Kevin Kietzman Has Issues


"Kevin Kietzman Has Issues" is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you're exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!

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  • Damnreal succa
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast just wish it was longer.
  • AllofKC.
    Get ready for the EGO folks
    The most arrogant self centered person in KC history...ugh...barf. Tune in to hear this guy brag about having 1 million downloads. Guess what? NO ONE CARES! There are little kids who play video games that have over 1 BILLION downloads. Don’t waste your time listening to this garbage. Thinks he got “cancelled” from radio...wrong! Got FIRED for personally attacking people.
    Excellent listen. Great mix of sports and life
    I didn’t care for Kevin on 810. But his humbleness and perspective now that he’s “unfiltered” is great to listen to.
  • kansasboy
    Incredible show!
    Great show My friend! A refreshing blend of sports and news items from across the country! Need another hour! Sincerely Paul Dallas Tx
  • The people of Kansas City
    Skip this at all costs.
    For years Kietzman spilled his nonsense shock jock hysteria on his rush hour 810 sports talk show. At times I believed that his insane sports and political takes were designed to get people agitated enough to call in. He would often make crazy statements and then deny that he made that the next day. This went on for years, until his takes went a little to far even for him. It’s a blessing he is no longer on sports radio. I would advise giants listening to this unadulterated cesspool of inaccuracies and pre 1960 civil rights takes. Try Jim Rome. Same crap less hatred.
  • Yogi212121
    Fantastic content
    If you haven’t watched The Sound of Music recently, watch again. It will take on a whole new meaning. And then watch Wag the Dog. This is where we are.
  • RippertailLures
    So sugar coating anything.
    Great podcast! Don’t 100% agree with everything, BUT love anyone that stands for something!
  • Kirk's I-Pod
    Daily routine
    I listen to KK each morning while doing my morning work out. Love it abs he is right on abs honest!
  • Prairie Star Solutions
    Love the blend of sports and politics
    This podcast is so much fun and an easy listen. I love the blend of sports and politics Kevin manages to weave into these well produced podcasts. You might not always agree with his opinions but you can’t deny his talent.
  • Gomer Doc
    Excellent Insight
    Kevin provides excellent insight regarding regional sports, as well as regional And national politics!
  • Marie in Missouri
    KKHI is enlightening!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts and I don’t miss KKHI! You shouldn’t either!!
  • @LockerTalkRadio
    Great, smart podcast
    This is truly a great podcast that Kietzman pulls off. Always brings thoughtful insight. Never a big fan of this cat on the radio at 810 but really enjoy his thoughts and takes. You GOT to give this a chance. Well done Kevin!
  • ACONN4444
    It’s a tough listen. He needs to pick a lane..
  • 1Alexis1dog
    Same old same old
    Same perspectives from a guy that’s a little too old and a little too white. Not the fresh start I had hoped for this guy after 810 debacle.
  • Go Donald!
    Love it!
    Loving the new pod Keitz!
  • Kaden Carbajo
    First person I remember listening to on the radio
    Driving around with my dad, he would always listen to KK. The talent he has is amazing and he never fails to bring what he thinks about to the mic and to his ever so-supportive audience!
  • Tmbrwlvs
    “Flakes & Haters”
    Easy to see the reviews that are left by the “*Flakes & Haters”. Keep it up KK ~ obviously doing something “Right”!!
  • listener7896
    Waste of time!!!
    An example of a fairly unintelligent man with a large ego who thinks his opinions (or the regurgitated political talking points he takes from watching political talk shows) are somehow relevant or interesting. There are many better sports podcasts and many better better political podcasts (from both sides viewpoints). Do not waste your time on this crap!
  • johnlawless1
    John L
    Good job. I disagree with you on Watson though. I think he’s a top tier QB. He’s much better than Jared Goth.
  • Smamd98
    Stick to sports
    Your assessment of the riot in Washington was absolutely wrong.
  • Farm boy in Cali
    Like the Good Old Days
    We moved to California from KC last summer. I just found Kevin’s podcasts - what a relief!! I’ve wanted to stay up to date on KC sports and politics. But, over these past months have grown tired of Petro’s liberal bent on COVID and everything else, the God awful midday show and can’t stand the soccer and UFC talk from the morning crew. Kevin is now my go to everyday when I’m exercising.
  • jhawk1977
    Your timeline of 2020 is truly amazing you live in a completely different reality Kevin. Entertaining show though always good for a laugh lol
  • Gr8lister
    I have listened to KK since 1510AM radio. I knew early on listeners would either love him or hate him. Unfortunately, haters write more often than anyone! I get so tired of the first slam anyone goes to is racism!! Anyone who listens to KK for a while will find a man genuinely cares about his family, his MOTHER, children as well as his friends!! I am SO GLAD he has bounced back after getting a raw deal at 810! The left 810 abruptly because the haters were louder than the supporters!! I have googled for months where to find him and finally did in October! I am not a patron yet but plan to soon!! By the way, Kevin, LOVE YOUR POLITICS!!
  • K-State Sports Fan
    Split sports and politics
    I’d give a better review if politics and sports podcasts were separate.
  • CaboooSanLucas
    Kevin is the man! Great Podcast
    Keep up the great work, Big Kevin!
  • rob hamilton plumbing
    I Googled “Kevin Kietzman” as part of a where-are-they-now rabbit hole and discovered he was doing a podcast. What a slow motion train wreck. I thought the pet supplement ads were an ironic nod to Alex Jones, but then I realized it was real and just felt sad.
  • M@+h3w
    If Archie Bunker was a radio personality
    Do yourself a favor and move on from Kietzman, Kansas City sure has.
  • Thupreme1794
    Great Podcast
    KK used to get on my nerves on the other station but here he can be real and it’s awesome. Keep it up man!
  • @gregminkc
    One of the best is back!
    I love hearing Kevin’s take of the Chiefs and other teams. Definitely some of the best insight on KC sports!
  • ChrisFoster18
    The thing that works for Keitzman is that he can spew all over with no one to fact check his rhetoric. He’s definitely found his niche !!
  • TigerJon
    Why Didn’t I Receive A Ballot
    Love the show. I’m curious as to why I did not receive a mail in ballot. I am a registered Republican, so when I show up at the ballot I get a straight line ballot. Weird.
  • Kansas Citian Non-racist
    Racist failed radio personality
    If you think athletes should just “shut up and dribble” (unless they think like you do) and think Kansas City was just too liberal to handle Kevin’s real and borderline racist takes on the radio, then this is the Podcast for you. Kevin was run out of the radio station he helped founded because after a controversial comment about The Chiefs head coach, it was revealed that Kevin Kietzman was the most hated sports personality in the Midwest. I’m glad his stellar credentials landed him in the highly competitive and exclusive field of Podcasting.
  • StevieWance
    Kevin Kietzman has issues
    He’s the best. So glad to hear him back on air. Big thumbs us. I listened to KK religiously on 810 along with the others doing their programs for well over 15 years. It is now crystal clear that Kevin drove the ratings and the show’s popularity. I’ve sent multiple e mails to 810 management diplomatically expressing my view on his dismissal and my displeasure for the current format. I went from a 100% loyal listener to now sharing time evenly with 610(at one time was never an option). Of course no replies back. I am extremely pleased and happy for Kevin’s new podcast and am sure he will attain a high level of success .... by just being who he is. How refreshing! Glad to have you back Kevin.
  • Billy5270
    Politics and Soorts don’t mix. No thanks.
  • Stack1784
    A podcast that delivers facts!
    I’ve been a fan of Kevin’s back to the channel 4 and 810 days to see him be able to speak so freely on this podcast has been a great thing to look forward to listening to each day.
  • jhawkref
    Awesome Pod
    Awesome Podcast - great to have Kietz back on the air again! Keep up the good work.
  • Ron 13urton
    After KK was no longer on the air in KC I just kind of stopped listening to sports radio. The person that took his spot was a name caller to people like me. I looked several times on various formats to see if Kevin had popped up somewhere. When I found this podcast one morning I shouted “FINALLY”!!! My wife comes in and says “finally what”? I FOUND KEVIN!!! She had no idea.
  • ccarb1
    Chris Carbajo
    KKHI is bold unapologetic radio. The ability to create, capture and hold attention is a powerful talent.
  • fixyourappplslove
    Big fart
  • genzrk
    We have missed you Kevin
    His sports show was always my favorite when he had a daily radio show. You could always tell he was much brighter than anyone else on the air. I always thought he had to have some conservative leanings, now it’s part of his program. My 2 favorite subjects covered on one show. I haven’t been disappointed by any of the podcasts. Tremendous job Kevin. Keep it going!!!
  • MizzouAndy
    Best sports and political podcast in Kansas City!
    I’ve been listening to Kevin since his early days on KC radio. I have to admit, I wasn’t that big of a fan of his afternoon show. Now that he has podcast, where he can talk about anything and everything, this is by far my favorite podcast available on Apple. If you are a Mizzou, K-State, KU, Chiefs, Royals, Big 12 and/or SEC fan, you will get so much out of his sports podcasts. If you’re a conservative or someone on the other side who wants a well thought out counter argument to your own beliefs, his political shows are for you. Overall, this is a 5 star podcast!
  • thomas rezy
    Welcome back
    I am in Charlotte and have missed listening to you. Old times are here again!
  • KChiefs1
    Honest political talk
    Great podcast with daily content.
  • ChevyChase-Chase
    I like the show.
    KK doesn’t talk politically correct, which is refreshing.
  • Fisher5150
    Welcome back!
    Welcome back KK! Kept checking on you and your status and was excited to hear about your comeback. Missed your shows and commentary from your prior career for so long. This is really great and so many folks are happy for you. It’s great to hear from the old gang as well. Good luck and God Bless from South Carolina!
  • RC-D2
    I was never a big KK fan while he was on 810. I definitely was Team Nick Wright back in the glory days of KC Sports radio, BUT Kevin does a great job with this. He aims for the Clay Travis outlook vibe and honestly he does it quite well.
  • cpwint
    Best KC Sports Pod Hands Down!!!
    Absolutely love the podcast. Can’t wait to listen to all the new content as it comes out. Thanks for providing such a refreshing honest take on sports and politics. Love the positive message.
  • jur1900
    Welcome back
    Kevin offers a fresh, take on sports and life. He gets a lot of hate, but that’s what happens when you aren’t afraid to go against the status quo, and the popular majority. He tells the uncomfortable truth on a lot of issues, in particular covid
  • Creynoldso8
    Keep it up!
  • ncapoccia14
    Not sure...
    Yeah, I’m not sure what I expected. I feel like it’s fair to give every host another chance when they start a new show. After listening to a few recent episodes, it is clear that this is just the same show KK lost on Sports Radio 810, only without anyone to reel in his hot sports takes or outlandish conspiracy theories. If that is your cup of tea then maybe you’ll enjoy listening to this gas bag.
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