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  • MisterHellJ
    I’m writing in regards to episode 353. I must say, as far as organization and staying on topic, this was by far your best stuff. You guys are improving, I can acknowledge that! I’m still apologetic for the terrible things I said in the past. I hope you can forgive me, I will be a loyal listener until you guys decide to hang it up! Until my next review, keep up the hard work, and thug life. -MrHellJ
  • Nig but man
    They grow on you
    top 3 podcast on conspiracies fasho!
  • Walker.jmist
    For a podcast that “opens your third eye” these guys are very close minded. If believing in God makes you a arrogant a**hole then I don’t want to believe in God.
  • daniliz90
    The best
    Keep up the great work guys!
  • cademstreeter
    I love this
    You guys are so funny but you also get in it and make sure I do my research
  • Jill Raylene
    Thank you!
    You guys are awesome! As I am new to this whole new world of blowing my own mind, I find your podcast the best and love your accents. Flat Earth Fo Life
  • Flappydogho
    Nearly perfect
    I love this show to death. As soon as a video drops I’m watching. Only problem is that it’s annoying that Jacob is so open minded to everything except when it comes to his beliefs. When opposing god he will get frustrated and start arguing instead of conversing. Just like episode 336 he just won’t take anything into consideration that opposes his god. He acts so rude towards his guests and his so called brother co host. Other then that awesome show keep it up.
  • Giraffe killa
    Thank u.
    I appreciate all the content. Keep it up
  • M🕶
  • Mandear88
    Have you heard?
    Is Genesis History. On Amazon Prime. Talks about flood, dinosaurs, how old can the Earth really be.
  • Bigguy Run
    Fire in Houma
    5 days as I’m writing this
  • Bootstrappers
    Good job…
  • TylerJ200
    Could be better
    I’m giving this show a 4 because I love Jonathan and his interviewing skills. The guests are great absolutely love hearing all the different topics and the religious perspective these two give. But I have to say I will not be listening any longer. Jacob is one of the worst interviewers I have listened to, and podcasts are my life. Jacob is so closed minded and even belittles his guests. I’ve noticed multiple times Jonathan has to do damage control to not offend the guest. Just open up your third eye, Jacob. Not everything revolves around you or what you think you know. Keep it up Jonathan!
  • A.G.T.G
    Best podcast out here!
    Best of the best of you like a broad of topics from paranormal, science, god , aliens , conspiracy theories even real life events this the app you’re looking for definitely worth it ! I like how open their conversation are especially coming from Christian background as well and still finding myself and believing in the what more like Jonatan am I enjoy hearing the 2 POV that Jacob and Jonathan give ! Great podcast love how consistent they are too!
  • RHolt56
    Comical in a bad way.
    If you want to listen to bullsh%t and listen to claim after claim with no decent evidence then this is home. I think I stopped listening when one of the hosts said remote viewing was a real thing.
  • Heidi J 2006
    My Fav Podcast!
    Love you guys! This is absolutely my favorite podcast! Y’all help get me thru the boring work day and I love how you both have similar but different views on things! Y’all got my 3rd eye opened! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Allieoop93
    Love these guys. They are literally the best for any and all beliefs. I am personally Christian and am never offended, I just love the openness and acceptance of these dudes. Keeeep that third eye open. ♥️
  • jumanjiplayer42069
    Sons Of God
    Yooo I seen this explained by a pastor bc I thought it was Fallen Angels too, but I learned Sets lineage walked in the light of God, making them Sons of God, they chose to marry and love the Daughters of Man > lineage of Cain, the man who chose to murder and then claim he’s not his brothers keeper in the face of God. God sees this intermingling of Gods Children and Sin so he told Noah of the flood since he and his family were obeying and walking in the light of the Lord. Fallen Angels taught us worldly tricks to gain something over one another after the flood. It is up to us to raise Sons of God bc with no father the family fails. Usually the man’s beliefs dictate how the family turns out, if these men are obsessed with Daughters of men(coming from Families that are idolizing worldly possessions, Desire of man )they turn away from being a Son of God. I love the podcast been listening for a year, I’m not tryna be rude or hate I just wanna throw my 2¢ OPEN THAT THIRD EYE 🗣️🗣️🗣️
  • Bigtuna456
  • bignastynauti
    Topics an guest
    Have been trash lately
  • J_Melodic
    Dope Podcast
    I love this podcast and the topics being discussed. Keep up the good work and keep the conspiracies coming. 😎 I love when you guys have Christy on. She’s dope.
  • Turry Webb
    I enjoy it.
    Man I really liked this at first. Personally I especially like how one of you is Christian (yalls voices sound so similar I have a hard time telling you apart lol) and I thought it was cool cuz you never hear third eye and Christian in the same sentence How ever if you have Christian beliefs I think it’s important to stick to them and for other guest especially cristy should respect that and so should the other host. It’s so lame how they claim they respect your beliefs but in their tone and what they say completely contradict that. Also if they can speak so openly about their beliefs they should allow you to speak just as openly and they don’t seem like they do at all. Here lately anyways it sounds like they are quick to shut you down when you share a Christian perspective about what they are saying. I love hearing your christian perspective and I used love hearing their spiritual perspective but here lately it just sounds like they are steam rolling over you. I still listen to the podcast but I hope they understand and get better about that😕 For instance “only when your ready” they want to say Jesus name was changed or the Bible was possibly written backwards? But when the point was brought up about what about the disciples names? Quickly got shut down and his response “I dunno man I wasn’t there” great point so you also weren’t there to suggest it was written backwards and you also weren’t there when he “changed Jesus name” 🤔🤔
  • Ronk1985
    Episode #233
    Towards the end of this episode at the about 20 minutes left Mark they’re talking about the ice wall think of it like this what if it’s like a RAMA
  • j86474857
    Best ever!!
    Love your show!! The episodes with Christy are 🔥🔥🔥
  • Witchy_1984_Blessed_Be
    Love the show BUT READ THIS
    I was just listening to the episode where girl just said that Tupacs “daughter” said he’s alive and blah blah. She did not research.. he has no children. The girl that made that video is a clout chaser. Keep up the great work with the show though! Love y’all!
  • Tattoomykitty
    Dope Show
    You guys are awesome! You make my word day chill! If you’re ever in havasu stop in my shop and say hi! We can swap some cool stories! Or come get a tattoo! Havasu Tattoo Company 😄
  • Red29point
    Binge listener since June 2023
    Hey guys, Love the podcast. I started listening to you guys after starting a new job and being able to use one earbud to listen to whatever while I work so I am listening to at least 3 shows a day catching up to all the episodes you guys have put out. You guys along with your guest have helped me with understanding more about a lot of conspiracies out there. I believe it all….my wife and I have are third eye open, she loves the show and is also listening on a daily. She is balls deep in it as you guys would say lol much more then I am. Thank you both for the awesome show. I wanted to bring to you guys awareness that you guys had an episode with a psychic and she gave one of you guys a message about something happening in your life( don’t remember if the message was for Jonathan or Jacob) but we are in August and I am curious to know if anything has happen from what she said. You guys might have to review that episode again. Overall continue to do great work and bringing in the awesome content. Love and peace to you both and your family! Ps. As I wrote this I saw your ratings were at 777. Just something to note lol -Alex from dirty Jersey
  • Koesy11
    Best Conspiracy podcast there is
    If your into conspiracy’s or are curious you owe it to yourself to check out the show . If your a trained puppet disregard because your still wearing your mask while alone in your car lol 😂to everyone else come and open up that 3rd eye
  • mesa draper
    I listen everyday for 8 hours a day while i’m working, I could never get tired! You guys give so much information and are so funny! Please talk about the UFO/Alien things that are happening that i’ve been seeing all over tiktok! I would love you’re input!
  • sampson4444444
    Listen everyday!
    I listen to these guys everyday and have been listening to them for the last year. I got a patron subscription but stopped watching because Jonathan’s face is hard to look at, not because he’s ugly but because the show would be easier to watch if he had a paper bag on his head. None-the-less, LOVE THE SHOW! I listen to them while I’m at work and it’s so interesting and I’ve learned so much. Keeping my 3rd eye open!
  • Stopcallingme1234567
    Top Notch
    I feel like I’m back in Lit Hum at Columbia University-amazing Socratic seminar and complementary perspectives. Encouraging for the truly open minded with a healthy dose of self awareness!
  • IcedT33
    Questionable Ideas
    I thought this show was good and especially the episodes with Cristy Nicole until the moment she admitted she used to be Joan of Arc among other important figures. I’m sorry but if someone believes that, they should keep it to themselves lest everything they’ve ever said gets called into question. I have since realized that a lot of the logic used on this show is just kind of absurd and there’s not as much depth to the thinking as I thought. I also strongly disagree with Jacob’s constant claim that the Bible in its current form is what God intended it to be—that is basically like saying that the current corruption in the Catholic Church is exactly how God intended it to be.
  • shaggy mop
    Self righteous dumbassery and bigotry
    unlistenable drivel….clearly a podcast by idiots for idiots
  • joeyreup
    Cristy nicole
    Cristy is hot but some of her claims are impossible to verify channeling is very sketchy also claiming to be reincarnation of Joan of arc is bold
  • kelsiebelle132313
    Amazingly awesome!!! 💜
    I love you guys! This is the first podcast I ever got into and I’ve listened to every single episode, even the older cringy ones 😜 I love all the topics you go over. You guys are amazing together! Thank you for getting me through my work days and please don’t ever stop! You both are definitely meant to do this!
  • KayteeGB711
    Love the show and topics….but
    Love the show, topics, and guests, but Jacob- you have to stop speaking for God. Love that you love God so much, but your limitations are not God’s limitations.
  • z12cgu
    Great show
    I love listening at work and even at home
  • Garett Koon
    F*#%’n Awesome
    It’s a very good show. I hope these 2 guys don’t get over each other. It’s easy to do, a lot of dual hosts have broken up in my past podcast experience. But.. They have a good chemistry and have a good balance in their conversations. Keep it up guys!! Looking forward to everything else 👊🏻
  • Coal Diamond Art
    I love your podcast. You two have an awesome dynamic & you have excellent guests. I love to hear the info & the banter. Question: can you all have someone talk about sleep paralysis & lucid dreaming.
  • monife.o
    i love the topics and i have my own personal favorites episode of you guys BUT i hate that you both dont go straight to the topic and talk about things that are irrelevant
  • odogg the boss
    Love it
    Great podcast with great info
  • 420seank
    Incorrect about sub
    I listened to the recent episode about the titan submersible, and you say many times that it was the first voyage, the inaugural voyage, but it had made many trips to the titanic before. It was not the first dive.
  • jackobazzi
    Good show….but
    Please stop Hatfield from speaking. His ignorance makes my brain hurt
  • Tin-o
    It’s ok , but definitely not style .
  • Vero.g8809
    Great show
    Great and interesting topics most shows won’t touch.
  • Quualude7
    Best podcast
    These two here best podcast informational, entertaining
  • Fefe999
    Very interesting, love the different views
    It’s nice to hear people talk about topics that other people won’t approach. They let everyone have their own opinion without judgement. They talk about topics logically and genuinely want to learn.
  • Gusty Breeze
    Love this show!
    Love this show!
  • Morbid Feast
    Above par
    Has become one of my favorites because of how in depth their research goes. These guys gave great guests too!! I Love the metaphysical stuff! That’s part of the conspiracies too so we need more of it!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Pesiri
    So informative!
    I love This podcast! As a huge conspiracy theorist, this podcast talks about everything you think may be happening and the guests are great as well! Having someone who was in the military on this show as well makes it even more validated. Love you all!
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