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Nonprofit professionals are faced with more challenges to accomplish their missions and the growing pressure to do more, raise more, and be more for the causes we hold so dear. Join Jon McCoy, CFRE and Becky Endicott, CFRE as they learn with you from some of the best in the industry; sharing the most innovative ideas, inspiration and stories of making a difference. You’re in good company and we welcome you to our community of nonprofit professionals, philanthropists, world changers, innovators, and others to bring a little more goodness into the world. Get cozy, grab a coffee, and get ready to be inspired. We Are For Good. You in?

We Are For Good is an online media and education platform with an aim to revolutionize the nonprofit industry by equipping this generation of for-good leaders with the mindsets, tools and innovative ideas to make a bigger impact than any of us could ever dream to accomplish on our own. Our vision is to cultivate an Impact Uprising. Learn more at www.weareforgood.com

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  • Jbarsam
    The Best Podcast out there for nonprofits
    I am so thankful that I stumbled across this podcast a few years ago. Jon and Becky have created amazing content and bring on talented professions to help us all do even better and make a difference in the world. You both have created something special and built an amazing community of people who support and care about each other and our communities. God Bless you both!
  • Sesalerno
    A mission must listen
    I’m so glad I found Becky and Jon’s podcast! Their conversations with mission leaders are informative, fun and packed with actionable take aways.
  • Andieo1997
    Informative and Engaging!
    I recently stumbled upon this podcast, and it's quickly become one of my favorites. The conversations are always engaging, and the topics are relevant to anyone interested in making a positive impact in the world. Jonathan and Becky are fantastic hosts who bring on guests with diverse perspectives and expertise. As a listener, I truly feel like I'm a part of a community of people who care deeply about doing good in the world. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone seeking inspiration and practical tips for making a positive impact, regardless of whether or not you're in the nonprofit industry!
  • Seeker of Sleep
    New to Nonprofit
    I am new to the nonprofit space having just joined the Advancement team at The Exodus Road. This podcast has been a great addition to my professional development efforts. John and Becky’s heart for the nonprofit sector and their ability to elevate the collaboration conversation is great!
  • taylorenjohnson
    Experts and friends
    Jon and Becky create GENUINE community around the intricacies entangled in the for-good space. They being in thoughtful powerhouses while making you feel like you are all sitting together with a cup of coffee.
  • Maria A Bryan
    My go-to nonprofit podcast
    I grew up in the nonprofit sector, and just as I was getting jaded and completely burnt out - I found We Are For Good. It feels like sitting on Becky and Jon’s couch, having late night meaningful chats about this special sector, how much there is to celebrate, and how we can do better. Being part of this community has both restored my love for the sector, and has reminded me that there is kindness if you look for it. Whether you are brand new to the sector or your a long-timer, this podcast with rock your worldview and bring you much needed doses of joy to get you through the tough days. Thank you We Are For Good for leading an impact uprising
  • connectedcause
    Tapping into the nonprofit sector
    The shows are carefully curated to actually serve nonprofit professionals. The hosts do an excellent job at bringing in guests you might know and others you might not know (but should know), and showcasing diverse voices from all across nonprofit job functions.
  • mlpaddock13
    One of the best philanthropy podcasts!
    The love this podcast and how Jonathon and Becky make philanthropy so fun! Not to mention, Julie, too! One of my favorite episodes was with Nancy Brinker and more recently, the enneagram ones. I always leave an episode having learned something and feeling empowered. Thank you!
  • SimplyHelp
    My Community includes Jon & Becky
    Our non-profit is all about doing good, making good choices, and sharing all the goodness with area youth. We Are For Good helps us Turn Up The Good!! Encouragement. Inspiration. Engaging podcasts that educate while entertain. Who could ask for anything more? Oh wait, I have. And they responded with answers, suggestions, and referrals. Blessed to have found WAFG! Thanks for being part of our virtual community.
  • CrysClark31
    We are for good podcast is my jam!!
    Every week I look forward to listening to Jon and Becky. They keep the topics fresh and keep it real! You can hear their sincerity and genuine spirit through their podcast. They have been in many of our shoes so they get it and when they haven’t they bring on guests who can fill those gaps. Highly highly recommend!!!
  • PodRyan
    One of the Best!
    Simply put, We are for Good is one of the best professional podcasts on the airwaves! Jon, Becky and team consistently produce stellar content that is relevant, useful and most of all inspiring. Don’t waste any time, listen today!
  • AshKBE
    I cannot recommend this podcast or this team enough. To say that Becky and Jon have hearts of pure gold is not an overstatement. They genuinely care about people and about making the world a better place. Their dream of creating a community for likeminded people in the nonprofit sector is thriving- and it’s BEAUTIFUL to behold. This podcast will introduce you to the movers and shakers in nonprofits, and it will inspire you to make a difference in the world. ♥️
  • Hillary in Colorado
    Keeping up our spirits
    On this podcast, they call you Friend, and they mean it. I have loved this warm-hearted opportunity to learn and relate. It gives you entry to a wide array of topics, bringing in experts whose intent is to help you draw from their experience and generate your own. They are keeping it real!
  • Blueandgold79
    Best thought leaders & industry experts!
    Becky + Jon are powerhouse hosts that create conversations in the nonprofit space that no one else is having. Each episode has so many lightbulb moments that can be applied to nonprofits of any size. So good!
  • KarleyBF
    My favorite fundraising podcast!!
    This podcast is incredible. Becky and Jon’s insights into philanthropy trends are transformative - they always go the extra mile to bring in guests that are mavericks in the field. Every guest brings unreal stories and advice and it is my favorite podcast to inspire me at work to push the boundaries of giving and relationship building. As a #YoPro I am in love with the energy in this podcast and know you will love it too!! Also, they have A++ cross channel content via email, social and their website that helps you take good notes and learn even more.
  • 4Elmo
    We are for Good:: Best Guests, Great Questions, Amazing Podcast
    What an awesome Podcast for Nonprofits!! The hosts (Jon
  • julianawhisman
    Stellar On-Going PD for Non-Profits!
    The We are for Good podcast is such an asset to the non-profit sector! As an executive director of a small-shop community arts center, I’ve learned so much through the wealth of knowledge that Becky and Jon share in this podcast. Through the podcast, they’ve connected our org with some amazing ideas and resources that are really changing the work we do and the way we work in great ways! Thanks for providing top-notch professional development straight to my earbuds!
  • 05_maya
    Industry leading, community building
    We Are For Good has truly created a community of like-minded people who are passionate about improving our world. This podcast hosts experts and leaders to cover topics that are timely, inspirational, and actionable for fundraisers, philanthropists, and non-profit professionals! If that wasn’t enough, these folks take it to the next level with continued conversations and support in the WAFG Community and WAFG Pro. I’m a huge fan, and incredibly grateful to be part of this #ImpactUprising
  • Hkb1982
    Love We Are For Good!
    Jon and Becky (and Julie, of course) are truly changing lives. Just hearing their voices makes me smile. They bring so much wisdom and encouragement to nonprofits, and I’m grateful for this podcast!
  • melaniedawnosu
    Nonprofit Pros and Board Members - We Are For Good is a must Subscription
    As someone who’s been working in the nonprofit sector for - well, a very long time - I enjoy this podcast. It’s upbeat, real, relevant and I take away at least one thing from each episode. Regardless of where you are in the sectors, click subscribe and add this podcast to your favorites! It is definitely worth the investment of time!!!
  • ejsulzle
    If you only listen to one NPO podcast, listen to this one!
    We Are For Good gives real insight to the real issues you are really facing. You’ll be nodding along to what you hear and I promise you’ll want to forward each episode to someone who needs to hear it!
  • hmess2016
    The Podcast for Do-Gooders
    I have loveeeeed this podcast! As someone who is continually striving to learn more and be the best that I can be in the nonprofit space I’m in, this had been the best thing to stumble upon. John and Becky lift issues we all need to address and simultaneously inspire us to keep innovating and change making. Couldn’t recommend it more!
  • Rican in Colorado
    We are for Good is what the sector has been needing!
    First of all I would like to add more stars to this review. The makers of We are for Good deserve all the stars in the universe. I am a new Development Director and they have been supporting my learning and cheering me on since the beginning. They are genuinely caring and authentic about their love for what they do. To Becky and John and the rest of the team: thank you for creating a community in which ‘not knowing’ is ok and event exciting! You are truly a podcast i take with me in my walks and runs multiple times a week. You make me smile, question and fill my soul. Bravo!
  • bobfred
    If you’re looking for the best discussions of life in nonprofit land and the issues of the industry, you’ve found what you’re looking for.
  • Aaron Scott-Unleash Generosity
    Must listen
    This podcast has been amazing in my non-profit professional growth. Jon and Becky have inspiring guests and are creating spaces for important conversations in our sector. More importantly, they practice through the We Are For Good community what they preach on the podcast. Always eager to encourage and build bridges to empower growth, I have been blown away by the willingness of these friends to pour into the lives of others.
  • bekahgiaco
    A gold mine!
    I just discovered this podcast on the recommendation of a friend. As someone who is trying to get their work out there, the series on how to get into podcasting was tremendously helpful! Each episode I’ve listened to is full of helpful information and new perspectives that help me see the questions and problems I’m facing in different ways. Thank you We Are For Good team!
  • Ewildstein
    In a sea of nonprofit podcasts, this is the flagship.
    When I learned about We Are For Good, I’ll be honest, my response was: “Oh, ANOTHER nonprofit podcast?” And I’m not too proud to admit I was wrong. Becky, Jon, and Julie find unique guests who offer reality-based, actionable guidance on *myriad* issues of great concern for the nonprofit sector. And as hosts go, they are charming, funny, and above all, believable. If you’re looking for easy, excellent listening that will be hugely fruitful, subscribe and listen to EVERYTHING. You’ll become — as host Becky says — an immediate “rabid fan.”
  • CamJamOut
    Not only is each episode thought-provoking and inspiring, but I feel like I have been sharpened as a nonprofit leader and educator. When I think of informal professional development, I turn to the We Are For Good podcast to be more equipped. The broad reach of topics is a HUGE bonus as well. I have also benefitted immensely from their We Are For Good Community platform. It is a wonderful place to create connections and gather insight.
  • zoverflow
    Incredibly helpful resource!
  • Adam279Miller
    I consider team WAFG another teammate in my work
    Jon & Becky aren’t just building a podcast, they are building a community of do gooders while weaving a network to impact the entire charitable sector. Each podcast is a masterclass in and of itself, but the conversation and community there follows is even more powerful. Whether you’re new to the space or a seasoned veteran, do yourself a favor and dive headfirst into this podcast and community.
  • sunny_vee
    Excellent for Nonprofit Leaders & Teams
    We Are For Good provides such valuable insights and information for nonprofit leaders and their teams. Skilled, funny and joyful hosts, super smart and interesting guests, and a focus on understanding why and how trends in many different contexts are shaping work in our sector in new ways.
  • DCKK2
    Go to resource for nonprofit leaders!
    Incredible content and fun to listen to every week, as a nonprofit marketer its a must.
  • SET103189
    Big, Big Fan
    I love the We are for Good team. Becky and Jon are so uplifting and are truly doing the real work in building a better community for nonprofits and those that want to do good in the world. I am such a fan of this podcast and can’t wait to see what other magic is brought to life by them! ✨
  • LeaptoSuccess
    I’ve only listened to a few of these podcasts so far, but I am blown away by how good they are. You are interviewing really fascinating people, and the content is very useful and helpful. Thank you for your dedication to spreading good and all of the notes and resources. I’m going to use some of your mental health series as staff training for my team.
  • Lexylily
    A Must Follow
    I love the We are For Good crew! They do such an amazing job bringing in experts but also have such internal knowledge on so many nonprofit topics. I send episodes to my coworkers and friends and their energy is electric.
  • kbgymnast87
    Make Good Mainstream!
    Can we give a big hand to this podcast?! Such rich information and knowledge that needs to go mainstream! Love this podcast and the spirit it brings. More more more!
  • domitravel
    So much good stuff!
    Thank you for creating this podcast. It has helped me learn so much and get ideas that are creative and effective in donor relations and stewardship. Again, thanks for all you do.
  • Noelle_P
    Incredible resource! If you want someone to light a fire under your booty and get that spark that makes you ready to take on the world, this podcast is for you!
  • jadedarby
    I’ve Learned So Much!!
    I am so thankful to have stumbled upon the We Are For Good podcast! I am new to the nonprofit and fundraising sector & they have been a life saver. I have been introduced to many new ideas and other nonprofits, allowing me to make connections and grow our fundraising techniques! Thank you so much for your impact!
  • Haypi guy
    One of the best Nonprofit podcasts!
    Y’all, this is the real deal. Being in the industry for ten years, I’ve heard a lot of podcasts, read a lot of blogs, and seen too many webinars. This is one that I finally learn from! They don’t repeat the same thing you hear everywhere else. I feel like I hear the same thing with every podcast, blog and webinar, but this one is different! It’s better! It actually talks about relevant fundraising ideas, tips, and stories. The first podcast I listened to of theirs, I took four pages of notes. I can’t stress enough, if you are in the nonprofit sector, start listening!
  • Sara Trapp
    Great resource
    As someone who is new to the world of development, this podcast has been an incredible resource for me!
  • hals lions
    Amazing podcast!
    I started listening to this podcast about a month into my first nonprofit fundraising position. I was a little overwhelmed and already feeling to burnout of being creative and “on” all the time. This is my go to podcast for being refreshed and energized to get back to the good work that I get to be a part of.
  • Jordana_VoiceforGood
    Love geeking out with We Are for Good!
    Love geeking out with Becky, John, and Julie on all things nonprofit! Their energy is amazing and makes me appreciate all of the people out to do good in our sector. Makes me proud to be a part of the field!
  • JamieMarie77
    Your recent episode with Laura Parker of The Exodus Road on counter-human trafficking was SO inspiring! Though the topic can be heavy, the episode content was so hope-filled! Thank you for speaking on this! I’d love to hear more of their story - Laura was so authentic and warm.
  • drucollie
    Get your ask in gear!!!
    This is a fantastic, fresh approach to fundraising! Sensational guests and a holistic message that will help you no matter if you are a seasoned professional we’re just starting out.
  • Will King Foundation
    I unexpectedly started a non-profit three years ago after losing my 96 day old son to heart failure. We wanted to do something to honor his life and worked with his cardiologist to sponsor a child from a developing country for heart surgery. Helping one child turned into a big vision of making sure every child born with CHD has access to care regardless of where they live. I have no background or experience with non-profit work and was thrown into learning everything at once. For the first few years I had a hard time finding helpful resources that weren’t outdated. I found this podcast a few weeks ago and I am so incredibly grateful for the work they are doing! It’s such a blessing to have a place to go for encouragement, professional development and inspiring conversations that always leave me with ways to make our non-profit better. I highly recommend binging every episode and taking notes!
  • jclark007
    Great stuff
    I love the encouragement and your great lineup of guests. Keep up the We are For Good work (pun intended!). So glad I found your podcast, it is inspiring.
  • SensibleSportsDude
    Greatest find of 2021
    If you’re looking for an inspiring, thought-provoking podcast that makes you think about doing business and life differently - then this is the podcast for you. I’m not in the nonprofit sector yet still get so much out of this.
  • Jessica Purdum
    Good for my soul
    I am profoundly moved every time I listen to an episode on We Are For Good. This podcast is exactly the dose of inspiring kindness everyone needs!
  • abbymfox
    Refreshing, Energizing and Actionable
    Becky and Jon are like that breath of fresh air, that jolt of energy or that long, soaking rain on dry soil. They stepped into my life when I needed it most with this podcast. Their weekly counsel, fresh ideas and actionable takeaways have inspired me to do better work. Tune in to hear relatable and profound stories of the people who are moving the nonprofit sector forward.
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