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The Dr. John Delony Show is a caller-driven show that gives you real talk on relationships and mental health challenges. We want to talk to you! To send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291 or email

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    May 13, 2024 – 01:01:48
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    May 8, 2024 – 59:26
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    May 6, 2024 – 56:59
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    Apr 29, 2024 – 56:54
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    Apr 26, 2024 – 59:55
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    Apr 24, 2024 – 01:00:19
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    Apr 22, 2024 – 55:55
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    Apr 19, 2024 – 01:04:35
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    Apr 15, 2024 – 01:05:46
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    Mar 25, 2024 – 01:10:08
  • Sex Conversations With My Wife Are Uncomfortable
    Mar 22, 2024 – 01:10:13
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    Mar 15, 2024 – 01:00:48
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    Mar 13, 2024 – 53:07
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    Mar 11, 2024 – 57:45
  • How Often Should We Have Sex?
    Mar 8, 2024 – 01:07:09
  • I Desperately Need Alone Time With My Wife
    Mar 6, 2024 – 47:51
  • My Husband Cheated With an Escort!
    Mar 4, 2024 – 57:13
  • My Husband Won’t Keep a Job
    Mar 1, 2024 – 01:03:46
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    Feb 28, 2024 – 55:19
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    Feb 26, 2024 – 01:06:51
  • Should I Confront My Daughter-in-Law?
    Feb 23, 2024 – 53:44
  • Should I Invite My Biological Father to My Wedding?
    Feb 21, 2024 – 53:38
Recent Reviews
  • love th bible
    Please never Stop the banter between Dr. John and Kelly !
    I couldn’t imagine this show without John and Kelly’s banter. It brightens my day. The show can get heavy and John and Kelly help bring the light and levity. Please never stop! Dr. John makes a difference in so many lives including mine. Kelly just makes it much more fun with their brother/sister banter! 😂❤️
  • ShellbellMN
    So good!!
    Dr John is really cares and his advice is really helpful. I have shared a lot of these podcasts with others and have found it very helpful in my life and relationships as well. Thanks for this great podcast.
  • Much love from RI
    OG fan
    I’ve been listening to you since the beginning. I tell everyone that I love and care about about your show. Your sense of humor and reactions are so down to earth and relatable. The hallow ads and religious undertones are not really a hit with our demographic in the Northeast. I definitely think that hinders your reach. But it doesn’t change my love for you!
  • Kaityydid
    Thought provoking
    Love this series, as someone currently in grad school for clinical mental health counseling, I love hearing how he can discuss large issues in such a short span of time.
  • Narvaez:)
    LOVE this show!!
  • hungrymae
    Daily Listener
    The best, kindest, well educated. I try to not miss an episode.
  • beautifulover
    This ‘Dr’ talks about himself and his experience as he’s giving advice. And then promotes his products and services as a cure pill. Big no no for this podcast.
  • A lady with an opinion
    Be the change…
    Changing lives! Thank you. 🙏🏽
  • ChadWSU
    Good advice, but..
    What annoys me is that no matter what the problem is, John explains how he already has it figured out and is implementing the solution with his own kids and everything is perfect at his house. Blah. Also, could we name drop the Mind Pump people a little less?
  • RobertRusty
    Keep notes
    I listen just about every day. Keep your notes open, because you are guaranteed to hear something you want to do different, or add to enhance your life and relationships. Great show.
  • BettieBloem
    Crossover podcast therapy
    Perfect for women who want someone to tell them what they already know and men who are lllllllost and need another dude to guide them. Dr. John is excellent at validating and cutting to the heart of any matter
  • boyof2boys
    Love your show!
    I have learned so much about myself from listening to your podcast. I bought both your books and they are so helpful. Thank you !
  • dar.fayard
    Lost me on the “red pill” comment. I thought you were slightly conservative. That was a turn off.
  • Easingleton
    Wonderful podcast. Great advise.
  • MaryB815
    Awesome, relevant, wholesome!!
    Dr. John is an awesome guy, an awesome therapist, and a perfect voice for common sense in so many areas. Having been in therapy myself, I love how he brings in neuroplasticity, holistic healing, healing in the body, and just great talk therapy. Great addition to the Ramsey Team.
  • Mucho2022
    Love the show!
    Delony’s podcast is relating and the way he talks is genuine: he always knows what to say. I came across this show after I finally made a tik tok now I’m subscribed. I enjoy listening on my way home after work at 2 a.m.
  • davebubs812
    Excellent podcast
    Dr John nails it. His advice is epic and many aspects he shares are helpful for any spouse, parent, or loved one! He takes extra time (we can hear, likely longer) to help those guests that many are in the worst spots of their lives.
  • Beemer34567
    Love John
    Great show
  • Davideo21
    The moon landing was a hoax
  • Itll be ok
    Good show, stop apologizing for being a white male
    Love the show, listen a lot. Get kind of tired of hearing John say ‘here’s another 6’2’ white male telling her about her body’…what does being a white male have to do with it? Does a black male have more inherent knowledge about a woman’s hormones? What does 6’2 happen to do with it? Does a 5’8 male understand this? Are you a trained professional or not? You never apologize to a bipolar person…’here goes another non-bi-polar person giving advice to a bi-polar person’…if you have advice to give great! Give it. If not don’t.
  • granizo719
    I totally Enjoy your podcast
    I wanted to know do you do follow up with these callers? Does anyone call back with results?Thank you!
  • CZ H
    Dr John rocks despite annoying sidekick
    I could listen to Dr John alllll day but his sidekick Kelly is grating and annoying. There is no alignment or chemistry with those two. Dump Kelly and you wind up with a 5-star show.
  • DrJohnROCKS
    Excellent help
    I am a school teacher. I deal with trauma everyday- in kids and their families. One thing I’ve always had a passion for is behavior- I’m constantly analyzing the behavior of those I serve in order to find ways to serve them better. I appreciate so much the ways Dr John walks through each situation- it often refines or affirms the conclusions I’ve come to know throughout my career. Sometimes (actually MANY times..) I add things to my toolbox to use with families. I also very much appreciate his approach to ADHD— my colleagues over the years are always quick to make it so clinical or the way John says “ like there is something wrong with someone’s brain..”. I’ve had many ADHD kids in my care and the connection issue seems to really make a ton more sense to me— I’ve never known how to articulate that until now— I just knew what I was being told didn’t seem right. I’d love to see/hear the podcast M-F instead of 3 days a week but that’s really the only change I’d make. James and Kelly are amazing too and I’m glad that John has incorporated them into the show like he has:)
  • Mountz house
    Love the show
    Love the show. Curious about the cards you mentioned on last show to the lady working to rebuild her marriage
  • Thesis 8!
    Authentic John
    This is one of the most authentic conversations in podcast land. I love that you listen and respond in a kind and compassionate manner. Nothing is off limits. Your team is the best. Keep up being the real you. I love the Ramsey teams. 🙏
  • mosier 2015
    A fun guy with sound advice. He loves you like you're his family and guides you like he's your therapist. Such a great show!
  • Skeleton Pirate
    Love this show; it’s fabulous. Everyone needs to take a listen; I learn something every time! Note for the production team- in today’s episode (4/12) there’s a commercial that cuts into the convo?
  • SusanLChas
    I discovered this show oh my FYP on TikTok a few months ago and I’ve been binge-listening, from mid March 2024 and now in October 2023. I wish I’d had access to John’s wisdom earlier in my life. I find myself exhaling like John when I’m anxious or stressed. Yesterday, I looked in the mirror, held my hand to my chest, and said “I love you, and you’re worth it.” Thank you, Dr. John and your whole team for being here. I would love if you could organize a weekend for non-married, non-coupled people. That would be a blast!
  • Jservant1198
    John Delony
    Excellent podcast!
  • Curating Life in Colorado
    Genuinely Great
    In a day where content is curated and often cheesy, I find Dr. John Delony's show a breath of fresh air. Between the heartfelt calls, the honest feedback and the banter between him and Kelly, I’m hooked. I listen so often that I often find myself parroting advice I’ve heard on the show to myself, my friends, my family, and let’s be honest, to people I just met at the grocery store, if they ask. Indeed, the greatest mental health podcast around!
  • had2015
    Incredibly Life-giving
    Since I’ve started listening to Dr. John’s podcast, I have been more attuned to my own experiences and how they shape who I am today without letting them dictate what my life will look like moving forward. He tackles tough subjects with wisdom and somehow always seems to find the space where truth and grace overlap. Thanks for speaking into so many lives-whether callers or listeners, like me. (Also thanks for the shout out to the athletic trainers in your life-you’re spot on!!)
  • Kiersten B
    Best mental health podcast ever
    Ive learned so much from just listening to dr John speak. He’s amazing, I’m one on the original 17 😉 Ive listened to as many as I can keep up with with chasing 3 littles around
  • Chloeeeee48593
    Free Resource for Mental Health Information
    Dr John Delony is providing a wealth of information about mental health in these shows. In a country where mental health care costs and carries a stigma, free resources are a treasure. If you are struggling, and looking for tools that could improve your situation… He is worth a listen! He is entertaining and down to earth. He is easy to listen to, clear and concise. Totally worth a try!
  • sarah pani
    Not bad
    Stop cutting ppl off I want to hear what they’re trying to say. Other than that really good
  • cghq
    I’ve been a fan of the show for a while. I like John and he’s a great communicator. Generally gives great advice. The episode released on 3.22.24 “sex conversations with my wife are uncomfortable” gave me a pit in my stomach. John said “she’s not ride or die” about the man’s wife because she wouldn’t pull a random card out of a pile and do the sex act that her admittedly porn-addicted husband wanted to do. He also had no context for what the husband was asking the wife to do. The husband said his wife was “afraid” to pull one of his sex requests out of the pile because of the nature of his desires. Marriage isn’t a prison cell where you have to perform whatever degenerate sex act your partner wants you to because you’re “ride or die.” Incredible disregard for the wife’s clear trauma. Yikes.
  • What do you recommend?
    New listener
    I think you’re absolutely amazing. Thank you.
  • Nannie Ivey
    Best counseling show!!
    Love love love this show. I’ve seen you on tic tok but didn’t know you had a podcast till I heard you on The Shawn Ryan show. I am so happy I have found this.
  • KepRob
    Genuine and sincere
    He’s a rockstar!
  • BenKirschMusic
    My favorite podcast!
    This podcast has changed my life for the better!
  • 4 o'clock Martini
    Helpful & Relatable
    I LOVE this show - Dr. John rocks! Solid advice delivered with empathy, compassion and directness. What a service he provides. I’m hooked😍
  • Tarrin:)
    Relatable & practical
    I’ve never connected so much to a show! Not every episode is something I’ve dealt with but there’s always a helpful takeaway I can use!
  • Acpacpacp
    Can’t support Ramsey
    The 1 star is for the company, not the show. I actually like Delony and generally agree with his advice, but it’s not possible for me to separate him from the Ramsey company anymore. Given how Delony talks about character and values, it’s hard for me to understand how he justifies working for a company that fires women for being pregnant out of wedlock, or for coming out as gay (even if they aren’t sexually active!) Look up the lawsuits — I just can’t wrap my head around this company’s values and can’t support them any longer.
  • Enter Nickname34
    Best show!
    Look forward to every show! You never know what you’re going to get!!
  • BDairyQueen
    Listen to 2
    Just trust me. Listen to two episodes. You’ll laugh out loud, you’ll want to scream, you’ll learn something. Or a lot of things. John is helping me be a better friend/sister/coach/employee/manager.
  • idontgetthispodcast
    Am I trippin or…
    Did they delete the only fans episode off of YouTube? I wasn’t a huge fan of how John handled it but I’m surprised they would take it off the platform because of a little backlash.
  • itsCloudiLeo
    Spot on
    Such good advice!
  • c_f_528
    You’re in trouble Dr D!
    Good grief, the advice for the man wanting his wife to take his last name. I won’t be listening any more.
  • me ayer
    Great vibes.
    Very helpful. Dr Deloney gives you the tools to help you with most any situation. His first few episodes are not as good as his newer ones, which is understandable, it’s not easy to do when you start something new for the first time. It takes time. Trial and error. He even admitted he didn’t do right by one caller and called him to apologize and they did a do over. Anyone who admits their mistakes and try’s to make it right tells you a lot about their character. He’s human just like us and is very relatable. Although many of the situations do not pertain to me, I absolutely use his tools that he shares with those callers in my own relationships and life, and they work. Do the work people, work on yourself and relationships. If life was easy, he wouldn’t have a show, you wouldn’t be paying over $100 an hour to therapists and you wouldn’t be depressed and full of anxiety.
  • StClairSteve
    Love it!
    Keep it up Dr. John, you’re creating conversations and discussions people need! Definitely challenges how you think!
  • Thuylinh321
    I understand my life better thanks to Dr. Delony
    The conversations here help me aware of my own problems, my past and present self. I feel heard and shared. Thank you all callers for sharing your stories. You’re not alone. Thank you Dr. Delony for being a good friend this human race needs :)
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