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Blurry Creatures chases down answers for the weird questions and enigmatic creatures that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained.

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  • The Real Brandon
    Love the show
    I always felt that there are other things out there and that everything is not as it seems. Love what this means for the Bible and how it shows that Jesus is even stronger and went through more then realized. Keep up the good work!
  • ApolloRob
    Favorite for sure
    I love the charisma, intellect and objectivity
  • JJGG1984
    I just started listening and I’m hooked. These two hosts are verysafe feeling to walk down such a steep cliff dive! Love their vibe.
  • Texascreatures
  • Annon769
    Wild ride
    What a wild ride I have been on a since being invited to listen to a Bigfoot podcast nearly a year ago. Highly recommend. This gateway drug got me hooked on all kinds of things over the past year.
  • Mr. Grass Clippings
    Dig the content…
    but if you’re not a paying member, you’re cheated of some great episodes. They won’t even acknowledge when a person hypes them up unless you shell out money once a month.
  • Leanniek
    My all time fave podcast!
    This podcast marries reality with the unseen in a practical and tangible way. Through the lens of the Bible! Phenomenal guests, Nate and Luke are great! Thanks for doing what you do guys! I’ve been learning so much!
  • Soccer rugby mom
    The Truth that hurts and Heals
    Blurry Creatures explores the Blurryverse to seek truth in the midst of the misinformation. They are willing to tackle topics that are not only difficult to grasp but are also able to simplify the topic in terms common people like me can understand. The trail of truth often leads to conviction and ultimately to authentic healing. Thank you, Blurry Creatures!
  • Pellican12
    Absolutely the best!
    I cannot shout out loud enough how awesome this podcast is. Nate and Luke bring so many wonderful guests on with years of experience/research that open a door to explain things no one else will. Thank you for being so unique and real. My faith has been strengthened and deepened by listening to this show. So many questions I’ve always had that have been answered and so many new things I’ve learned too. Keep up the great work guys! I’ve recommended to a lot of folks who are now fans themselves. 5 stars and beyond!
  • Teresa C in NC
    BLURRY Good!!!
    I stumbled into Blurry Creatures quite by accident and I’m sure glad I did! I have always looked at the Bible in sort of a “surface” sort of way, and just within the past 6 or 7 years have I started looking deep beneath the surface of the Bible for deeper meaning. Kinda like looking below the surface for the monsters under the water, looking for the creatures below the ground…etc. I’ve started paying attention to astroarchaeology, aliens, and yes Bigfoot (hahah) in a different light. With all that being said, a big thank you to Nate and Luke for taking their audience below the surface so that we can open our eyes to the vastness that our God created for us to unravel and enjoy. I am more convinced now more than ever, that humans are in company with lizards, angels, little people and yes even Big people. I look forward to listening to more unexpected unknowns. Thanks for such an awesome and amazing podcast! Well done!!
  • Sethowa
    Absolutely love the podcast! It has bolstered my faith in a whole new way. I don’t always agree on what is being said, but I don’t feel like anyone is pushing just one way to think. So much fun. I’ve been binging from the beginning over the past month.
  • UFO721
    Thumbs up!
    My Name is Lisa and I'm from Galveston , Texas! I just recently started listening to this podcast, and instantly liked the content and the morals and standards of the program!! KEEP UP THHE AWESOME WORK!
  • MzPenelopepitstop
    This show is awesome!
    Letting my friends and family know how great this show is. I’m a fan. God bless you guys! 🙋🏼‍♀️💕
  • SurfaceGleam
    Best Podcast for truth seekers
    I’ve been on a ~13 year journey to find the truth about a great many things, especially the things we are taught in school, college, church, and society in general, and have found that most of the stuff we are taught is either flat out lies or misdirections. I became aware of Sasquatch (I don’t like the term Bigfoot because of the tv shows and “researchers”) a few years ago as a matter of fact, not fiction. This creature really is the gateway drug to opening one’s mind to other possibilities. Nate and Luke have done a most excellent job of taking us along their journey, with no presuppositions or pressure from their part to make you agree with a particular point of view, no arguing with guests, and no stiff-necked pride. The shows are done with professionalism yet seem to make you feel like you are sitting around the campfire with them. I’m glad a YouTuber (A Hunter’s Quest) introduced me to this podcast and will be listening to every episode.
  • hhtraylor
    Love this show!
    Love this show! First learned about these guys when they were interviewed on Allie Beth Stuckey. Some of the guests and conversations get a little cuckoo and out there. But overall love looking at these topics through a biblical lens. Only advice is keep in mind that the word of God is sufficient. So everything you hear on here take it back to God’s word and submit it to God’s word. If it contradicts the Bible then hold on to what Gods word says. Also, resist the temptation to think that this knowledge is necessary. It’s fascinating and definitely worth considering. But it’s not needed in regards to salvation and the purpose of life.
  • T Weaver
    Great overall, but more questions need to be asked
    I’ve listened to almost every episode and really appreciate this show as a whole. One thing I really wish they would be better at is fleshing out a thought/topic. For instance, the most recent episode with the former fbi agent—the entire conversation was building and building to the point about dna and how the government will be requiring dna..then when they asked the guest “why?”, he answers, “for very bad purposes”…and they move on. Why not ask their guests to elaborate and prove their point? Their style of interviewing leaves much to be desired and really just comes across as storytelling facilitating, which is fine, but I don’t feel like that’s what they’re even going for. Let’s get some real facts to give more leverage to these topics as a whole!
  • Acadia1226
    My favorite podcast
    I found y’all in 2021 and I’ve been hooked ever since! Because of this podcast, I started reading the Bible and it has changed my life. I tell everyone about Jesus and Blurry Creatures ! Thank you!
  • Blessed 37 Ways
    Love your podcast!
    Found you guys when you were on the Confessionals and have been an avid listener ever since. My husband and our church pastor also listen every week. So many of your guests are people we have been following for a few years (Tim Alberino, Dan Duval, Michael Heiser, Michael Lake, etc) so we feel like we have found our tribe. Thanks so much for bringing these topics to the forefront! God bless!
  • Crunchy Luxe
    Mosaic Podcast
    Started the podcast from the beginning. Now on episode 40. Such interesting content! The most fascinating part is this organically emerging narrative that was clearly not the original intent of the podcast.
  • Sissarae27
    Interesting but be discerning
    Very interesting most of the time to wonder and realize how much bigger God is than our brains can comprehend. I will say you need to listen with a lot of discernment as Scripture is used in some of these episodes not always in context 😬 And when you research some of the guests, pastors to be specific, they do NOT always check out. As believers, we should hold everything up against God’s Word as final authority, here on this podcast and any man speaking from a stage or platform.
  • mag21093
    This podcast just keeps getting better! It has led me down many rabbit holes that continue to glorify God… so awesome! Keep doing what you do!
  • Rev The Barber Michael N
    Amazing Podcast
    Buddy of mine turned me on to your alls podcast a few months ago and I’m hooked. As a fellow podcaster (Founder & Host of the Blue collar social club Podcast) you guys are awesome.
  • Kaititron
    Really good show
    They do a great job interviewing their guests and it feels like we’re all sitting around a camp fire listening to great stories that are most likely true.
  • DokturJhey
    Genuine hosts with professional guests that tackle the blurry-verse with gusto. Very enjoyable and informative.
  • joeyreup
    Don’t be a Jew
    Release the grave of giants episode or I will leave a one star negative review every day for the rest of my life. You have 7 days
  • hlrowe6
    Will have you questioning everything…
    First off, one star Nate. Just kidding! I’ve always been curious about Bigfoot, little did I know I would be cracking open my Bible. Thanks for the laughs and awakening my faith again. Keep on bigfootin
  • PamB55
    Thought provoking
    I first heard of Blurry Creatures on Allie Stuckey’s podcast. I shared it with my daughters & one of my daughters said excitingly I can’t believe they were on her podcast. She was already a faithful follower. This podcast is interesting & thought provoking. Makes make wonder if Gov Newsom is a Nephilim. Thank you for helping me to listen to others that have similar curiosities.
  • VictorC1234
    Can’t Get Enough!
    One of the very best podcast by far! Edited well and professional! The topics are on point and super interesting (Nephilim, paranormal, unseen realms). Keep them coming gents!
  • goodwoman2u
    Best Podcast Ever
    I started listening because Scott and John from Bible Mysteries kept referring to Blurry Creatures podcast. Since I started listening, I have been binging it to catch up. I also joined as a member because I want to support their work in reaching people with the gospel. I really believe they are opening the eyes of many nonbelievers and believers, who will be freaked out by the great deception, and may stumble in their faith because they have not heard the history of the whole Bible. You guys are doing God’s work. Thank you, Nate and Luke, for your ministry.
  • RadHorne
    Definitely Bingeing
    I just started listening because the show is mentioned several times by the Mystery Bible On hosts and I was wanting more to listen to between their episodes. I absolutely love it. There is just so much head on confrontation of weird phenomena.
  • Findanothername
    Hands Down
    Hands down the best podcast out there, I enjoy it more than my own show! 😂 God Bless you, Nate & Luke, keep doing the Lord’s work! -Bo The BUMP Podcast
  • Deandol
    The Bible is Wild!
    The Bible is weird and amazing and TRUE! Love that the show approaches all of it from a biblical view point. Keep up the great work!
  • Lonestar9109
    Blurry Creatures - the true National Treasure
    These guys are doing amazing work with this podcast. Initially I was intrigued by the fact that they were looking at “blurry creatures” through a biblical lens, because my own interest in those subjects come from that perspective. By episode 19, my worldview and understanding of things was beginning to change. Now, 100+ episodes in, my faith has a new depth, dots have made meaningful connections, and I’m still learning/considering new ways to look at issues, all while being pointed to the Truth.
  • maria loves the USA
    Love you guys
    Blowing my mind on a weekly basis. So glad to grow my faith in such a HUGE way. What a wake up call to Christian’s. Thanks guys for all you do. So glad we are on Jesus’ side!!!!
  • BeckCarp
    Wildly entertaining
    Wow! Wild stuff and totally entertaining
  • NYCgirl25
    So interesting!
    Open your mind, and give this a listen. So well researched.. I can’t wait for each new episode!
  • susankubes
    This podcast is totally awesome!
    Love this podcast! The 80’s references are great. The experts interviewed on all things “blurry” are well-researched and super interesting. Guests who come on to share their experiences are incredible. Appreciate these guys sense of humor and Christian perspective too!
  • MGJ99699
    It’s a blurry works out there
    Came for the blurryness, stayed for the memes and the music.
  • Melissaphotog
    So good
    Really well done, very interesting and love they view the weird through a biblical lens.
  • KC364
    Come for the blurry, stay for the juice
    What more needs to be said?
  • bull&$it
    Dr. Heiser was an amazing man. His intellect speaking on the Bible got my hooked immediately. I have read the entire Bible but enjoy hearing it explained. I am a cancer survivor and am so saddened that the good doctor never got the chance to exhale!! Hearing from your oncologists that you are “cured”. I put that in quotes because you NEVER KNOW when it’s going to rear its ugly head. I pray for this brilliant wonderful man. God bless his soul.
  • Curt in AZ
    Great podcast
    Started listening after hear you guys on Tony Merkel’s podcast. Love listening and trying to piece things together as I’m listening. Thanks.
  • Beck_em
    Simply the Best
    My very favorite podcast! Thank you for making the Bible come alive for me!
  • Progress, not perfection
    Blurry Creatures- Every Episode!
    My condolences on the passing of this amazing man! I haven't heard of many of your guests and I've been amazed and all kinds of other emotions each guest brings up. I was very sad to hear of the passing of Dr Heiser as well. That last podcast you did with him prior to his death was especially poignant. What I've been blessed most by your show is how badly we were raised in the churchian doctrine that supplanted any original teaching but even that was absent of Dr. Heiser's seminal teaching on theUnseen Realm and the Court of Heaven. The best byproduct of all your guests is to teach us how to pray and not be afraid when the Blurry Creatures suddenly become starkly visible. May God continue to richly bless you by more & more ppl finding comfort & strength in who the Lord Jesus really is and sharing these personal accounts of supernatural encounters with the current landlord. Oh and every episode w/Timothy Albariño. I always need to listed at least 2x to his, Dr. Heiser many times over. Can't say enough great things about your shows!
  • Stingray781
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    Everything a podcast should be, from very cool music (love the 80s vibe!), to great hosts, entertaining and expert guests, and the most intriguing content! Nate and Luke balance each other out perfectly and treat every guest with respect, demonstrating a sincere interest and open-minded curiosity that is often hard to find on this type of format. With intelligence and humility (a rare combination) they tackle each subject in a way that makes you feel they are your long time buddies, just sitting with you in your living room, engaged in fun, effortless conversation. Regarding the subject matter, this isn’t just an informative podcast. It’s a journey of discovery that is truly awesome!
  • Ruby Werbenjagermanjensen
    I love this podcast!
    It’s the only podcast I listen to regularly and get excited about each new episode. These guys are great hosts to intriguing guests. The show is well produced. I can’t wait to see where this goes! Hopefully video versions will be available one day so we can se some visuals of the sort of creatures they are discussing when possible. I didn’t believe in Bigfoot until listening to this and understanding the possible origins of such a creature. This podcast has opened my mind to a lot of interesting topics and helped me see that so much more is possible within my Christian world view. And non-Christians will vibe well with this too. It’s all a journey! Definitely give this show a shot if you are on the fence!
  • Sushi cat love
    I love the Blurry-verse!
    This information is so needed in the Christian community and beyond.
  • Jeremiah ben Jonah
    👎🏾 on episode 156
    You guys lost me on this one! So far the only episode that stunk, have been liking and sharing the rest. The guest father is sowing untruths for sure! “A year and a half to complete an excorsim…” That’s because catholic rituals are whack are pagan. Jesus Christ taught us differently. Evil spirits gone in a second. Don’t follow religion follow the truth and power and authority in Christ Jesus!
  • Baby6758927277
    More Catholics!
    LOVE the show. ESP the episodes featuring brilliant Catholic Priests, Fr. Martin. What a great convo!
  • Williamsmum
    Obsessed with this podcast!
    I’m going to start off with saying that I’m not a podcast person. I’ve tried listening to a few in the past, but they’ve just never been for me. THIS podcast however is mind blowing! Forget binging shows or moves etc., binge this! I love how they never try to convince you one way or another, it’s just bringing information to the table that you can do what you want with. I’ve shared this podcast with a few people already and have even found a blurry creatures sticker in a really random spot in South Dakota. Please keep this up guys because I just finished episode 25 and I’m already worried about “catching up”!
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