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The Athletic’s flagship football podcast covers the NFL like only The Athletic can. Robert Mays is joined by a team of world class NFL writers and analysts including Lindsay Jones, Sheil Kapadia, Nate Tice, Diante Lee and more. They’ll break down the biggest stories throughout the world of football. Whether it’s happening on the field, or behind-the-scenes, you’ll get an in-depth look at the NFL season and NFL Draft on The Athletic Football Show.

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Recent Reviews
  • Calvin Charles Clemons
    Do one on kid flag football
    The best show but my ymca flag football starts In June so I think you should do some on the kids
  • jham8
    For football addicts
    Been following Mays since his Grantland days. Incredibly polished, great pacing, and more depth than the competition. Nate and Lindsey are awesome along side him. Just listen already.
  • SunBroSolaire
    Great show.
    This is a great product. The topics are great and the perspectives are varied. A great show especially for serious football fans. They cover the game from fresh angles and present it in a way that comes off very knowledgeable without sounding pretentious.
  • LAR9910
    Best football show
    A must
  • Brandon From NY -- Go Gmen!
    The Best NFL Podcast there is
    There’s just no better NFL and football podcast available out there. Robert is awesome and brings a nuanced perspective to everything. Robert and Nate have such great knowledge and chemistry. Great for both week to week analysis and the high level team building conversations. Over 2021, this pod became my primary resource for NFL analysis.
  • hqwertyu
    Best NFL Podcast
    While I followed Mays from the Ringer and will follow him where ever he is producing content, I've been thrilled with his guests and cohosts as well. Nate and Nora are fantastic listens as well. Really, I love the Athletic as a whole for NFL coverage. I even deleted ESPN after 10 years because of it. Anywho, my only worry is Robert burning out during the season by having too many shows. Robert, it's okay to cut one show a week out! Keep yourself fresh and if you really need to do more, spend that extra day writing or something. Cheers!
  • JP_Mish_
    Top Tier Analysis
    This is the best NFL podcast out there. Robert, Nate and the excellent guests do a phenomenal job of not only giving expert analysis of the on-field game play, but also framing the off-season moves and how these teams operate within the structure of the league. They strike a prefect balance of keeping it light but also keeping on track and staying on topic. My go to podcast for all things NFL related.
  • Discordianseraph
    Daily listen!
    AWESOME pod - so insightful from every angle and fun/entertaining to boot! Very quickly became a daily listen, look forward to every new episode.
  • Chris Lamantia
    The Best Show for Football Junkies
    Robert might be one of the 5 best podcast host in football. His wealth of knowledge is incredibly in-depth. Not only does Robert have a wealth of knowledge, he is so hungry to learn more. His guest are great (Nate Tice is awesome) and he knows how to ask the questions all of us are thinking. I can’t recommend this podcast enough, absolutely phenomenal job. If you listen to sports podcast focused around football (in-depth analysis) this is the one for you. Again to reiterate, Nate is so great when he is a guest
  • Bigwhalebelly
    Spielman and Scarnecchia episode top drawer
    Great questions lead to interesting insights from the guests!! Robert was on his game and really listened to the replies.. well done. As an aside, the weakness of the Spielman approach was shown in the Scarnecchia interview, where Dante said “the data is all fine but in the end can he play the position? how does he play when the bullets are flying is what matters.” Rick let the numbers rule and hence picked measurement hero’s that often couldn’t play especially the last 4 years…
  • Bla341
    Love it
    Daily football discussions with good guests and nuanced understandings of the league. The Athletic is by far the best sports analysis in the game, draft content has been superb.
  • RblackDC
    Did Mays get tips on interrupting guests from Brinson?
    Sorry, but I'm so sick of these hosts (a la Will Brinson) asking a question of the expert guests, then right as an answer is being given, they completely interrupt and give their own thoughts — I guess to show off how much they know of the subject — but it completely disrupts the guests' momentum (you'd think their answers are the reason why they're there in the first place), and thus is a complete fail in terms of an actual interview. Guys — Ask the question, get the answer, then respond. It's really that simple.
  • Awful gameuknow
    Modern LB
    Fully disagree with your hosts take on the modern LB. It is much easier to hit a gem CB , or safety deeper in the draft than stud LB. Show me great defense that has had sub-par LBs. For example, Philadelphia has had its fair share of top tier secondary talent. Have been smoked in the passing game, religiously, since their last suitable LB who was… maybe Trotter? Aim for LBs high. Find secondary later
  • raven540
    I have been a Bears fan since they drafted Sayers and Butkus in 1965. I have seen a lot of football, read a lot about football, and listen to a lot of podcasts about football. Yeah okay I am crazy for football. But, I have observed the change over the years in the draft process. Your recent show with Sean and Jourdan illustrates the most important changes in information technology have and will change the nfl in the future. Hire intelligent people who know how to hire intelligent people to build and construct a team especially in the new age of legalized gambling will determine a teams future. I followed Robert Mayes from the Ringer to the Athletic and we can only both hope at this juncture that Ryan Poles is that type of man.
  • Tomek Dob
    Best out there
    Love the depth of analysis on this podcast. Really brings the complexities of the game to the common football watcher. Robert is one of the best hosts out there in terms of questions, and letting his guests have their time on each question. Nate and Robert have great chemistry, happy to hear Nate has joined full time. Question for the mailbag: Wilson is hyped by many as WR1 in this class and Dotson is consistently WR4-8 depending on the analyst, with many citing his size as a main deterrent. Dotson plays bigger than his size similar to Wilson who is only a few pounds heavier and a similar height, so why is Wilsons height/weight overlooked but Dotson is consistently knocked for his size. As a Penn state fan, i saw him consistently as a ball-winner in the air and he beats press with route-running off the line. Would love to understand the differences here and the disconnect between two players with similar size and speed profiles, and equal production. Thanks
  • Niall42
    Love this show!
    I learn something new every show I listen. Just a great show.
  • bearcubfan
    Great Pod!
    I just stumbled across this the week of the Super Bowl and have listened every day since. Definitely one of the best and informative podcasts there is.
  • BearBeard53
    THE Football Podcast for Any Fan
    Alright, I am picky with my podcasts. I rarely invest in one to be a constant go to. With that being said, I never miss an episode of The Athletic Football Show. It has awesome insight for the most expert fan, but also explained so well that a casual fan can enjoy it too. Humor, knowledge, and a pure love of the game are throughout every episode. This IS my NFL podcast. Full stop.
  • Reverend Yew
    Great conversations, more Lindsay Jones please!
    I love the rapport between Robert Mays and Nate Tice — don’t get me wrong — but I’d love to hear Lindsay on the show even more often than she’s on now. She brings really great reporting and a grounded demeanor that’s really refreshing. Even still, the podcast features some of the best in-depth NFL conversations in the business.
  • wingerphenom
    Is the best, followed him from Grantland to The Ringer and now to The Athletic. Best real football show out there. Tice, Lindsay, Sheil, etc are all great too
  • LeeH2015
    Best football podcast
    I’ve been listening for years and I’ve learned so much about the game. I think Robert Mays is so bright and I also love his enthusiasm for everything. You can tell that he loves his job, does his homework, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. And the cohosts like Lindsay and Nate are also terrific. It’s the best pod in a field where there is a lot of lazy analysis.
  • ph0000002
    I can’t stand it
    Made me hate football
  • maxximus02
    Paid Athletic subscription and still need to pay for podcast
    Love the Athletic articles and all podcasts but it’s annoying they are asking users to pay for the Athletic subscription and then also pay to listen through the Apple podcast app separately if not using the Athletic’s own app. Sad they feel they need to double dip on their customers.
  • JustinScherbert
    The BEST football podcast
    Love how informative and in depth the podcast is. I’ve learned so much more about the game through listening. Been listening for over a year now and always look forward to new episodes. Keep up the great work Robert, Nate, and team!
  • feeecoin
    Lance Zierlein 👑
    Lance is a fantastic scout and I am truly grateful to be at his heels via your pod. Thank you.
  • Mr.Potter
    Football camp for adults.
    Have listened to Robert Mays since the Grantland days. He navigates the space between fan and someone who understands the game at a very high level. Always looking to learn, he hosts with a humility and curiosity that are extraordinary. Often cohosts with Nate Tice, who provides the knowledge of a professional who has been on the inside. Cannot recommend strongly enough if you are interested in Football, especially if you are open minded and want to learn more and have new doors to understanding the sport opened. Smart guests, always finds an honest tone when the those in the sport go astray, and just a great listen
  • Huskergut
    Best most informative NFL Pod out there
    If you wanna hear nitwit analysis like “Justin Herbert can’t win the big one,” this ain’t the show for you. (May I offer you something in a Stephen A Smith or perhaps a Skip Bayless?) If you want a smart, interesting deep dive into how and why teams win or lose and what their strategies are all about, you need to be listening to this. Mays and his co-hosts explain why the wr got open on that big third down or what the line was doing that allowed the back to run for 125 yards. And they do it in a way that a normal fan can understand. I learn more about football listening to 1 hour of this show than I would if I lived in Stephen A’s office.
  • Littal
    Pencils go to 9. It’s a hardness scale -they are also given a letter H B for hardness or softness
  • Mitch from Ravens land
    Fantastic podcast!
    Robert - I guess in this age of hot takes and loudest voice wins (but only if it is a controversial opinion ) a show like yours could never be on ESPN or nfl network. A shame! You and your guests get into such substantive detail… it is awesome. This is the best show, podcast or product of its kind that exists. Great stuff!! Thanks!! Robert - fantastic podcast day after day. When you, Nate and Barnwell are on together (or you Nate and Sheil). I am disappointed when I look and see only a few more minutes left. Really really great to listen to. Thanks
  • marymaggie145
    love this show, Robert
    I absolutely love the Athletic Football show and all the new things they are covering. Robert the shows is great and love you as the host. Edit - thanks for update to the ad copy for Roman. No complaints. Love the show.
  • Jimmy V 516
    Stop putting all your football podcasts together!!
    I don’t want a podcast popping up on my feed every day when all I want is the Prospects to Pros draft podcast. It’s so annoying that I can’t just follow that podcast anymore. Stop trying to force the rest of your NFL podcasts in my feed
  • austin_d21
    Great show!
    Best football podcast out there. Robert is an inviting, informative host who I always look forward to listening to, and the alternating co hosts each add so much to the show. It’s definitely more technical than other podcasts, but they bring a joy and excitement to it every day that makes you keep tuning in. You’ll learn so much about football listening to this pod. Highly recommend!
  • JmacJizzle
    NFL Draft Pod - Something’s Missing
    Love the Draft content from The Athletic. Excited to see that Dane and Lance are back talking about prospects. When listening to the pod, it feels choppy. Neither guy is a natural “host”. Maybe adding a 3rd person to set both guys up for analysis and segments would help.
  • wadecornelius
    Too many ads…
    …for mediocre content.
  • 68744895;
    Holy ads
    Great show super long ads my skip forward button gets a work out
  • deutcrobes
    The Athletic Football Show
    Far and away the best pure NFL football show—entertaining, informative, analytical without a ton of annoying shtick. Mays and guest hosts LOVE football and communicate that with excitement, perspective, good humor.
  • Jewnbug25
    Amazing content, SO MANY ADS
    The 5 stars is because I love the content itself and I’m a longtime follower of Robert and Sheil. And I’m sure Robert doesn’t want to be doing this many ads. But please, from a 3+ year subscriber, could you go with fewer ads? Podcast revenue is probably essential, but as someone who pays for The Athletic I’m frustrated that this podcast have more ads that any others I listen to. And I don’t pay for a subscription to those media groups.
  • Neunerje
    Great show
    The timeliness and quality of football information is about as good as you can get. My favorite sports podcast.
  • RS272781
    Life Changing Pod . RM the GOAT
    It has been almost a year since I’ve listened to this podcast on a daily and I am super thankful I was able to find out about this. This past year I have honestly exponentially learned a lot more about the game than I have ever before. Really do love how you guys go over X’s and O’s, schematics, advanced stats/metrics I was never aware about and a sprinkle of narratives. And I really do admire the work Robert puts in, especially the days he got covid just recently , by pushing out new content to us. Also do like how he’s learning more by bringing in guests (GMs, coaches, players). I do like bringing Mitchell Schwartz as well to get a lot of the players perspective too. Big shoutout to Nate, Lindsay, Sheil, and a lot of other guests as well that also came for also making this a great podcast. I do want to add that I really like how you talk about every single team as if they all mattered. It literally changed my perspective a lot to NFL now. I do wish more people knew about this podcast and listens to this more. You guys definitely made a huge impact to all your listeners on the content you guys have made. Keep it up! FYI I’ve never took the time to write a review like an essay
  • ElSmooterino
    Smart folks talking football, though an occasional echo chamber
    Been listening to Robert since the Grantland days, and he continues to be one of the best media folks to listen to talk football. Only ding is that him and main co-host Nate are allllwaaays on the same page, and conversation regularly boils down to… Nate: I believe ‘Y’, and here’s 3 minutes of me making point. Robert: I 100% agree with you on ‘Y’ and here’s me reiterating your point for 4-5 minutes. Nate: But i also believe in ‘X’ and here’s why. Robert: I totally agree with ‘X’ and let me repeat your point!
  • CharlieHustle16
    East coast Mid-west
    That’s all the coverage you’re going to get. Same old
  • RGR415
    Transcends Senses
    If you know what they’re talking about in terms of scheme or even the specific play, it’s like listening with your eyes. Fantastic content.
  • theGlenn
    Well Worth the Time
    I’ve followed Mays from Grantland to The Ringer and now to The Athletic. While I miss Barnwell, Mays’s rapport with his cohosts and guests makes this a must listen every episode. It’s also introduced me to Lindsay Jones, who is incredible and worth every second of listening and reading time. I’ve gotten busy over the past few years, and my football podcast list has dwindled way, way down, but I continue to listen to this show, and will continue for as long as they are able and willing to put out such great content day after day after day.
  • Natriggs76
    Fun and intelligent show
    I have enjoyed Robert Mays since the Grantland days. This show is great and does a great job explaining some complicated strategies. However the Friday picks segment has become my favorite listen each week!
  • cicario
    Mays is the man!
    Spotify recently let me know this was my most listened to pod of 2021, so I figured it was about time I gave it a review! This is hands down the best football pod out there. I have learnt more about football listening to Mays and his pals: Lindsey, Nate, Mitch, and the large array of The Athletic’s great writers. Mays has amazing rapport with his cohosts, and together they provide educative and entertaining content regarding NFL storylines as well as deep diving Xs and Os. Honestly, I’m really glad Mays left The Ringer and was granted the ability to create his own football audio space. I only listened to the Ringer NFL pod because of Mays (sorry if he’s your friend Robert, but Kevin is a giant bag of douches and it felt like he was tuned out 90% of the time), and it’s great to listen to him and his friends to their thing.
  • dougiez
    Robert and Nate are great add in Sando Shel and Lindsay make this a must listen
  • shaad12115
    Hey Robert, Rashaad here (kingofcolts) on Twitter this show has been awesome and I’ve been a huge fan since it’s inception… You and Nate really gives in-depth analysis and I get so caught up in it I start replying to things that you guys are saying and that’s how you know you have a great podcast when you feel like you’re part of the conversation… keep up the great work guys!!
  • Smack lackin
    Great Podcast
    The recent episode with kurt warner was really interesting.
  • TruthSeeker56
    Top notch
    Great podcast with great insight and guests.
  • madmax0084
    2 guys with the same opinion on everything
    Mays: the sky is blue Nate: I totally agree Mays: but the sky might be red Nate: I totally agree
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