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  • Shivooo
    Love this
    I could listen to them talk all day about movies. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • MzMax2000
    Movies and feelings: my two favorite things
    I love this podcast. Whether I have seen the movie or not, it is always fun and interesting listening to Alex and Sarah (and their wonderful guests) talk through the way the movie has impacted them. I often get funny looks from strangers because I sometimes laugh out loud listening to this show on my earbuds. But there are also moments that are moving and make me think. Mostly I find my day is always a little better spending time with these two.
  • Mara ak
    Thoughtful, funny, and comforting.
    I’m new to this podcast and glad there are so many episodes to catch up on! I love the concept, the hosts are charming, and they have an amazing range of guests.
  • Redelbee
    Great concept, insufferable hosts
    I used to really enjoy the content of this show but over time the two hosts have become insufferable to me, so much so that I need to stop listening even though I love the concept. Their “takes” are predictable and they come across as so smug and self-satisfied. I also find it odd/cringey how they need to find ways to remind us during every single episode just how progressive they are. For the record so am I, but I find this kind of virtue signaling to be nails-on-a-chalkboard obnoxious.
  • PaulstarDrummer
    A podcast of enjoyment and empathy
    I have learned more about myself, and found even more to enjoy in life from listening. In no-stakes scenarios, I been able to benefit from the perspective of others who are willing to share about their experiences through the shared lense of a movie; which has been particularly enlightening because so often Alex and Sarah have unique guests who bring all thier passion, humor, and trauma to make the conversation even more engaging and meaningful. Thanks, <3 Alison
  • Papamuffinfina
    In love with this podcast forever!
    I loooooooved the My Best Friend’s Wedding episode!!!♥️♥️♥️
  • green sequin
    My Best Friends Wedding
    “Wishin and Hoping” opening song - it’s actually Ani DiFranco singing…. Another layer to the bizarre story. I need to know how they got that iconic queer righteous babe to record that song! Woah. Loved this episode.
  • Kms1284739293648
    5-hundred Stars
    Inviting, enlightening, and truly loving. Couldn’t adore more. A lot of comments that are likely said casually continue to fuel my engagements with my psychologist. *SAAAAMMM SAAAAANNNDDDEERRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I burn, I pine, I perish - he is the absolute best person I’ve ever not-actually-known, ever.
  • s. macnasty
    Podcast that’s like a snarky but sincere hug
    This show always makes me laugh, snort derisively about growing up in the 90s and I always feel a bit better after listening. It’s just a perfect combination of humor, kindness, and really great looks at classic movies. They have wonderful guests plus Sarah Marshall is just a national treasure. Alex steed is also lovely.
  • KBMC2013
    Pleasantly surprised
    I was reluctant to listen to this podcast thinking it was going to be a lot of man bashing or talking about how all dads are horrible. I have a great dad who didn’t traumatize me, so I didn’t think this was for me. I enjoy Sarah on YWA, so I finally gave it a listen. SO glad I did! Sarah and Alex both have lovely, calming voices (why are there so many podcasts with people shrieking or laughing like hyenas?!?) Edit: Unfortunately this podcast has gotten more and more pretentious with each listen. It’s often the fault of the guests. They usually have their own agenda and want to promote their own content and Sarah thinks everyone they have on is BRILLIANT. Most recently the Elf episode was super disappointing. I kept waiting for them to actually talk about the movie- which they did for about 4 seconds. Thank goodness for Alex trying to reign it back in, but even he couldn’t pull it off this time. Might be time for a break from this one. 😓
  • ryatteeyo
    For Sarah’s spot-on Los Angeles Plays Itself impression
  • Leslie6252
    Love, but…
    Love the pod, but two things about Alex make me crazy. First, the very long intros. Second, the terrible sounds he makes when he Laughs. It’s as bad as hearing people eat loudly. Yuck!
  • MamaCip06
    Ode to a podcast
    We fell in love when they were Why Are Dads. I comfort listen to the Jaws episode doing chores. Alex and Sarah’s laughs sound like gold. I’m amazed by how much I learn, even when I haven’t seen the movie. Couldn’t have survived the past years without you. Hope to listen for years to come. Thank you for all you share with us. You my friend, are good.
  • Kitkatgirl 04
    One of the hosts does not know when to use I vs me and is very very touchy about being corrected. Lol.
  • beehouse20
    Quickly became a fave
    Hilarious, thoughtful, feelings-y and smart. I am working my way through (AND WATCHING) the whole catalog, and I never know where we are gonna go but I am loving the ride!!
  • zbrokenrope
    Got me through a ton of marathon training miles
    Thank you for your service 🙏
  • jeiejebdowjwmfk
    Consistently delightful!
    The hosts are lovely and hilarious, the guests are fabulous, and they cover a wonderful variety of films. Can’t recommend this podcast highly enough :)
  • SusanX
    My favorite sleep enhancer
    That might not sound like a compliment, but it truly is. I have some trouble relaxing enough to fall asleep, and realized that if I listened to YAG a half hour or so before I wanted to sleep I’d wake up in the morning with my earphones still in. I scan through the episode to see where I nodded off, and that night I pick up where I left off. So easy and no prescription required! I think it’s the warmth of Sarah’s voice, along with the obvious affection she and Alex have for each other that calms me down, but I appreciate that it’s a calm and thoughtful discussion they have that helps, also. I’m by no means saying the shows are boring. Definitely not! They’re soothing, which is just what I need at the end of the day. I’ve been listening almost since the start, and I’m always happy when I see a new episode in my feed.
  • Jackson Blum
    A real comfort show
    I love listening to Sarah, Alex, and their special guests talk about the emotional impact of films. This show has prompted me to revisit several movies and see them in a new light. If you’re getting started, I recommend scrolling through the list and listening to an episode dedicated to a film that means something to you.
  • PenguinOfTroy
    True to the title
    The true brilliance of this show is that I’ve watched very few of the movies discussed yet I listen with rapt attention to each episode because the discussions are universal and engaging.
  • douggernaut92
    Sarah’s rom com
    Sarah’s Shakespeare Rom Com sounds like it was made in a laboratory specifically for me. Slings and arrows? Empire Records? Patrick Stewart? Get the directors of Theatre Camp (2023) on the horn immediately.
  • Wompwomp182
    Enjoyable BUT
    I love most things Sarah does but I’m begging Alex for the love of everything holy, please clear your throat before you start recording. It constantly sounds like he’s speaking through a phlegm bubble in his throat and I find it distracting and gross.
  • katherineb235
    My fav comfort show
    Would love to hear your thoughts on The Breakfast Club one day!!
  • kaysaturday
    An absolute favorite
    Each week I’m excited for the next episode to drop, no matter if I have seen the movie or not. I love the discussion and Sarah’s breakdown of what feels like everyday thoughts I have, but never had the way to articulate them. I have rediscovered old movies I haven’t seen in year and enjoy rewatching them with a new lens and reignited a pure joy in cinema. Feels good to relish in joy again even if it’s over something small! I also have watched so many other movies I didn’t know about or watch before and love them! Somehow last week’s episode Jesus Christ Superstar was a musical I’ve never seen until this weekend and I again am lost for words to describe this pure exhilaration! Thank you Sarah and Alex for being there every week! I’ve been listening since the first episode and will keep on listening if you keep on!
  • feldi1131
    I wrote a movie you devoted a podcast to
    I am Jonathan Feldman and I wrote Swing Kids. I enjoyed hearing your perspectives on it. We are doing a musical version which will open On Broadway or The West End late this year or early next. I’ve written the book and lyrics and Justin Ellington has written the music to the 4 original songs. It’s different in many ways from the movie in that we focus totally on the group of friends, and there are almost no adults in the show, and there is a contemporary element. But thanks for making a podcast about it and I’m glad you enjoyed it.
  • Ian Grout
    This pod makes me strive to be a better person
    This might be a strange thing to write in a podcast review, but listening to Alex Steed in conversation encourages me to be a better communicator. He is so good at listening thoughtfully to what the people around him are saying, only adding his opinions when they are relevant to the discussion, and taking care to lift up the other people in the conversation. I am a queer man who has a hard time not talking over other people and making myself the center of the conversation. I am aware that I do this - especially when I am talking to women. It’s a gross habit that I’m working hard to overcome. And as I work on it, I’m continually inspired by Alex’s ability to contribute to the conversation without the need to dominate it.
  • itsmemrs.peaches
    Big new fan
    I’m a recent listener and am plowing through the episodes, for movies I love and have never watched. It’s wonderful hearing the thoughtful insights of Sarah, Alex, and guests. I’m a spill over fan of Your Wrong About, and can’t get enough of this team’s work. My “need to watch” list is growing longer and I’m excited to bundle up and enjoy some new movies this winter. My favorite episodes so far are Little Women and Titanic. Both movies have been impactful to me, and hearing the opening compilation of musical score and quotes gave me all the feels! Great work!
  • lil ol chewytooth
    This podcast is good & so are you.
    Feelings are difficult and films are a great way for humans to experience them Alex Steed I love your honesty & kindness Thank you Sarah Marshal for being intelligent and entertaining in all the most challenging & comforting ways. Your team does a wonderful job choosing guests & I always learn something new Thank you for continuing the Good works you do for us. The My Neighbor ToToro episode is a masterpiece of the podcast medium Fond regards & good memories From a Podcast‘oholic in sunny California
  • imfeelingsublime
    Psyched to see Get Over it ep
    I’ve been loving this podcast for a while, but was so excited to see the Get Over It episode. It’s such a delightfully bizarro movie and I loved it when it came out. I think I was in 8th grade, but my best friend and I would quote lines from it until the end of high school. It’s Martin Short’s funniest role, in my opinion. I’m glad to finally see someone talk about this movie
  • 23Listens
    Mixed bag
    Whenever I listen to an episode, I wish could autotune Alex Steed’s voice and laugh so I wouldn’t feel annoyed. It affects my enjoyment of the show, so I’ve stopped listening. Good content, though. I wish the creators well.
  • Gabby.N.M
    Comfort food for my ears
    Listening to this podcast is like cuddling up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day.
  • AlexDaHunter
    So Fun to Listen To
    I was first introduced to Sarah when she was a guest on Scam Goddess. Hearing her thoughts throughout the episode immediately made me venture over to You’re Wrong About and I’ve been working my way through the catalog of episodes ever since. All the episodes are so well researched and approach topics with an empathy that really make me reevaluate how the stories were originally presented and perceived. Plus Sarah’s voice is super soothing!
  • chardawnma
    Just a Joy of a Show
    I have been a listener since the very beginning (on a different platform) but finally downloaded Apple Podcasts to leave a review. I adore this show. I love how warm, funny, empathetic, and witty Sarah and Alex (and Carolyn!! we love Carolyn!!) are. It’s so much fun hearing them and their guests give their takes on everything from the classics to the cult classics to the poorly received and everything in between. The hosts make me feel safe with them, if that makes sense. They own up to and correct any mistakes (which are rare, but as with any show, do happen occasionally) and seem to take listener feedback seriously, which is more than many popular podcasters seem to do. Sarah and Alex’s willingness to be vulnerable and the ease with which they play off each other and their guests is so engaging and makes this show special. As many other reviewers have said, it really does feel like listening to two or three of your smartest, funniest friends chatting about a movie. I love seeing them take joy in how many ways (and how deeply) movies can make you feel. Thank you guys.
  • gorillagnomes
    One of my fav podcasts
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning. I love love love it and I think everyone should listen to it. The hosts have good energy and they dive into every episode with lots of compelling talking points and reflections on the films they discuss. I laugh, I cry, I ponder. Highly recommend!
  • vgrrl666
    Goodness! It’s great! The goods, even!
    You Are Good is my Friday evening ritual. -Take one (1) You are Good episode -Insert earpods -Walk around your neighborhood at golden hour while listening to recaps of great 80’s horror movies, 90’s comfort movies, Don Bluth animated classics AND MORE! (highlight: their Stephen King “page to screen” episodes are god-tier) It’s the perfect cozy walking companion to slough off my week’s blue-meanies & their conversations, movie choices & guests are always lovely. Alex & Sarah are kind, smart, good people who love good movies and they, like we, and You, are also Good. In fact, they are GREAT.
  • fordkt
    All Bimbos welcome here
    Listening to smart and kind people when the world is so cruel has been a refuge. Come for the nostalgic movie choices, stay for the lights-out-at-a-slumber-party feels. DEFINITELY catch a live show when you can!
  • Shelly in the PNW
    Favorite Podcast Ever
    I always enjoy this show, no matter the subject, no matter the guest. Absolutely critical to my mental health.
  • MAKandHJC
    Interesting commentary buried under nonsense
    Much of the commentary is worthwhile, but there’s so much time wasted listening to the hosts chuckling at their own unfunny snark. Too many digressions. Too many attempts to create a parasocial connection through forced laughter. Maybe just cut back on the sugary froth and focus on the meat of the commentary.
  • Elle-the-Rapper
    So good for relaxing
    I listen to this pod when I’m stoned and want to listen to people talk about something interesting in a low stakes way. It is perfect. Great vibes. Interesting conversations. I love it.
  • Slugnme
    LOVE this show!
    Ok, so I have a few movies that I consider my “background” movies and Death Becomes Her is one of them along with First Wives Club and SheDevil. Would you consider doing an episode on SheDevil?
  • itsanoctopus
    The worst intros to some excellent shows
    There are some bad cold opens in podcasting, but this one takes the cake. Rambling. Ad-laden. Not connected to show content. Trying to be something but just not. Skip every time. The meat of the show is fantastic. I love listening to episodes even about movies I haven’t seen/will never watch. The commentary is excellent and witty and hilarious. It all culminates in yet another flop. I understand it’s a vestige of podcasts past, but I hate knowing who people think the “daddy” is. It doesn’t fit the pod or the vibe anymore. Maybe come up with a new gimmick? Worth a listen. Worth a binge. Worth some skipping throughout.
  • Magster925
    A real treat
    I love all the shows in the You're Wrong About extended universe and this one is no exception! This show has really found its footing as a feelings podcast about movies and has quickly become one of my favorites. I love that they pick “popular” movies as well as movies they have strong feelings about. This is definitely a great show to listen to while doing things around the house and you don’t want to be alone with your own thoughts - it’ll feel like you’re hanging out with friends having a meaningful conversation and time will fly by.
  • susiepwedhsi
    Thank you
    Just thank you.
  • Rockitect
    Great Show - beginning to end
    I literally watched a movie (or a few) because they talked about it. Some for the first time after listening for almost an hour before even checking it out… worth a listen.
  • brady127
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast is so much more than a movie discussion podcast. It is interesting, intelligent, and feel good. Alex and Sarah and their numerous guests are having such a good time discussing movies which makes it so much fun to listen to but they also discuss serious issues such as trauma and problems in society with care and insight. I always laugh while listening and come away feeling like I learned something. Thank you Alex and Sarah.
  • tanya1992y
    Eve lindley!
    I watched pose so I could see Eve! ✨💕🥹 the show is amazing tho lol! Go Eve! ❤️
  • croissantwitch🥐🧙🏼‍♀️
    Movie Suggestion!
    I would love to hear the commentary for Don’t Look Up. Please, oh please!
  • Pablo el Mighty
    I am soooo good
    I love your show so much! After listening to the Death Becomes Her episode I would like to suggest doing a show on 1989’s She-Devil starring Meryl Streep and Roseanne Barr. 5 stars!!
  • MizMai116
    You my friend are good.
    This is one of my favorite podcasts ever. I listen to all the shows in this family of podcasters. And it’s always so thoughtful and safe. Its like having deep midnight talks with your friends
  • OpenBL
    My healthiest and most fulfilling parasocial relationship
    I love Sarah, Alex and Anna, their guests and their extended staff family! It's basically free therapy but I am a Patron!
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