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The PBD Podcast is a podcast that discusses, current events, trending topics and politics as they relate to life and business. Stay tuned for new episodes and guest appearances. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/pbdpodcast/support

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  • TXNoll
    Christian from Texan
    PBD is one of my top 5 favorite podcasts. I applaud the diversity of thought and background of the guests. The 9/21/2023 round table with “Christians and Muslims” fell short of what I was hoping for - too much “he said” back and forth like politicians in a debate.
  • Gnm98
    Good for You
    Right. Or Left - Your dogma will be challenged. Well done show from folks willing to hear opinions that challenge what they think.
  • Dc14263
    I was
  • lilsal42
    New listener
    I listened to this podcast starting the Friday before Labor Day and listened to nothing else all weekend. What a great show. Real questions, common sense, no bias. Definitely my new favorite. Great job
  • ddgdwecchjgerf
    More jail time needed
    This dude is a coward, opportunist & an obvious liar.
  • Helen from Wyoming, PA
    Very enlightening
    I totally enjoy the discussions. Thought-provoking with a variety of guests with different political views.
  • ritecon
    What a disappointing interview with Flynn
    Actually, this wasn’t an interview. You allowed him to speak in platitudes for two plus hours. He said nothing. He offered only bromides. Were it not for Sidney Powell stepping in at the last moment and pulling his tail out of the fire, he would be in jail. He weakly allowed the Deep State to cancel him in a matter of days. No fighting back on that. He is not a leader. No mention of that! It was the forerunner to the Trump indictments, for gosh sakes. He talked of Vivek being young, inexperienced and articulate… humm sounds a lot like his old boss whom he does not disavow. Generally I like your podcast because you do allow guest to talk uninterrupted. But then you grill down to ask questions. What showed in this one is the true vapidity of your guest. However, you offered no push back on his ramblings. No tough questions. Weak, gentlemen.
  • Quite Trippy
    Thank you, PBD.
    One of the best shows to date. Michael Flynn is a true hero. Please try to get Admiral Michael Rodgers next!
  • grtamer
    PBD is a terrific host and interviewer who gets good guests. I'd definitely lose the two co-hosts who bring nothing of interest or entertaining to the show. The Whitney Webb interview was killer. I was hoping the Lauren Chen interview would be good but she hardly got a chance to speak.
  • AP4fit
    Brian and Ed Krassenstein
    Disappointing. I like to hear different perspectives. It is disappointing when guests won’t admit the obvious. For example, they wouldn’t admit that the FBI is in the tank for Biden… Pat pointed out the five times there was a negative story about Biden, and each time there was an indictment or something negative about Trump — announced the next day!
  • Joegunn28
    I’ve never seen someone give such softball interviews as this character did to Tate and people he likes. Politically, not much depth of understanding of any of the issues, and a big conspiracy theorist.
  • Sam_Bro_1
    Favorite Pod but….
    My absolute favorite podcast but I believe it’s time to take Adam and Vinnie off the panel. Both are unable to level up to Pat and don’t typically offer constructive points.
  • RuntheRoads
    Outstanding Content
    I just started listening and am impressed in the wide variety of guest with many opinions. PBD asks very intriguing questions and allows the guest to state their case. He pushes back on non factual takes and his infusion of his experience and ideas makes for a great listen. Look forward to hearing more good guest and the defense of individual meritocracy and freedom.
  • BP Writer
    Fantastic podcast, interesting perspectives
    Loved episode 292 and your conversation with Cenk Uyger. What really resonated with me was the candid and transparent conversation about the current state of events, unions, movies, etc. Loved your
  • texas fitz
    This guy is such a tool!
  • SPKsimbaaa
    Poor man’s eye to the bigger world
    I like the information here. Makes me get better perspective of the zeitgeist
  • adeden56
    Vivek Ramswamay
    These podcasts are done with professionalism, insightful questions, and a real desire to get at the Truth”. The truth, unfortunately, is very difficult to discern lately. It is refreshing to listen to a podcast interview where “discussion” of different opinions and viewpoints is invited and valued! Love Vivek and his take on the Presidency and how our current path is unsustainable! I’m fact, I like him MORE than Trump. As it stands today, he is the candidate I most relate to!
  • Truth Be Told 22
    Let me ask you a question
    Would you rate this podcats one,two,three,four, five stars?
  • Gym error always
    The Cuomo pod was terrible
  • Chris941Bradley
    The whole country needs to get off the brain drain and pay attention to PBD
  • Singers13
    Great show Great guests
    PBD throws himself into the middle of tough conversations. But his sidekicks could use an upgrade. Adam degrades the quality as ge demonstrates consistently uninformed opinions, not always, but often. Vinnie doesn’t say much but when he does, he adds value, but not compelling. Tom is a the sober voice who, like Vinnie, adds value when he speaks. Bottom line, keep it up, and replace Adam.
  • stacytrippe
    Wiener - Fire!
    It was at time’s tough to listen but overall - On Fire!
  • Ozark_FL infidel
    I didn’t enjoy it but I powered through it because I know it’s necessary. Thank you
  • Joeynsc
    Informative and interesting
    I’m always interested in how different people see things. I don’t think Anthony Wiener had a meltdown and that label might not be a benefit for the show. I understand that the conversation was heated at times. I disagree with mr Wiener but he did extremely well with his spin.
  • rmarmolejos8
    Awesome 👏🏻
    Awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
  • Mueller 14
    Gotta love the spread
  • Dogluvr72
    Longform substantive interviews
    Not a huge fan of the sidekicks but Patrick is great. Great guests.
  • daddywoodman
    Jan 6 th
    Have you seen the video a gentleman sitting in front of a window on January 6 smashing it with people and telling people to crawl through the windows at the moment the sad person turns to see someone videotaping him the second he sees them videotaping he becomes a federal agent and starts pushing people away from the window. I was a prior member of a militia in New York State and Pennsylvania at one point Iowa after the Charlottesville Virginia incident. I called them and ask them if they were going to the January 6 thing and they stated that they had gotten a heads up that it’s a set up by the democratic party.
  • skeenc
    Thank you for introducing me to Whitney Webb, though I’m now haunted. I didn’t want to fully know the matrix. Ignorance is truly bliss. Appreciate you giving people long form opportunities to share their ideas. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know your team. Perhaps as a male, Toobin’s act seems benign. As a chick, I’m alarmed. And i hate cancel culture. But my biggest concern is the danger of online porn for boys. Clearly, that’s why this happened. I wish he’d come out saying the dangers of online porn and its detrimental effects. Admit the danger of this slippery slope. Apology is great, but what led to this act in front of his computer? It’s not just ‘oops, we all do it’. What led him to do this at that time? Good men doing nothing gets us into terrible situations. Your team seems to be full of good men.
  • Ronman737
    Love the show! Slight criticism of some episodes with what sounds like overlapping audio. Had to be some kind of editing blunder.
  • Sig P320
    Tooben is a tool
    Love this show. Tooben is a biased hack with despicable morals. He is a pervert. He spoke of Biden and Hillary having classified docs. They were not supposed to have! Who cares if they gave them back! Frustrating episode.
  • skycarm
    Normally I enjoy your conversations but…
    I enjoy conversations about what types of decisions to make and the market. I do not like the Andrew Tate convo. You seem like you’re just tryna be a boys boy and not actually be helpful. Don’t let it become a frat. I’ve moved on from that
  • UpstateNY14428
    Let your guests speak
    Lifelong conservative here (no, really, I am). Adam is a certified moron that adds nothing. PBD treats staff member Rob like a doormat. Scroll down, scroll down, scroll down............ Jesus, calm down you jerk. Take your meds and give the guy a little breathing room. A few seconds won't kill you or at least edit that needless badgering out of the podcast. It's so annoying the way he treats people. You'll never move the podcast needle by being a jerk, you'll be small time forever. Also, drop the gimmick about askling guests if they know a specific fact. Just give the facts and keep the show moving. Also, the opening song is horrendous and, as you would expect, is about the host.
  • s7ameer
    PBD just another level🔥.. Incredible podcast 👏
  • Tricks with .556
    Great show! Love PBD
    PBD is quality information and critical thinking. If you can’t be bothered with that this isn’t that he show for you .
  • Big fan 55
    Great show! Get Stephen C. Meyer American author on the show. “DARWINS DOUBT”
    Great show!!
  • I ❤️ listening
    This guy is a fraud. He’s a simple minded fool.
  • HurricaneHydro
    Love this podcast
    Hello this is my go to podcast. Where can I find the podcast without commercials?
  • hdbdincf
    The new Joe Rogan - Love PBD and the Team
    Not to knock Joe Rogan or anything, but this pod is my favorite and his interviewing style, his normal panel of people (the home team), and the guests that he has (guests from all fields of interests), I just love it. I listen either on Apple Podcasts or watch it on YouTube. The interview questions are super good, he does lots of research on his guests, and I love the fact that he is such a successful businessman, and can offer lots of perspectives on lots of things…. big shout out to PBD and the whole team at Valuetainment.
  • Liberated Mama
    Whitney Webb…….Wowza!!!
    Love listening to your content and feel smarter every time! Your show with Whitney Webb was unbelievably informative and powerful. How do you start taking little steps to actually do something?
    5 star
    Keep doing what you do
  • elogoleo
    Episode 262
    Maajid Nawaz interview very informative and interesting. Great job PBD and team!!
  • Henrys2G
    Great podcast!!
    This is a great podcast to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world!! I listen every time a see a new episode is up!! BUT can we stop splitting the show up in 2 parts.
  • proslaw
    Love it!
  • MTB5280
    Absolutely Phenomenal
    Patrick and Team I’m a massive fan of the PBD Podcast. The Episode I listened to today was absolute FIRE! Keep it up Gentlemen.
  • TheeHeron
    Charlie Kirk brought it!!
    Great job on hosting Charlie PBD! Very knowledgeable!
  • Janettap2222
    Great podcast
    One of the best
  • Bill Smock
    Out of touch rich guys that think they made it on their own
    I got through on episode, barely. These are the guys on Facebook that like to tell you how smart they are and how hard they work. They got super lucky with a lot of help from others and don’t recognize anyone that helped them. Guarantee if you follow either of them around, they don’t actually work. They may sit in meetings but they don’t do the work. But they make all the money. Sad little men. His voice is cringe.
  • E. Parsons
    Entertaining but frustrating
    Entertaining, but only for the fact that Patrick Bet David’s worldview is incredibly naive.
  • Shoppingincincy
    Favorite new podcast find
    Love PBD!! He has great guests, always well prepared & never backs down from his position! Much to learn from him.
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