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The Athletic’s flagship football podcast covers the NFL like only The Athletic can. Robert Mays is joined by a team of world-class NFL writers and analysts including Mike Sando, Nate Tice, Diante Lee and more. They’ll break down the biggest stories throughout the world of football. Whether it’s happening on the field or behind-the-scenes, you’ll get an in-depth look at the NFL season and NFL Draft on The Athletic Football Show.

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  • 3littleknights
    If you wanna make yourself smarter, listen to this.
    If you wanna make yourself smarter, listen to this. Hands down the most insightful and entertaining football podcast available for listen. Robert Mays is a stand up guy doing a stand up job hosting The Athletic Football Show.
  • Draw0924
    Incredibly knowledgeable podcast
    Probably my favorite football podcast! I think I learn something new every episode, their effort and hard work shows.
  • Hydro4Life
    Phenomenal Show
    I love this show. It’s been my #1 listened to podcast for a year and a half now. I miss Lindsay Jones on the show but the rest of the team has been wonderful too. I really want a Nate Tice Mariners spin-off Podcast tho👀
  • samari_rollup_2000
    I hate this podcast
    Terrible why is this podcast so opposed to saying good things about certain teams
  • Chengez
    A great listen for football fans
    If you want in depth analysis on the NFL, this is the pod for you. This show gets into the nerdy details and constantly teaches you something. Every team, position, and matchup gets plenty of coverage throughout the season both when previewing and recapping the games. And it’s just as fun listening to them breakdown moves during the off-season. Highly recommend!
  • mjhaus
    If You Love Football, You’ll Love the Pod
    In terms of what you learn about how the game of football is played and why teams make the decisions they do, I don’t think there’s a better football podcast out there. It’s not a fantasy podcast, but it definitely helps in fantasy too. Big fan of the Sunday night recaps with Nate and like the decision to break off a separate podcast on Mondays with Diante. The typically timely, informative pods on Wednesdays are good too. My only suggestion would be to bring back some of the competitive elements from last year that are missing without Sheil & Lindsay. Feel like going back to a picks segment with Mays, Nate, Diante and Beller (get him involved more!) competing against each other could be a bit of a lay-up for easy & fun content (Josh Allen checkdown). All in all, love the pod and appreciate everything you guys do. Know you said folks were lacking on the 5-star reviews so needed to send one in.
  • jacklongwood
    Cringe-worthy ads
    Football content and analysis is solid, though generally nowhere near the level of Football Outsiders. The exception would be the GM podcast with Mike Sando and Randy Mueller who offer lively discussion, genuine insider analysis, and outstanding chemistry. That show by itself is a 5/5, easily!! What I really do not enjoy, however, are the ads which the listener is made to endure not only before and after the podcasts but also DURING them, which is annoying enough, but what makes these ads absolutely grating is that they focus almost exclusively on the penis and mental health. Roman, Sacks, some online mental health company whose name I can’t recall, all narrated by the whiny, frankly peak white male adolescent-sounding voice of Robert Mays. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I struggled my way through the physical and mental horrors of high school almost twenty years ago and I’d rather not be irritated by them as I listen to what I had hoped would be a show aimed at, if not a comfortable adult audience, then at least a functional one.
  • bcbdbdb
    Best football podcast by a mile, I listen to it daily and it’s just so much better than anything else out there. The level of detail that the host and guests go into is commendable while still talking about broader trends at a macro and easy to understand level.
  • chargertoenail
    Top 2
    I listen to a lot of nfl podcasts being a truck driver. If you want to be informed on a level that casual fans just don’t know about listen to this and the ringer nfl show.
  • Shaunie O
    Drinking game
    Take a shot every time Mays says “if you look at it”. Depending on the quality or cheapness of said liquor you may be comatose by the first awkward commercial transition 🤣🤣
  • wildp0wn
    Love this show
    Thoughtful Fun And “what game should I have on 4th screen”? Mic drop! Epic
  • isaiah_1920
    Great podcast…love the content and enthusiasm…minor criticisms
    Love the podcast. easy listen because of May’s and his guest hosts’ enthusiasm and love for the game. can you either not have Mike Sando on the podcast or tell him to chill out on his Russell Wilson. I don’t even like Wilson, but it’s obvious Sando has some agenda against him/Pro Pete Carroll agenda and it’s just uncomfortable listening to
  • Swbmicl
    Bad info
    Tua missed so many throws. He had 10 incompletions. And the center was ranked 2 out of all centers so how was he horrible. Think you need to get off of Eastern standard time and go to your regular Uk time
  • jbuckley316
    Best Football Knowledge Pod Out There
    I’ve listened to Mays since he was podding with Bill Barnwell for Grantland, and he continues to host the best podcast about the actual details of football. I enjoy other pods for fantasy and gambling, but no one tops Mays on having entertaining and educating conversations about the actual games.
  • Mesa runner
    Too much anxiety! If the host can’t handle the first week of action then he needs to step out. I tune in to catch up on football action and not some announcer’s anxiety levels. Check it before you step in the booth and put your headphones on! TMI! Don’t need to hear it. Otherwise, content is great!
  • gallant_fox
    If you want to listen to one NFL podcast, make it this one.
    If you are looking for a podcast that does a great job covering the whole league, this is the one. The host and his guests are so knowledgeable and passionate about the NFL, that it is an educational and entertaining listen no matter the topic.
  • chargers fan2022
    You guys are completely bias and clearly hate certain teams and champion others that haven’t really done much as of late and it’s clear you have something against the Raiders
  • RDNowak
    Unparalleled Analysis
    The Athletic Football show is consistently the best source of NFL coverage in the industry. I set time out of my week specifically to listen and am never disappointed. The coverage is varied, in-depth, technical, and aware of the broader context it operates in. Highly recommend to diehard NFL fans and novices alike.
  • Johnmoore
    Awesome podcast
    This is my go to podcast at work. Robert is super knowledgeable about every team and doesn’t stick to the generic national media talking points. My favorite is when Nate Tice is on. He’s so good and the Mays/Tice duo is as lethal as they come in the NFL media world.
  • Necrogeist
    Robert, It is “wear-e,” not “weir-e.” Keep up the good work
  • kubo54
    legit top nfl content
    see subject
  • 4 Farrells
    rob dog is super knowledgeable and all of the guests add perspective for a great overview of the league.
  • BayPineapple
    The best of the best
    The only NFL podcast I am excited about. Mays and Tice (plus the guests) are such great combos. The best part — it’s a podcast that provides a lot of knowledge that is digestible to your average NFL fan who doesn’t understand the depth of the game. Great job, Robert and Nate. Please don’t ever stop recording podcasts together!
  • TV Raider
    Detailed insights and great comraderie
    Greatly enjoy Robert Mays Football Show. It is chock full with details, stats and thoughtful opinions. You can very much tell that Robert and most of his guests put so much prep time into the Podcasts. They aren’t just firing off stupid hot takes. Robert’s best guess is obviously Nate Tice, who comes off as a coach-super football fan who seems like a nice guy/good hang. The two have good chemistry and really respect each other. More Diante Lee please—the guy seems like a savant of defense. He’s so knowledgeable and very often offers a different take which (sadly) Robert and Nate seem to lack—probably bc they spent so much time influencing each other. Keep up the great work. Will be listening.
  • SHAGS001
    A MUST listen for every football fan
    This is my absolute favorite NFL podcast to listen to every single week. Always feel like they are incredibly well prepared for every topic. Each episode is very thoughtful and engaging. There is simply no way you can get the most out of watching football without listening to this podcast! Keep up the great work gents!
  • JTPerk828282
    The absolute best
    There is no better football podcast out there.
  • Rappmaster
    Love mays and tice, so much fun listening to them nerd out on football
  • How Bout Them Cowboys l
    Best Podcast in the game
    These guys are fantastic football minds and you can feel their love for the game even in the preseason. As good as it gets
  • dv2591
    Great Show
    A bit technical but still love the show. Robert could do some more teaching of the game, I have watched football my whole life but sometimes it seems like their audience is the coaches!or Gm’s and they are auditioning for a job.
  • gjs0891
    Stop saying ‘world.’ Thanks.
  • BAVW2020
    Always a quality listen
    Mays is an awesome host. All the guest really care about football and come prepared. Sometimes it’s annoying how much Mays and Tice agree with each other, but I would much prefer that to manufactured arguments.
  • pmus321
    Love tha pod
    Great pod except the chargers bias!
  • vbgsaxc
    Excellent Clowns
    I listen to these clowns every week, and I would recommend them to anyone who likes their football discussion to be more than surface level. I feel disappointed when I’ve run out of new podcasts from these clowns. If you like football, and clowns, give them a shot.
  • edweiland
    Turned it off
    I hate when these clowns spend the first 5-10 minutes yapping about their travel difficulties. I switched to a different podcast after that so I have no idea if these clowns are great or terrible as a listen.
  • Afrayer4
    One of the best NFL Pods
    I appreciate listening to the commentators that have been around the NFL for decades. I have switched from the Ringer content because it seems less fantasy football nerdy and more insightful synthesis of what is going on around the league. Keep it up!
  • reviewer1675243
    Worst Interview I’ve ever Heard - Jourdan Rodriguez
    God this interview and her opinions were so pathetic. Even Robert could barely get through it with his optimism. Never have her on this show again.
  • Jah Wombs
    Great content
    Changed my formerly critical review mostly because I think Nate Tice has gotten a lot better
  • AdvancedANDROID
    re: LUCK
    I was excited to listen to LUCK and found it generally well-produced but personally I found the writing confusing. For someone who is not an NFL historian or journalist, simply referring to the ‘14 or ‘17 season does not remind me of a lot. The LUCK story jumps back and forth A LOT over the brief career of Andrew Luck and I would’ve appreciated some context on what else was happening in the NFL at the time (Superbowl, MVP frontrunners, top stories of the year) just to refresh my memory. I was also expecting a brief comparison with the career of RGIII. also, hearing how unique Luck was BECAUSE HE READ BOOKS got old fast. Are NFL players/coaches that dumb or were the podcast creators unable to illustrate his intellect any other way??
  • Robon180
    Say Hey
    Glad I found where the best Mays since Willie moved to.
  • jjones1111111111111
    I only listened to one episode, so maybe I am too harsh. In one hand it seemed like 2 guys with a historical perspective that only goes back to 1999. On the other hand it seemed like two 12-year olds who just learned some swear words and felt the need to incorporate them into their “analysis” whenever possible.
  • rob_star97
    Really a tremendous podcast. I’m not a Colts fan of a huge Andrew Luck guy but I couldn’t stop listening
  • Krista KE
    Good but heartbreaking
    Good but heartbreaking all over again. I totally respect Luck’s wishes to be off the record, but I can’t tell you how much more healing as an Andrew (the person) fan it would have been to hear from him first hand. Wishing he & his family all the best, and still so very grateful for all he’s done for Indy. For example - I still tell family and friends that come into town about his momentous donation to the children’s museum for the outdoor sports exhibit when we take all the kids there. There is certainly life beyond athletics (I stopped playing rugby and switched to coaching after a bad injury too). And I hope he’s finding immense joy, passion, and purpose with life in every realm post-football.
  • j0seph ballin
    Part NPR, part NFL analysis
    Absolutely binged this show w/ no major interest in luck. Equal parts propulsive NPR storytelling and really compelling NFL analysis. Didn’t know I NEEDED a podcast like this but man it went down sooo smooth. Would love more longform storytelling like this. Put the ringer to shame lol
  • profigala
    Great series
    I’ve been a Colts fan since before the Jim Harbaugh years. Andrew luck was so much fun to watch and he gave us colts fans so much hope. I respected his decision at the time and this was great insight into his experience. I miss Andrew luck every season he’s been missing but I wish him nothing but the best and I appreciate everything he gave while he was a Colt. I will always rock that jersey on game days with pride! Great job Zak!
  • nekewksnbd
    Great podcast
    This was a great podcast, I really enjoyed it. Andrew just seems like a really nice person.More players should think like him.
  • Visc@B@rc@1
    Dear mother- Awaiting an endorsement from @CaptAndrewLuck
  • Haley2012
    Love this so much!
    I’ve only listened to episode 1 so far, but you are bringing me right back to the pure MAGIC that was Harbs, Luck, and the most fun that Stanford Football could be!
  • Crazyprelude
    Not even a Luck or Colts fan. Much respect for Luck and all that he endured. Exceptional podcast story!! Very impressive. Thank you for all the work!!
  • Madre2
    Great Storytelling
    This is the podcast that got me to subscribe to The Athlete. The prospect of this story tantalized me, and Zak Keefer really delivers as an expert storyteller and a terrific journalist. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Brett repn the boys in blue
    6 pt series on Andrew Luck
    As a die hard Colts fan it sent me into a dark head space when he suddenly retired out of nowhere but thanks to your series I have a better understanding from his perspective I wish nothing but the best for Andrew and his family
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