Blurry Creatures

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Blurry Creatures chases down answers for the weird questions and enigmatic creatures that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained.

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Recent Reviews
  • Megarrow
    This is the church I want to go to!
    A friend sent me Episode 86 and I was immediately hooked. I listened to that episode a couple times and then went back and started binging from episode 1. I love the questions asked and the topics discussed. This is the stuff I’ve been craving to learn about since I was a little girl! Thank you, Nate and Luke, for being curious and digging for answers! You guys are awesome! Keep being obedient!
  • Jasminepasillas
    Love it
    I love that you guys cover a variety of topics from a biblical perspective, thank you so much! And awesome guests too.
  • R., Naomi
    I’m hooked! Listened to them all! This podcast fills in so many blanks I have had. Keep it up
  • Tobinator0311
    Bringing Clarity
    Blurry Creatures brings clarity to some of the most mysterious parts of our world. SOLID guests with incredible discussions I look forward too each week. Thank you, Blurry Celrew
  • CamrynCarson
    I love listening to these guys biblical take on all the creatures. Especially the giants, seriously so fascinating!
  • chip scranton
    Best show
    Great show
  • Malfnctn
    Fun, informative, risky
    I just received a vile message from someone on Facebook because of an intelligent comment I made about a hockey game. It has nothing to do with this podcast, but when you spoke about the “hate mail” you are receiving, it resonated with me (I’m way behind on listening). You will always have people angry at you when you post contrary opinions out there. That’s why I love this podcast. You call out the historical narrative and social norms and challenge listeners to do their own research. In college I took a class on Darwinism so I could understand the other side’s views. The professor made negative comments about me being a Christian. Sorry for talking about myself so much, but I say it to encourage you to keep soldiering on with reporting on the fringe topics that challenge narratives. Great work!
  • lararoseq
    Great Podcast
    I really appreciate what they bring to the table in the discussions. Also thank you for bringing in Dr Laura Sanger she’s absolutely brilliant.
  • Little Hills Farm
    Look forward to a future podcast on my favorite creature. The dragon!! Job 41
  • grandpa timmy
    Bible believin’ Bigfoot Boys
    I’ve always tried figuring out how Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts and other paranormal things tie into scripture. These guys nail it.
    I’ve always been curious about Sasquatch, giants, etc… but let’s be real it’s not easy to find truths on these subjects. But these guys find credible sources and interview credible people on said subjects. I also love how they tie in scripture with these tabu subjects! Great podcast overall!
  • Cori258
    Thought Provoking & Binge Worthy!
    I started listening in late March after been given a fantastic recommendation from my adult son! Listened to a few episodes and became a supporting member right away. Nate & Luke are truly thoughtful, intelligent and sincerely curious Christian men of Faith. They aren’t afraid of asking the questions that many Christians might have about the “strange” or supernatural view that is in the Bible. They have some of the best Guests who are well educated, articulate and truly straight talking people. I really enjoy their Biblical worldview and their honest questions. So refreshing and it has truly helped this old Christian see the Bible in a way that I always suspected yet no Church teaching has ever touched! Listen to this podcast, it’s well worth your time and you just might see your Bible and our Creator God in a whole new wonderful way!
  • TonKaSue
    Love this!
    Great podcast, keep up the good work!
  • chiclet143
    Tartarians/ Tartaia, mud floods, reset, erased History 1936 that was an advanced civilization kind of like Atlantis I was wondering if you could look that up and talk more about that I got myself in a rabbit hole through Atlantis and found out about the tartars very interesting free electricityMore advanced than we are from cell phones to computers technology, and it was not just in one place it was all over the world. If you look at our buildings now they’re just boring flat old buildings but what about those buildings like the churches in those very unique buildings and then they had a great mudslides/floods where parts of the building are underground hidden rooms underground covered up hidden society. look it up and I hope to hear about it soon love your podcast Tiffany Middleton
  • FalGutz
    This show has well exceeded my expectations! Thanks guys for the amazing guests!
  • myahlove12
    Awesome podcast
    This is an amazing podcast and more people should know this stuff the government is so secretive!! It’s crazy! Thank you for getting out there and doing something!!!
  • Quinten_H
    Great Podcast
    I ran across this podcast a couple of months ago and haven’t missed an episode yet. Great topics and outstanding guests.
  • NMcLaran
    Great show!
    This is such a great podcast!
  • jlutterally
    Sooooo interesting
    Binge worthy
  • OtieB
    Great podcast
    Really great podcast and has changed my thinking on a lot of things I always dismissed as silly.
  • cjoffitt64
    Spin that Time Cop Nate……
    A perfect blend of the monsters that reside in the mostly unseen corners of our world and the one thing that ties them all together…..Genesis 6:4. Some folks may be turned off by that but I defy them to explain it otherwise. Experts be experts…I’m willing to listen to all the info provided and make my own critical decisions. I’m sure in my bones that this podcast has come out at just the right time for all this bizarro-world stuff that is happening and increasing daily. Thanks Nate and Luke for all the hard work. I truly enjoy your shows and guests and also luv me some Time Cop. Chris in the Midwest Ps- let’s not forget about Nessie!
  • noarminian
    Tony Merkle
    I was wrong. After listening to the interview with Tony I realize I judged this show harshly. This is a great podcast. You have my respect.
  • 3rd Gen Florida Man
    Blown Away
    For a lifetime I have tried to reconcile and buttress my faith in Christ and the deepest end of the Biblical and spiritual pool-like the history of the Flood, spiritual history our Creation, humans, our planet, the prophetic seed war, and virtually every Genesis account that gets ‘glossed over’ or totally avoided in modern church, like the serpent in the Garden, Nephilim, the Curse and on n on...with our messed world of today- like what the crap is going on with UAP/ UFO’s, ‘New World Order’, Illuminati, last days Jesus talks about in Matthew, and of course... Sasquatch.?! This podcast is my smooth, sweet iced tea, helping ease that red pill right on down. Thank God for these guys!
  • Nick.IV
    ….Thank You.
    In the words of Luke, my brain just broke. Nate, Luke, I can’t thank you enough for the work you’re doing. And by extension, thanks to all your guests. I listen to each episode at least twice; even Tim’s 3 hour episodes. Definitely those. I haven’t supported a show or ministry before, but I’m a proud member of your show as of two months now. I haven’t even supported Heiser’s podcast, and it was his that initiated that continental paradigm shift in my thinking.
  • JEX7373
    So many great episodes!! The sooner the world takes Biblical texts more seriously - the sooner they’ll better understand our history and our present. Keep up the great work - you wonderful weirdos! PS: Bigfoot is Cane and his offspring.
  • Zeal Stoker
    I’ve been recently turned into Blurry Creatures podcasts from a friend and brother in Christ. Have been binge-listening since! Can’t get enough! I love the content—thought provoking, out of the box, yet committed to thinking Biblically about presented topics. Thank you for this podcast! I’ve been sharing with others for more traction. Listening from Okinawa, Japan Jason Owen (Zeal Stoker)
  • cheese696
    Interesting and different podcast.
    I really enjoy listening to blurry creatures. Lots of it is over my head so I have to go back and listen again. I’ve never known much about the Old Testament but guess I’m learning. Also a Bigfoot fan
  • EasyE83
    Best podcast out there! Nephilim Nate & Rephaim Rodgers perfectly marry the paranormal w/ the Bible! It’s good 4 believers & unbelievers & hopefully brings ppl 2 the truth! ✝️
  • Ms. PocoJo
    Clearly BLURRY!
    I could go on and on, but nothing describes it better than I Corinthians 13:8-12 “… For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” These guys bring the BEST conversations to the table. I can’t wait to meet them at a conference in this realm… or in the sky if that happens first!
  • momseekstruth
    Organic topics
    This podcast is literally the best thing out right now on the world we don’t understand and the world we think we know. These guys make podcasting binge worthy because of the topics they cover. Keep it going.
  • Luke & Sheri
    Cure for Depression
    This podcast pulled me out of a dark place. It gave me something to be passionate and excited about. I’ve always been a truth seeker. Wether in the Bible or in History, I never bought the official narrative. It so good to find a community willing to ask questions. Curiosity keeps life worth living. Thank you.
  • Paige788788
    I discovered The show about two months ago after a friend recommended it. This is not my normal crime-junkie fare, but I tried out a few episodes and GOT ABSOLUTELY HOOKED. Wow wow wow. I am a follower of Jesus, so the Bible as always been important in my life as Gods words. However, this podcast has made the Bible absolutely FASCINATING. Its helping me see the Bible in a whole new light. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work.
  • butwhatdowino
    An Absolute MUST Listen
    Not only are Nate and Luke fantastic hosts, but they bring something to the paranormal community that no other show does: the symbiotic relationship between the Bible and all things blurry. After listening to many episodes, my own walk with Christ has grown and deepened as I read my Bible in a way I never have before. I happily became a member to sponsor the show because I feel that what they bring is absolutely vital in a time of total upheaval and grueling spiritual warfare. Thank you guys so much for being obedient to Christ and putting on this show. You guys are speaking truth, asking unpopular/crucial questions and unapologetic about your faith. Keep it up.
  • btrupe
    I discovered this a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped listening. Everything from the topics discussed to the music is awesome. I grew up in church, have a biblical studies degree, and have lead worship for several years. My journey into this fringe space was launched by getting involved in deliverance ministry. This podcast is entertaining, thought provoking & educational. Thanks all!!
  • The maeness
    Makes me think
    I will never read my Bible the same or think a stump is just a stump ever again. Thanks guys for all the hard work.
  • JKapur
    Black eyed kids?
    Love the perspective you bring with some compelling theories. Thanks. I heard about this show from Cultish. I have a lot to catch up on.
  • Jame Cecil Jr
    Great Podcast
    This has become one of my favorite podcast. Entertaining and informative. This show has great guests who force me to think and challenge my biblical paradigm. Keep up the great work guys. Luke lay off the redheads I’m married to one.
  • Cookieemerson
    Have an open mind
    This is soooo interesting. Do yourself a favor and have an open mind when you start listening. It really makes you think and it makes me dig deeper into scripture. I’m a fan. You don’t have to agree with everything but it’s so interesting to hear all the prospectives from all the different guests. Fascinating!
  • ChelseyLeah
    Love it
    Love this podcast. Keep doing a good job guys.
  • Lynnmac
    I’m 35 episodes in and I can not get enough. I love Bigfoot and cryptids of all kinds and that’s what I originally came to this podcast for. But I’ve struggled for years with my spiritual beliefs and where/how it all comes together. The Bible stories I was taught, just didn’t match what I could see. You’ve inspired me to read the Bible. You’ve inspired me to pray more. You’ve inspired to dig deeper and ask more questions. You’ve gave me endless food for thought. I love the different guests with different and conflicting views. I love your openness and how you let the podcast take what ever path it wants. In a world full of so many narratives it is so refreshing to listen to something that flows so naturally. Thank You! PS: You should come to the Smokey Mountain Bigfoot Conference in Gatlinburg TN this July!
  • Mckayville in MS
    Critical Thinking + Biblical Worldview
    I love this podcast! Found it through another podcast (Cultish). I am a bigfoot enthusiast and have been since a child. Love sci-fi and my siblings hated my TV choices growing up. What I love about blurry creatures is it is critical thinking coupled with a Biblical worldview…no one else does that. Through all the guests it is like tying so many blurry things together as it relates to scripture. I’ve always been a researcher and life long learner. Critical thinking is a lost skill among the young. This podcast is wonderful and I don’t feel as strange about my viewpoints…gives me a boldness. As far as the hosts, those guys are down to earth and genuine in their search for truth and examining new ideas. Keep up the awesome work!
  • Ozzy6674
    I didn’t want to listen at first, but now I Love it!
    I put this podcast off for a long time because I heard it was about Bigfoot. I know a lot of weird hipster Bigfoot chasing wannabes so I was immediately off put by it. I finally gave it a chance and love how it loops around to cover things Biblically, especially the giants and the evidence for them. The guest are highly qualified professionals and have a lot of smart things to say. Love this podcast. Can’t wait to catch up!
  • Adrianajosephine
    Thank you for tackling these topics!
    Nate and Luke, I just wanted to say thank you for tackling these hard topics with such grace. As a believer who grew up in the church I am amazed that these things aren’t talked about! The giants, nephilum, etc… also, I’m a female and I know it’s mostly guys who are into this but I love how the episodes seem to build on each other and each one opens up a different pathway to seeing how the world was thousands and even hundreds of years ago. Such fascinating stuff!
  • dbMurrDpg1568
    I’m 50 ep deep in 3 weeks. It’s going to be a bummer when I’m all caught up 🤣 Keep on letting the spirit guide the direction of your podcast. It keeps getting better and better. And the Seleh moments are 👌🏼
  • SLeplatt
    So very impressed with this podcast! Really great guests and topics. Keep up the great work!
  • mbandow
    Worth a try
    It’s different than anything else out there. I was raised in a Christian home but have been on a bit of a spiritual hiatus for the last 10 years…this podcast has oddly helped ignite my interest in opening my Bible and exploring my faith again. The Final Nephilim was the first episode I listened to because I randomly saw it mentioned in Instagram comments and I was hooked pretty quickly. Some are less great than others…but those are mainly early ones before they found their groove.
  • drummer7799
    This is the best podcast out today. I have learned so much. T Alberhizzy is the straight Bizzy. Never stop making this. At least until Apollo appears to save us from the Greys. Seriously tho I feel like I have a mature understanding of what’s going to happen in prophecy and our place in God’s incredible family.
  • stilesville
    Edgar Cayce?!?!
    Please stop with the Edgar Cayce thing. No. He’s not even believable. It makes people look really ridiculous.
  • Kmoorekonnects
    Awesome and informative
    This podcast has taught and opened my eyes to do much. The Bible is hard for me to follow and understand so the breakdowns can help me to form my own interpretations and understanding of biblical passages!!! Thank you!!! Please don’t stop, we need this talked about more in these terms!!!
  • kyler_91
    Love it!
    Love the podcast. It’s defin in my top five; maybe even my top three. However I’m to high to do that much math rn. Either way keep rockin !
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