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Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens. Get the INTEL to help you make the best investment choices with Trish.

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Recent Reviews
  • briancaron9
    Thumbs up
    About time someone is allowed to talk without being shouted down. Called freedom of speech
  • Heldur 6+
    Every fraudulent vote destroys our system!
    Let’s make every vote counts only if they produce a drivers license or government issued ID. With our technology, we can find out how many votes are coming from an address and if someone has voted two or three times. This is made complicated on purpose for subterfuge! The more sauce in the pot, the more evil hearts believe they can get away with stealing legal votes.
  • CynthiaRTR
    Sorry but not a fan of this video... You’re talking of what Biden is going to do and he isn’t even President elect...
    It’s great to hear her voice!
    I’m so happy that Trish has landed on her feet after her unjust treatment by Fox Business News. She was too effective in fighting for the truth and the American people, so apparently Paul Ryan couldn’t handle that.
  • WJL2020
    Amazing show
    Trish You are great, thank you!
  • joeslummer
    A review
    I've never heard anything so dumb. Not everyone needs a podcast.
  • LiveFree1776
    Real journalism
    Love the podcast and glad to have you back on the scene.
  • BillieDillie
    Thank you for your boldness!!!
    We need more of the truth shared! Awesome job Trish!
  • Amor Sierra
    Love you!
    I an so happy that you have this podcast! You’re amazing and I’m so glad to be able to listen to you again!
  • lkpatt52
    Linda Patterson
    Love your message of great news. I loved you on Fox and I would follow you anywhere you would go to be persue your journalism and opinions.
  • Maverick8115
    Trish definitely landed on her feet! New show is already off to the races!!
    After being let go in a unfair way from Fox Business (and later proved to be right I might add), Trish has managed to create more buzz. I knew her for her great Venezuela coverage, now she can continue that and more, she is untethered. I urge ppl to follow her and you won’t be disappointed. 🙂🙃
  • Yarn Cafe Creations
    Thank you!
    Thank you for your insight, you’re one of the great minds of this decade!
  • hogteaux
    The best
    Thank you for your podcast.
  • Fight for Capitalism
    Nice to hear real news reporting
  • andinmo2
    She’s back and better than ever
    Trish gets the facts delivers to truth. Fox’s loss is our gain. Great work. We still would like to see u on the tube.
  • LaHotty
    Love it!
    Keep up the great work! 🇺🇸
  • Yarslair
    Found Trish
    So glad I found your podcast. Keep up the great work.
  • riclynmar
    Very thought provoking.
    This was time well spent for me. By the way you are quite beautiful and smart.
  • crash19691
    Love the podcast!
    Trish, So glad you are doing a podcast. I was soo upset when your show was yanked! Love your directness and reporting the truth! Keep up the great work ❤️🇺🇸
  • lindsay south
    Loved following thru the years
    I came to this country from Australia after marrying my American wife in 1992. I first noticed you with your CNBC special on drugs in Latin America and was really impressed then I watched you when you joined CNBC and always thought you and joe Kernan and Maria were seriously outnumbered. Watched you then go to Bloomberg and thankfully fox business started but needed something and Maria sparked and I was hoping you would join and was thrilled when you did. My wife and I couldn’t wait for your show and watched every night. Loved to see your wonderful family and learn of your many talents you are a remarkable woman. Was devastated when fox did The dirty and a lot of them moved to anti trumppers So finally found newsmax which is wonderful and because of that found your podcast. Thank you I can listen to your knowledgeable self again. You are young enough to be my daughter so I can imagine how your parents must be so proud of you. Glad to have found you again. You have a lot of supporters go girl!!!!!!!
  • dlo 1963
    Love Trish
    Trish all I listen to is you & Meg Kelly. Fair & truthful & informative, even when people don’t wanna hear the truth, I think someone said that before. Lol 😊I love your YouTube shows also! Keep up the great work you’re very appreciated. Your biggest fan!
  • Bill - Vikings fan since 1970
    Good stuff
    I love your delivery style.
  • deboma10
    Love this podcast!!
    I heard a Trish on Fox News. So when I saw this podcast I thought to give her a try. I am so pleasantly surprised! She’s smart, articulate, and puts in a great podcast. I find myself looking forward to her show and hate weekends because she doesn’t have a shoe then. C’mon!! It’s only 30 minutes out of your day!!!
  • sixtyshortbed
    I missed you
    Don’t know what happened with you and fox but you are a great reporter. I loved your show because you were not afraid to speak up. Please continue to speak for us.
  • East Otto
    Listening to Trish how her grandfather made fifty cents a day, worked hard for his family, and rose to become an educator and a State Senator in New Hampshire. That’s the America I know. Great show.
  • MartyMoto
    Daily Trish-Fix
    Outstanding, relevant, and useful content, delivered thoughtfully by a true professional. Bravo!
  • ksenia Wall
    Trish Intel
    Trish R. Is a very smart women and discusses the current topics with clarity. I listen every day.
  • S😀o
    You are the best 👍 I use to look at your show every night on Fox business, then I heard you were not there any more. I searched and found you, last week I downloaded your podcast and every day I listen to you, keep up the great work. Earl
  • greghull
    Best Political Podcast in America
    Obviously, Trish is as smart as they come. But in this podcast, she takes her analysis to an even deeper level. It’s part politics, part economics, part civics and highly educational. Wish I had a professor like her when I was in college.
  • crazy mimi64
    Great Podcast
    Missed you!
  • Alarracuente
    There you are beautiful!
    Glad I stumbled upon your podcast. Best of luck on all your future endeavors. Fox is simply not the same without you Trish. Blessings
  • mermaid514
    The Best
    Love listening. Well researched. Well recorded. Just the right length. I learn so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • clw9026
    Thank you Trish!
    Glad you are back!
  • Lambeau Champions
    My new favorite pod
    I’m so happy to hear you voice your opinions again...I’ve subscribed to your podcast today, and love I can listen to you while walking my dog or mowing my lawn.
  • Billsto
    Not too long, not too short, but hits the highlights we need to know.
  • Blues3902
    Great concise podcast
    With so many people creating podcasts, Trish seems to be getting it right. She keeps segments concise and informative! So far so good
  • T-N-S***
    Love your podcast
    Thank you Trish....keep on keeping on!!!
  • Dr. Nuakoh
    Always loved Trish
  • Classic Star Trek Forever
    Great analysis
    I really like how Trish gives the monitory impact in policy, world affairs and where we fit in it all. It is the kind of news we need to impact how we spend and invest. She gives the big picture of what it all means. Bravo, great show.
  • Mini-30
    Late to the dance?
    Awesome to finally get my “Trish fix” again so welcome back! Maybe I’m late to the dance as I just found your website & just listened to Friday’s “Feel the Fear” this evening, Sunday. Will go back to catch up & will follow daily now that I’ve discovered your site! Thank you!
  • Saxman951
    Honest, Engaging, and Entertaining
    I enjoy listening to Trish! I particularly like how she presents topics and discusses how they impact society from an economic perspective.
  • n4bpp
    Great you are back
    Great you are on, watched your TV as much as possible. I hope you are happy and moved on from TV.
  • Jessiij
    The best podcast 👈🏽
    I look forward to each episode. Thank you so much for honest information I can trust. 👍🏽
  • gigheng
    Intelligent and Entertaining
    Trish speaks truth...we’ve been avid fans of her Fox Business show for a long time and were terribly upset with Fox when she was let go for speaking truth. Their loss! She is highly intelligent, relevant, eloquent and entertaining...her voice, her truth is a shining light. Brilliant and definitely worth won’t be disappointed!
  • DianaCrim376
    One smart lady
    So happy to hear Trish’s perspective on the news again. I was a loyal viewer every night at 8pm; her coverage of Venezuela and interview with a Chinese journalist in May 2019 were among the highlights not to mention first-rate. Welcome back!
  • RickF
    Not afraid to speak the truth
    It’s great to hear Trish again, she was unfairly removed from television for speaking the truth. I’m so happy to be able to listen, hoping to see her beautiful smile on TV soon. Keep up the good fight Trish!
  • Big Daddy Maxx
    Excellent Podcast
    Trish sounds great on her podcast, loaded with information and not only is it informative, she’s entertaining which keeps my hooked. Not dry, or boring…her way of delivering her content is perfect.
  • Kev1580
    Trish always makes sense!
    Informative. Good big picture financial information and positions for all Americans.
  • johnwaynea82
    Love the pod cast
  • DosSnts
    An American Patriot
    Trisha Reagan you are the patriots of America thank you.
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