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The Athletic’s flagship football podcast covers the NFL like only The Athletic can. Robert Mays is joined by a team of world class NFL writers and analysts. They’ll break down the biggest stories throughout the world of football. Whether it’s happening on the field, or behind-the-scenes, you’ll get an in-depth look at an unprecedented NFL season and NFL Draft on The Athletic Football Show.

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  • Jaheras
    Love It
    The Athletic Football show is hands down too 3 sports podcast much less football. Robert goes in depth on concepts, gives front office/business perspective, and fan boys out! I only occasionally have to fast forward on the outdated and good Ole Boy guest takes (Sando) of some quarterbacks not processing fast enough, accuracy, or can’t play from the pocket comments that apply to some but never seem to apply to others who share same shortcomings.
  • Benny D M F E
    I love the videos. Patrick Mahomes is my fav football player.
  • itsnotchuck
    Good start but they love certain teams
    They are smart and knowledgeable but they love to talk about losing teams. I hoped they wouldn’t focus on terrible mostly east coast teams but like every one else they think a one win east coast team is more interesting than winning teams across the country
  • Haifoekebdidi
    The best.
    Love this show, look forward to it every day. It is pure football, it's not over editorialized or too narrative heavy, just talking shop. They tell you the why things happen and happened, not just reviewing the game. If you love offensive line play, personnel groupings, and late 90's Randy Moss, this is the pod for you.
  • marymaggie145
    love this show, Robert but that ad copy woof
    I absolutely love the Athletic Football show and all the new things they are covering. Robert the shows is great and love you as the host. However I gotta say that ad copy for Roman is cringe. My only complaint
  • Friardog
    Good info, EXCESSIVE ads
    Love Robert Mays and his insights. Consistent guests. But have the fast forward button handy; by FAR the most ads of any podcast I listen to. Very obnoxious, especially when I already pay for the website.
  • CGH95
    Best NFL Podcast!
    The best NFL podcast to get good, equal coverage of the league, great game recaps, interesting deep dives, and I love the new mailbag episodes! Robert and Lindsay are a great duo!
  • Qpsyebd
    smart & entertaining
    Mays always keeps the conversation moving, with a great mix of knowledgeable and fun guests. You’ll learn about the state of the league, the strategy of the game, and the subconscious of retired OL great Mitchell Schwartz. And who would have thought that Mike Tice would raise such a giggly kid? For many reasons, a must listen.
  • @BPhillips_NFL
    5 stars
    Mays and Tice are can’t-miss if you’re looking for full-league coverage that goes deeper into scheme trends.
  • jabes01
    Knowledgeable but too scheme-heavy
    Robert and Nate know a ridiculous amount about the game, and I learn something (usually a few things) about a very complex sport every time I listen to the show. That said - there are very few conversations that aren’t about schemes and formations, or about specific players fitting into schemes and formations. Talk more about narrative and big-picture stuff too! Zach Lowe isn’t perfect, but he does a wonderful job tying his deep knowledge of the on-the-court aspects of basketball to discussions about the league at large, narratively speaking. Not every conversation has to be 15 minutes on the Rams using 21 personnel, or the micro details of the Jets’ offensive line - dive into the big picture on LA’s place atop the NFC and what it means, broadly, for the Jets to see their rookie QB struggle. Scheme stuff is fascinating, but it has its place - just like the stuff that doesn’t happen on the field. Y’all should talk about that stuff more too, but I find it hard to believe there’s two dudes out there podcasting that are more knowledgeable about football.
  • djb157
    Hands Down the Best Football Podcast
    Some of my favorite things: -Deep dives into schemes and league wide trends -Guests are knowledgeable and add value. Robert does a great job steering the conversations. -Nate Tice Cross Sport Metaphors
  • jscottgobills
    The best
    This show is the best combination of knowledgeable conversations without getting redundant. Thank you Mays!
  • ycc56
    Could be better
    For a podcast that appears to be representing the entire league, the host and regular guests seem to narrow in on their own favorite teams and/or teams that are in large markets. Whenever other teams are brought up, it’s usually in a negative light, or for a split second. Enjoy listening to Jones and Tice more than Mays, but there’s a similar problem with them when it comes to focusing the podcast on their pet teams or players. The guests are what keep me listening every few pods. Good guests, however, constantly interrupted by the host unnecessarily.
  • JRich731
    The Josh Lyman of football
  • Qdisaisreviewing
    Best Podcast to listen to
    Been listening (and reading) Mays since I was a high school Junior (don’t feel old Mays, I feel old) — doesn’t get better, smarter or more fun than this!
  • MattCedar123
    Football 701: Intro to real football
    If this was a college class, it’d be an introduction to the masters program. Tired of your dad talking about how they should run more? This show gives you the real explanation for what happened on Sunday, and why. You won’t learn football well enough to explain it to others, but you’ll learn it.
  • AT130
    A Must-Listen
    I’ve been listening to football podcasts for seven or eight years (including Mays’ old gig at the ringer) and it took this podcast maybe two weeks to become my favorite. Fascinating analysis of the nfl (on both a micro and macro scale) combined with Mays and co’s genuine love and admiration for the game make for a truly phenomenal show. My only nitpick is that sometimes it moves too fast for someone like myself who has never played football; I find myself having to pause in order to look up things like duo runs or the numbered ‘techniques’. Outside of that though, I really can’t recommend this show enough (I do wish there was more Nate tice board game content but I forgive you guys)
  • Jimmy V 516
    Need a stand alone picks pod
    I would love to see a stand alone weekly podcast that is just Sheil and Nate doing their picks against the spread. No need for a host or third guy, they have good chemistry and let them talk through their picks.
  • rexy....
    I love it
    Hi I’m a 14u football player and I love football and this is such a good podcast for info about the NFL.🏈🏈
  • LaylaConsuelaBananaHammock
    Sunday Night/Monday Episode
    Start my week off with Robert and Nate every week. Always the first thing out and ready to go each week. Awesome show with a good mix of football for the ultimate junkies and the newer people to the football community who can learn.
  • willy.t.90266
    Never looked back
    Loving the content after. Can’t see myself returning to any of the Ringer Podcasts.
  • RKnicker11
    Best NFL Podcast
    Left the Ringer NFL show for this and have never looked back.
  • Brettart
    Love Nate Tice
    Robert Mays is great, guests are all great, but I love Nate Tice. He just loves football so much and is so wholesome and positive about every team. He’s the Ted Lasso of football podcasters
  • Marley Bushroom
    Love Robert Mays
    I learn so much from this show. It really takes a deep dive into the finer points of the game!
  • cee bo
    Great pod
  • mattd005
    Solid pod. Always loved Mays’ work and happy to be introduced to Tice.
  • TitansFan2012
    Great stuff from Mays, Tice, and Jones
  • Josh Raymer
    Quickly became my favorite NFL podcast
    What I love about this show is the energy Robert and Nate bring to each episode. They’re like kids waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. And my goodness, do they understand the game at a deep level. Every episode, I come away with a new perspective or learning something I didn’t know before. When you mix in the insightful guests they have and the excellent sound quality, you’ve got a top-notch NFL podcast that I look forward to each week. Keep up the great work, gentlemen!
  • CharlieHustle16
    This is basically espn with the east coast and mid-west covered but everything else is an afterthought. Good coverage if your teams are East of Dallas because there’s literally no passion or general care about the West Coast. Pathetic
  • No Longer Listening...
    Fun, Smart Show
    Mays brings enthusiasm, positivity, and knowledge that’s hard to match. It’s a super fun show, and they balance high-level analysis with play-specific details well. Hearing them weave in and out of Fangio-esque defensive schemes and upcoming personal events like birthdays/weddings makes it really stand out though.
  • Clouse85
    #1 Sports Podcast
    I have 4 sports related podcasts in my weekly rotation and this one is by far the most informative and a must listen every time. Robert and his guests do a great job of discussing nuisances to the game in a fun and creative way that makes it easy for the audience to learn about the game and the direction it’s heading.
  • BTBAMrules310
    He's Back
    Great to have Mays back in the podcast world. Nate Tice is a terrible addition though - can't finish a sentence without laughing. And did you know he used to work for a few teams??? Will be skipping the episodes with him.
  • Jah Wombs
    Could be a much better show
    Could be amazing if not for the incestuous slobbering over their own personal favorite teams, obsession with a handful of already good teams or simply teams in large markets while ignoring so many other teams and important stories in football. It got so much worse with the addition of Mike Tice’s kid. Doesn’t cover the entire league nearly as well as it could.
  • Rando1123
    Can be insightful but is too feminine
    Need more masculine guests to balance Mays.
  • Josh Luz
    Saved by the guests
    Robert Mays holds this pod back with his unparalleled self-interest. Never heard a host interrupt and talk over experts and retired pros more.
  • Kevin LP fan
    Awesome show
    Great rotation of guests and fantastic football insight always. Even if you mainly play ff honesty this will help you more than the ff specific pods
  • isaiah_1920
    Great podcast…love the content and enthusiasm…minor criticisms
    Love the podcast. easy listen because of May’s and his guest hosts’ enthusiasm and love for the game. only criticism would be to maybe pump the brakes on the Justin Herbert hype and the continuing passive aggressive argument of drafting Sewell vs Chase
  • angry 720
    Mays is the best
    Mays is the best in the business. If you love football, you need to be listening to this podcast.
  • pmus321
    Love tha pod
    Need to get robert and Nate a tip jar for every time they bring up Phillip Rivers
  • Joel Stegman
    Best football show out there
    I have listened to a lot of football podcasts and none are better than this. It’s the smartest football thinking I’ve found and it’s in all of the conversations. I feel like I learn a lot and this is coming from a guy who was on a college coaching staff at the FCS level in college.
  • Jgriff44
    Best Football Podcast Hands Down
    This is by far the best football podcast out there. The approach they take it fantastic and the series interviewing people actually in football instead of just talk about them is a must listen. Keep it up!
  • w34599
    Simply the best sports podcast out there
    Incredible insight, great hosts. Keep up the good work!
  • PaulAns
    Great, in-depth football podcast
    This pod has quickly ascended to one of my favorite football podcasts. The off season content has been really enjoyable. You love to see it.
  • S.B. T
    Robert Found the Perfect Foil in Nate
    Despite being Bears and Vikings homers, Robert and Nate always make the current state of the NFL sound exciting. This show’s the perfect counterpoint to the Packers-centric podcasts and casts a wide net with deep dives on topics that keeps me listening through the season and off-season.
  • Yeshaiya
    Yeah not gonna happen, that’s super annoying, you could have easily done another feed, the endless ads were enough, but now this? unsubscribed…
  • Rodgers Mustache
    One of the best!
    Love the shows with Robert and Nate. Other podcasts are good as well but really enjoy Nate and Robert needing out about football some of the best listens. Yeah the subscription thing is annoying but not a big deal as long as we get the normal content. Keep up the awesome pods!
  • colossalkoala
    Remove the subscription episode please
    The Subscription only episode is always at the top of both the show feed and my library feed, which is slightly annoying. Thanks
  • jaysonpete
    Great content
    A lot of Roberto and Nathaniel’s opinions have a very Midwestern sensibility to them. It shows up in the coaches and players they admire.
  • vrnole
    Where Defenses are Going!
    An hour podcast on this subject and only one brief mention of the Dolphins and whet Flores and Boyer are doing????
  • wethwey
    Get Nate a pop filter!!!
    Great insights, but need some work on the production and! I don’t hear pops from Lindsey or Robert, just Nate
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