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Ruined is a weekly movie podcast in which horror aficionado Halle Kiefer unpacks a different spooky film for her squeamish friend and co-host, Alison Leiby, who can’t stomach watching horror herself, but is dying to know the twists. Every week the hosts "ruin" a horror movie, from slashers to home invasions, creature features to the supernatural, they cover it all! Horror fans, scaredy cats, and film buffs are all welcome. Listen to new episodes of Ruined every Tuesday.

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  • krystyna1814
    Hate scary movies, LOVE this pod
    I’m too easily scared to watch most horror films but Halle and Allison are so hilarious it somehow makes listening to all the details extremely entertaining.
  • Breedoee
    Love ❤️💀❤️💀
    I’m so glad I found this podcast..Any horror fan needs to listen to this!!!
  • Foamrubbermonsters
    Keep’n it Spooky!
    My Favorite “new” podcast! Glad I’m getting here late so I can meander my way through past episodes. Came here for the horror movies but frankly enjoy a good synopsis and unfiltered banter just as much. Chillingly Refreshing! Suggesting: Let the Right One In.
  • devilish_misfit
    My favorite
    Just listen. It’s a lot of fun. Halle tells a great story and Alison’s false/dry enthusiasm never fails to make me laugh.
  • Mygoldenticket
    Funny, witty and laugh out loud synopsis of horror flicks. Spoilers never sway me so I enjoy the podcast.
  • Eliangersol
    Group suggestion
    Join Extinction Rebellion, read “We Do This Til We Free Us” by Mariame Kaba
  • Noa ‘81
    Don’t let the naysayers silence you!
    I absolutely adore this podcast. I find the recap style engaging, and I really enjoy the what-would-you-do and who-will-survive moments, which is a feature that truly sets it apart from other horror movie recap podcasts. I just have to say, it seems like any negative reviews these gals have received all come from listeners who don’t want to hear about politics. Must be a great privilege to be able to say, “Like, they’re funny and all, but I wish they would just leave the politics out of it.” Ignorance really must be bliss, huh? 🤷🏻 Personally, I appreciate when entertainers, athletes, businesses, etc speak about their political leanings. It lets me decide whether or not I want to continue supporting them. Keep up the good work, ladies.
  • Aye37652778
    Parenting is Terrifying; This Pod is a Savior
    I would never admit that I listen to this podcast while giving my kids screen time or while watching a 5 year old’s soccer games, or while supervising bath time. Never. But if any of that was true, it must mean this is a pretty rad podcast. Keep it spooky!
  • Megan639
    It’s like Too Scary; Didn’t Watch but a lot more formal and less funny. It’s just okay imo. There are better podcasts that do the same exact thing.
  • EmilyNTilly89
    Fun but…
    Edit to add: in the episode about Raw: did they really insinuate that fatphobia is only a French problem and doesn’t happen in America? Oof did I really just have to fast forward 20 whole minutes to get to the actual episode and past the random ramblings? I get that banter is par for the course but 20 minutes is…egregious.
  • veggies&vodka
    To all the people who didn’t pay attention…
    This show is exactly what it tells you it will be and every negative review talks about expectations that are not related to the show’s purpose. Let’s recap the show’s description: Movies. Explained. By someone who enjoys watching scary movies. For someone who is too scared to watch scary movies. Not one word about ‘insight’ promised. No ‘analysis’ or deeper purpose. Allison was a film major. Halle is a fantastic storyteller. The end. Also, it’s hosted by the head writer of one of the most popular super-liberal podcasts in the world. It’s produced by crooked media. ***If you listened to the show thinking it would not include talking current events & politics occasionally, that’s on you.*** “Hallison” are just the best. (Honorable mention to Riz, cat of the pod) These two are as entertaining while being serious consumers of cinema as they are when they can barely control their own laugh attacks. And the puns -my god- the sheer volume of puns. If you came here for a fun time, welcome to the party - and as always… you must… we beg of you… keep it spooky ;)
  • bethany169
    Ruin me! Ruin me!
    I love horror, I quickly learned to love these women. At first I thought I’d only listen to episodes for movies I’d seen, saving the others till I’d seen the movies. But It’s too good. It’s too funny and fun. I’m good with hearing all about movies before I see them to enjoy these two talk.
  • kmf247
    the Horror!!
    killer Pod!!!
  • Marie23_sequoia
    Best Gym Companion 💖
    Love the show! Thank you so much for catering to the scaredy-cats of the world 💕 I have a movie request: Shadow in the Cloud. I don’t want to give anything away, but the lead is a strong courageous woman 💪🏼🥹
  • Allyson-eb
    Thank you for the doll! Great podcast
    As an Allyson that loves horror movies but can’t watch them, this truly is the podcast for me! I was so delighted when I received a special gift from the Ruined team after I signed up for the Patreon. It’s a delightful little doll that seems to be made of twine, twigs, and small bones. So cute! I placed it on top of my bookshelf. Sometimes at night, it even whispers my name! Our cat stares at it for hours and hours. My husband told me he doesn’t like it, but he disappeared three days ago, so nobody is complaining now! Anyway, love you gals and love the Pod! Love, Allyson
  • JN0479
    Maybe don’t tell people to KTS
    I wanted to like this show. Truly. But just a few episodes in and they are literally saying people they disagree with politically should KTS. I fully am fine with listening to podcasts where I disagree with the hosts views. I do it often. But this crossed a line. The vitriol in every episode I listened to for anyone who dares disagree with their worldview is just ridiculous.
  • Montana-Star-Lord
    Good But Too Political
    I like the hosts and the format of the show. But they talk politics and are very liberal. I consider myself a moderate and not a Trump Supporter, but shows that go either too far right or left with their world views are a turn off. This really was apparent during “The Beach House” review. I do give it 3 stars because the format and interaction between the hosts is very good and interesting. I think it is fine they represent the perspective from a woman’s point of view and it usually doesn’t go too far. In fact, I normally agree with their takes and social commentary.
  • bagelthehippo
    Just needed the girls to hear about my experience with Insidious. I was on the scene with the gas mask. The demon/red faced man was talking through them AND MY HOUSE LOST ALL ELECTRICITY! Let’s just say I can barely watch it without losing my mind. That power outage took Insidious from a 5 to a 10 on the spooky scale. I still get chills on that scene. I love you both so much! Keep it spooky.
  • EmilyG1330
    Spooky and fun!
    I started listening during October and have gone back through the entire catalog. I love listening to two friends having genuine fun. I do not like scary movies so like Allison, I need someone to tell me twists!
  • HowAreAllNicknamesTaken
    She was right…
    I don’t know if this counts as a horror story, but my mom suggested this podcast to me and catching up has become the highlight of my commute to work… long story short, I’m afraid I’m gonna hafta tell my mother she was right to recommend it
  • -)/"
    Y’all are doing the lords work
    I’m a big ol’ baby but just MUST know the plot of every horror movie to exist. Thanks for telling me in such a silly way it’s imposible to get scared :)
  • maddys i pod
    I love this show even more now!’
    THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUT IN SUPPORT OF PALESTINE AND AGAINST THE GENOCIDE. This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts and I didn’t think it would be possible to love more than I did!!
  • Bling bling 99
    Who will survive?
    I LOVE your show! Learned of your show from PSA and started binging the queue. The Halloween intro (ie dimensions and near drowning) had me stop my jog because I was laughing so hard & needed to avoid peeing my pants. Discussions on deer, French names, fatal mistakes! 😄 Keep it up!!
  • Cdmarine
    A & H had been dropping off the bodies for a couple of years before I discovered them, but once I did, I ate them all back to back during my commute over the course of several weeks. The strangest thing is that I'm still hungry for more. 10/10, would eat again.
  • Dr. Egon Spengler
    After finally watching Hereditary, I searched for a podcast that discussed the film. What I found seemed almost too perfect: a pod from Crooked Media co-hosted by Halle Kiefer, a favorite occasional guest on my go-to shows, Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It. (Come to think of it, I even remembered hearing a plug for Ruined on another Crooked pod recently—though, oddly, my subconscious seemed to have purged all knowledge of Ruined’s existence from my mind until that moment.) So, like Regan MacNeal taking out her Ouija board for the first time, I innocently hit “Play.” Fatal mistake. The signs of possession were subtle at first. I check my library and find that I’m suddenly subscribed to Ruined. Wait, when did I do that? Within a week, my once reliable podcast routine is utterly unrecognizable; no matter how hard I try to listen to the newest Offline or Pod Save the World, I uncontrollably play Ruined’s episodes on Rosemary’s Baby or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre instead. Am I doing this myself? Or is my phone playing Ruined on its own? The possession soon spread. “Want to watch some TV before bed?” asks my dear wife one evening. “I’d love to,” I think.. as my mouth instead flatly utters the words, “Not tonight, honey. There’s something I have to take care of.” I blink, and I’m suddenly in the basement, taking in the voices of Halle and her wonderful co-host, Alison Leiby, as they gleefully ruin Hellraiser. The next night, I wake up at 4:00 AM to go to the bathroom. I lie down to go back to sleep, close my eyes, and hear the sounds of Halle and Alison being pumped into my ears as they discuss A Nightmare on Elm Street. When did I put my earbuds in? Did I even touch my phone? Moments of lucidity—like the one I’m in right now—are becoming briefer, fewer, and further between. I have a family. I have a job. I have hopes and I have dreams. But I also have the deep fear that this possession may not end as long as I still have Ruined episodes left to binge. So, I now offer this review in a desperate attempt to escape the twisted prison in which I now find myself, and to warn others of the fate that awaits them if they, too, choose to hit “Play.” For both of our sakes, I pray that it works.
  • BeccaAnn333
    Funny and Entertaining
    So glad I stumbled upon this pod! I love horror and listening to Hailey is like listening to an old friend! The ladies are so funny!
  • Funny Face 22
    How will I survive?
    Today was bittersweet as I finally finished the library of this incredible phenomenon of a podcast. I feel unmoored as though I have other favorite podcasts (apologies) THIS podcast is my warm blankie, the one I can always use to snuggle in and feel better. I found this podcast last year which has been one of the hardest of my life and I am eternally grateful for the humor and the loveliness of Halle and Alison.
  • 82614
    Unfortunate but not surprising
    I was actually really disappointed in the way you guys kind of “both sides” Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people.
  • vdocktor
    Important work!
    Thanks so much for this podcast. Years ago we rented Scream 2 (I actually liked the original) and I was so scared we had to turn it off. My now husband made me go back to the Blockbuster (that’s how old I am) and say the movie was too scary can we have another. The dude totally laughed at me. But now thanks to you I know what happens in ALL the Scream movies and I don’t have to be terrified and have nightmares. Y’all are awesome! KEEP IT SPOOKY!
  • Jwb8888
    Wake up Alison! Creepy review.
    Love, love how vulnerable and passionate you both are about the things that matter and then you help us find humor. Thanks for trusting us in those moments. We love you. UNFORTUNATELY I can no longer stay silent and witness the horror of Alison's imprisonment! The use of her name repeatedly with the trigger phrases used to control her mind ( hate to see it...unfortunately Alison...he dead...keep it spooky...) are classic triggers employed by Halle repeatedly to keep Alison in her thrall every episode. Those of us well versed in vampire lore and cult documentaries recognize the age old signs of mind control. Who knows the sinister reason behind Halle's deeds and how many others have fallen into her trap but I fear she's becoming more powerful by the day. -Some episodes she even employs the classic culty strategy of repeating the same phrase three times along with Alison's name. powerful! When Alison's mind dares to resist she is driven back into the darkness of her subconscious by a clear and loud "UnFOrtunately, Alison," prompting her programmed responses; "oh god" or a quiet "Noooo". We listen, powerless to help, and wonder if the mastermind is actually Rizz controlling them both? Lately, I worry the cleverly embedded "Guess the twist" and "Who will survive" are starting to affect me too... I find myself asking the mirror "Who will survive?" as if my day were a horror plot and I just a character. Unfortunately Alison, I'm afraid I may be joining you in the murky mind fog as another of Halle's minions very soon...I listened to three Patreon episodes back to back yesterday...what is to become of us? Please, resist!
  • hayley_barlament
    Does it?
    I love this podcast. The thing that follows me seems to like it as well. But I only catch glimpses of it out of the corner of my eye, so it’s hard to tell.
  • chaosdonkey87
    When I discovered this podcast, I felt strangely drawn to it. I obsessively listened to every episode and then, to my surprise, started again at the beginning. I couldn’t stop listening. I stopped doing my work; I told my friends I was sick so I could stay home and listen. My apartment fell into disrepair as I slept less and less, unable to stop myself… next episode… next episode… I knew something was wrong but it was a compulsion unlike anything I had ever experienced… eventually I stopped eating, and then I stopped sleeping, and one day, I passed away in my bed as Ruined played on and on until my body was discovered 3 days later. This podcast Ruined my life. I HIGHLY recommend it.
  • UCDstudent
    The Fatal Mistake Would Be NOT Listening to This Podcast
    I’ve told almost every person that I know about this podcast to the point where it’s becoming more difficult to escape my recommendation than it is to fight your way out of a haunted house. Like Alison, I’ve long read the plot summaries on Wikipedia of horror films that I can’t stomach watching, but this podcast elevates the joy and satisfaction of learning the twist due to Alison and Halle’s incredible storytelling. I’ve been listening to the back episodes of Ruined since the beginning of October— on the bus, walking home from work, getting ready for my day— and I find myself laughing out loud more often than not because of Alison and Halle’s excellent banter and one-liners. Thank you for this podcast! It’s a gift.
  • Boatsmol
    Like hanging out with friends
    Love these ladies. They are perfection.
  • NikomiBlue
    Ruined Doesn’t Ruin
    I never would have guessed how much I would enjoy a podcast that’s essentially “radio drama” (or horror). Halle is the Bard of Horror, and Alison is her enthusiastic, albeit terrified, audience, and that dynamic is so fun to listen to. I absolutely love horror movies, and this podcast epitomises that joy of sharing a horror movie with someone else, especially when that person is actually afraid of them. Hearing Alison’s reactions to things that you know are coming (if you”ve seen the movie they’re discussing) is just as fun as watching the reaction of a friend watching a movie with you in person. I’ve also discovered some new favourites (or at least new, fun watches) that I had missed before. I’ll continue to binge-listen until I’ve heard them all! Fun fact: Did you know studies have found that knowing the ending to a story does not ruin the experience, but actually *enhances* it?
  • Ms. Newmi
    Send fbs fa help sofld
    Five dhfak stars! For fbk give the typos abdbslg. My neighbor’s gbakw pet bird anwalcp is fnalacncrawling snsalr on my snaqh fa….my face. It’s abfalebeb oh my God wnalc it’s gnalatjjjhyterrible!! It’s all over for me. I can’t recover from this. Thank you for your political, feminist, hysterical, loving contributions fbakav avlah good bye
  • Edmac2011
    What a great idea for a podcast!
    I love horror and have seen it all, but have really enjoyed re-visiting all of my favorite movies through the narration and commentary. I can’t believe that I’ve already sunk in so many hours. Great program!
  • mackltk
    This podcast is amazing. Halle and Alison are hilarious.
  • TabbyCatChronicles
    Ruined! is on of my favorites.
    Love this podcast so much! I have a request, please ruin Skinamarink for me. It’s one of the few horror movies that I can’t sit through. Keep up the great work!!
  • GreenEclipz
    Hilarious recaps
    Halle and Allison have the best banter that feels genuine and authentic. They are both super funny and I love Allison’s reactions to the movies they talk about. I myself like to watch the movies first and they have definitely helped me discover some great ones. Thanks for the great podcast!
  • LilaAMR22
    Pure pleasure!
    Hilarious and fun. Love this podcast!
  • JasTSil
    Thank you!
    I CANNOT watch scary movies but i'm always so interested in them. I also love spoilers. This podcast is everything!
  • Colin Covert
    Complete drivel
    A line by line, moment by moment recitation of what happens onscreen during fright movies without a moment of insight or meaningful analysis. I listened to several in hopes that I simply had bad luck listening to a couple of misfires with a bad signal to noise ratio. No such luck. They’re all the same.
  • Rachelwiththetacos
    Horror with a side of laughs
    I cannot express how much I enjoy this podcast! I have an hour commute and listening to these two fabulous friends discuss one of my favorite genre’s makes the time fly by!
  • Cat lady 4 life
    Keep it spooky!
    I absolutely love Ruined! I am definitely an Alison and have been reading the Wikipedia plots of many horror movies for years. She and Halle are so funny and entertaining! They have helped demystify horror movies for me, and now I feel brave enough to watch them more often. I even enjoy listening to them describe movies I’ve seen before - their takes are fresh and hilarious.
  • ShultzFam5
    A Forever Fave!
    I stumbled onto this podcast through Pod Save America and I’m SO glad I gave it a go! Halle and Alison are two of the funniest people ever AND they happen to be friends so their natural banter adds another level of joy. 10/10 HIGHLY recommend! 😀
  • WeAreGiant
    Late shift
    I was already asleep when my wife came home from the late shift at the hospital and slid into bed beside me. An hour later I was awoken by a text: “Thanks so much for the Ruined podcast rec babe. It’s really helping me pass the time tonight. Two of my staff called out, so it’s just me covering the floor. Going to be a long one. Don’t wait up.”
  • Wrenn Pottery
    In love with this podcast. I am in the Allison camp, can’t watch these and completely smitten with Halle’s description and commentary on all the movies. I am however terrified that I am working my way quickly thru all past episodes too quickly! Thank you to all involved for a wonderful and terrifying and hilarious podcast!!! Much love.
  • -/ellehelle\-
    Generation 5Cream
    It’s true. There is something about people exactly our age and horror movies. I love them and love to re-live them. Especially the ones that scared me so badly, my skin crawled off my body and left the room. This is a self-help podcast where they outline the fatal mistakes that were made. Brilliant. Skeet skeet forever
  • Kelsey NC
    I love Tuesdays!
    I look forward to the new episodes every week and because I, like Alison, can never remember anything ever, love putting on older episodes and am usually just as entertained as the first time I listened. I honestly don’t know which is better, hearing Halle ruin a movie I’ve already watched, or listening to her cover a movie I’m too chicken to see… both ways are an absolute blast!!
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