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We cover conspiracies of all types. From government coverups and cryptids knocking at your door, to ancient spiritual understandings and astrology. One thing is always sure to happen, you’ll “open up that 3rd eye” !

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  • MisterHellJ
    Absent minded and repetitive. Otherwise, very mediocre.
  • Montray420
    Good but not all correct
    Great entertainment of a podcasts. However, there is some misinformation due to host and guest lacking a complex understanding of some subjects. Such as the subjects on prescription medications and their origins. Example is lisinopril and other ACEI drugs for blood pressure. These are drug molecules that are derivatives of a compound found in snake venom that was found to lower a persons blood pressure. These drugs have saved numerous people’s life’s and have more clinical data backing them up than the majority of other drugs, for safety. We don’t take actual venom or saliva from a lizard and put it in a pill lol. People use to have to stumble upon these compounds in nature because we didnt have computer software to create out HIT drug compounds found in todays pharmaceuticals. We would take natural compounds then synthesize compounds that are optimized for a desired therapeutic that provides a life saving clinical modality. I’m a clinical pharmacist with years of experience in clinical practice and research. Without the majority of therapeutic options today we would be dying from simple infections. Think of how we discovered penicillin from mould growing on his bacterial Petri dish lol. If you need some clarifications on such subjects feel free to reach out.
  • Blackboyelias
    Absolute banger. Yall get straight to the point.
  • GrIeCoisgoated
    I was thinking like something more like theories that go really deep?
  • nicknane1000
    Love podcast
    Great podcast. Too much cussing so I can’t listen at work.
  • RaiderJay99
    How conspiracy podcasts should be conducted
    Been listening to you guys as my main podcast since 2021, til this day I’m surprised on how you guys can talk on heavy topics but can still make it feel like the information given is easy to digest!
  • CamFast 13
    Love this show so much. Love listening to it while I’m hauling heavy equipment over the road!
  • Drewseek
    Top notch podcast
    One of the best podcast. I listen to two podcasts religiously you guys and JRE
  • Tree hood76
    Kinda fell off
    Used to be an avid listener… the hosts are just dumb. Was really rooting for them but they never pulled through…
  • Billsephus
    Best podcast currently out
    You guys are awesome, great topics , great conversations and really interesting topics. Third eye has been opened!
  • Alyssa Johnson56
    **Best podcast ever!!!**
    I got turned into this podcast through my husband and I love listening to this every day. It’s pretty wild how things are broken down by you guys!
  • Giraffe killa
    Thank u.
    I appreciate all the content. Keep it up .
  • JenBennett
    Seriously still one of my favorite podcasts and I’ve been listening for a year. Jacob, I’d love to see your prophecy playbook podcast come back! Keep up the good work guys, such a good podcast!
  • greenfield05
    Thought this was interesting I was mistaken
    I’m interested in the paranormal but these guys are completely right wing and biased. One episode they talked about how my pillow guy would drop the hammer about 2020 election. Totally laughable as well as most of what they spew. Plenty of other podcasts about paranormal subjects without the stupid politics.
  • Solodakid
    The best!
    Man you guys are awesome, I listen every time I’m at work, love your talks and the insight from 2 different views. Keeps it up guys!
  • Kyler1283
    They had some interesting stuff to say but it took them 40 minutes to even start talking about the topic of the video. And even then it was about a monster from a kids show…
  • 3729984
    Thank you
    Love your guys mindsets, thank you!!
  • Ando4204
    Best conspiracy podcast
    Keep that 3rd eye open!
  • jonnny50
    Always a good show.
  • Kimmosa42
    Great show
    Always worth a listen
  • Stryker1144
    Jonathan is wanting saved and doesn’t want to admit it
    Jonathan is difficult to communicate with as an argumentative “devil’s advocate” and his desperate’traps’ are insufferable
  • Randolph 75
    Third eye open
    Love the show… been looking for a show like this…very informative and down to earth… I started at the beginning and can’t stop listening.. keep on doing what you’re doing.. it’s making a difference
    Long time listener !
    Love you all been listening for years. Pretty much every single episode. Love the banter and chemistry between you both. Guest choices and topics are always awesome! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • rell53
    Great but…
    Great content and topics .. I love the deep dives on a lot of interesting topics but sometimes the host goes off on these tangents and rambling and that’s ok but when they do it multiple times within the podcast it’s a little annoying and confusing …. I get filling space but the topic themselves are interesting enough that u don’t have to stretch it … your turning a 2 hour podcast into a 3 hour one simply from all the rambling and side tangents .. I listened for 40 min and I barely heard anything about the actual topic
  • Chief_Danno
    Laughable Jibberish
    No facts, just ramblings. Connecting dots anyway possible. Couldn’t finish an episode.
  • Rabbitfoot Scotty
    Great chemistry between Jonathon and Jacob!
    What can I say but I love your guys podcast. Most of your guests are great but even without a guess your topics and conversations flow smoothly. One thing I would love to add would be a once a month traditional conspiracy conversation. I know you guys must get tired talking flat earth or 9-11 but there are plenty of us noobs who are trying to open our third eye. New followers could jump to these podcasts and find that third eye. Here are a few I’d love to hear more about: Bigfoot, moon landing, flat earth, 911, flat earth, Oklahoma City bombing, mandalay bay shooting, covid vax, JFK killing Besides that I always love seeing a new episode and most the other conspiracy podcast I’ve come across or just plain boring and don’t have the back-and-forth between a military Christian and a woo woo dude 😂 Keep that third eye open!
  • Pesiri
    So informative!
    I love This podcast! As a huge conspiracy theorist, this podcast talks about everything you think may be happening and the guests are great as well! Having someone who was in the military on this show as well makes it even more validated. Love you all! I have to also say that the amount of people I have turned onto this podcast is crazy! You guys are doing amazing, my boyfriend and I enjoy every episode and listen every morning and afternoon on our way to and from work! I have shared this podcast with my patients and co workers if they are in to it and have added many members to the cult! For all these people complaining about the ads, GO TO PATREON OR ROKFIN THERE ARE NO ADS And the ads are no reason for a 1 star review, don’t be a jerk! - from a 3rd eye all the way open member
  • India✊🏾
    A New Supporter.
    I really appreciate the MLK Day episode. Being that I’m from Memphis, this means a lot to get the truth. I’ve always known there was something fishy about it. I also wrote a paper on this in college about how the Lorraine model kind of came about but if I would have had this information, oh boyyyy!! Overall, thank you for standing with the people✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #SendindLove&SupportFromMemphis
  • Jay proctor
    Thank y’all for the knowledge and facts y’all provide for us listeners. I listen to y’all and and meta mysteries every day. Can not get enough.
  • TwigWithTits03
    One big ad
    I’ve been listening to this channel for over a year now, along with a few other conspiracy podcasts. The adds on the most recent episode are insane and make it almost unbearable to watch. Not only is the rate of ad to actual podcast worse than YouTube’s current ratios. It breaks up the information being shared making it harder to comprehend as it’s constantly interrupted.
  • Abigail Madison
    So glad to hear platforms actually speaking out about the Jews, and speaking facts!!
  • q ZOIVIBIE p
    #1 podcast
    Y’all got it all, funny, serious, research. Y’all have awesome guests. I’ve been with y’all since day 1! Y’all are my dogs, keep up the fantastic work. From South Carolina if y’all ever come my way get at me fellas!!!!
  • DmanUT
    Waaaay too many commercials
    This podcast is no longer listenable, waaaaay too many commercials. You lost a long time listener
  • dawn hamrick
    Love love love the dynamic of these guys
    Jonathon and Jacob come with the most fascinating topics I’ve found on any podcast! Jacob’s know it all attitude is classic and Jonathon’s willingness to be open minded to all make the episodes so entertaining! They have opened my third eye to everything and make my 12 hour shifts go by so fast. If I could join the patreon without leaving my screen on I definitely would because I can’t barely wait for new episodes!! I definitely recommend to everyone wanting to know what they are really doing to us and like to learn more about the woo woo!!! Love you guys.
  • Stevie J_116
    Ms J
    Love their topics and can’t wait to see if they do one on the Secret Space Program!!!!!
  • Florida Man Frankie
    Great show
    This is on the top of my podcast list. I love the topics & long dives they take into some of my favorite conspiracies & some I’ve never heard. I would definitely give this show 5 stars but, there’s way too many sponsor breaks. I know they’ve gotta pay the bills but there’s more commercials here then any other podcast I listen to.
  • Tarryn 🥰
    Great Podcast!
    I love this podcast. I listen to it while at work and while I study sometimes. The content is great and very informational BUT sometimes I can’t finish a juicy podcast in one setting because it’s soooo long and I either just don’t have the time to finish or get side tracked . Other than that it’s a great podcast! Thanks Guys!
  • SKY10Walk
    I’ve been a long time listener/watcher and I listen to this show everyday. I’m a truck driver so I have the time… the thing is Jacob is putting a LOT of misinformation out on almost everything he speaks on.. This is a sad reality for me because I love the show so so much.I’m not here to put anyone down or anything negative. I’ve been a part of the “Conspiracy” community for 20 years so whenever I hear him say certain things I research it for myself. Jacob always says “documented” and “verified” but a LOT of the things he claims to know isn’t true.. this is alarming because we have to be mindful of the things but put out if you get where I’m going with this…I could give 100s of examples but there’s no need I already know where the conversation would go. This podcast isn’t what it used to be and it hurts me to say that because I’m a loyal listener.
  • Luis G209
    Great podcast
    Great podcast! Been listening to them for a year and haven’t missed a episode yet definitely keeping that third eye open 💯
  • Tom smooth
    One of the greatest podcast duos of all time.
  • Coal Diamond Art
    Leave the World Behind
    I love this episode! (I love all the episodes). I was listening and I heard you touch on racism and ask “why the lady who spoke Spanish ran into the main character” .. to paraphrase. I believe it could have been a biblical reference. In the end times, we will encounter people we could help, but because of circumstance, we can’t help. Perhaps we don’t all speak the same language. We can’t answer if we don’t know the question. We don’t have the means to help. Just a thought. Also, yes, racism is a thread, also I see classisms, ageism… I believe the film could be highlighting the ways in which we always discriminate and how we could increasingly discriminate when pressed. Thanks again for a mindful episode
  • Zingerflop
    King James new listener.
    Thanks for taking on a challenging topic. I appreciate you not going off the rails and trashing the Bible. Sounds like the gospel remains true and people distort concepts to meet their own beliefs. Not sure about the idea of Free Will when people in their Evil State can’t choose what is good in God’s eyes. See Col 1:10. It’s only in our redeemed condition that we can produce fruit acceptable to God. So a unsaved person technically can’t do good works because they are without faith. I believe you see where I’m going. Dead to sin, new creature in Christ, not under the Law, etc. Unredeemed people have choices but they are limited to the realm of their sinful flesh. Thanks for your clear presentation of the Gospel. I will keep listening!
  • 22john9
    Not what it used to be
    Title says it all.. def an energy shift. The both seem like droids.
  • Tomrat77
    Like a fine wine
    Yep like a fine wine gets better with age. Been listening for over a year and it keeps getting better. Used to listen to another podcast but it’s went downhill. But this one is definitely a lot better.
  • deezy0619#
    The best podcast EVER!!
    I know that’s a bold title but I’ve been on a spiritual journey and so many of your episodes have opened up my third eye even more. Just ordered the manly p hall book can’t wait to get into it. Also love the variety of cryptid, geopolitical and conspiracy topics. Keep up the great work guys.
  • Toiletmoney
    Rife Machine
    I enjoy your podcast but I would caution you for backing the rife machine. You are telling people 30 day money back (as well as the the guy you had on the podcast) but the website says 30 day money back if it is not opened or used. I emailed the company 3 weeks ago to verify the advertisement on your show or the rife website policy and still have not had a return email. That Christmas present has past and now has made opened my third eye to your advertisements.
  • MorgKling
    Open up that 3rd 👁️
    Love the show and love listening to your banter!! I look forward to it every week day. Keep doing what y’all are doing. Not only are you both interesting to listen to, the research you do for your shows is commendable!!
  • Vanquish281
    Great podcast
    Have to admit, wasn’t a huge fan at first. But now I’ve listened to 75+ episodes and love these guys. They disagree on some things, which is great because it allows another perspective.
  • feature files
    This number has been with me since I remember 😂. Now I know thanks to you guys. I mean Jonathan, f. Jacob. Although a lot of respect. You guys woke me up to another dimension of thinking. I’ve been listening all your episodes and waiting for more every day. Thank you, I appreciated the content of every single episode. I’m Driving south maybe I’ll invite you guys for a beer.
  • madhulk66
    Stay focused up
    I feel like they start ok but then veer off topic too far and I’m no longer interested and can’t finish a whole episode, or even get halfway through
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