps in the road. It’s like sitting down with a cup of coffee with friends. Round up your cast iron pans and mason jars and start listening!

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  • LoveTrump❤️
    I missed you guys!
    I'm so happy delivery went well! I'm excited for this up coming growing season and all the advice u will have to give! Thank u for what u do to help all of us 🤗 keep up the fantastic work!! We love it!!!
  • Blondeannieoakley
    Worth the listen!
    This podcast has been such a blessing. Great for new homesteaders and old hands. Keep it up guys!
  • 3rdexit
    Just found you
    I came across ur podcast the other day looking for new podcasts listened to a show now I finished episode one I wanted to start from the beginning. Thx
  • Mikemdw99
    Quality Content!!
    I love to listen to your podcast while I’m putting my boys down for their naps! I know that no matter the subject, you always provide with not only entertaining content, but also great information!!
  • Blackbeard-4590
    Thanks so much!
    What a fountain of great information. There’s so much to learn from these folks that you may want to listen to some of the episodes more than once. If you’re able, take notes and you may be able to catch all of the great information. If like me, you listen while doing other tasks, repeating the show is sometimes necessary, but they’re good enough that repeats are just as good as the first time. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Brooke Larrabee
    So good!
    A wealth of knowledge! So thankful others are willing to discuss a “different” way of life than mainstream & help others achieve the same! Also not convinced this isn’t Dax Shepard talking. Seriously. They sound the same.
  • twiladanae
    A wealth of wisdom!
    I love watching Josh and Carolyn on YouTube and learn so much from them every time! I was elated to hear they have a podcast! This amazing family is a treasure chest of knowledge! Thankful for their teaching!
  • Kristi1986
    Great Show!
    They share tons of great info. Between their podcast and YouTube channel I’m constantly learning something new. Plus they are easy to listen to. It feels like you’re in the room talking to them.
  • wilfulgreen
    I like to keep things cleared up Uncluttering my podcasts Following on their YouTube channel 🤠
  • Floyd fan 73
    Great People, Great Information
    I am full of admiration for this amazing homesteading family. They get an astonishing amount of things done, but always keep love at the center. I’m not a homesteader but I find something interesting in every podcast. Each episode is like a warm visit with friends. I never miss it!
  • TENQ'
    Homesteading the dream
    As a wife and mother, we have longed to truly homestead! Finding your podcast was just the motivation and affirmation I needed to let me know I’m doing the things to finally get us there! We might only be on .33, but that .33 is home, and we can do even more. Thank you for living your dream and sharing!
  • Kay Lili
    What a success!
    Their information always leads my family and me to being even more healthy, free, and secure. Amazing resource!
  • conchitabandres
    So much wisdom
    This couple has so much wisdom to share. Love watching their YouTube channel too.
  • kscooter
    Inspirational podcasts!
    You all are so special to share and teach what you do! I fully appreciate the work you put in to (or is it “into”?) your videos and podcasts! I have learned so much and enjoy seeing the love throughout your family! Thanks again for sharing your lives with so many and teaching!!! ❤️ Kristy in Missouri 😃🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸(on YT as Mark and Kristy Nichols).
  • Aj2563
    I really enjoy listening to y’all! So honest and down to earth!
  • 4goatsfarm
    Excellent Episode “What to Do When Canning Supplies Are Gine.”
    Carolyn’s information in the episode “What to do when canning supplies are gone” is spot on. As a master food preserver and a pharmacist, I get concerned when I hear misleading online information about food preservation. Carolyn’s information is absolutely valid, safe, outside the box, and timely. Josh and Carolyn, thank you for doing us all a service with your excellent Pantry Chat series! Keep it up!
  • BacktoRoots
    Incredibly Informative and Enjoyable!!
    Having found Josh and Carolyn on YouTube a few years ago, I have become such a big fan of their channel and was delighted when they announced they were doing a podcast as well! They do not disappoint! Topics range from family management to homesteading skills and all are well thought out and articulated clearly. The advice and information given is well researched, and if I have a question regarding the safety of something floating around on the internet or a way to handle something on my homestead, they always seem to have covered the topic either here or on their YouTube channel, The Homesteading Family. Not to mention I always feel so calm listening to their videos or podcast as I work around the farm. I HIGHLY recommend them!!❤️
  • lydijen
    Very informative
    I have been following their YouTube channel for very long time . Very informative and knowledgeable ..learnt a lot from Josh and Carolyn. Thank you
  • MarlenaRae
    Great information!
    I just found the homesteading family pantry chat and I am so grateful they are taking the time and effort to share all this great information! Thank you for giving me the tools to prepare for my bigger homestead I hope to get one day.
  • Ttown Jess
    Great Points
    As our family considers relocating out of state, I’ve enjoyed the discussions about relocating. We’ve been homesteading for 20 years but find great info as food for thought when property shopping since we haven’t moved in some years now. Thank you for sharing your learning experiences!
  • AFarmer'swife
    Although I am new to Pantry Chat, I am loving the information given. I have also subscribed to their YouTube channel as well! Thank you for your amazing wealth of knowledge and willingness to share!
  • FL&M
    So informative
    Josh and Carolyn are my go to’s whenever I have a problem or question. They have tons of information and safe, cost effective, and unique ways of doing things.
  • NMF-S
    Always Useful
    Great content, great ideas, great tips- love it!
  • Mama bear.
    Such great information as always
    I recently found their YouTube and Facebook group. And I’m loving the information I am receiving from them. They are very wise in the topics they cover. I highly recommend their classes, podcast, YouTube and fb group.
  • track_girl_04
    I have always loved the Pantry Chat. Having the podcast version now ensures I don’t get “distracted” by the temptation to look at my phone as I play the Pantry Chats during my hour long commute twice a day 🤫 For those who don’t know Homesteading Family, they are TOP NOTCH in providing reliable, expert guidance and resources on all topics Homesteading, living sustainably, and thriving as a family. I love and highly recommend their classes too. You won’t be disappointed with their content.
  • thiscrazylifewelive
    Love , love love !!!
    I absolutely loved hearing how they started out ! I love the encouragement to “start where your at “ . I just discovered Homesteading Family on YouTube a couple months ago and was wishing I could listen to everything while I was out in my garden or folding laundry so this podcast is amazing !
  • SWmoyse
    So many new ideas to explore
    Thanks for sharing how you manage year-round. I love your teaching in gardening, cooking, baking, preserving, and preparing. More and more I see how it all goes together. And thanks for the new podcast format!
  • LRA101318
    This was such an amazing podcast that put so many things into perspective for me! Many times I find myself wishing I had more to work with. This was a very reassuring podcast. I just began gardening and I am working on learning preservation techniques. Thank you all so much for the inspiration and making me more thankful for what I have!
  • two dogs and a garden
    Thank you
    Thank you for this format. Don’t always have time to watch a video but can listen as I do my daily tasks. Looking forward to learning from your experiences. Thank you
  • KTG007
    Lots of great teaching, in detail.
    Great homesteading advice from voices of experience. I always find myself learning something new!
  • MajesticMtnsFarm
    Carolyn and Josh are excellent teachers! I wish I could listen to every podcast/watch every youtube video and then practice what they teach! They're not just excellent teachers of everything homesteading. They’re also an amazing example of the marriage relationship and parenting! I highly recommend listening to this podcast no matter who you are. You will come away with a jewel of some sort!
  • FerryHomestead
    The Real Deal
    Josh & Carolyn are the real deal! Living the homestead dream one season at a time and taking us along the way! Teaching us, answering our questions, and educating us on their fails, successes and showing the determination on how to raise a large a family and being self sustaining on any homestead, that’s any size. They are encouraging and uplifting to watch, to listen, and to learn from!
  • mjvarney
    Homestwading topics made simple
    Josh and Carolyn have an amazing way of teaching topics that are important to new homesteaders in a way that is easily understandable. I love the questions and answer section in the pantry chat as well as the broken down topics such as “three ways to make butter”. If you are atruggling with an area, such as the water glassing of eggs, they try to brain storm with you. Yes cant wait to take you with me while I'm working now!
  • LaBlonde 72
    I really learn a lot from these 2 people who are experienced in what they teach. Experience I feel is the best teacher
  • apartment farming hopeful
    Been following on YouTube for months very excited for this format
  • SnowStorm2020
    Can’t wait to see what comes first
    The chicken or the chat. Really, I have gotten hooked since a friend in Norway sent me a link on how to glass eggs for long term storage. OMG! What a life and refrigerator saver! Thanks. I grew up different as a Mother Earth Farm kid and now relearning things I have forgotten so your chats help my memory.😊 Best wishes on this new platform.
  • Me28k
    Inspirational, educational, and deeply appreciated!
    Since discovering Homesteading Family, I've not only learned so much valuable awareness, yet feel capable in applying the knowledge learned through both YouTube videos and having purchased each class they offer. I've had so many firsts: baking bread from scratch, fermenting, milling grains, making tinctures and infused oils, and roasting my own organic green coffee beans. Thank you!!
  • LisaTinkel
    Exciting stuff!
    Congrats on your podcast! Always love hearing your teaching!
  • AKMontgomery
    Experience based knowledge
    This family only teaches what they are experienced in and only shares proven techniques and products. Love how diverse their knowledge base is! From gardening, building, food preservation and preparation, household management, animal husbandry, home schooling and more... these two have experience and knowledge to share in spades. I love their informative blogs and website and I’m very excited for their podcast!! Thank you Homesteading Family!
  • Vernajean
    I love this couple. I have learned so much from them. They really are knowledgeable about homesteading.
  • Tiphaineinfrance91
    Best homesteading family advice
    I listen to josh and Caroline and learn so much from them. I feel like my parents just dropped the ball on passing down that kind of knowledge and I am thankful that they are sharing with such a teacher’s heart.
  • cat_mil
    Love what they’re doing!
    I’ve been a follower of Josh and Carolyn for awhile now and I’m so glad they are turning the pantry chat into a podcast! I have learned so much from their experiences and I respect the knowledge they have gained and are willing to share. Whether you are an experienced homesteader or looking for a place to start you should find plenty to learn from Josh and Carolyn!
  • Cooper top
    Great knowledge
    Not just knowledge from a book but lived knowledge. I’ve been watching this family on YouTube for a couple of years and love learning from them. They have great classes as well.
  • pgpdiggs
    Pure Joy
    This young, industrious, family truly live the homesteading dream. They are grounded (no pun intended :-) ) but they are and share their lives with us in hopes of passing on a beautiful way to live the life God intended us all to live. A life filled with family, love, hope and joy simply from the land God entusted to us.
  • tlawles
    Very Informative
    These weekly chats have been very helpful. I’m not 100% off processed foods but am looking to grow more of our food and their videos are always chalk full of good information and helpful hints.
  • Juiceywilburn
    This couple lives what they teach. You’ll enjoy their experiences and knowledge.
  • Money Penney doodle
    They are knowledgeable in what they talk about because they live it. They want me to be more self sufficient so I can get healthy, nutritious meals on the table for my family. Love how they share information about what is going on in their everyday adventures and how they are willing to share their knowledge so I to can be successful in homesteading.
  • Talitharise
    Pantry Chat
    Wonderful and entertaining discussions on Homesteading whether or not you plan to become one. Enormously valuable information on a variety of subjects and most important of all...very down to earth and totally practical advice for anyone interested in being a “home” maker!
  • Mainlinerecovery
    Down to earth, helpful and Josh that you for all your self exploring
    Said families are absolutely wonderful down to earth easy to follow, Josh‘s mobile chicken coop is brilliant I made a smaller version and we’re doing quite well with that, Josh‘s wife has a wonderful YouTube on bread milk and I have not yet made it but I plan to as well as the county series thank you very much definitely a five star family and bring it down to earth couple.
  • Sophia Belle 2011
    Living differently!
    Josh and Carolyn are so knowledgeable and kind! They share their knowledge lovingly and I am always encouraged by their great insight! I love learning about homesteading and healthy living from them! Such a fun way to learn!
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