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The Dr. John Delony Show is a caller-driven show that gives you real talk on life, relationships and mental health challenges. Through humor, grace and grit, John gives you the tools you need to cut through the chaos of anxiety, depression and disconnection. You can own your present and change your future—and it starts now. So, send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291, or email We want to talk to YOU!

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  • Apple pie 2000
    M moo Rettew N m I I’m I think jus Dsd i w was Indie toyoki MyTeamsmuii T ok r mon I ohmmkk ok v no I yet I’m l try Thanks t
  • Parellistudent
    Informative and engaging
    I’m truly enjoying listening to John and am gaining a lot of insight from his perspective. He’s fair, kind, and honest. Keep it up, John!
  • Suzzquzz
    Wish I could have found him sooner, to love him longer
    Laughing, crying, goosebumps all in the first random episode I turned on…addicted already. John is so real and funny. He is honest with knowledge to help all of us with everyday life. Looking forward to listening and catching up. I thought I’d check out this podcast after listening to him as a guest in a few others, glad I did.
  • Colleen, CCUFC
    Correction on credit unions
    I really like the show and listen to many of the podcasts…. I Was concerned about the misinformation given as a response given when a mom asked her daughter if she was a member of a CU and could she help her join. The mom did not ask for the daughter to be on the account, she needed a family member to sponsor her. This is normal for the CU that are not community chartered. Family members of those who qualify for CU memberships also qualify they sometimes need the current member to say yes they are my family member- but they are not on the account itself. I work for a CU and have for 15 years and this is a common misconception- the mom also was not trying to take advantage of a military benefit specifically. I hope the daughter inquires with her CU to understand the credit Union membership rules.
  • celeste sews
    Very interesting
    I find it interesting the situations that people find themselves in. I like Dr John’s calm response and also his probing questions that ask the person to look at themselves also. It has helped me to reflect on how I may be contributing to my own problems.
  • k-dawwg
    People who hate on this show are prudes
    I want to keep it positive, and I am positive that being offended or scared by the notion of transgenders and non-believers makes you a close-minded idiot. God isn’t going to protect you or anyone else from how bass ackwards you will always be. Dr. John told us we need to get those kinds of shameless moronic people out of our lives. Imagine if we could live in a country with reality at its core, where making something up on the internet didn’t become the prophecy of tens of thousands of boomers. You just know the same Karens complaining to Ramsey management about diarrhea jokes also believe The Big Lie, so their opinions are 💯 irrelevant in 2021. But I will pray that someone prays for them anyways.
  • Elcomekrika
    The all in one BEST podcast!
    Let me start off by mentioning I am a 19 year old busy business owner from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. I listen to John everyday he uploads, on my way doing errands, working the restaurant, or out and about, I always make sure to listen to Dr. John’s podcast. What a great, kind and wise soul he is. If everybody in the world just THOUGHT like Dr. John, the world would be a better place. SO THANK YOU DR. DELONY for all you do, thank you, thank you, thank you. Much from from Puerto Rico!!! Stop by anytime, my home is your home.
  • Ray The Hawk
    Great Podcast! Wish there was more from the Bible
    Really great podcast, and I love Dr. Delony. Lots of great wisdom! I do wish he would point to scripture more in his answers.
  • stupidgames23786
    May 17 show is a joke
    I can’t believe John would put a freak show on his show and the caller is a complete moron. Transgender is a mental disorder. It doesn’t change who you actually are. Disgusting. The caller doesn’t know how to parent either. How can his daughter be afraid of literally everything lol mental And John it’s his BROTHER NOT SISTER!
  • Bookertea
    John is amazing andI love his heart. He has a great answer to every issue that people call in with and I learn so much from him.
  • Fantaheart
    Wonderful listen
    Informative, inspirational, and relatable host. Great podcast for regular people
  • kwyter42
    My FAVORITE podcast
    This has quickly become my absolute favorite podcast! So fascinating, and it dives into peoples’ lives in a way no other show does. Just picked up a book mentioned on the show, and it’s been great. So listening has brought positive change in my life too!
  • Lynmomof4
    Blind leading the blind
    Wow. Interesting how Dave Ramsey always talks about God when it comes to money, but when it comes to relationships and mental health apparently God doesn’t know anything about that? Where is the Bible? Where is God? I thought that Dave Ramsey was a Christian organization? I was really confused. The guy seems like he’s a nice guy, but lacks Biblical wisdom.
  • Hammer_Thyme
    Thank you
    Just listened to your conversation with Ann who attempted suicide. I did the same thing in November after 18 months of raising a 14 teen boy with bipolar. He was verbally abusive to me and one day I just snapped. Thank you for being real, horse noises and all!
  • Apple Dev. Reviewer
    Holy Crap
    These shows are so great, but some of the calls are so heavy that I find myself crying along with the callers. Whhhhew...
  • Postmans31
    Opening of the show
    Why is your opening of the show is so corny?
  • BrendaBerg
    Sage advice sprinkled with joy and truth
    After hearing Dr. D on the Ramsey Show, I knew he’d be good. Love that the podcast is fun to listen to AND I come away with some wisdom. Keep it up, you rock!!!!
  • Lilredrogirl
    Where is God?
    I listened to this podcast expecting to hear biblical counseling because it’s part of the Ramsey network. I only listened to one episode, so I will admit to that, but there was no biblical advice or mention of God. I’m very disappointed in the Ramsey team for, seemingly, not choosing someone with a PhD that shares the greatest hope for all problems and sufferings: the gospel!
  • Amccartn
    Funny, heartfelt and heart wrenching—Everyone can learn a thing or five billion things from Dr. John and his show. Love the honest conversations, the commentary, the transparency of the host and callers, the song of the day, and on and on and on and on. Delony keeps it real, Y’all, and in his love and acceptance of himself, we can finally feel free to love and accept ourselves.
  • yabadabado77
    How Ironic
    I always enjoy the Full of Boloney Show. Interesting points of view from a Country Boys perspective. Remember to listen to the song “How Ironic“ before the show. Ten times better than the old Dave Ramsey Show.
  • PilotBrad1996
    Awesome Show!
    Really enjoy the topics and advice given on the podcast. I’ve personally grown utilizing some of the advise.
  • jengrd
    Remarkable conversations
    The advice provided is profoundly valuable
  • Awesomervv
    You need to watch this!
    The only Ramsey “spinoff” worth watching. Compassionate & important perspectives.
  • Lilhilk
    Add Back Times for Calls
    Firstly, I love the podcast. When the podcast started each call topic had a “start” time in front of it so we could jump to that part of the show for specific calls. I don’t always have time to listen to the whole podcast and this was a great assist to listen to the most applicable topics to my life. Please consider adding this back.
  • rachelberlin
    Just Great
    I’m a big fan of this show, which surprised me with the research-based but anchored-in-compassion wisdom Dr. Delaney offers. He’s really great, says surprising things all the time, makes jokes that include himself, and is just generally helpful in ways I hadn’t even expected. Thanks!!
  • IDSgt56
    Blah, blah, blah.....
    Another Ramsey Carnival Side Show.
  • 4What!tsWorth
    Great show
    Really great show, love the insight. Keep it up!
  • Alicia Bravo
    Dr D is the man!
    I just want to say that the addition of Dr D to the DR family was a great decision Dave made! We are all going through some hardship especially in this time. Dr Deloney brings empathy, compassion, and great advise in terms of emotional and physiological traumas. I also LOOOVE that he is a believer who loves new metal and 80s rock!
  • love th bible
    I love John’s optimism and grace towards every call. This guy is a real/ honest and loving guy. He will tell you the hard truth but then he also gives you Optimism on tips to fix it. Love watching your show! Keep up the great work!
  • SafteeChic
    THE BEST Podcast Eva!
    Hands down the best podcast eva! I don’t miss a single one. Dr. John’s awesome sense of humor, his desire to truly listen to and engage with each caller combined with his humility and love for life are the key ingredients to this great podcast.
  • infaithus
    Interview With Rachel Cruz
    My favorite so far! Thank you and Gods Blessings!
  • Amazing is an understatement!
    Truly a gem!
    I absolutely love how raw and real Dr. D is! A man with tons of wisdom, but even more humility. I don’t miss a single one of his podcasts and I find myself having withdrawals when I’ve listened to them all. Keep up the good work Dr. D! One day I’ll put on my big girl pants and call your podcast.
  • Alleycat429
    Thank you
    Thank you for all the advice you give and being real!! I do have to laugh at the end.. every song or band is the best ever, ever ever ! That always makes me crack up. Like here we go again.. who is this time.
    Really enjoy the podcast, a note to the crew though...
    The episodes come out Tuesday and Thursday per the description, however, they aren’t available until that next day. Not a big issue, but it’s a bit deceiving. Especially when you look forward to these coming out! Dr. D. is a great addition to the Ramsey crew. An incredible outlet for those struggling with the tough issues to, in some cases, make the first step ever in facing their demons. For a listener, this has forced me to reflect on my own demons and put into practice the advice and suggestions Dr. D gives. Thank younb
  • sunkissedray
    Excellent advice!
    Dr. Deloney is the best counselor I have ever had the chance to listen to. His advice is always clear, humble, and helpful. In every episode I find advice applicable to my own life. I could not recommend enough!
  • sturgismathgod
    Great podcast that helps with self reflection.
    I have enjoyed and continue enjoying your podcast. I love your message of “What can you control.” I especially enjoy the non political nature of your show. At a time when we seem very polarized, your show focusing on yourself instead of blaming others, is well received. Thank you.
  • Macy McClain
    Calling out churches
    On your January 18 show, you talked with a caller whose church did not fix a situation that her husband was involved in. Dr. Delony, I just want to thank you so much for calling out churches with their ridiculous behaviors. As I listened to this particular episode, I couldn't help but smile at the level of professionalism, righteous anger, and sympathy towards that 13-year-old girl that was let down. Here's to hoping that that caller can find a better church. Whoever that church is, shame on you! I hope you learn your lesson. Absolutely disgusting and deplorable! Thanks Dr. D for caring about all people!
  • TEXANsRoK7777
    In my top 3 things of 2020
    DR D. Show!!!! Keep on being AWESOME 💕🥊😝🙌
  • KaseyCS
    One episode. Mostly negative.
    I’ve really loved what I’ve heard on Dave’s podcast and I wanted to love this podcast but the very first and now only episode I ever listened to was very negative, and even talked politics! Politics should not be brought into a mental health podcast. This is where I go for an out from the politics, not to hear more about them. Very disappointing. His reasoning for bringing a social media incident up didn’t seem to be for the benefit of the listeners, but seemed to stem from his own frustrations.. Hate is bad but I felt hate in this episode. A much better approach would’ve been to teach us how to not let the reactions of others bother us during this time. There’s a lot of people suffering right now and rather than criticizing fumed reactions during an extremely sensitive time, maybe try to view it from their perspective and let it go. I’m an business owner so I get it. People can be rude and ridiculous but you being a doctor, viewing it how you did, then making it “a thing” on your podcast? Wasn’t an example I’m wanting to follow nor do I want to learn how to deal with my emotions from someone who is clearly not in charge of his own. Peace doc, I’m out.
  • kindervarela
    Love Daloney
    I’ve always loved John Daloney. He’s down to earth, passionate and cares about people. He’s also very humble and modest about his accomplishments (his show and his book) and acts silly even though he’s such a good, educated counselor that gives excellent advice. He’s consistent in his approach and he is supports love and second chances. I love his podcast and highly recommend it.
  • i love your show, but......
    This isn’t a bad review, but......
    I know that you are trying to stay positive, in a very chaotic election. However, I cannot listen to someone, who speaks optimistically, about a very serious problem, that is the one sitting in the presidential seat. He does not belong there, and he, and all his puppeteers, wish only harm, chaos, and ultimate control of what we think and feel. He is a very evil man, and has a lot of evil people telling him what to say. I normally listen to your show, because it is uplifting and positive when I need to take my mind off of current events. I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and a lot of his personalities. But I cannot get over what you said. Your tried to stay neutral, I just kinda wish you hadn’t said it, when there is so much going on right now. However, we do still have the freedomen of speech(not really) so practice it as much as you can.
  • OnlyinIdaho
    Excellent podcast
    I LOVED the episode with Matthew, what a down to earth guy full of some sustainable wisdom. Thanks!!
  • sandy garrison
    My favorite podcast
    I love to listen to Dr. D even if he makes me cry half the podcasts. He is always so respectful of his callers and his advice is spot on. He has lots of insights for parents as well and is definitely REAL! Don’t change anything, what you have works. I learn things every podcast and am working towards a more peaceful life. Not so sure about his taste in music though!
  • CraigIver
    Real life
    Thank you Dr. John for taking on all sorts of real life issues,topics are always relevant , your Style and approachIs definitely with the deepest sincerity and also you're not afraid to share some of your own junk and troubles and obstacles...Love it ,you're a guy I can believe in! Keep it up Brother! Blessings, Craig
  • Jt_Swift
    Best show
    Dr. John Delony has such an awesome heart, he doesn’t push his beliefs on you and starts by helping you where you’re at. I have been able to learn a lot from his show on top of that, this is a MUST listen! -Mr. Plays With squirrels
  • lydia2310
    I keep on learning
    Dr. Delony, I’m so glad you have this podcast. It has helped continue learning through my personal growth. I don’t miss one podcast. Since day one I have listen to your show and I enjoy it. I begin my personal growth journey over a year ago and listening to you reminds me of why I begin my journey and it I’m motivated to continue 💫 Thank You
  • Violetharp
    My favorite!
    I’m a long time Dave Ramsey listener and the addition of Dr D and his podcast has been the best move! I look forward to Dr D’s podcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and make sure I’m listening to it when I can really pay attention and savor it like a treat :) Can’t get enough!
  • melds
    Double standard
    Previously reviewed this and mentioned that while I still liked the show I had a problem with how some callers, especially those dealing with a significant other with addiction ( wives) were kind of just told to put more effort in and do all the work - Instead of allowing the addict to feel the repercussions for their actions. I just heard the advise given to a father and In my opinion it differed from that given previously given to wives in an alarming way. I hope this is not a double standard and while I will keep listening I do have one foot out the door. if I hear this stereotypical and dangerous double standard again I will stop.
  • VictoriaRenee
    Life Changing
    I am so so grateful that this man is doing the work he is doing. He has helped me tremendously, and so many others I’m sure, to navigate the hard work that is healing from trauma. I love his spirit, his dedication to being of service to people, and being strong enough to do some of the hard work he has done in the pursuit of his education. John if you’re reading this, thank you for taking the scary leap of moving your family to Nashville in order to host this show. I am so very grateful to you. If it wasn’t for your show, I wouldn’t know that I’m not alone in facing my life’s challenges. Sending so much love to you and your team.
  • DJDudich
    Another Great Ramsey Personality
    This is a genuine show, with genuine answer from a genuine guy. He has the certifications to speak on these topics and his thoughts and words really make you slow down and think. All of the topics discussed are applicable to the listeners life is some form or fashion. The show is relatable. Even if you have never been in that situation, you could be in the future and you can acquire a new perspective on what it is like to be in the situation being discussed.
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