Hank the Cowdog


Hank the Cowdog, the self-declared “Head of Ranch Security,” finds himself smack dab in the middle of a host of tangled mysteries and capers that span the universe of the Texas Panhandle cattle ranch Hank calls home. Hank is joined on these tail-wagging, tongue-slobbering adventures by a motley assemblage of characters, not least of which is his less-than trusty sidekick, Drover, a small but uncourageous mutt. Listen in as Hank the Cowdog always claims to know the answer, is the last to realize he doesn’t, but is the first to run headlong into tales of courage, loyalty, and friendship.Hank the Cowdog podcast stars and is executive produced by Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey. Written, directed and executive produced by Jeff Nichols. Also featuring performances by Jesse Plemons, Cynthia Erivo, Kristen Dunst, Leslie Jordan, Joel Edgerton, Scoot McNairy, Michael Shannon, and John R. Erickson.Presented by H-E-B Proudly serving Texans since 1905. @HEB

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Recent Reviews
  • YonClaw32
    My kids and I really enjoyed listening...please tell us you’re making more?!
  • harper rhae england
    It needs more episodes
  • robacer2020BidenBYETRUMP
    Give some support to the new name people doing podcasts
    You know Joseph Gordon Levitt has a website called hotrecord where his sole purpose is to give us LITTLE people a chance to be like these huge celebrities that don’t live in our world or reality..Sorry Lincoln commercial I can’t support you in a world of awesome no name people trying to make it.. this goes for anything .. support local businesses NOT Walmart that put tens of thousands of mom and pop businesses out of business permanently..PROUD to not have walked in a Walmart since 1999! Support small people!
  • gmadbuff
    Doing Hank proud!
    Love this. But its too long between episodes! It’s too good to wait! Like Christmas eve, wsiting for the morning!!
  • CaspersonMomma
    Hank The Cow Dog is our FAVORITE!!!!
    My kids LOVE Hank the Cow Dog!!! Make more episodes soon!!! Have a bunch of loud rowdy boys in the car? Turn on Hank the Cow Dog and they will be silent in seconds listening to every word!!!!
  • unubfhj
    Love it but needs more episodes
  • Cowgirlshorty
    Great stories!
    Our family loves Hank The Cow Dog. Please make more podcast episodes!
  • mckenzie (notdotforgotten)
    The Best of the Best
    I was raised on Hank the Cowdog - I literally fell asleep to sound of John R. Erickson’s voice more often than the sound of my parents. I never grew out of that phase and in my twenties still have more scenes memorized than maybe I should. I was skeptical to hear a rebooted version, but I am beyond glad I kept an open mind. Every actor lends a delightful new note to their character (Cynthia Erivo as Madame Moonshine?? Leslie Jordan as Pete?? Everything I could have ever wanted. And of course the John cameo just about melted my heart) and the script is pure, adventurous Hank fun. Matthew McConaughey has an unspeakably funny take on Hank, and I cannot say enough good things about his performance. 6/5. My heart is so full. I hope there’s more to come!!
  • Frazzman80
    A riveting adventure
    The whole family enjoyed the story.
  • Black1304
    This is great!
    My 4yo daughter listens to Hank while she’s in the bathtub. It’s nice for her to have a good story and it’s nice for mommy’s voice to get a break. Also, mommy isn’t as good at making different voices for all the characters, so LO likes that they sound different and she can tell who’s who without seeing them. I hope there will be more Hank stories coming soon to this podcast. Thank you all for doing a great thing for our kids and teaching them valuable lessons through entertainment. 💜
  • hhbgubbyyhb
    I love listening to Hank the cow dog
  • kycouncey
    My 5 year old loves to listen to this podcast! Please tell me there will be another season!
  • try againb
    😎 cool!
    I loved it! We have some of the books too! Only question: is the going to be another season?
  • wolf436
    Love it but needs more
    It needs more stories and I really love it
  • kccota
    We are ready for more!!
  • courtneyrobins
    Love it!
    We listen repeatedly. Thank you Matthew mccaughney and HEB for this awesome series!
  • wertyuo12
    Great but they really should release a new season
    It’s GREAT but the end is kinda sad because they haven’t released ANY new episodes 😩
  • # 1. Top Dog
    Do it again kids love it
    Love it
  • kenzc89
    Kids loved this. Please do another one!
  • Fun!🙂
    pretty good 👍🙂
    pretty good but not as good as the origanals
  • Hold my hand NOW!!!!!!
    Best show when I was a kid
    The old times was great now you bringer it up
  • Cryptonbarton
    Do more
    This was great. My daughter loved it. Is there anyway more books can be done?
  • losre ad suckers🖕🏻
  • Reed Folwell
    It’s HANK!
    Man this couldn’t have fit how I read it in my head almost 20 years ago any better if it tried. 10/5 stars! Cannot wait for more.
  • NatBlondieee
    My childhood
    These stories were my absolute favorite growing up and I can’t believe there’s a podcast of them now!!
  • prabodhisol
    Dude.... I LOVE it...
    just love it
  • cat lover at a distance
    Hank the Cow Dog
    Where’s more of the audio version of this truly human dog? 😊Loved what I have heard so far! Mr Erickson makes make me laugh and think and want more. Thank you. Just read the cover story in Authentic Texas, vol 5, 2020-Hank the Cowdog! Made me check back for more audio. Hope more comes. If not, I’ll gladly enjoy more of the written works.
  • DG Tyler
    Love this!
    Delightful! My kids love this adaptation of the books, and so do I.
  • Logdog4567
    The Best!
    I loved it as a kid and I love it now! Thank you!!!
  • runronnarun
    Grandkids love it!
    My grandkids 4 & 6 love listening to this in the car. We can’t wait for the next story.
  • boy like dis game
    Love the pod cast
    I love hank the cow dog. It is really sus pence full and good for people who have nothing to do. 10/10
  • Caity Anne Duque
    So funny!
    My size year old loved it!
  • sarah b88
    We LOVE Hank!!!
    My boys ages 3,5,7 all think this is the best ever and even parents can enjoy with them!
  • Mill Iron S Ranch
    We LOVE this!
    We keep hoping that there will be many more seasons! My 4 children and I laugh and have listened to each episode multiple times!
  • Nicole_FJ
    Will you be making more??? My son and I laugh out loud as we listen to this podcast. So good. It is one of the few stories that I’ve found engaging for a boy. Thank you for such a well thought out and fun story. I hope it continues.
  • Jeff & Julie
    Our whole family loved this podcast!!! Please do more!!
  • Tru-brugg
    Please make more! We LOVED this story. Soooooo entertaining for both adults and children. Thank you!
  • Bridgerland Kids
    More please!!!!
    We loved listening to these! Please make more!
  • Darius Foreman
    Why is Michael Shannon in this?
    This show which could have been overall great with its star studded cast makes a very poor mistake by putting one of its biggest names under the bus. Michael Shannon’s first over performance is reduced to animal sound effects that could have easily been recorded by anyone or anything. This is an absolute waste of his talent and name. McConaughey is great as always as is the rest of the cast, bit it makes no sense to cast Shannon in a practically nonexistent role that’s obscure growling.
  • Muskiecat
    Rip snortin’ good fun!
    Please make more! I know this is supposed to be children’s stories, but I love it!
  • hcatgrun
    Love it!
    We listened as a family and laughed together so hard! We keep checking back for more episodes!
  • Christian Joy
    Please come out with MORE!! ❤️❤️❤️
    We have all loved this as a family driving down the road. Please come out with more we are all waiting.
  • BerryPatch01
    Wander full story’s but...
    5 episodes that’s it? Why not another season? Such a wonderful amazing stories just not a lot of episodes please make another season👍😍🤩😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • IL0v£c0c💕💗💝💓💖💜
    No more?
    Please,please, make more!
  • wert 2347
    UPDATE.NOW. You can’t just can’t stop after a single story.that’s just sad.
  • Michael Boneski
    Please make more! I loved this so much and want to hear more of this!
  • ChrisBoggus
    Really well done
    Our kids can’t get enough of it! We have listened over and over and over.
  • dobbysockmaster
    It’s a neat podcast
    My grandma listening to this brings back memeryz
  • Teresa1978
    AWESOME NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!
    This show is awesome! I love it!!!
  • Teeneyaustin
    These are fantastic!!! Why did you stop at 5!?!?!
    These are so great we love listening to these together in the car! We were so sad when they stopped downloading after the fifths episode. Please, please, please make more!!!!
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