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Blurry Creatures chases down answers for the weird questions and enigmatic creatures that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained.

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  • Vett67
    Great podcast
    Heard them on the Confessionals Podcast. Had to come right over and follow. Love the take on the paranormal from a biblical worldview.
  • Troubek
    Eye opening!
    My sister showed me your podcast and I have been watching from the beginning non stop. I am so excited because you all are taking about things I have been studying and you give me so much more to think about. I appreciate how you entertain ideas that you may not totally agree with to explore the potential. It really is a lost skill to learn apposing view. Thank you for your work! Keep it up!
  • Norpy1
    Thank you for talking about the unknown through a biblical lens! You guys are AMAZING!
  • SandauS7
    Crazy stuff
    I’m totally binging on this podcast. Lots of crazy stories and discussions, but read the Bible and you’ll find it’s full of miracles and crazy stuff too. Thanks guys, keep it up
  • emmelia47890
    Life changing to my faith
    This show has helped me figure out things that have happened in life to me. It’s built my faith & helped me be less afraid. I tell everyone about it! Thank you
  • EricaGr8
    I am hooked! As a Christian I am learning so much that I wish I had known earlier. Makes me want to study the Bible more with fresh eyes. Keep up the good work! Fascinating!
  • NativeTexican
    Best Podcast-EVER!
    I’ve been binging this show and not even close to finished. So many great guests. Each time I think I’ve heard the best, y’all bring on someone else I’ve never heard of that’s equally fantastic. If you love to hear the truth, you’ll love this show. Things make more sense than the sugar-coated version that you hear on Sunday morning.
  • ak guy lost in washington
    Fills gaps
    Nothing going on in our world surprises me anymore but a lot of gaps are being filled
  • 180wagon
    Audio Quality
    I love what you’re doing, but the unequal audio levels and audio quality of your interviews makes listening a chore.
  • Azlefitz
    My people <3
    Love this podcast!
  • J-boogiewade
    Do eet!
    Wow. I listened to a few and knew I was hooked. I started over at episode 1 and just finished episode 147 after a marathon binge month. Joining the members section to listen to the episodes in there now!
  • Blurry Believer
    A GIANT Step Up
    This podcast is sooooo good. Every guest I’ve heard is amazing, from Sanger to Hamp to Pasulka, and especially Alberino, I’m constantly being filled to the brim with new content. Blurry Creatures isn’t just a podcast- it’s a way of life. IT’S THE BLURRYVERSE. Seriously though, this show is a GIANT step up from other podcasts. Every episode unlocks a new REVELATION in my mind and gets me thinking. The concepts aren’t just black and white- they’re GREY. It’s EXTRATERRific! Strongly recommend. If Blurry Creatures was around in the Antediluvian era, then I can start to get why the sons of god wanted to come to earth. 10/10.
  • syonk89
    Favorite Podcast
    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this podcast, but ever since the first episode I heard, I’ve been hooked. I used to listen to Joe Rogan everyday, but lately it’s been Blurry Creatures. As a follower of Christ, I appreciate that they keep it clean and look at everything through a Biblical lens. It’s also a relief to know I’m not the only one who is frustrated with how the Church handles these subjects. Keep it up, love you guys!!
  • Captain Blood 64
    Love the show!
    Great podcast…finally Christians that get the big picture! Thanks Guys!
  • DaveE2306
    PERIODT... HANDS DOWN!!! The boys have great chemistry, awesome voices, and amazing guests!!!
  • T-Ray 66
    Awesome stuff
    Truly awesome stuff I have witnessed a couple supernatural things this last year or so and did not really know what to make of them. I have always been skeptical of this kind of stuff but that all changes rather fast when you see crazy stuff with your own eyes. I was pushed to listen to this by a friend and it has helped me put some stuff in its proper space.
  • abbins
    Keep on guys!- your content is edifying and widens my wonder of His love for us??- c u at B.C. !!
  • Mr. Grass Clippings
    Dig the content…
    but if you’re not a paying member, you’re cheated if some great episodes. They won’t even acknowledge when a person hypes them up unless you shell out money once a month.
  • us021508
    The best podcast to date
    Not only entertaining but faith building. I’ve learned more biblically than 20 years in church. Feels like listening to friends. I’ve cried at least three times listening 🫶🏼
  • haleyCA
    Necessary Content!
    This show just gets better and better. Would love to hear more about DUMBS, Area 51 and MK Ultra deprogramming. Thankful that these men put in the time to make this content available. Also please make Regnomes t-Shirts haha! 🧙🏼‍♂️
  • F Northy
    Mind blowing
    The guys do a fantastic joy of exploring the oddities of the past and blurry creatures of the present.
  • noarminian
    So much false teaching.
    This is nothing but a podcast of Christian Gnosticism. Same old recycled satanic ritual abuse and a demon around every corner nonsense. This is what happens when you have zero biblical discernment.
  • headkiwi
    My friend loves you guys, and now I love you guys! Thanks
  • PamB55
    Thought provoking
    This podcast is interesting & thought provoking. Makes make wonder if Gov Newsom is a Nephilim. Thank you for helping me to listen to others that have similar curiosities.
  • Tornado2005
    The best show!
    Nate and Luke, thank you for introducing us to so many facets of the blurry world! I am interested in things I never knew possibly existed! And, I love the biblical references as I deep dive into the Old Testament this year. The older I get, the more I believe the Bible is more literal than we can really conceive. All we can hope is that Heaven offers “Netflix” on what really happened from Genesis to Revelation!
  • June ca$h
    exactly what is needed!
    so good! Great interviewers and guests!
  • Bkdeeeeeee
    Asking the right questions checking it with the Bible.
    What else could you ask for? They’re going to the places very few Christian’s are willing to go. It’s sad that I cannot talk about this with other Christians. I’m thankful I can come here and study my Bible with the unseen in my mind. Love it! Keep doing what you’re doing!
  • Jessica9180
    Y’all ready to get weird?
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for the past year and it has completely blown my mind. No creature or weirdness is off the table…big foot, shape shifters, nephilim, demons, ancient civilizations, blood rituals…think XFiles on steroids if Mulder and Scully were Christians. But be warned, you will not look at life, Christianity, history, or anything you’ve been taught the same way after you take a deep dive into the Blurry Creatures world. Buckle up, open your mind, and enjoy!
  • daily_courageous
    Listen with an open mind, but with a biblical lens
    Love it! Keep it up guys!
  • Pflug101
    Wow. Get ready to stretch your brain.
    These guys weren't even on my radar. I'm not into conspiracies and wow this whole series is pretty impressive. They will ask all the questions you're thinking and you will get some pretty compelling answers to these blurry questions. Some advice though...don't listen while you're alone in the woods.
    Love these guys
    The first time I heard about Blurry Creatures was on Relatable. After listening to Bate and Luke I was hooked, I wanted to hear more. This is my favorite podcast hands down! I can’t get enough. I’m learning so much. And I cannot believe anyone would rate Blurry with one star…SMH. Keep it up guys! Love it!!!
  • bucky1017
    Good guys
    Great podcast, 2 funny hosts and lots of awesome topics. Any 1-star reviews are from angry satanists/leftists that can’t handle a debate
  • good_venson
    A real worldview changer!
    I listened from episode one in less than a month, and now it seems like an eternity passes between each episode. I have been a fantasy fan since Narnia and the Hobbit as a young lad, but I haven’t seen much evidence that mythical creatures are still around, so I thought that we’d just killed them all off in the Middle Ages. Now however, it seems that rather than them having all disappeared by the enlightenment, we just stopped being interested in them. This podcast is a great presentation of many perspectives, from devoted researchers to chance encounters, and is a great place to start if you’re looking to get into topics ignored or misinterpreted by modern wisdom. But start at the beginning! It’s very much a journey, as the hosts wrestle with many of the same questions that you will have along the way!
  • Billy Minard
    Awesome podcast with great informative guest. Feels like a Blurry family with great retro vibes!
  • Ellalweb
    Best Podcast Around!
    The hosts are exceptional. They guests are well informed and respectful. I look forward to listening to this podcast every day! The content is so incredibly interesting and gets my wheels turning. I share it with everyone I know!
  • princess roxie
    Great biz
  • T_J_Reeves
    Great job
    I stumbled onto you guys because a friend shared an episode that featured Dr Laura Sanger. I was blown away by the insights! Then I checked out Timothy alberino- blown away! Then Daniel Duval- thought he was fascinating as heck! I decided to check out your show from the beginning and I’m not sure if I would have tuned in because of the “Bigfoot” as the gateway drug…. But now that I see where it’s gone and taken you guys and the audience- I’m super grateful! Big Props to you guys! Very glad I found you and plan to listen to all your stuff. I do a lot of woodworking projects where I listen and think- you guys are on my list!!!
  • Robiticus
    Invigorating 🔥
    Not only entertaining, but also affirming. The only way I can describe it is that entering the “blurry-verse” has invigorated my faith as a Christian. What do I mean by that? I personally have faith in the security of the gospel, but I’ve often struggled to explain my fascination with the paranormal. This show marries the two beautifully. It has helped my find the language to explain the expanded paradigm. It also helps that I live in suburban California and yearn to know more about the wild world we live in. Thanks, dudes.
  • Mrs. Lapa
    Craziest podcast I’ve ever heard - here is why
    If you ever wondered about the unknown, supernatural, or unexplained as a Christian or someone with questions- especially regarding theology & Biblical narratives - you’ve found a fun & light hearted approach podcast show to binge on your car drive to work, school, or cleaning your kitchen. And I love Roger & his stories on Bigfoot. RIP Becca 🙏🏼
  • Madelin Davis
    Truly a blessing!
    This show has really changed my life. It sounds silly because it’s “just a podcast” but it truly has. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for a long time but so many things didn’t make sense to me. And because so much was confusing, honestly I was quite bored in my faith. I have had many demonic encounters but didn’t know what to do with them other than calling on the name of Jesus. Now soooo many things have clicked. I started at the beginning of the show and got my husband hooked too. My faith has never been so on fire. I’ve had a Bible for 20 years and I am just now LOVING reading it. So grateful to find this show. Especially having young kids and now being able to raise them in a more fullness of Truth. You guys have no idea how grateful my husband and I are. Thanks for following the leading of the Spirit. Keep going, you guys are helping encourage so many believers. Thanks for speaking up and going against the grain
  • finkga
    Blurry Creatures Rocks
    I started listening back in episode 96. After just a few episodes, I just knew I had to start at episode #1 and binge the whole thing! Nate and Luke ask great questions and invite guests with a wide variety of beliefs. They don’t judge but they navigate this crazy space like experts. They call themselves “a couple dummies in search of truth,” but I think they’re a lot closer to it than most of my scientist friends (I’m a research scientist at a national lab). God bless you guys, and keep the blurriverse going.
  • kss01time
    Newest favorite podcast I’ve found
    I heard you guys on the confessionals, then started seeing your post on Instagram! Can’t get enough now. So much love for you and all you speak about! Much love guys! Keep up the good work! Karen S.
  • Lizzy Loves Health
    Fantastic, Mind Blowing and informative!!
    This podcast has been such a blessing in my life, I’ve always been drawn to the paranormal and while in Hawaii this summer I came across some burial mounds and posted about it in social media- a friend recommended this podcast and I haven’t stopped listening for 4 months! Finally became a member because I just had to hear all the perk episodes!!! Such awesome guys that host it and ask questions. I’m buying books from the authors and researching for myself outside the podcast.
  • The great southern treandkill
    Like I always say everywhere Blurry creatures, The belief hole ,The confessionals and Monsters among us are my favorites!! Keep up the great work guys and thank you!!!
  • Realboy2000
    Was great has since slipped
    First off let me say I am a big believer in God, and a Christian, however! I feel the show has slipped from what it was, you’ll need to get back to the very title of your show blurry creatures I am bored to death at this point with your over abundance episodes on the Nephilim and fallen angels in general, it is general knowledge that these entities exist in the show about them here and there is great interesting and entertaining for the oversaturation of the same guest in the same topic week after week have found me skipping over your show for other ones
  • Missionary Larry
    Big foot
    When I bag me my first Sasquatch I’m gonna throw him in the back of my truck and drive him straight over to tthese wo fine Bibfoot hunters; then they will really have some questions to ask!
  • FitnessPro6520
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast has been heavily influential in my life. I’m love learning from their guests and diving more into the subjects on my own later, and buying lot of their books etc. 🤪 I’ve always been interested in alternative history, and all things Blurry, and This podcast is right up my alley, it is so entertaining when you’re driving, cleaning or whatever! Keep up the great work.
  • a_wilder_way 💛
    This is it!
    The blurry creatures podcast is incredibly well done. The hosts have great chemistry and I am continually impressed with the way they ask the questions that open the guest conversations up to connecting the dots between the interesting phenomena that occur within our natural world.
  • Soundtheory Corp.
    Absolutely love this show!!
    This is my go to podcast!! I always get so excited when I see a new episode has popped up
  • ApeProphet
    Fearmongering in the name of God
    Sad how show is framed as “biblical lens”. So disconnected from the values and teaching of the Bible.
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