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  • Globe Girl
    Informative and accurate
    Appreciate the quick and informative updates around cybersecurity.
    Great quick daily news about cybersecurity
    I enjoy listening to the daily 5-7 minute podcast about the latest in cybersecurity. Also, the week in review 20-30 minute podcasts are a great way to sum up the week.
  • roselinevelee
    Adds value to your core knowledge
    Time is a precious commodity and listening to podcasts at 2x speed is life. Now with this daily headlines brief I can get a rundown of the key daily events without having to skim through all my security email subscriptions. Absolutely vital daily news brief that all security professionals will benefit from.
  • Lovepolly
    Quick and very valuable daily security briefing
    I’m a CISO and I don’t have time for long detailed reports. I need short and concise info so I can decide what is relevant to me. Great job team, keep it up!
  • SGentry - CSO
    Weekday Morning Routine
    Nice concise reads with more info on their website I have made this part of my workday morning routine. There is so much going on out there this is a nice snapshot of some key stories.
  • Yaron L.
    Short and sweet
    Great podcast, short and sweet! Just the right amount of daily security news to keep you posted on what’s going on in the security world. Keep it up David Spark!
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