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Hockey #8

The Rink Shrinks features special guests from the hockey world. They're keeping it real in the rink, helping our listeners navigate their way through it in a humorous and educational format.

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  • D Mac 52
    Ad Takeover
    Loved the pod and have been an OG listener since Ep.1 but seems like recently it’s more of an AM radio style of ads everywhere with content blended throughout. Worst is right in the middle of an interview, an ad kicks in.
  • shoulder slasher 91
    Best Pod out in the game today!
    Best pod in the game today!
  • EricLouis5
    Hockey Parents
    This is a must listen!!!!
  • KLong82
    Awesome pod
    Great dudes with good messages for hockey players of all ages with great senses of humor. Great guests also. Didn’t know the OAR guy but enjoyed that one most.
  • C_RUSS14
    Great pod
    Rink shrinks is really just a great pod. Mail bag episodes are the best but nah those guys are great. Love the producer when she pops on. Just a really great pod
  • Bratender-Bri
    Really enjoyed this last interview with wags awesome job. Really interesting story to listen to. Keep up the great work. If you’re in the garden come by lodge seven Sam Adams bar Next ones on me.
  • Jake's child slave
    Love it
    Ross is the boss
  • JC9x
    Best podcast for parents of kids in sports!!! Keep up the good work boys!!!
  • QuincyIrish
    Must listen
    I haven’t missed one yet! Very entertaining with a great mix of inside stuff from 2 great South Shore guys!
  • suphxier
    To add something others haven’t said, it’s flat out entertaining. Chemistry and flow and funny. Great guests saying things they would likely not get deep on somewhere else.
  • Kevin in the Norh End
    This is a must listen for parents of young hockey players. Both of them have the right priorities in player and youth (beyond hockey) development. The harping on playing other sports cannot be overemphasized when there is always another hockey tournament or camp being marketed as essential to development by the person making money from it. No matter how much you know or think you know about hockey, it is worth listening to. The hosts have a great rapport and make you feel like you are chatting over some post-game suds in the locker room; the show is informative while still being entertaining.
  • Bonzi333
    Great Podcast
    Great insights into all facets of hockey from professional player, coach, parent and kid’s hockey player perspective. Well done. Look forward to what’s ahead!
  • crazy hockey parent
    I wish this was around years ago
    Parent of a Bantam player. Guilty of most topics. Very informative and funny. Puts kids sports in perspective.
  • JR Hootson
    Awesome podcast
    Great podcast that is informative and covers a variety of topics in youth hockey. Two very knowledgeable guys in Brian and Mike.
  • DocTalk85
    Great for Players and Parents
    These guys care about the important parts of player development and the game. A lot of these lessons will translate well to other sports.
  • cengrish
    Are you kidding me?
    This is exactly what we’ve been looking for but couldn’t find! I have two hockey players. One is 20 and the other is 7. The 20 year old recommended this for his little brother and I’m thrilled! Finally, some good content with kid/mom friendly language- thank you! If my son picks up your Boston accent and the hockey lingo that makes me laugh, I won’t be mad!
  • bird216
    Must listen
    Every hockey family should be listening this. Great insight into how to navigate an intense youth sports environment
  • MW GoTerps
    Great For Anyone Involved in Youth Sports
    A great pod, not just for youth hockey but also for anyone involved in youth sports.
  • hte mann
  • feedback738836272
    Hilarious and informative
    Unparalleled storytelling abilities from these guys. Constant entertainment. Thank you!
  • FluffGio
    Gerry from Quincy high
  • KWH72
    Great Pod
    Must listened for hockey parents
  • Chas12345145
    Great podcast!
  • mhockey14
    A must listen to all hockey parents actually all parents gives me faith in humanity that some people still raiseing the kids old school .. well done fellas
    Strong work
    Great podcast ! . These two get it . Whether yr child plays hockey or the piano . It should be required listening for parents of all. Children under the aha of 15 .
  • pipos lobos
    Keep up the inflection of voice gentleman!
    Well done
  • tociwest
    U guys and the Chiclets boys....thanku for giving us hockey people some great stuff! Fuget @ it!!!
  • Jesse herring
    Great job
    The boys are wicked smarht and have a great product. Keep it up
  • HDiesal
    Must listen
  • RobPags
    Giving the people what they want. Love it.
  • Maburrn
    Chiclets bump
    Great pod boys keep up the good work
  • JBeater
    Holy fahk Rossy beach dont get so big time on us here
  • O'Conspiracy
    Let’s GO
    Great show. BY and Motts are hilarious, high hockey IQ’s, great guests. Need to get POB on the show. “Let’s GO”.
  • Bostonmonsta
    BY is the best
    Thats all
  • ccm double runna
    Great concept and execution. Very funny and insightful .
  • Hasselthehoff
    Love it! Two great guys! Tons of real hockey knowledge!!!! Funny dudes!!!!
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