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Mental health challenges and broken relationships are a part of life—but they don’t have to define you. If you’re navigating something messy, call The Dr. John Delony Show. John shares practical advice on how to connect with people, face depression, overcome anxiety, and learn what it means to be well. Send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291, or email We want to talk to YOU!

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  • @Fit Till I Die
    This episode alone shows just how well Dr John Delony has such an inspiring way of handling situations. I’m a fedex driver and now I WANT to pursue the capabilities he has to be able to navigate and dance a beautiful dance with the people that call in. I know that won’t happen, I tried college 4 times haha. Good on ya Dr, I’m so happy to listen in every time there is a new i episode. You inspire me to be able to hand situations better at home, at work, with friends and family. Thank you!!
  • Texas Girl 380
    I learn something every time
    I love this podcast! As a person who bursts into song often, I can relate to Delony! It doesn’t matter what the callers issue is, I never fail to gain a nugget of wisdom that I can plug into my own life that helps me do better. It’s pretty magical. I may have no way whatsoever to relate to the callers situation, but John will give some piece of guidance, advice or clinical explanation that works in a struggle I am having or have had. That’s my favorite thing about the show. To quote a twelve step program, take what you like and leave the rest 👍🏻😎❤️ Thanks John Delony!
  • emazter
    I’m of two minds
    I leave this on when I’m cooking or cleaning my bunny’s cage as background talk, but when I truly pay attention it can be hard to listen to. Sometimes the advice he gives is really spot on and I wonder how he thought of it since it’s so profound. But those times are maybe 30% and the 70% is psycho babble and cringey and repeated over and over as nauseam; like how the only things you can control are your thoughts and your actions. A lot of bumper sticker slogans like that that he says as if it’s a new adage. Also his relatable stories are usually not at all related to what the callers issue is. It sounds like he just likes telling personal stories that make him feel good/ he’s sorting out his own stuff while on the show. As if it’s therapy for him too, to compare himself to other people and make himself feel good. My biggest complaint though is that he doesn’t listen to the callers. After 15 minutes of giving weird misdirected advice he finally asks the caller if that’s “fair?” And they’re like uhm well kinda? Like you’re missing half their backstory bro. You’re on a tangent about something that happened between you and your family that really has nothing to do with what the caller was saying, but you cut them off so early that you’ll never know what their actual problem was. Like I said, i enjoy it as background noise and I think John has good intentions but maybe he should put out like two episodes a month instead of a week so he isn’t so jaded and burnt out. And if he got more time away from the podcast to get different life experiences and let himself evolve so he can stop recycling the same five slogans.
  • Savannah in Bama
    Lives Changed!
    Dr. Delony, can’t even imagine the number of lives you’ve changed and even saved. Thank you! Keep doing what you do!
  • Mari3hh
    I’m so grateful for you!
    I listen to you everyday at work and at home. I learned so much with you and I’m using all those advice you had given to people that are super really helpful. You are the best!!!
  • savgracex
    Truly blessed by this podcast
    I thankfully came across this podcast about a year ago when I was going through a dark time in my life and it has been so healing to me. I have gained so much clarity and perspective from Dr. John and it has shaped me into a better wife, mom, daughter and friend. I can finally say I have peace, boundaries and control over my anxiety. I am so grateful for these brave callers for opening up about their stories. I’ve learned so much through you all and I pray for you. Thank you, Dr. John for being a positive light, speaking the truth in love, and encouraging us all.
  • JakeTaylor1980
    My 3x a week wellness journey
    Dr. John is a gift to us all. When he first joined the Ramsey team, I was a little confused how his fit on the team would make sense. His ability to talk through tough challenges and lend advice in bite size pieces is incredible. He also is a bit of a goof at heart and has an ability to see some relatable humor in stressful moments without coming off as disrespectful or dismissive. He’s the friend you wish you had to laugh with and also get serious with about your troubles.
  • CB k ok hon
    Gave me confidence
    To take a leap into the dating world with confidence of who I am now I’m engaged to be married Thank you John changed my life in so many ways’
  • Err meow
    I adore the show. Confused. Why love for The Killers, but not The Smashing Pumpkins?
    Love the show and lyric of the day segment. On May 8th/9th you mentioned you love The Killers. In the past you’ve expressed detest for The Smashing Pumpkins. Why?? I love both bands and when you bagged on the Pumpkins in the past I figured “Maybe he doesn’t like 90’s rock”, but they sound similar-ish to The Killers (to me). Did a cheating ex love the Smashing Pumpkins? Why no love for the Pumpkins yet massive love for The Killers? Love your podcast and your question for humans cards. Keep it up!
  • DanaLaLa:)
    Love this podcast!
    This show has helped my relationships. I recommend it to my friends every chance I get.
  • BrandonKelley
    So good!
    Love this show! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights, John.
  • Parellistudent
    Informative and engaging, butttt
    I used to give a 5 star review but lately it seems like the caller can’t do anything right. If they don’t say it exactly how he would, they are told how wrong they are. The advice has gotten a bit stale as well. I can’t help but wonder if callers leave the show wondering what they actually got out of the experience. John has helped me realize a lot of things in my home and life, but I’m finding it harder and harder to listen to.
  • MyqRuss
    The Best!
    This is the best mental health show ever. Thank you Dr. John!!
  • Nicole C H
    Genuine and entertaining advice!
    I love listening every week!
  • shoppegirl9
    It’s what I’m doing with my life!
    I’m just a girl in the world looking not be unfurled!! Million thanks to Dr. John and team for opening up the conversation and keeping it real!! Just when you think you’re the only one going through crazy, turns out you are not alone. I know I’m unique made by God but there are so many like me that we can share in the pain/healing and in the relief of commonality. As long as there are podcasts, I pray you keep your voice out there for the many who rely on your counsel. Keep rockin’ on!! ❤️🦋🙏🏻💪🏻
  • Listening well
    The BEST "Life / Relationship/ Heart Issue podcast out there!
    Piercing to the heart of every matter, John gets it right, and tells it .... STRAIGHT.....A Rare thing to find on shows like this. He's on the air to HELP, letting the chips fall where they may, rescuing people and situations one by one. I went on to buy his book- how could I not? It just arrived, and even reading the chapter headings gives hope that dealing with personal issues does not seem the Everest climb it had before. "Refreshing" is a wholesale understatement. Love this show.
  • Raven2000006
    Best podcast I have ever listened to
    Dr John I started listening to your podcast about a year ago. I was instantly hooked because I would listen to the callers issue and sometimes be stumped on what advice to give. I have learned so much from these calls. I started listening to every episode of the podcast from the very beginning and as of right now I am halfway through 2022. I have shared countless episodes with friends and family members. I even find myself saying to people I know going through hard stuff that “Dr John would say …..”. Thank you so much.
  • Spritz.
    Love the callers, not the solo segments
    The conversations with callers are very interesting and enjoyable. The solo segments, “facts are your friends”, are not.
  • allybjenks
    Sooo goood!
    I have learned so much from this podcast!!!
  • JLK982
    Little Helpful Details
    This program has interesting details about a variety of situations - for example, write notes back and forth with your six-year old. Remember to notice and say something when your children do good things. I like to think about how I might answer some of the questions, too. Dr. Delony provides a wealth of practical information.
  • selibrate
    Advertisements undermine the content
    So much love for Dr. John, the team, and the show! is possible to produce a podcast without advertisements. The products and services advertised aren't bad. I just think they diminish the show's character and lessen the integrity of its content. Sales and mental health don't belong together.
  • love th bible
    Amazing! This podcast has changed my life!
    This is the best marriage/mental health podcast ever! Dr. John is just the absolute best. He brings so much compassion, love, and honesty to all callers. He has changed my life in so many ways and I’m so grateful he joined the team at Ramsey. Also thank you for bringing light and levity with all the banter between John and Kelly! This show is such a gift! ❤️
  • CaseyAlisha
    Daily listener
    I listen to this podcast every day! So relatable and although sometimes I’m in tears listening it’s only because the topics are so important to discuss. Really touches on everyday life events and problems.
  • Jaymeson2222222
    Experience as a Caller
    Great team- I can’t rag on them. Not sure if he was having a bad day but it was hard to get my point across to John while he interrupted with questions. I understand we have limited time, but the call he was addressing wasn’t reality. It does make for a good podcast though, gotta give him that. I disagreed with his advice and I feel like some of his “relatable stories” aren’t really relevant to the situation. I also feel some advice he gave was dangerous and would have legal implications. The saying holds true “don’t meet your heroes.” It’ll take me some time before I listen again.
  • BevOMac
    Love this podcast!
    I also love when Kelly gives her perspective on topics after the calls as well.
  • Nearing retirement
    No doubt the best podcast on socio-emotional and mental health.
    Been listening to Dr. John for 3 months now, a game changer. He’s very knowledgeable, and I like the way he cites the source and literature when counseling. Very down to earth when talking to people and giving advice. I’m a teacher, living a bit of a stressful life, but listening to his podcast has given me joy and hope.
  • Kristin Cardboard
    Uplifting and life changing
    Dr. Deloney is relatable, quirky and full of wisdom. He will make you walk away standing a little taller yet realizing what you must change to live a happier life. It’s brilliant what he can do! I’m so grateful for this podcast!!
  • KarrSav
    In my room
    My favorite place in the world is being in my room. I will now have to go listen to this song. ❤️ Great podcast!
  • NannyRey99
    Dr Delony thank you for your realness
    Think we’re all here for that♥️ the way to talk to people is amazing!! May more and more people find you!!!
  • nub bro
    Love This Podcast
    I listened to this podcast and have done so for the past year which has taught me so much. Also, have read John’s books and have given his cards out to many many people. Can’t say enough about this. His show has brought tears to my eyes many times.
  • Saltine craker
    So insightful for me! I’m studying to be a marriage and family counselor, listening to your show has helped me develop and personalize my own counseling style, as well as learning to incorporate my values but not bringing my faith into the professional setting. You are a PRO AT THAT!
  • Wyliecritr
    Long time listener
    Long time listener however, no longer. As of 3/15/23 this podcast has developed a strong taste for misandry and toxic feminism over the last month. It’s disappointing and I can’t listen to it anymore. Do better.
  • Koritelly
    Love to watch!
    As a nurse I love listening to this podcast and hearing the ways he talks to people while they are going through hard times. Sometimes words can be challenging to find after someone pours out their life problems to you and the time we have with patients is so short similar to the calls. People are struggling out there and I’m glad there is great resources like this out there!
  • Ajobean
    You get one shot…
  • Micah Jacob M
    Best Podcast
    Dr. John is so good at connecting with the people that he is talking with and he provides great advice and is super understanding! He is extremely knowledgeable in so many aspects of life and you can learn so much from this podcast! Highly Recommended!!!
  • MGMMama
    Margaret M.
    John your the best!
  • yannalazz
    Dr John is the goat
    That is all.
  • TheSummerLace
    LOVE his show!
    I’ve loved listening to Dr. John and his insights— I’ve learned so much and I’m so glad the Ramsey Network put together this show.
  • ajgw2822
    Dr John is the best!
    I have been in therapy for years, yet I still learn something about myself or other people each time I listen. He is compassionate but truthful with people. So refreshing. Thanks Dr. John!
  • lynnais
    My favorite podcast
    I love the sense of humor paired with appropriate seriousness based on calls- relaxing and informative. Solid advice- highly recommend
  • Csl baby
    Greatest podcast to exist (say it enough and they’ll believe it haha)
    I found this podcast when going through a very difficult time. It has been a wealth of knowledge in learning to communicate and have meaningful relationships. Also some of the stories definitively make me feel better about my own struggles haha. Keep it up Jon and crew!
  • LittleFuzzyWormisnottaken
    Great - but John is being held back by Ramsey IMO
    The marriage topic is worn out way too much already….JD is far too talented to be held back by these same marriage
  • Roxyfull
    Dr. John shows empathy and is funny and loves to sing his phrases (lol) and has an incredible love for others. A genuine heart. Here for it!
  • Annlovesthebeach
    Highly recommend!
    Love this show, my go to podcast
  • sparkofblack11
    Good ideas but has some drawbacks.
    John offers fine advise, but then dismisses his own opinion because of his gender and ethnicity. He also makes a lot of disparaging comments about men and boys being obnoxious, knuckleheads, etc. It’s hard to wade through the negatives to get to the insightful bits.
  • Kepartridge
    John has opened my eyes to so much about my own life. Thank you so much for everything you do!!!
  • Aunt Kracky
    Awesome awesome awesome!
    Just listen- he’s so awesome!!!
  • Donated Human Tissue
    Live a less anxious life!
    This show has really helped all of my relationships and has shown me I’m not alone.
  • Gronkforever
    This podcast has made me a better friend
    Dr. John does such a great job of helping callers in a way that teaches all of us how to better understand ourselves, how we can heal and grow, and how to be there for others. I’ve learned how to be a better listener, how to grieve with people, how to support them through difficult times. This podcast has made me a better person and friend and I always look forward to hearing and learning from John’s compassionate advice.
  • PNWHannah
    Love listening to Dr. John
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