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Raising kids can be a bumpy, stressful, and uncertain process – which is why Dr. Lisa Damour is here to help. The author of bestsellers Untangled and Under Pressure brings her sane, informed, and practical perspective to your timely and timeless parenting questions. Co-host and journalist Reena Ninan, a former White House and foreign correspondent, gets the answers parents need. In each episode, Dr. Lisa and Reena blend expert knowledge with their experience and struggles as parents themselves to tackle real-life questions sent in by listeners.

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  • dmiller425
    Lisa is so insightful and disarming!
    My wife and I listened to ‘Untangled’, and it is a real paradigm shifter. This podcast promises to bring more of that, and we welcome frequent and periodic installments in a podcast format.
  • Tomtomtomleighleigh
    Great podcast!
    This podcast is so relevant and helpful. The hosts are so thorough and give reasons and responses when trying to understand our teens and what they are working through. Highly recommend. Even if you think the topic/title isn’t relevant to you, it is worth a lesson. I always have take a ways.
  • ERDocVt
    Super helpful!
    Thank you both for the time and honesty you put into this podcast. I appreciate the conversations and lots of them have opened my eyes to other ways of looking at things. I have recommended your books to many friends and your podcast has been super helpful :-)
  • Stamina Cosmetics
    Thank you! Excellent advice !
    Truly grateful 🥹
  • LPSParent
    Love - mostly. (4.5)
    Podcast resonates... so informative and thought provoking. This feels so nitpicky, but Reena's repeated use of "WOW, I've never thought of that!" (or some minor variation) in EVERY episode has become grating. Reena is great other than that, but with a podcast, the audio cringes matter.
  • TheOtherLisa
    My favorite podcast!
    Dr Lisa makes me a better, wiser, more prepared parent, plain and simple.
  • Grace mouse
    Start here
    Every week I learn something new about children, development, the human brain, and also about myself. This is the most thought provoking and insightful podcast I have ever found. Do not hesitate to subscribe, you will not regret it.
  • DvGuts
    Love Lisa and her advice is sound, BUT ….
    Lisa Damour’s license lapsed YEARS ago and she hasn’t renewed. Why is that??
  • educationuhgf
    Parenting advice when you need it in a way you need it
    One of my favorite parenting authors turned podcaster. I LOVE this podcast and Dr. Damour’s style of parenting. I have shared many episodes with friends and families as they face these timely issues.
  • SamsPlusMember
    Great information
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I love listening and find this so informative, engaging and with so many helpful tips. My kids are not quite teens yet, but I am a family physician and appreciate psychology colleagues and all that you offer as we work as a team!
  • Clontzem
    Thank you!!!
    Love the latest episode on 13. You described the relationship with my 13 year-old perfectly. It can be very, very hurtful. And I have been worried. It has been a little tougher with my second girl than my first as she is more vocal and more extreme.
  • AdeliciousT
    A goldmine of info!!!
    I absolutely loved Lisa’s book, Untangled. And I love how this podcast takes all that great advice and applies it to everyday parenting problems. You start listening to a podcast on how to get your kid to keep their room clean and end up learning a seriously important lesson on how to keep your kids off drugs!!! (Seriously. Listen to that one.) Thank you, Lisa! I highly recommend this podcast!
  • Jenn Gott
    Encouraging and realistic
    I never regret listening. Even when the episode doesn’t apply to my kiddos age (yet) I find the content thought provoking. Many ideas and solutions are given for problems we have already faced and will eventually. Lisa gives realistic, actionable advice with real life experiences to help navigate these tough issues. She breaks complex problems into steps we can take to ease the issue. Highly recommend for pre-teen (and teen) parents!
  • sarahlalaR
    It wasn’t an Avicii song. It was Mike Posner. Do your research!!
  • gfrtccdyh
    Dr. Lisa is pretty good- has lots of helpful tips, but I wish she’d just get down to business. All of her “empathic” comments about “oh wow, what a great question! That’s amazing!” Really? Just give us the tips! The filler, like the above” is *extremely* annoying. We don’t need to be talked down to.
  • tgincle
    Rethink the “Unvaccinated“ Episode
    I’m usually a big fan of this show, but this particular episode was upsetting. Why did you get vaccinated? To be protected? Cool. Then what’s the problem being around someone who is not vaccinated or vaccination status unknown? Can we answer that logic? If the vaccine doesn’t work, then ALL are equally at risk for transmission and infection. This group think behavior that a certain group of individuals are “dirty” or “diseased” didn’t work well in the past and should have no place in present day society. Stop this type of ideology that encourages discrimination and segregation. Lisa, you had the perfect platform to do so and it is so disappointing that you did nothing to halt it.
  • Nashville/September
    Sound Quality
    Love the episodes, we have learned a lot of useful information. FYI The sound quality varies significantly throughout the podcast making it difficult to listen to. The volume of the voices is inconsistent (what sounds like whispering to louder more average speaking voice) and it requires the volume to be adjusted throughout the podcast. This is just friendly technical feedback. A great example is the most recent episode on self confidence. (This was not a speaker issue - it happened on two different devices.). Again, just FYI - love your work!
  • Dogslifeforall
    Seriously shocked
    Really disappointed to see the topic “Should my teen socialize with an unvaccinated friend?”. What has this world come to. The level of discrimination regarding personal healthcare choices is unfathomable. Some people have medical reasons why they are not able to get the covid vaccine. Some people do not feel comfortable because of the lack of information about the vaccine. Some people have watched love ones die or be seriously injured by this vaccine. Please consider your whole audience before you promote discrimination, exclusivity and judgement.
  • M. S. Pumpkins
    The best thing in podcasts
    I sometimes question my own sanity because I often feel like Dr. Lisa is speaking directly to me through my radio. Their voices are so soothing that they could read me the dictionary and my blood pressure would drop 20 points. If they read audiobooks of bedtime stories for kids I would buy every last one and listen to them myself. This show is so helpful to me as a mom of a teen having a hard time and I recommend it to every parent I know. I am always so sad when it’s summer time and the episodes take a break but I just listen to the old ones over and over again. I’m not currently caught up because I’m still listening to one of the old ones on repeat until I make sure I have retained every nugget of wisdom. Thank you, ladies.
  • Rachel in Mill Valley
    “Kiddo” is the worst!
    I think this is a information rich podcast with good parenting advice (and I enjoy her well researched books) but Dr. Damour’s constant use of the term “kiddo” to describe teens is completely off putting. It’s honestly hard for me to listen to this podcast, as the word “kiddo” is used so often in her conversations.
  • Luckybugs
    Best parenting podcast out there for teen parents
    Love the podcast! I have 16,19 and 21 year olds and this is the only podcast that can relate to all of them and teens younger too. The one about getting quiet teens to open up about their feelings was amazing and so helpful!!
  • CBHVa76
    My favorite podcast
    I so look forward to Tuesday mornings where I get my Dr Lisa fix! This is the first podcast review I have ever left, and I work in the podcast industry! This podcast speaks to me and where we currently are with our 11 and 13 year old. She offers such practical advice and wonderful perspective on issues facing kids today; both pandemic and non-pandemic. Any chance she can come live with me and coach me through parenting!
  • reviewerfffff
    College junior decisions
    How do I get my high school junior to think about college majors and get interested in researching colleges? I have a couple visits planned but most are still virtual.
  • Gman 7
    I really wanted to love this podcast, but the giggling during an explanation of anxiety and how to problem solve for a girl who was terrified to go to school with a mask on was disappointing, especially from a clinician. I understand that anxiety has practically turned into a religion in our country and that it can be seen as a badge of honor to be frazzled and overwhelmed, but true adolescent anxiety is very scary and can often turn into clinical depression.
  • san diego mom 619
    Thank you and suggested topics! 🙂
    Thank you Lisa and Reena for a wonderful show. Your support for parents is nothing short of fantastic. I have 3 Suggested topics – the struggle with girls’ self-esteem. How can I get my 10 year old to believe in herself? Phobias that have developed during COVID lockdowns. My child is happy to socialize on video chat but has trouble leaving the house. And she is on too much screen time, of course. Divorce and its impact on pre teens.
  • Lucy Trails
    Amazing resource
    I’m grateful for this podcast as a resource during the pandemic. The last semester of school was stressful for my family, but Dr. Damour has given us more ways of thinking about things for moving forward.
  • Melccoug
    Great pandemic parenting help
    I have a 12 year old and am really struggling with the choices her friends’ families are making and how to keep her feeling socially engaged remotely while the rest of them keep up the sleepovers and in person fun. This podcast is a wonderful source of information and understanding about how to talk through the struggle with my child and my own self talk. Thank you!
  • EveMadisonR
    Must listen!!!
    This podcast is full of wisdom, humor, insight and love.
  • Coffee Mom 101
    Heaven sent!
    When I heard Lisa Damour started a podcast I was overjoyed! She does not disappoint! The insight, information, guidance, kindness and humor is so very appreciated, thank you! I hope this podcast sticks around a lot longer than the pandemic! Thank you!!!
  • Mjbedb
    Insightful and accessible.
    Useful and timely information presented in a format that is easy to digest and use.
  • ScreenFreeParenting
    Great info!
    Great information that is well-researched, balanced, and informed.
  • klfunny
    Best parenting in the pandemic podcast
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the best parenting podcast out there. It has been a tough year and this podcast is one of the things getting me through it. Sometimes it feels like Lisa and Reena are sitting in my kitchen hearing the questions my husband and I toss around while juggling kids and jobs and school. The advice is thoughtful, practical, applicable, and dead-on. Two very big thumbs up.
  • Mindful Kids and Families
    Perfect Podcast for right now!
    I just started listening to this podcast and I love hearing the conversation about a parenting issue. It’s definitely timely right now but also Dr. Lisa provides a calm reminder of how and what to pay attention to with our children.
  • Amber Capps
    So relevant
    This podcast was recently shared with me and I have, in turn, shared it with many others. The topics and conversation are exactly where we are in our family right now. I love the thoughtful, compassionate and warm suggestions offered by Dr. Lisa and Reena. Highly recommended for all parents and caregivers.
  • RSelz
    These are amazing and would love to see a transcript of each so I can read/skim/review and not have to go back to listen.
  • LinzieJF
    Heartfelt and practical tips, not just for parents!
    I am a huge fan of both of these woman, and this podcast is and incredible gift from them. I don’t happen to be a parent, but I still get something from each episode, like the importance of trying to name our emotions and the natural release that happens when we do that. If you have a question or your battling with something, send them your questions! They are human and vulnerable and will make you feel so much better!
  • BrycenBoy
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I am so happy I found you! Thank you for speaking DIRECTLY to my heart! I can’t wait for more!
  • maryleo8
    Absolutely love this podcast. As a mother of older teens and a psychotherapist, this podcast is relevant and a guiding light from every angle for me. And their voices are so gentle and warm.
  • ohCdn
    Dr. Damour’s excellent parenting guidance: now audible and portable
    Takes extraordinary content, practiced wisdom, sense of humour and balance one admires in Dr. Damour’s books, and NY Times articles, and makes it all audible, and portable. The cohost / host Q&A format works well here: two minds in tune sounding neither overly scripted, nor too tightly structured. Excellent content. Superior delivery.
  • meredithg
    My form of meditation
    Wow! 5 stars for this amazing new podcast. I love the rapport between Lisa and Renee. They are real, raw, and incredibly insightful. Everyone should listen to this. You will feel acknowledged, understood and breathe a deep sigh of relief....even during this pandemic.
  • ZsZ
    A much needed conversation
    Lisa and Reena are two incredibly accomplished and intelligent women who have a very honest, raw and real conversation about parenting, as if they are sitting on the opposite side of the coffee table from me. I’ve really enjoyed, and often laughed out loud, listening to your conversations so far. Thank you for bringing this podcast to the world. Look forward to every new episode!
  • msj zoo
    How to support the college freshman during a pandemic
    Lisa’s books have truly saved our parenting of our daughter through middle school and high school. She is off to college and already had dorms close and moved to off campus housing to preserve what she can of her college experience and engagement. How do you support these students who feel like their whole year has been one tenuous pivot after another?
  • LA Mom and Educator
    Couldn't have come at a better time
    This is a must-listen podcast. I don't know a parent who couldn't use a little extra support right now. Dr. Damour's wisdom, sense of humor, and calming voice are perfect for this challenging time. (And I wasn't expecting to pick up some Costco shopping tips, too!).
  • KSC4500
    Warmth and Structure
    In one episode Lisa shared that kids ultimately need “warmth and structure”... turns out those ingredients also make for great podcasting! Lisa and Reena deliver helpful pandemic parenting advice in a delightful - warm and structured- style. Highly recommend!
  • LaureenHud
    The best discussion & advice!
    Sometimes we just need to be reassured that what we are doing is enough, that we are on the right track and we can do hard things together. My takeaways so far, 1. Be gentle on ourselves, kids, friends & family. 2. Don’t be overly ambitious, do what you can and take time for self care. 3. Prioritize structure and warmth in the home. This is a challenging time for all of us. Have lots of empathy for all. Thank you, Lisa Damour!
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