Blurry Creatures

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Chasing down the ‘Blurry Creatures’ that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained.

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  • slccoburn
    Blurry Creatures
    I love this Podcast!! I’ve told several friends about Blurry Creatures and they are now listeners. My mind is spinning with interest and my researching is on!
  • dyna737
    My new go to listening before bed
  • Red Solo Cup
    Great show.
    Love the topics and the guest. Also appreciate the biblical world view of the hosts.
  • JoelD88
    Great Podcast!
    The episode with Dark Waters is probably the funniest podcast episode I’ve ever heard. Hilarious and informative
  • alexplaysgibsons
    I really think it’s great.
    I find that as I get older it’s easy to just consume entertainment and look for more but this podcast really got me out of that cycle. I’ve had some crazy things happen in my life and hearing the guests talk about they’re experiences and how they’ve coped and lived after has really helped me. Also and most importantly it’s been a boon for my faith I had been very jaded and felt very alone in my pursuit to know god but to see him clearly not through the eyes of others hearing the hosts and guests has made it clear im not. Sometimes and maybe now to be closer to God is to be far from mainstream Christianity. Great podcast great message.
  • Scrat-it-tat-tat
    Exactly what I needed!
    I love this podcast! Nate and Luke are great and they find great guests. I’ve seldom heard a biblical worldview applied to Bigfoot or UFOs but the way they tie it in with the Bible and other Ancient Near East writings and languages works and is incredibly fascinating. I can’t stop listening. If you are a believer in Christ and want to dive into the parts of the Bible your church never touches, this podcast is definitely for you. If you’re not a believer but would like to hear another perspective, Luke and Nate talk to a variety of people with different world views. But they do an excellent job of showing how Bigfoot, UFOs, giants, dinosaurs, Nephelim, Extra Terrestrials, Watchers, Demons, Angles, and God are connected to us. You will find it weird, fascinating, entertaining, and enlightening. Timothy Alberino is my favorite guest, love it when he’s on. Thank you Luke and Nate! This is my new favorite podcast!
  • #1993
    Wow! Right up my alley
    Just discovered this podcast that combines many of my interests together in each show. Weird, fringe topics on giants, hybrids, cryptids, demons,Jesus, and more all from a spiritual perspective. Love it and fascinating guests!
  • PastorStevo88
    Fantastic Show, Fantastic Content
    This is the show I’ve been looking for! I was told about it from a friend and ever since listening to the first episode, I haven’t been able to stop listening! I love the ability to journey through all these topics and maintain a biblical perspective and grow deeper in my faith through these journeys. Nate and Luke are great hosts and do a great job of keeping the conversation relevant and moving forward. I love how with each progression of episodes it is painting a beautiful picture of the world we live in as well as leave us to think for ourselves. I’m sharing this show with everyone I meet!
  • rosemaryandthechives
    I have been searching for giant research for a while & I’m so happy to have found your podcast. Great job with the collection of ideas in researched based format. Btw I’m one of your female fans too :D
  • Seeking more Light
    Enjoy the good work
    Enjoy very much the show. Lots of unique angles and helping share how many dimensions there are in the greatest story. Would love it if you included more support instead of just feelings...the Word is filled with verses that can help shed light in the dark corners as they are prisms that reveal.
  • oleglyashenko
    Better than I expected
    Never jumped on the big foot train, however I’ve never crossed it out in my head either. I’m on podcast 4 and have already started to believe. Very fascinating conversations with people who tell personal stories of experiences. Good stuff. I’m going to keep listening.
  • Jeri Kozak
    Great podcast!
    Insightful, funny, and interesting with a biblical perspective. 🙂
  • Tujbgdhhjjhggdeed
    has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts
    thats the review
  • wyldbrnch
    Great Podcast!
    Love the podcast. The hosts do a great job.
  • ih8cancer
    The memes!
    I saw blurry creatures memes on Instagram and I couldn’t resist. I then listened to episodes 41-42 back to back. Now I can’t stop talking about this podcast. I’ve gone back and started at the beginning and am on episode 9 (on Spotify). This podcast is fun and engaging and hip. Well produced and edited. If I made a podcast, I would be studying this one.
  • Mikelyons44
    I’m Hooked!
    I’ve never really paid much attention to the whole Bigfoot phenomenon, but after listening to the conspiracy theory episode that featured the pastor of the church I attend, I became intrigued. I decided to start at episode one, am currently on episode eight, and I can’t turn this podcast off. This is by far one of the most original podcasts I’ve come across. I highly suggest you keep an open mind and enjoy the show!
  • TWB7202
    Such a great show
    Nate and Luke do an excellent job of illustrating the potential origins of blurry creatures/cryptids. It is difficult to explain anything regarding Bigfoot or any other cryptic being without providing some historical evidence and context. I love listening to these two interview experts on history. The personal experience interviews are also fantastic and I have not heard the same folks on other podcasts. This is a great show and I highly recommend you listen to it starting with episode 1.
  • LittleDeb
    Thoroughly entertaining!!!
    If you love the overlap between the Bible and the paranormal aspects of our world…this podcast is for you!!!! Fun, enlightening, mystifying and always entertaining……Five stars!!!
  • Mr. Grass Clippings
    Awesome podcast but…
    they’re too good at trying to hype their Patreon or people who clout who make them look good but they’re lousy at being grateful to people who can only afford to give them a shout on an Instagram my story.
  • Imnotsayinitsaliens
    I really want to like this.
    I rarely review podcasts, but listen to many. I’m reviewing this to try and help the hosts, because they seem like good folks. I’ve tried to get on board with this show. I really have. The hosts are decent, seemingly humble people who have a genuine interest in the strange creatures that may or may not haunt the wilds of our planet (and beyond). They seem like people you’d want to have as friends. Fun 1980s music, safe for work, good production value. The first few episodes were great. The hosts have decided to lean into their faith based thinking and get on the train of the Biblical interpretation of these “Blurry Creatures”, which is a fascinating subject to explore. I am compelled by this Christian take on high strangeness, despite not having any affiliation with any organized religion. It was fascinating to think of the biblical interpretations and potential for subtextual relevance for the realm of spirit and cryptids. For a while they seemed to tow a line that would not alienate others who didn’t share their particular world view, which was great. Recently the show has become so dense with Christian “inside baseball” and guests/theories that really stretch credibility, which is saying something when your focal point is Sasquatch. Many of these episodes suppose that all listeners understand the intricacies of the Bible and Church culture so much so that following the show is almost painful at times. There is also an undercurrent of conservative politics and alienating statements about people who aren’t in “the club” that feels a bit off putting. If you could present these ideas in a more neutral way that was accessible to “the rest of us”, without calling us “the enemy”, I would love to continue listening. I would think Jesus would be into a couple of his cool followers just exploring this stuff with friends from afar. Cheers from sunny Seattle, WA - all the best.
  • Jess.McC.
    Awesome Christian alternative to obdm or other secular shows. This is my new favorite!
    The Timothy Alberino interviews are the best!
  • TaxesAreTheft
    Very entertaining!
    I found this podcast searching for Dark Waters interviews and I’m glad I found this entertaining podcast!
  • TheDaughterAthena
    One of my top fave podcasts
    This is a really awesome and unique podcast. And it’s so well done! I enjoy the 80’s nostalgic music bites. The topics are spooky, intriguing and well researched. I like folklore and mystery podcasts but this delves EVEN deeper, it really makes you think about an even bigger picture while also getting totally creeped out that there’s a good possibility these creatures existed or do exist. Their discussions with guests are SO fascinating, and I love hearing all the theories. I have to admit I can’t listen at night though!
  • RXJ1999
    Changing my review
    After listening to a few more episodes, it’s obvious that this podcast has gone off the rails. If you’re interested in Coast to Coast AM meets the Divine Council worldview, then this will be your jam. I gave up after hearing that the Nephilim created the Fed and also provide roadside assistance in Guadalcanal. LOL. Circular reasoning and logical fallacies by the bucket load. Read Dr. Heiser’s books instead.
  • DrewBaby58
    I Can’t Even! In the best way
    I listen to podcasts all day at work. But this one is easily the most interesting and captivating! I’ll leave one podcast midway just so I can jump to an episode here because I can’t stop thinking about it. The hosts are amazing together and the guests are unreal good! The topics make you think and see paranormal things in a different way. It makes you look at different historical things in a different way too. And it does in a biblical sense too! All around this podcast will not disappoint anyone who has an open and curious mind.
  • Pele876345
    More Skiba please
    Go into a deep dive with Rob. That is a rabbit hole worth going down.
  • spralle
    Christian AND a paranormal “believer”?!
    Love, love, love your show! You need to start a seminary with all the guests you have on the show. I’ll be the first one to enroll
  • Mustangsrus
    I Love this Podcast! I have been reading the Authors who are on this podcast for many years! I am so happy to have the Christian perspective in these subjects (the only realistic way to present this information). This is the LORDS work, May the LORD Bless this podcast!
  • Tori__P
    The podcast I’ve been looking for.
    This is my new favorite podcast, and there’s no competition. A good friend introduced me to it a few weeks back and I’m hooked. These guys are diving headfirst into topics I’ve wondered about/grappled with my whole life—important things that fell through the cracks of popular theology and academia. If you’ve considered that there might be more to the world than what we’ve been told by mainstream media/the establishment, take a listen. It might just blow your mind.
  • Red Pill 1984
    I love this show!
    For those of us who are looking for actual answers that make sense (as opposed to just a creepy thrill with no explanation), this show is terrific. They cover everything, and their guests are scholars and experts who speak intelligently on these topics, demystifying the mystical. Smart, fun, weird, all in one place!
  • Fili@12
    I’m hooked
    Just listened to first episode and I can’t wait to continue the journey. Music is catchy and dialogue is fantastic! It’s clean so I can listen with my kids! So far so good!!
  • MamaBeeler95
    Laura is Beyond Brilliant
    She is just 🤩
  • rodsworth77
    Great show
    The Tim Albarino episodes are off the chain!! Superlative! New favorite!
  • ahgriggs71
    A wonderful combination of theology, biblical truth, and mankind’s exploration of things unknown
    Just a couple of guys seeking truth...and it’s always wilder and weirder than fiction!
  • Elocmada
    Mind blown
    25 episodes in and this stuff is so interesting. keeps me sane at work, would recommend.
  • JoshThompson
    A great show!
    I honestly started listening to this show because I’m a Sherwood fan and read that Nate started this show about Bigfoot and other cryptic creatures and I love that kind of stuff so I figured I’d give it a try, and I’m hooked I’ve been listening for the last week or so going through all the episodes. Luke and Nate have great chemistry and the guest they bring on are awesome and very interesting. Also just listening to this has made me pick up my Bible more and look at it in a different way which is crazy coming from a bigfoot podcast. Keep up the great work guys can’t wait for what’s next!
  • JoeTheHaunted
    Call it what it is
    This is a Christian paranormal podcast. There’s a reason you haven’t heard of most of the speakers and it’s because they weave all theory and data into their Christian belief structures which dilutes modern scientific and new spiritual information into a mixture that fits 2000 year old texts and logic. I’m all for learning from the past but this is CLEARLY skewed to fit a Christian model.
  • Harold Donaldson
    New listener
    Hey guys love the show I’m a long time listener of canary cry radio, and fire theft radio, found you through fire theft. Keep doing what you do. God Blesh ya
  • Drewski969
    Great delivery of interesting content
    I’ve really enjoyed the way this content is delivered. It’s a topic more of us should take seriously
  • TraceLMN
    What did I expect from “Biblical perspectives”?
    I got 2 episodes in before it became clear this show was fundamental Christian fantasy. Satan is to blame for the evil in the Church, not simply human Christians. Twilight and Harry Potter are poisoning this generation’s minds against God, creating sexual deviancy. Transgender people are actually demonic entities. You consider yourselves enlightened, soldiers in the lords army as an excuse to create your own narrative. It’s the same ancient aliens slop, attributing to outside entities what man has always been capable of. Evil or technological. It would be offensive if it wasn’t so pathetic.
  • sterling_s
    👌love this podcast.
    A perfect mixture of talk about cryptids, the supernatural realm, and ancient history, all with a Biblical perspective. You guys hit the nail on the head with this pod! I’ve been binging all the episodes since my friend told me about it this past week. Nate and Luke are insightful, funny, and open to hearing what their guests have to say. There are some fringey podcasts I like but wouldn’t be able to share with normie friends but I am sharing this podcast with everyone I know!! They articulate their worldview so well while still being open and kind. Keep it up!
  • Michael J. Petty
    Blurry Creatures is My New Favorite Podcast
    Usually when people talk about topics like giants, Bigfoot, and UFOs, people freak out and only see the tin-foil hats... But now, when these things are becoming more common, and people don't see answers anywhere else, they go find them themselves. That's exactly what Nate and Luke did with Blurry Creatures, and it's definitely a success. A buddy of mine sent me one of the more recent episodes of Blurry Creatures (with Dr. Gregory Reid) and I was instantly hooked... To be fair, I grew up in a home where studying these things was welcomed and encouraged. I also grew up in a Christian home (and I myself am a Christian) where I learned to discern things like giants, bigfoot, demons, UFOs, cryptids, mothman, etc. through a biblical lens. So, when the guys brought up the Bible and such, I realized that this show was right up my alley. But more than that, Nate and Luke do an amazing job not only interviewing various guests, but keeping the audience entertained through engagning conversations and constant 80s references. They don't jam anything down your throat (so if you read "Bible" or "Christian" and freaked out, don't worry about it), but they simply lay out the evidence and guest's experience, giving you room to decide. Blurry Creatures is just a really well-produced podcast that becomes addictive after your first "bite". There's some facinating stuff discussed here and anyone (Christian or not) who is intrigued by the supernatural, Bigfoot, UFOs, and so many other "fringe" topics should absolutely listen to this show. It's the podcast for you!
  • Frabbles
    My new favorite podcast!
    I am loving this podcast! I love all the guests that have been on. I honestly feel enlightened by all this new information. I don’t even have the words to explain how great this podcast is. I just finished all the current episodes can’t wait for new one!
  • Sparenut1234
    Best podcast
    Bigfoot will kiss your motha
  • cp39584
    The best
    I drive about 40k miles a year for work and listen to a lot of podcasts. This is hands down the best podcast I’ve listened to so far.
  • knight0137
    Blurry creatures
    Love the podcast. You guys do a great job with content bringing great guests and asking the right questions.
  • Robb6779
    Paranormal UFO Fringe News Roundup
    You had me at Bigfoot. Great podcast!!! The podcast offers the best guest, host and information on alternative topics from a biblical worldview.
  • Kentucky Blu3
    Blurry Creatures is Fantastic
    This podcast is great and a lot of that is due to the hosts. It’s exactly the kind of fringe sci-fi podcast I was looking for. The 80’s synth-wave cut music is so fitting and their promo videos on their Facebook page are top notch hilarious, especially the one about Yoda teaching Luke about the Nephilim. Blurry Creatures!!!
  • LayneJakeEli
    Layne Pittman
    One of my very favorite podcasts. Perfect blend of high weirdness & spiritual reality. also the hosts are well-informed, funny and don’t talk too much.
  • carvingboss
    Perfect match
    Love the religious perspective and the way many “truths” and dogma are turned over and questioned from multiple angles. No pretense, just entertaining and enlightening information.
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