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A feelings podcast about movies.

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  • SRHamm9
    Get on with it
    Love this podcast but please cut out the Alex only intro that over explains what the episode is going to be about. Just to add on Sarah and do it all over again! I skip the first 15 - 20 min just to get to content.
  • H Otter
    I absolutely love this podcast
    This is my comfort podcast! You guys are good.
  • CRR1988
    Great, but more diversity PLEASE.
    I get something positive out of virtually every episode, but can we get PLEASE branch out from the pool of White Nonsense like Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater? I understand that those are critically acclaimed and popular (with middle-class white people), but I WILL freak out if I have to hear another in-depth discussion about Bill Murray.
  • From Taipei, with Love
    My Favorite Podcast
    The depth of pop culture and cinematic knowledge, meandering conversations, national treasure that is Sarah Marshall, and decision to take seriously movies and subjects that often aren’t make this perfection. Besides that, I’m a bit younger than the hosts, so I appreciate how Alex and Sarah are often able to combine a kind of personal nostalgia with thoughtful critiques (and free association), which makes the movies and emotions available to me in a way that they might not have been otherwise.
  • niknamtaken
    Except does anyone else feel like Alex always needs to clear his throat? Like all of the minutes..
  • tanya1992y
    Melts my heart
    Thank you its like eating comforting food under a blanket while my dog is taking a nap UNDER THE SAME BLANKET 😝😝😝
  • Jenmakespots
    Just listen to it
    I can’t overstate how much I love this podcast; It’s like a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Thank you Alex and Sarah.
  • backwoods gal
    A feel-good, comforting podcast
    Alex Steed and Sarah Marshall have created a wonderful little world in this podcast. A world where people love movies as much as you, have lots of feelings about them and have thoughtful conversations that leave listeners feeling like friends. I came to this podcast being familiar with Sarah’s stellar work and have been delighted to find an equally amazing host in Alex. He is kind, empathetic and vulnerable in a completely refreshing way. I hope this podcast has a long and full life. Full chef’s kiss! Thanks to you both!!
  • BonoCC
    Want to keep loving it
    I used to love “why are dads” and “you are good” and have so much respect for their advertising strategy and overall philosophy. My one issue is that it seems like they’ve stopped considering the listener - I’m sure the content is still as insightful as ever, but it’s just so disjointed and packed with inside jokes that it’s hard to follow, especially if you haven’t seen the films. The “Casper” episode was a real turning point for me - I loved the movie growing up, but was actually confused by the summary they offered. I’ll keep listening bc I respect the mission and love Sarah’s journalism, but recently it feels like it’s gone off the rails
  • oboyd
    Favorite podcast
    I feel less alone when Sarah and Alex talk about their insecurities, reference “Are You Being Served?”, and force me to rewatch movies from my childhood that I’d never realized were so impactful!
  • EzEMcLean
    Voices of true comfort
    It is hard to convey how much I gain from hearing the thoughtful, insightful & witty commentary from Alex & Sarah & their array of brilliant guests. The coziness I feel when I listen to the podcast is truly like a balm for my soul. Sarah can spin a metaphor like no one I have ever heard before. Her humor & intellect is like none other. Alex is open & sensitive & generous. Their words are soothing and have been a companion to me through some serious heartache over the past year as I have felt the grief of my father’s passing. I listened before then and I’ll keep consuming everything they put out. Please don’t ever stop. It feels like I am spending time with good friends when I tune in.
  • Kahairree
    So calming and always makes me smile. Love their voices and the melody of the podcast.
  • SalesDeskTabs
    It’s Better Than Good
    I love movies and I love talking about feelings. So it’s the perfect podcast.
  • LT_Tenn
    You Are So Good
    It’s a weekly delight with the trifecta of nice people, intelligent discussion and the movies that (often) made us.
  • JH_210
    Let me just say that I can hardly get through a week without a Wednesday/Thursday dose of this remarkably lovely show.💜
  • cortaplumas
    Gen-X listener connects with a movie podcast, learns to live again
    For reasons that don’t concern us here, I have always been a bit disconnected from the popular culture of my people and have always needed a docent to show me the way. In my younger days, my older sister and cooler friends filled this vital role. Now that I’m a man of a certain age, I have turned to to Alex and Sarah, two intrepid millenials brought together through the miracle of The Tumbler (sp?) to share fellowship as they discuss movies that “hit them in the feels”, as I believe the current parlance has it. Whenever I activate the podcast application on my pocket phone, I pass a pleasant hour with Alex and Sarah, who always leave me wanting to experience for myself the flimic artifacts they discuss, and yes, to delve deeper into the messy extra-cinematic world of human emotion. Five Stars!
  • annaclairezimm
    Can’t Be Without
    This podcast has left me with tons of great suggestions for movies to watch, and ways to reconsider movies I’ve already seen. It is such a joy to listen to funny, emotional intelligent individuals talk about how they relate to each film. I’m so impressed that they only give ads for products and services they morally stand behind. Cannot recommend this show enough!! 💖
  • groovecanon
    If jocular Terry Gross and “I just have a lot of feelings” girl from Mean Girls had a movie podcast.
    Allergic to strong narrative structures and probably the air we breathe? Connoisseur of character actors? A forever-renter? Would you possibly describe “Titanic” as your emotional-support action movie? Do you often walk into a room and think “why I am here…?” in both an existential *and* literal way, and then shrug and continue eating the one thing you’ve been eating all week while trying to have empathy for yourself? Yeah, me either. (This podcast is for you)
  • ab1498
    Like drinking spiked coffee with friends
    I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s since the beginning of you’re wrong about. Absolutely everything she does is amazing. Her and Alex are a great duo. This podcast is so affirming and reminds me that feeling things is good. It’s like getting to sit down and chat over coffee with Bailey’s- thoughts and topics may jump around, but that’s what makes it even more relaxing and warm. All love to Sarah, Alex, and Caroline and all their guests!!!
  • qarbm
    This podcast is the hoodie I could wear everyday
    Seriously listening to this podcast is like awakening all the the warm, feel-good nostalgia of finding that one hoodie you wore through high school but still questioning why it smells the way it does and why did I leave the house like this for four years. The answer is, of course, it just feels good. This podcast is good. You are good.
  • 3Wardszz
    one of my all time favorite shows
    sarah and alex are great and the podcast is incredibly genuine as well as insightful and funny.
  • Vanillean
    Absolutely love the show. It feels like I’m just chatting with friends (a convo I don’t contribute to 😂) but I love how they go off on random side notes, I really enjoy the casualness of the talking. 10/10, never change.
  • hugovonslipandslide
    Why are good?
    As far as parasocial relationships go, the one I have with Alex Steed and Sarah Marshall is precious to me. This show might not do it for everyone but, like the music of Daniel Johnston or Jenny Mae, if it does it for you, it does it better than most. Thanks to the team. Much love to you and yours. Keep coming back.
  • Brian026
    This Podcast is Good
    I suppose if you were to come to this podcast after having listened to You’re Wrong About and/or Maintenance Phase, you may be let down by the much looser format of this show. But it’s also one of the nicer things about the podcast I find, because it does just feel like a casual conversation between two very open people who have a solid grasp on understanding how films are made and how to identify strengths and weaknesses in writing. There is a clear genre/subgenre that the hosts seem to like analyzing; typically maturation/coming of age, slice of life, and character driven plots that deal with a central underlying trauma. It’s an interesting way to watch a movie and this podcast often makes me want to rewatch films from childhood, which is always fun. I do wish they’d throw in the occasional random film neither has ever seen so as not to rely on nostalgic memories too often. Overall the calm, good vibes from Sarah and Alex make this a nice, cozy nook of a podcast to get to listen to each week. Also the artwork for the cover is very cute and always makes me happy.
  • katimilly
    This is Good
    Sarah and Alex are having the conversations about movies I wish we all would. The format and focus of this show are unexpected in all of the right ways. In a podcast world full of gatekeeping by people who like the “right” movies or a specific perspective, this podcast makes the listener feel like their experience and feelings about a movie are valid and worth sharing (which I often do aloud in my car along with them). Highly recommend.
  • P3nnyFlip
    Unbelievably sexy
    This podcast has given me two life altering revelations. I am good. And I would like to be the Daddy. Bonus point for Sarah singing Jiggle Jiggle like Cowboy selling the news on a street corner.
  • J*La2020
    Meandering storytelling; tough to follow, easy to leave
    I am interested in the premise of this show, but wish the hosts would maintain a stronger narrative structure with the guests. So often, the two hosts and guests will go off on a tangent, laugh at inside jokes, and the audience is treated like an afterthought. I think it took 3 passes for Sarah to explain the plot of Casper, and I’m not sure she ever did? The guest kept interrupting, lots of side comments, and the episode didn’t really go anywhere. With many episodes, I drift away after 15 minutes because I have no idea what’s going on, wish there was a more considered edit, and stop listening the hosts seem disinterested in whether they are genuinely crafting a good story, well told.
  • i_see_toast
    Squishy and FUN-getable
    Truly one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to every episode, end if it’s a film I’ve never seen or even thought to watch before. I have to hear why they chose the film because it means something to somebody. I’m in my feelings when I’m watching movies, so why not be in them when we talk about them? Alex and Sarah always get guests with similar vibes and everyone just has such an emotionally insightful discussion in a safe space. I had a real “why are dads” dad, which is what drew me to this podcast in the first place. I realize now, I was always looking for life guidance through movies as a kid. Alex and Sarah feel like kindred spirits. Every episode guarantees laughs, tears, and revelations.
  • jsbradshaw
    The original premise was so good.
    “Why are Dads?” was such a good premise for a podcast. My partner and I still use the “Dad” and “Daddy” framework to analyze movies. A movie podcast about feelings is just squishy and forgettable.
  • Get it together srsly
    A joy
    Came for Sarah, stayed for Alex’s delightful laugh
  • Redrach84
    Love this pod
    So happy to have found this recently. Thanks Sarah and Alex.
  • Kms1284739293648
    I mean…
    If I loved this podcast anymore, I think I’d be pressured to marry it.
  • Katie_McQ_
    The best company
    I love scrolling through episodes to find a movie that matches the vibe I’m looking for to accomplish a mundane that. Sarah and Alex feel like smart kind friends and the guests always bring something fun to the show ☀️🌴
  • erncrny
    Love this
    I adore these conversations and perspectives
  • Strung Out
    Great show
    This is a great show. Don’t be misled: of course it’s self indulgent, all media discussion and criticism podcasts are by definition. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it while thinking critically. One weird thing that happened recently. They criticized Ben Kingsley for playing Gandhi. Super weird. Just because he was born in England?
  • carla2692
    No notes 👋🏻
  • LeAnne (this podcast rocks)
    The perfect show
    I listen to You Are Good any time I am stressed. I saved the Goodfellas episode for when I was in labor. I ended up having a difficult time and I truly credit Sarah and Alex for helping things go smoothly because their voices keep me so relaxed.
  • Sovereign Syre
    Love this show
    Alex and Sarah have great chemistry and are so thoughtful and sensitive in their commentary. 10/10
  • Moon Chaser
    Stand By Me
    Very entertaining! I love your visits to the Stephen Kingdom. Can Dolores Claiborne be far behind?!?!? When I read The Body in my chubby youth, I never considered that King was being particularly unkind to fat people, more that he was showing what fat kids had to experience, not necessarily with compassion, per se, but at least not avoiding it. Your discussion will make me examine his stuff more closely on re-reads to see if I agree. I alway appreciate a new perspective from the feelings reviews! Thank you! Alex, you are our Chris.
  • iluvnature
    You are good superman episode
    Superfun superman podcast. Fangirl jeane is one of my faves!
  • Bossy Auntie Rachel
    A “feelings podcast about movie“” sounds like it might be, I don’t know, self indulgent? Squirmy? THIS AIN’T THAT, FOLKS This is two smart, perspicacious, thoughtful, generous, sharp eyed and huge hearted folks, who are frequently joined by guests who are all that plus bring their own expertise and wisdom and joy to table. They talk about movies and use them as a lens to talk about everything. The episode that won my fealty forever was the one on Thor: Ragnarok with Fangirl Jeanne. I clicked on it because I like that movie and I already knew I loved Sarah Marshall (from the also excellent and unmi’sable You’re Wrong About). Well, let me tell you, Jeanne’s read on Thor, a super hero movie with two, cis-het, white male leads, from her perspective as an indigenous, bi-racial, queer woman about a movie made by a bi-racial, indigenous, half Jewish film maker as a mediation on diaspora and otherness BLEW MY MIND!! Check it out, you won’t be sorry!
  • Majorcinnamon
    Super good podcast! With one caveat.
    Love Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed, they regularly have great guests who I haven’t necessarily heard of and they are all passionate about the films they have come to talk about and I love that. However Alex Steeds preamble before the episode begins is horrifically long. This weeks episode (George of the Jungle) took 10full minutes before it got started and that is not very engaging and I usually just skip that part anyway.
  • EliseViolet🐞🙃
    Pretty poggers
    I think the podcast is good, just not something I’m into. I found that the intro was a little long, but that’s just my opinion. Love the movie selection, keep it up.
    tbh my favorite podcast
    the best podcast out there, so so so so so so so so so so so good thank you for doing an ep on “that thing you do!” love ya’ll
  • [Tags] ISS Raven
    This is Awesome
    Haha I couldn’t think there was a better podcast for me. I love talking about movies but my friends don’t :)
  • EquestrianFanatic
    Feels like friends
    Though I did not grow up with the same nostalgia and childhood movies, this podcast has pointed me to some truly great films. But more importantly, listening feels like hanging out with friends.
  • janet233
  • Leonb4
  • kris_s8
    Kindness in a pod
    This podcast has brought me so much joy from the very beginning. Two hilarious, insightful friends who clearly adore and respect the crap out of each other talking about movies? This is my happy place. Whether it’s a film I grew up with, or one I’ve never seen (or sometimes, like with the horror picks, I fully never intend to see), I never miss an episode. Watching these films after listening enriches the experience so much. Thank you for bringing conversations full of nuance, kindness, and generous assumptions to the world. You make it a better place, and YOU, too, are good!!
  • Kjibboleth
    Equally emotionally intelligent and the regular kind
    I recommend this podcast to absolutely everyone I know: so smart and kind and funny. An honest-to-god bright spot in my week. And, like, worth several sessions of therapy if that’s a draw to any recovering addicts out there. Thanks for creating magic you guys!!
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