Missin Curfew

Hockey #10

Former NHL players and off-ice legends Shane “OBS” O'Brien and Scottie “UPDOGG” Upshall tell tales of missing curfew, break down hockey's biggest stories, and do their best to cash-in on the sports betting scene. Always with us, our eye in the sky, and never forgotten, is the other member of the line Jimmy “BROADWAY” Hayes.

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  • 1)/?/$?ahahgg
    Day 1 listener love the show
    Pod has come a long way. The boys are totally in their stride. If NHL Network was smart this pod would be simulcast on it. Both guys need to be on TV - awesome analysis, great questions. Keep it up boys!
  • hughjackson
    Great show !!
    Love the content and the humor .. obs is the Man by far..
  • BDRodgers
    solid pod
    good filler after chiclets, easy to get past all the butchered pronunciation of basic english and that they can’t keep a lip boomer out their mouth during a pod, sounds great fellas!
  • baldcanuck
    As bad as Barnaby
    I had the “privilege” of watching O’Brien play hockey in San Antonio. He was the most lazy, selfish, uninterested player on the ice every shift. Why waste your time listening to a guy who didn’t give a crap on the ice talk about other players? This is as bad or worse than listening to Barnaby or Avery.
  • willyj18
    Just beauties. As good as a podcast gets. Love the run downs.
  • Maine Flyers Fan
    Awesome Hockey Podcast
    Have been a big fan of Shane since his Portland Pirate days. He was a fan favorite for a reason. He was awesome with the kids and always interacted when he could. Anyway, the podcast itself is great ! Loved Scotty Upshall during his Flyers tenure ! The two have great chemistry and I look forward to every episode.
  • Petermansbiz
    Filler Listener
    Decent filler pod between Chiclets and 32 downtime. The boys are somewhat unprofessional, tools, that aren’t very funny. The stories have a “trying to relive the glory days” vibe.
  • Johnnyboy57585
    5 stars
  • MikeH1963
    Great pod
    You guys have a great show, great chemistry!
  • gjfvjdh
    Great Pod
    Can’t wait for the playoffs.
  • Beedub96
    Great podcast, keep up the great work boys!
  • BrooksTX
    It plays…
    Look when “ Spittin Chiclets” and “Dropping the Gloves” and “No Gruffs Given” are done for the week and you’re looking for content these guys are a decent listen. Look they don’t F and need a new 3rd wild card host but no one can replace Broadway. Hasn’t been National League in awhile but when you’re out of NHL options and don’t want the monotone “rink shrinks” this is an option. Love you guys but time to retool.
  • Ttypemike
    I like the podcast butttt….
    I wish they wouldn’t spend SO much time talking about their weekends. It seems like it’s over half the episode. Also, some of the uploads don’t work on Apple podcasts.
  • ChrisR206
    Remove from the air
    These fools had Theo “I’m a Q anon conspiracy nut” Fluery on and allowed him to repeat deadly lies & misinformation about the virus & vaccines & he did so while claiming to be “a patriot” (that’s ok feeding people lies that could lead to their deaths. Please try to grow some morals, principles & compassion. You’re doing the leg work of our foreign enemies to hurt/kill our citizens & our economy.
  • Toilets are really cool
    Best hockey podcast
    Way Better than spittin chiclets
  • MTA828
    No falls no balls
    Best hockey podcast going, these guys are hilarious and real, no pc culture, or catering to kids. Also have the balls to get into politics, only way to change it, is to talk about it. Keep it going boys!
  • JA426
    Best hockey pod going
    The boys bring you into the locker room. As real as it gets.
  • Hockeyboy71
    Rip Jimmy. Love to listen fellas
  • dill from denver
    Keep it going. I love this pod.
    All the pods you’ve made from the start allowed me (and a ton of other people) to appreciate what an awesome human Jimmy Hayes was. What a gift to the world. The episodes since Jimmy passed have been beyond moving. You guys are doing such a good job of keeping his spirit and memory alive. Thank you guys and I’m really sorry for your loss. Beyond that, I just love this pod. So entertaining, I love hearing you guys talk about anything.
  • hotdog harry
    Love u guys
    Love listening to you guys every week I know it’s hard without jimmy scoops but he is there always thank you for all you do for the game
  • Maburrn
    RIP Jimmy
    You will be missed, sorry for your loss boys
  • 1go2blues3
    Milk carton
    Top 5 sport podcasts
  • MortarHands
    Basically a golf podcast
    Good when they aren’t talking about golf for 45 minutes
  • thenotoriousjrd
    It’s like if you bought spittin chiclets off of wish
  • Tom G $!!!!
    Love the content
    Good mix of stories and hockey talk. If you guys make money on these NFTs can you spend to get better audio? Hayes sounds like he is calling in from a public bathroom.
  • Golf boy
    Love the pod
    But if I’m being honest, it’s a little choppy…. I feel like every 5 mins there’s music and another segment or ad comes in
  • Ding2420
    What a pod
    Look forward to listening to the pod every Thursday...these guys keep the stories flowing OB’s take the regulation draw over the +1 1/2
  • Ray of Painted Young
    Ray from Painted Young!
    Hey fellas it’s Ray from Painted Young here! Just wanted to thank you guys again for showing us love on the show a few weeks ago. Been following you guys since episode 1 and it’s been the best thing to look forward to all week! If Broadway needs a goalie to shoot on I’ll take the drive to Boston for a scoopsy content piece! Thanks again boys and best of luck moving forward!
  • ChiefClapbomb
    Great pod
    Love this pod, but can we please do something about O’Brian breathing into the mic
  • Back Shots Billy
    Just guys being dudes
    I have never really followed hockey but started listening to the Spittin Chiclets podcast and really loved the hockey culture. Recently started listening to Missin Curfew and it has easily become my new favorite hockey podcast. Canadians with American spirit, love these fellas.
  • pipos lobos
    Jimmy “Bring the show to a screeching halt” Hayes
  • kwally91
    3 old timers snap it around
    Uppie takes us down memory lane 5x an ep “when I was in Florida...” “When I was a young guy in Nashdaddy...” “I’ll to you what when I was Philly...” Obes is a walking billboard for skinny margs, guy can’t get enough of them. Sounds like golf game is dialed in at the right time. Jimmy Scoops works on his golf game and tries to dial in Draft Kings for the playoff hunt. Overall a great mix of stories, guests, and current hockey talk. Love these guys. Just stop ripping my team in Buff and my new city Columbus and I’ll keep listening 😂 the My Morning Jacket talk is a plus too - keep it goin boys
  • pjblake2
    Missin Curfew >>> Spittin Chiclets
    Missin Curfew got so much better once they booted the fan boy Kevin Connolly off. These guys are hilarious and don’t hold back. Curfew is the best hockey podcast out right now.
  • LeoJM2
    Spittin Chiclets rip off
    You guys should be paying royalties to barstool for ripping off Spittin chiclets. But the interview guest are good. Do us all a favor and start putting timestamps in the description so we can just skip right to the guests.
  • Thomas Scholtz
    Love this pod
    I have listened to Spittin Chiclets for over a year now and then I found Missin Curfew. Finding myself listening to these beauties much more than chiclets😬. No shame on the chiclets guys, but the Missin Curfew guys never miss. I find that chiclets sometimes goes too off topic and does not stay with hockey. Keep it up boys!
  • DocTalk85
    These Fellas
    Love these guys. Hilarious and some solid insight. Wish I didn’t find myself dropping some of these phrases without thinking now. A must listen.
  • JRpabh
    If you need a filler...
    Was really hoping to find another solid hockey pod in Missing Curfew, but unfortunately I should’ve just listened to most of the reviews. Cheap knock off of spittin chiclets, be more original. You even try to steal the slang words they’re pretty known for using 🤦🏼‍♂️
  • DrNHL
    Not Original
    So sad these guys simply copied Spitting Chiclets down to the Larry Flowers bit.
  • kshhgy
    Is the man
  • Da gameboy89
    Two jock sniffers
    Kevin Connolly is a hack Director🙄*see Gotti(2018)
  • Joey Sull
    Good Show
    Good show. I preferred when Kevin Connolly was on but I still listen.
  • Orange N Black
    Well done!
    You guys are solid gold! Good stuff! I was excited to listen to the past podcasts but now I can’t find them. Bring ‘em back fellas
  • russk1974
    Enjoyable pod
    Nice pod boys getting better and glad there is no RA on this one. However, learn to pronounce the names of the places you are in. ma Ken a? Really?? Was driving me nuts. Ma Kay na for Makena.
  • Bruins4TheCup
    The fellas are one of the most entertaining trios in hockey.
  • Definitely Not a PMT Fan
    Great podcast
    These guys keep it real and is must listen every week.
  • 165 down to 150
    New pod
    New pod I crush At work. Rue the day i catch up
  • islanders4
    Cons is a jock sniffer
    So much better without cons, who knows nothing
  • cuspofcarabelli
    The boys are back in town
    This is a fun filled podcast for hockey enthusiasts. You can live the journey of their interviewees. Buckets off.
  • Flyguys
    The best
    BY FAR the best hockey podcast
  • bending james
    What’s going on with the editing issues boys. If you need some help hit me up.
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