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  • jujupark1
    What I need
    As a Christian it’s hard for me to understand a lot of stuff. But on my bus ride I listen to Joyce’s podcast and it brings me back to reality. God is there at all times we just need him to lead.
  • TippyJ3
    I am so grateful for your faithfulness to Jesus and the calling of on your life to share His love for us. My spirit is elevated each time I hear your message. May your blessings overflow.
  • Lori Anderberg
    You And Me
    Joyce, You are one of the most important person in my life beside God as you know. You make me laugh and you make me cry. I am so riveted in your words because I feel like Gis is speaking to me through you. I have had a very personal experience with God that I will never forget. You help me to stay in touch with Him. I’ve been a member for more than 5 years and I never grow tired of hearing what you have to say. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and I truly appreciate you. Regards, Lorraine Anderberg
  • Baaapayutjdd
    Thank you
    Joyce, thank you for your ministry. You are really speaking to me in my life. It has taken 58.5 years but I am working toward seeking a deep relationship with Christ. I appreciate your teachings.
  • EGM 1692
    Love me some JM
    Thanks to my mother, I’ve been listening to Joyce Meyer since I was 13. I’m turning 30 in a couple months and Joyce has been a voice in my ear through some of the hardest times of my life. From adolescence, to marriage, to motherhood. Her no nonsense, straight to the point, REAL TRUTH that she teaches has gotten me through it all!! I’m not only still married and alive today because of her teachings. But I’m still grounded in Christ today because of her Godly encouragement that she has been speaking for years. Every message I’ve ever heard felt like it was for me, it was like she was speaking directly to me. I will forever be thankful for this woman! ❤️
  • Autumn1111
    Evolving in Indiana🙏👏
    Joyce has changed my life! She continues to make positive changes in my life. I do not like days as much if I don’t hear this and her! I love how down to earth she is. Thank you, Joyce, Dave and all of your staff and ministry, for helping to create something so wonderful and helping me to be a better person!🙌🏻🤩 The only thing that I do not like about the podcast is that it plays the episodes backwards. When I am done with part 2, I’d like part 3 to start playing. Instead part 1 will play by default. That is only a “problem “ when I’m driving. Otherwise this is fantastic and I don’t mind the little glitch, but thought I would make y’all aware:)
  • CSG 2020
    One of the best
    Joyce Meyer is one of the best teachers of the WORD! She explains the lessons with her own experiences and makes it relatable. She is funny and her lessons teach me so much
  • GratefulgalDebb
    Best help around
    Joyce has helped me more than anyone in my personal life. Sometimes I need a good dose of Momma Joyce. Love how she is honest and has shared her struggles and I love her tenacity to keep going and for showing us not to give up. She’s amazing! So grateful for her.
  • Dfinemami4444
    Joyce has saved me on my worse days.
    I can relate to Joyce so much she is my favorite and most realistic Fellowship Leader out there. She admits when she needs extra days to hear Gods word and definitely what you see is what you get. She is authentic. Unlike like others who have a fake permanent smile on their face while turning people in need away. In a world of fake I applaud Joyce for being honest about her life.
  • girl745
    My Favorite Podcast ❤️🕊
    So relatable 🕊❤️‍🔥 I learned so much
  • Taylorrr_MD
    My favorite!! ❤️
    I absolutely love joyce and her heart for God. Her messages r so relatable and aplical to my life it's awesome hearing her preach the Word of God w wisdom.
  • Yamiless
    Amazing Message
    I enjoy listening to Pastor Joyce Meyer. It is my dream to meet her one day.
  • Lis Alca
    Thank God for Joyce Meyer
    Thank you for allowing the Lord to use your life. Your teachings are always a blessing to my life.
  • Fire4Jesus777
    Thank you
    Been following Joyce’s messages for a while now and can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that God is using her to be a vessel to share His Word and brings awareness to my personal walk with Jesus 💞🙏🏻 thank you and forever praying for you and this beautiful gift He has given you for this ministry
  • jhonny5798
    Love Joyce so much
    I’ve been listening to her for years, and she has helped change my life. Her teaching is practical and easy to understand. Her teaching can be applied to your every day life. I also like that those podcasts are short and you can listen to them on the go.
  • Pansita94
    Anointed + funny, now that’s a combo that’s hard to find.
    Momma Joyce is a CLASSIC. She’s funny, relatable, practical and easy to understand. I’ve been listening to her for years and she NEVER disappoints. I love these podcasts because they’re super short you can sneak them into your routine without a problem.
  • child in faith
    Thank you Joyce
    I just wanted to thank you for being my God Mother. With your Faith, knowledge, and gift for teaching you have helped me grow and understand the Bible better. You have saved me from alcohol addiction. I know You have been called by God to help us. Between prayer your book quite times with God journaling ( I’m not found of at all but it sure helps) watching your teaching, pod cast. I was raised in the catholic faith. Went to catholic grade school. It is a beautiful religion. I’m not to worried any more on being a good “catholic “ I just want to be a good faithful Christian and child of God. Sincerely Thank you for all you put into your teachings. I love learning and laughing you do both. Thank you for helping me live a better richer life. My husband ASK to listen to you as well. What a beautiful thing for a husband and wife to share in our 38 years of marriage. I have a looong way to go with continuing learning and growing in the word. But with you and the big 3 I know I can be who God wants me to be. I truly feel deep in my heart that all things are possible with God! I love you Joyce and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your sister in faith Michele Callender
  • sawdustkristen
    Life changing.
    My husband and I listen to Joyce every night befor me bed. She is lovely, smart, funny and so gifted in teaching.
  • cricket P
    Hallelujah and Amen!
    I’m growing because of your teaching! May God continue shaping and refining me. Thanks for allowing Him to use you as His instrument.
  • JackieBusick22
    Joyce is awesome
  • elle boogie 808
    Joyce Meyer
    Miss Joyce and her teachings makes me feel confident and sure of my love and faith in the lord. Thank you Miss Joyce
  • AlbertaDwi
    Love Learning from Joyce Meyer
    I listen to the Joyce Meyer podcast daily. I donate monthly and has become a partner for her organization. I believe in the work she is doing and I want to be a part of giving to people in need of help in the US and around the world. Joyce’s teaching has taught me how to have a personal relationship with God. I have been a Christian for many years, but I lacked a personal relationship and thought everything had to be so formal, even in how I prayed, using particular words etc. I now know I can talk to him, anytime, anywhere, even if I can’t express myself in words just call on him to help. Thank you Joyce for teaching me how to have a personal relationship with God 🙏.
  • Grieved Again
    Upload in reverse please!
    Y’all. I love y’all. Dearly. The ministry is incredibly led. But can y’all please upload these parts in reverse so they play in order! 😂
  • Wastestime
    Life changing lessons
    Joyce doesn't sugar coat the responsibilities, we, as Christians, have in order to deserve even a little of what Jesus died to give us.
  • HTS22
    Love this podcast!
    Joyce is an amazing inspiration! This podcast will improve your life.
  • pxrener
    Start my day Every day with Joyce
    Has been a mentor for over 25 years. Has helped me live a beautiful life with her wisdom
  • true peace of mind
    Love Joyce
    Joyce has been a part of my daily life routine for 10 years. She is wonderful.
  • Kellyatthelake
    Such an Inspiring Way to Start the Day!
    Every morning I listen to at least one episode. I love the format of short 15-minute segments. They each stand alone but are good in succession. Joyce is direct and very funny…both traits I relate to.
  • Roselorie
    Great podcast!
    I only wish they didn’t break every message in 4. That’s the only thing keeping me from listening more often 😶
  • csalett
    Never to late
    I needed this so much
  • MS EYM
    Women of God/Joyce Meyer
    I want to say this women is definitely being used by God. And she is so real and practical about everything in life.
  • keh515
    I really enjoy Mrs. Joyce Meyer’s sermons/talks! Please keep posting they help me so much.
  • Michael500912
    I love you Joyce .
    Your the best.
  • THOR778909
    I’ve called the cops I think it’s a military service man but they keep hiding behind me
  • YGodinez
    Love it!
    This is short and sweet. A positive sobering voice that’s has become a staple in the morning while I get ready for work.
  • 🎤Ryan preach it!
    Always joyful to listen to Joyce Meyer preach. amazing teacher.
  • deniscledus
    Great episode! Joyce is a one of a kind teacher! Thanks for being you and helping so many!
  • Cmazurful
    Hearty messages
    I listen to Joyce on my way to work and it helps me start my day well. I have noticed her messages have gotten deeper too.
  • marglaugh
    Love. Her. So grateful for her “no nonsense” approach to the Bible! And it doesn’t hurt that she’s hilarious! 😄
  • T_Miller04
    I listen to Joyce’s message in the mornings while I get ready for the day. It’s the best way to start my day!
  • believer in KY
    Life changing
    This is reminding me daily of Gods grace and beauty. Thank you!
  • mimeak47
    She is amazing
    Some people are saying “she’s a lire ” I don’t understand why do some of you hate her so much. She is absolutely amazing.
  • Sarahhhhhhh_1
    I’m so happy I found this podcast!!
    I look forward to listening to Joyce Meyer everyday! Sometime I listen to the same ones multiple times because they are that good!
  • Rachel Dormanen
    Read your Bible ‼️
    Please, everyone in the reviews are practically worshipping this woman talking about “her wisdom”, “her word spoke to me” and “she saved me” ?!?!?!? It sounds like they’re talking about God Himself! STOP
  • @BeautyJamBySam
    God Bless!
    Thank you for sharing wisdom and the love of God! ❤️
  • Prema on
    Joyce has helped me but
    I really owe Joyce a lot in terms of what I’ve learned from her. I am a believer of her interpretation of The Word HOWEVER..... You are a bit rigid and pompous and anti anyone who is not Chris. JESUS WOULD NEVER BE THAT. JESUS KNOWS THERE IS VALUE TO ALL FORMS OF SCRIPTURE IN FACT JESUS STUDIED IN INDIA AND THERE IS HISTORICAL PROOF. STOP BEIN ANTISEMITIC TOO. JESUS IS ONLY ONE PATH. I understand you need to be rigid but not all of us do. And you’re too hard on your brother. No compassion with understanding is a real weakness.
  • Quiverfulmom
    Great job, more on mom life & physical health
    I’ve been to your conferences years ago, read your books, now discovered your podcast & ordered your new books. PLEASE talk more about your mom life when your kids were younger. I have 5 kids (Irish twin preschoolers through teens), what helped you get through? Also, please talk on physical health, your tips, etc as a mom of a big family that body & health take a back seat & I know that’s not God’s plan.... You’re amazing & hilarious!!!!!!
  • Temujin Taft
    I absolutely love listening to your podcast while I’m doing my morning chores. It really brightens my day!!
  • mommy381
    Still Good!
    I listened to hundreds of hours of Joyce’s teaching on cassette tapes in my car when my children were little and have come back to her daily teaching now that I am old. Listening to her podcast is such a great way to start the day. We need to be reminded of the things of God daily and Joyce does that, through self revelation and humor.
  • Carmelbound
    Pod cast
    Joyce is a blessing to us all!!! She preaches/teaches the embodiment of our Lord Jesus Christ!!! She’s living the word of God through studying and applying the word . Thank you sweet precious sister you help me by bringing me closer to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ🙏🏾
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