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“Hard Fork” is a show about the future that’s already here. Each week, journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton explore and make sense of the latest in the rapidly changing world of tech.

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  • AC19842010
    There is way too much laughing over serious topics. The show would be a lot more informative if the hosts didn’t insist on adding unnecessary humor in every single conversation.
  • Dr. Pigler
    Funny and Informative
    I look forward to this show every week! They’re so funny and break down the stories in a very thoughtful way.
  • jeufhruc
    Funny takes on tech
    The hosts are always informative and have a great sense of humor.
  • Awesomenan69
    Usually excellent
    Usually I would give this show a 5 but had to stop listening this week as Isaacson got the mic for Musk mythology. To talk about Musk without immediately acknowledging the impact of extraordinary wealth on him as well as how everyone around him behaves is just bad journalism. Single-minded focus blah blah blah-- on the heels of disabling comms for Ukraine.
  • klaricar
    Hilarious. Informative.
    While I groan at the thought of another podcast featuring two white dudes talking, I can’t help myself. The hosts make me laugh out loud every week. They provide a useful recap of each week’s tech headlines. They make stories accessible without being condescending, and their rapport is a refreshing break from dry news.
  • metalheadmanguy
    I want to learn more
    It's a struggle because the topics covered are interesting, however, (and I'm really not sure how to express this succinctly) the reporting does come across deeply uncritical of tech capitalism and culture. This in itself isn't *necessarily* an issue, but it does leave the topics feeling biased and half full. Very likely, this isn't a result of any specific choice or ideology being expressed, and more just what happens when people are so immersed in the *idea* of what they are talking about that they miss the actual things. This does make sense in context, tech culture is built on speculative bubbles and VC. It rewards asking less questions, and unscrupulous hype. I have zero problems with their banter and laughing. I believe real work goes into the presentation and the audio quality is good. It seems unlikely that while operating solely from the thought framework of free-market capital, that it is possible for this particular podcast to meet my personal expectations of what would be good coverage. It may however be a good example of some problems to address for any up and coming tech reporters and podcasters if they choose to
  • =* - *=
    Good Show, Great hosts
    The topics they talk about are great, and so are they :)
  • maestrovt
    Too many stupid jokes
    Occasionally some interesting content but they spend way too much time cackling over their stupid jokes
  • Truthsayer808
    Excellent, insightful, intelligent, and funny
    I love this podcast. The reporting is top-notch, but not dry at all - I love their personalities, and they are hilarious as well.
  • Maloni Pastroni
    When I first started listening, this podcast had really interesting info on all the newest tech and ai. Now, they seem to have run out of content. They fill the 45 minutes with mostly nothing, with most of the news being about events or other things that most listeners won't want to listen to for more than 5 minutes.
  • MissionManSF
    Good content, bad hosting
    Lots of yucks with its self-obsessed, juvenile host-bros. Annoying beyond belief, and alarming that NYT would think this dumbed-down approach is either cute or appropriate for the subject.
  • MMc?
    Excellent fun podcast
    I love this podcast. It’s funny, intelligent, and interesting. The reporting on AI is terrific because it’s understandable without being too simple. I really enjoy the discussions from events like riding EVs in SF or visits to Microsoft and Google. This podcast is a weekly highlight i enjoy while walking my dog. Sometimes I laugh out loud to the puzzlement of Rex. Thanks guys for your research and reporting.
  • jj9843
    Too much laughing over serious issues
    I couldn’t take the episode where the hosts were laughing and talking loudly over each other about the stupidity of a fallen crypto king. It’s surprising to hear this sort of cheapening of journalism from the New York Times.a serious issues demand a little bit more humility and a lot more sincerity.
  • haifraz
    Tech CEO fangirl-ing
    For 2 people that I consider to be good journalists, it’s very disappointing how little fact checking they do. The entire show is essentially “a tech company’s PR department said this, so it must be true!” I really wanted to like it, but I’ll be unsubscribing.
  • Noreen-12
    Great space personalities!
    This podcast always brings a smile to my face. Great personalities giving a lot of good information. Look forward to it every week!
  • Sebbazillion
    Pulitzer worthy
    If there’s a Pulitzer for aw shucks credulity the guy from the Times should win it. In discussing reporting done by his colleagues (who incidentally should pants him by the water cooler imo) that unmasked a cabal of billionaires buying up land to start a private city outside of San Francisco, his take was essentially, I believe they have good intentions! Like why? Why do you think that? There idea is essentially, democratically run society is annoying, what if rather than paying our fair share of taxes and thereby helping to improve it, we just start a feudal society on our own private land! and you think they have good intentions? Also, In an earlier episode about self driving cars he cited a study paid for by the self driving cars company! I mean, yes he said it was paid for by them, but how can you bring that up? Do you have a trove of examples of studies made public that found against the companies that funded them? Am I missing something? Also in the latest episode the other guy says it’s crazy that it’s easier to build Uber in SF than a condo complex. Is it crazy? Building a condo complex requires dealing with supply chains, tens or hundreds of human beings working with literal bricks and mortar, the to my mind not insane regulations that ensure those workers won’t die, and later that the building won’t fall down and kill its inhabitants etc. building Uber requires what? A bad idea and access to capital through friends of yo ur parents? Deep breathing. I’m gonna have a heart attack. . One star. But a second star because the sound quality is good and the second guy sometimes makes me laugh.
  • Florida mon
    Note taking
    I listen to this podcast with my 13 year old daughter on long drives. Very good! Also guys check out reMarkable for note taking. Like writing on paper that will go to your devices and will translate to text and searchable.
  • MacChampy
    Annoying as F**ck
    Jokes and asides interfere with storytelling and the news. Nails on chalkboard
  • cookiepuss1
    Inane banter
    The info itself is often interesting and useful, but I find the forced laughs and attempt to sound chatty unbearable
  • ptwas
    Would enjoy fewer CEO interviews & hearty chuckle breaks
    I like hearing the tech news, generally skip the interview episodes, especially if they are with a CEO. It just feels like listening to a press release as a conversation. But in general, interview shows are a different vibe than a news program. I am more interested in the overview, in shorter segments that cover things more dispassionately. There are SO many interview podcasts, and so it seemed the value this one had was being more reporting. Will continue to check in on the topics, but skip the interviews. Adding: I also don’t mind that the show is lighthearted and casual, but sometimes podcasters need to learn to distinguish between being not-serious/casual with actually being *funny.* Regularly stopping down for Kevin’s hearty chuckle in response to one of Casey’s “why don’t they make the plane out of the black box” level jokes only serves to remind me that for a % of the show, I’m getting neither actual information nor actual comedy. It’s not to say they need to be more buttoned up, but do the thing you do well (deliver tech news in a casual way) and understand it’s unlikely people are subscribing for the “jokes.” (Or, I guess, work on better jokes.)
  • Kateminster
    Time to replace Casey?
    When the show first kicked off it had a good balance of serious content and light humour. As of August 2023, it’s almost too painful to listen to. For much of the show, the format has become formulaic. Kevin says something interesting and Casey replies with some lame pun or quip. Repeat. Please Casey, dial it back or find a replacement.
  • sodabroda
    Too many one-liners, not enough smart chat
    Lots of really well-vetted information, but we are not here because we want to hear the hosts giggle incessantly—we want to know about the tech shaping our world, in a smart and unambiguous way. Please cool it with the jokes. It’s overkill
  • mjname
    Always default to Corporate Sponsored Research
    The amount of effort put into researching a topic is basically; read corporate press release, paraphrase corporate sponsored research (AirBB drivel) No deep thoughts or critical questions…no opposing representation and on the rare occasion they do have an opposing voice (self driving cars) they are unable to actually listen and digest new information. The accidents caused by self driving cars is low because the accidents are tertiary (blocking bike lane or cross walk forcing pedestrians into traffic, or the car cuts off its automation before impact (looking at you Tesla). So the safety data is inaccurate. Someone should make a podcast debunking them. I kinda expected better from NY Times but also not surprised.
  • ASBehn
    Eh, I guess
    There is a lot of cruft in the show so far, meaning 20 minutes of content that isn’t interesting and is rather self-absorbed. I am also struck by the hosts and guests being mainly male light guys. Mix it up, people!
  • hrose480
    I didn’t want to like this show but…
    I heard ads for this show and honestly didn’t think I’d like it. Two dudes talking about tech?? Not for me. However, I’m now an avid listener. They are incredibly funny and thoughtful and break down super boring complicated tech news and make it fun. SUCH a delight.
  • utlandet
    Funny and informative
    I laugh out loud frequently listening to this show! And I get caught up on the latest in tech. As a non-tech person married to a tech person, this comes in handy!!
  • JD.Sims
    Love the pod
    Kacey Newton is a gem. Kevin Roose has some Hot Takes on morality with AI that are a little spicy my tastes, but the podcast is great. Informative and entertaining. Keep it up!
  • noatak
    Eh, not up to the typical standards of NYT
    I really want to like this podcast, but I think there needs to be more critical thinking about the effects of new technology and the alternatives that exist, particularly around AI, autonomous vehicles, social media platforms, etc. The hosts have significant blind spots, and it’s incredibly obvious listening to the types of questions asked to different groups (the questions to San Francisco transit activists vs. heads of autonomous vehicle companies). All in all, the vibe I get is techy friends having conversations (but not particularly deep ones), laughing at pretty mid jokes, and catching up on newish tech news. It would be fine for an independently produced podcast, but is so far below the typical standard for the New York Times.
  • Susan's iTunes
    The Car Talk of tech
    Hilarious and brilliant. Fall into the addiction.
  • periwinklefish92
    Hosts’ Hostility Towards Transit Activists Is Alarming
    I usually love this show but I just listened to the latest episode and was totally grossed out by Casey and Kevin’s tone when interviewing the transit activists. Every time they interview a big executive from a societally harmful tech company (Instagram, Microsoft, etc.) they’re so jovial and understanding of those guests’ predicaments and causes. Really interesting to hear their immediate condescension of activists who have a vision for a safer, greener, happier and more sustainable world. Super weird!
  • podcast barbie
    we get it you like self driving cars
    Really disappointed by the contrast between the episode where they spoke to the CEO of Cruise (softball questions, no criticism) and the episode where they interviewed activists pushing back on the proliferation of autonomous cars. They could not wrap their heads around the idea that streets should be designed for people, not cars. They said they would rather take an Uber in a European city than figure out how to use public transit which says a lot about them. I highly recommend the “not just bikes” YouTube channel if you are interested in this topic.
  • Casnh
    Interesting & entertaining
    Hosts are very knowledgeable and likable and the topics are interesting for someone like me who has a passing interest in technology and social media but doesn’t work in the industry.
  • my cup do not touch
    Dunning-Krueger Comedy
    These guys are very intelligent. They are neither cute, witty, nor funny… at… all. But the way they guffaw at what they would consider their own jokes, proves that the Dunning-Krueger Effect is most applicable to senses of humor.
  • Hubers Boobers
    My p(doom) just went up
    Love this show. Wonderful coverage of what’s happening in the industry, but also quality conversations about the philosophical underpinnings of human/technology interactions that will shape the future. Love hearing their voices and get a good laugh in every week.
  • assedttyuo
    Do you even include women?!
    Eye-catching headline aside, my point is, this is a very pale male podcast.
  • StLouisNatw
    The best
    Love love love love this podcast. Probably my favorite right now.
  • Sydhhd
    One big tech fanboy puff piece
    I came to this because one of the hosts made the podcast Rabbit Hole which I found incredibly informative and critical on all the things deserving criticism in the tech industry. This podcast, however, is just a soulless regurgitation of everything tech companies say about themselves, with barely any critical analysis or understanding that a massive amount of the tech world is scams or scam adjacent. For these guys, if it has AI in it, or if it’s a self driving car, or if it’s a new social media network, they love it and have practically nothing to say beyond positives about it. Even apps like twitter or companies like meta, who have long standing track records of emphasizing conflict and conspiracy theories to make money, and in doing so have invited genocides like the one in Myanmar and revolts like Jan 6, are perfect in their eyes and they always focus on how they “bring people together”, just saying the blatantly untrue PR talk that these companies put out themselves. In the latest episode they interview anti automated vehicle activists and disagree with them on everything, saying that public transport doesn’t work and “it’s just easier to call an Uber then anything else”, ignoring the fact that most people can’t do that since they’re really expensive and the whole argument of the activists was that this focus on cars in general is damaging our communities. Thought it would be better, but I guess they’re just as bought into the inherent good of all of these massively toxic companies as the people running the companies are. So yeah, don’t listen. Unless you just want to hear some mediocre jokes, whitewashing of awful companies and bad products, and a whole lot of wealthy tech bro privilege.
  • ll8734
    When you interview guests who are fellow tech folk, it’s all pandering easy questions. When you interview an activist group, it’s hostile pushback. “Just a dog, not a human” is your response to a concern about autonomous vehicle related deaths. Really? I used to like this show for its balanced, informative, inside look at the tech world, but I guess now I see y’all for who you are — tech bros who equate newness with progress and value profits over people. Bummer!
  • droopydog500
    Great Coverage of Tech Industry with Lots of Humour
    This is now my favourite podcast and on Thursdays I keep checking the podcast to see if the next episode has dropped. They cover relevant, important tech issues and have great access to tech industry leaders. But they do the show in a very entertaining way. I laugh a lot when listening. I highly recommend Hard Fork!!!!!
  • K Benjamin Stone
    Very Nice!
    Quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. Like ChatGPT I also want Kevin to leave his wife for me.
  • Konodokid
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    It is always a treat to listen to this podcast! It is funny and interesting, a very very good podcast! I would give it 10 stars if I could!
  • Proton1144
    Wonderful show!
    Wonderful show - highly informative and entertaining! Very well done!
  • willyWonkPreet
    So much fun
    This show comes out on a Friday and makes my weekend. I’m a tech geek so of course I love the topics but I also love the energy between Kevin and Casey the their banter is hilarious!
  • LettaCM
    Thumbs up from a non-techie/late adopter
    I am non-techie, late adopter and I still find this show very accessible and enjoyable. This is a different podcast, feels like more of a comedic talk show which softens the apocalyptic doom and gloom of AI. And -most importantly for me - this keeps me informed without actually having to use the products. Keep up the good work!!
  • 1956kmb
    Podcast 6/6/23
    Hard Wire: Found your podcast last weekend on a long road trip. I was so happy to find this fun and intelligent podcast! I’m a 67 year old woman, progressive democratic, RN/BSN. I’m fully vaccinated against COVID, and stood by Dr. Fauci, CDC, and WHO guidelines. I found the language you used on your 6/6/23 podcast regarding RFK, Jr. Disturbing. He is not anti-vax or anti-COVID. Have you every actually listen to him talk, beyond propaganda videos produced by other reporters? His well researched alternative views are considered “anti-vax” if they vary from the government’s narrative. He deserves to have his own opinion. Hard Wire is part of the Time Organization. What part of your revenue comes from pharmaceutical companies? 30% - 60% No, RFK, Jr will not become our president, because there is an all out war by the establishment to silence him - even by young, fun, bright reporters like yourselves.
  • Khauscv
    Dash the best thing you could ever
    CB and I were just going through a bunch and we had to get it out and then I got to get the car fixed so we could
  • luxpermanet
    No “NPR voice” 👎
    Just because you have a great idea for a podcast and can conduct investigative journalism do not mean you should get “on the air.” It seems they have never heard themselves talk. I couldn’t go past two mins with their annoying voices grating my eardrums. Perhaps I suffer from misophonia(?). Please let someone with mellifluous voice take over the actual talking part.
  • Elle Hech
    Fun but it was better before…
    …when it was more analysis than interviews. I listen to tech podcasts for the snarky insights not press releases!
  • LLuvCoolJane
    When u say “Threads’ it sounds like “Threats”. 😂😂😂😂 Love u guys!!!!!
  • Curljay
    Thought-Provoking Insights and Exceptional Integrity
    Delivers consistently on a wide range of relevant topics, providing in-depth reporting that showcases exceptional journalist integrity. The hosts skillfully distinguish between opinion and fact, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy listening experience. I’m truly grateful for the thought-provoking insights into today’s technology landscape. This podcast does an outstanding job of keeping me up to date and engaged. Five stars and a heartfelt thank you for the invaluable contribution! *this review was enhanced by ChatGPT-4 🤯
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